Visit for solving domestic issue and accompany my sister

My sister(Nikah)ceremony occur last year on April 2011 with a USA Citizen, he applied for the Green Card/Citizenship in USA for her, in the main while, there relation disturbed over the phone and he role back the process of green card/citizenship and talk goes on Divorce, so he gave her Divorce on Jun 2012, she want reconciliation and settle down the problems, Could she go for visit B2 (visa) to see him for settle down face to face that problem, Is she eligible for applying the immigration. one more thing, Is she could go on visit with any guardian (brother), because she dont have any idea about USA, we donot want to she go alone over there Waiting for your prompt response please.
I understand, she can visit United States for any reason e.g. tourism etc. and its not much difficult for women to get visa however if her husband doesn’t want to see her then she cannot mention his contact details on the visa form. She might need to mention the address of a hotel or where she would be staying. Even if you apply together with your sister, you application will be reviewed as separate candidate and the chances of your coming back will be evaluated. Iif you are young man in you twenty’s or thirty’s chances are very low. Women travel alone all the time even from Pakistan now a days and what I feel that this reason might not seem strong enough to the embassy personal.
Actually if her husband is a citizen of United States instead of applying for a green card (Which can take time sometimes 2 or 3 years) he can immediately call his wife to United States via Immigrant visa petition Form I-130 and after she arrives in United States they can apply for a green card and during that time she can live comfortably with her husband however if he has directly filed for a green card the process is long and during that time she cannot apply for a visit visa. She might be refused to enter in United States because while processing of green card no matter how much time it take you are not issued with another type of visa to enter in United States.

Please follow the link for details in US embassy website

She can mention the reason for visit as reconciliation as its the truth and they should understand it. The suggestions I made regarding the hotel stay are just rough Ideas on how much it cost to stay in USA, they are not official figures however $100 per day is a good amount for hotel. You can double the amount for 2 people however if its too much the more the better.

Online booking receipt should be acceptable however do not pay for the hotel before getting a visa, just look for the hotel where you are intended to stay, you should have its address and contact number with you along with the rate for the dates you are staying. You can go to enter the city where you want to stay, put the dates of your intended stay and print the page where it shows the date of stay and the total amount of the hotel cost + the hotel address and phone number.

The maximum stay limit is 180 days (6 months), your passport will be stamped with the date you should exit from the country when you enter in the country.

She can apply for the immigration from United States however if her relationship with her husband is over the process might stops, a lawyer can better guide in that scenario.

Thank you for your reply, I need more assistance please,

Could you please explain me, obviously immigration officer will ask why you are going there, so what she would say, what is the main purpose to visit,
first priority will be reconciliation with her husband, 2ndly, correspondence is going through District City council nowadays. 3rdly, she is interested to meet him face to face and settle down whatever misunderstanding created.Is that explanation is acceptable.
How much money to show in bank account, suppose she says, she will stay for 1 or 2 moths, as you explain above $100 per day stay in hotel rent, in that main $1000 for 1 month and $2000 for two month,
If her brother sponsoring her visit how much amount he has to show in this bank account.

if her brother will also going with her then what is minimum bank statement requirement?

If she will stay at hotel, we need to attached temporary booking receipt, online receipt is acceptable.
Normally how long stay is allow visitor. mini days or month, like if we apply for UK as a visitor they give minimum 6month visit visa.

Is she eligible for applying immigration? what is best option applying inside USA, if she on visit visa there or she have to apply from homeland.


She can mentioned that she wanted to see her husband. United States visit visa is for 6 months of duration normally and regarding bank statement I am not exactly sure because it depends upon how much you will spend. Usually $1000 a week might be good in your situation but can’t say anything for sure.

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