Which blood glucose monitor to buy from United States

There are several blood glucose monitors available in much lower prices than in Pakistan. You can purchase it for yourself or it can be a perfect gift for any family member who has sugar and needs to check it on regular basis.

The problem that can arise while buying a glucose monitor from United States is that whether the test strips for the equipment will be available in Pakistan or not.

Accu-Chek is the brand that is available in both Pakistan and in USA however they offer different models in both countries. If you want to check the current models in Pakistan you can check this website


I have purchased a blood glucose monitor for my mother with the name “Accu-chek compact” that takes the same test strips as “Accu-Chek Integra” that is currently available in Pakistan and is one of the best glucose monitor.

I have purchased the monitor from USA and sticks from Lahore from the medical store opposite to Services Hospital. I have a friend who has purchased it from Wahdat Road medical stores as well ranging from 700 – 1000Rs. In United States if you purchase the drum from the pharmacy or store like wal-mart it will cost you more than $50 for 3 drums i.e. 51 test strips. If you buy it online the same pack of drum sticks will cost around $25 which is the huge difference.

Click on the picture for complete details of the Blood Glucose Monitor

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