Work Freelance and Earn money online in Pakistan

People hardly share their secrets on how they work online and earn money because they don’t want more competitors. I’ve worked as a freelance in many online websites in different roles however this particular website is one of the best because unlike other websites, you can start without paying anything. You can be contacted by anyone and there is no membership fee. One of the most famous now a days where you can work from home and earn money


Most of the freelancer there are from Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh and offering their services for a small fee of $5 or more. This $5 fee is for very small jobs and at the end when it ads up, it turns into a very nice monthly income. I will give you ideas on how people are earning on Fiverr

  1. If you have ANY technical knowledge related to computer science, you are a hit. Programmers charge a lot more and still get hired because they are still cheaper than the programmers in United States or United Kingdom. If you know any technical stuff php, javascript, css, wordpres, plugins, development, bug catching, servers, etc you are very easily approachable and can earn very easily.
  2. If you know how to use a software like Photoshop, illustrator for photo editing, flyer making, brochures, logo making, animation making, video editing you can earn a lot and very easily.
  3. If you do not have much technical knowledge but you can manage a website, you can be a manager or blog, website, facebook page administrator, social media managers etc.
  4. If you have good English writing skills, you can be a content writer, do essay writing etc.
  5. If you are a professional you can give advice on CV making, grooming, talking professional etc

You will be surprised to see how people are earning money online in Pakistan. I am posting some examples below

  1. I will share your website with my 5000 friends on Facebook for €5
  2. I Will Wish Happy Birthday Or Congratulate In A Breaking News Video starting from €5
  3. I will sing a birthday song for your birthday for $5
  4. I will sing a birthday song in jungle dress for $5
  5. I will talk to you about anything for 15 minutes for $5

Possibilities are endless, You must try it if you haven’t already. Make an account today at




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