Why Pakistani doctors does not want to stay in Pakistan?

I know few people who did their MBBS from Pakistan and then came to United States for giving USMLE papers. USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) is a doctorate exam that will make you equivalent to a doctor in United States.

As soon the doctor finish this exam they can look for a residency in United States (its medical internship for first year in United States), if they get it, the hospital issue a working visa to them (H1 visa). Residency can last up-to 3 years and salary is around $50,000 – $70,000 per year. After residency they will practice as full doctor with around $100,000 salary per year.

Apart from salary there are many other benefits doctors will get which they might never get in Pakistan.

  1. They get respect
  2. They work in cleanest hospitals in the whole world
  3. Friendly environment and staff
  4. Everything has proper procedures, no bribes and references in the hospitals
  5. They have to deal/treat mostly educated people
  6. They do not get to see heap of patients on daily basis, they call it a hectic day when they see around 30 patients a day.
  7. You get compensated for extra time you spend, time you spent in Emergency room. If you opt to be on call anytime for an emergency your compensation increases.
  8. The senior doctors are extremely polite and friendly and you don’t have to deal with their bad temperament.
  9. If you are a female, in United States you will not have to face the disgusting eyes of the male patients.
  10. You will get paid on time and you will have a specified timing when you will have to work.
  11. The have latest equipment to use that can give more accurate results in very less time.

All the above mentioned benefits cannot be found in Pakistan. Hospitals are mostly dirty and not properly sanitized. Doctor has to see more than 100 patients a day and no specified timings for doctors. You hardly get paid as a resident and if you do, you salary will be around 15,000 – 20,000 PKR which is not even sufficient to run a family of two. Most of the patients are uneducated and does not understand anything. When a doctor’s services will not be appreciated in Pakistan and he will not get respect its completely justified for him to move to some other country where he will get a treatment he deserves.

Note: I am not doctor myself and this post is based on the feedback of some of doctor friends in Pakistan and United States. If you disagree or have some more to share, please comment below.

14 thoughts on “Why Pakistani doctors does not want to stay in Pakistan?

  1. Saadia Arslanturk Reply

    Yes perhaps it is all true. But they pay almost nothing (campare to the US medical schools) to get medical degree in Pakistan.. Pakistan government loses a lot of money educating them and they leave… How fair is that? No wonder Pakistan is in deep trouble..

  2. Saba Reply

    I agree with you Saadia, studies are quite expensive in United States, I agree that doctors should spend sometime practicing in Pakistan but mainly doctor complaint about people behavior and hospital staff and admin conduct .. its not about money the complain the most..

    • admin Post authorReply

      It depends on every doctor mood, it’s not at all like USA where doctors are extremely polite caring and concerned. Usually the more busy the doctor is the more bad mood he’ll have however its not entirely true as I know some doctors who are extremely polite even if they are too busy. The doctors practicing privately are mostly polite and always in good mood however the doctors serving in Govt hospitals are quite rude and always in a hurry.

      That is my point of view, everyone’s has different experience and standards of politeness and attitude so different people will have different views

  3. Ashfaq Fatmi Reply

    One more plus working in USA that you have less chances of getting kidnapped or targetly killed.

  4. Ehsan Reply

    I agree with all of you. I am practicing medicine in USA for about 15 years. I feel guilty some times that I owe Pakistan a lot where I was raised and received education. However when I look back at my colleagues who were very patriotic and elected to stay in Pakistan I immediately get a feeling that I took the right decision. Some of them went to civil services and making good money and living like a king but abandoned their profession. Those who loved medicine and elected to stay in profession can not sustain themselves and still struggling. Perhaps they are being punished for their loyalty to the profession and country.
    I do compensate my guilt by sending money back to poor and needy relatives so that they can get good education and afford their living.
    I pray that government realize the fact that the healthcare and physicians be compensated appropriately, so that they do not leave abroad.
    One more thing the salary listed for the MD in USA is much lower than and average physician make here.

    • iqra Reply

      hi Dr ehsan
      i am fresh graduate in pakistan.
      want to practice there in USA.
      kindly guide me.
      iwill b thankfull.

  5. Fawad Reply

    Hi, Mr.Ehsan. i have a dream to practice medicine in states, i am 3rd year mbbs student here in pakistan. would you please support me to accomplish my dream?
    you will change many lives

  6. Imran Yousaf Reply

    Hi, i am medical transcriptionist and doing for last 8 years,

    just wana say our corrupt politician are worse and they r making our country’s reputition 0.000% day by day.

    first our MT work comes very smoothly in 2002, but now after PPP government come, 70% of MT work gone to india, bangladesh, philpine etc..

    also the doctor who are in pakistan, are BADMASH 70% not all, some are good, but their fee are terrible, poor cannot afford, and government hospital’s situation is very very bad, no med, no doctor available, doctor goes on leave most of day, and which doctor available, there is long long line to check..

    what is going on? just Allah help us, help my country.

    sorry for anyone, if i heart, imranbmw at gmail dot com

    • admin Post authorReply

      I completely understand your feelings, we Pakistani’s are very intelligent and efficient but just because of our reputation and issue in Pakistan we are unable to get more work in Pakistan as freelancers. I wish and pray for a positive future of Pakistan

  7. ayesha Reply

    In USA resident doctors have opportunity that they can settle their with their families during their jobs only

  8. Khan Reply

    Well, being a cssp officer and a chartered accountant I would say that all these dorks i-e animals disguised in human costume all of them really deserve this dirty hospitals in Pakistan because just have a look of any government hospital in pakistan and see the rude and pride beahviour of these doctors oh my gosh….totally indolent….two doctors have been fired by ministry of health because of one awosme complain….time comes to make the ministry wake up again

  9. dr shehryar Reply

    Aoa this article is bit of an exageration .alhough true to some extent but facts r old. Pay in usa is better but taxes r too much. After taxes things get worse. Secondly in pakistan u have better patient exposure which helps in learning during training. Pay is no more 20000 its much better. Pak Govt is corrupt n much kan be done to improve . Teaching hosp of major cities ke rwp n islamabad r much better n have good protocols.

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