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Few days back, I had a visa interview for B1/B2 visa. I Intend to participate in medical school program of 4 month observer-ship and training….I asked medical school before applying and they said I should go for B1/B2. The visa officer, however, said that he is confused about the category that if it should be B1/B2 or J1. He said he is not denying me the visa but he has to sort this out. I applied US visa for the first time and my training starts within a month….I don’t know whats next? Is there still a chance of refusal? I don’t know much about Visa thing…


For educational training the visa mostly issued is J1. B2 (business visa) is issued if you have to visit United States for some conference or lecture etc for few days only. 4 month training program should come under J1. If the person has taken your documents and is satisfied that your program is legit then they most probably will not refuse visa if your records are clear on their names database 🙂 .. They hardly reject the visa once they take papers, unless there is a problem. If your name contains any common names like “Muhammad” or “Khan” etc then its a common understanding that your visa processing will take longer, can vary from 1 month to 7 or 8 months, if not then up-to 2 months. No one can confirm the exact time when the visa will be issued. If they will accept your application as J1 then they might ask you fill up the J1 forms and submit again however you might not need to give another interview.

Hope it helps.


Thank you very much for quick and detailed reply. May I ask you further?
1. I shown them that my hosting school recommended B1/B2 because letter they sent has a title like “Visiting Medical Professional”. It does not mention any training.
2. Muhammad Do come with my name…but if would have to put me into “administrative processing” check, should not they give me a written paper about that…actually they did not give me any thing…
3. The Visa Officer said, he is accepting my papers and all he wants to do is to check correct visa category….and he will contact me if he has to …
4. Visit visa at Islamabad are usually released within 2 weeks…Should I still expect a delay….


no problem, I am glad I was able to help.

1. yes, its confusing, let the embassy professional see which visa he needs to issue, it doesn’t matter whatever visa you get, you can go and attend your session easily.
2. They do not issue any paper to anyone and never tell any time the visa will be issued, someone I know was issued with J1 visa in 6 weeks, that’s the earliest I have heard someone got his visa with name “Muhammad” in it. My father got his visit visa B1/B2 in 7 months (muhammad) and my father in law got it in 8 months (again muhammad). No one can tell exact time when you will get visa, even if you call they will not tell you any time.
3. If you have mentioned the date when the the course will start then there is possibility that they will expedite the process however they will never promise that you will get visa before your course date. What I think is that you should expect delay but again, no one knows you get visa tomorrow.

Best of Luck


First of all thank you very much for being so helpful. Just one thing, someone told me that all the security checks are done before granting the visa. Few of my friends received letters for “Administrative processing” at the time of conclusion of interview…and wait time is not predictable….so in my case they told me that they are giving me the visa… they normally security checks even after granting the visa?


They run basic security check on computer (they do something on computer, that’s what I perceive) They also judge whether you are coming back to Pakistan or not, if they think your case is genuine and you have ties within your countries then they approve you for the visa and send your paper for processing. It means they approve you for getting a visa in interview however the administrative processing is done after that. I remember my father and father in law getting that letter however whether they give it or not, the processing time is not confirmed.


I am a government employee…will I get some benefits in security checks for my name ……containing Muhammad?


It doesn’t matter where you work.

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  1. Abdul Reply

    Hi admin how are you I want to ask you about visiting usa I’m planning to visit usa I have already visit uk twice and dubai and come back to pakistan in my time so I have friend in usa and he is citizen of usa do I need some papers from him to show the visa officers or to just mentioned in ds 160 form and I have my on small business of agriculture in village do I need to show this agricultural documents or not? And how much bank statement do I need? And how old I mean how many months old ? I’m married and I have 2 kids please reply me as soon as possible I will be very thankful of you thanks admin

  2. Suleman Reply

    i got rejected twice. I am very confused and disappointed with my experience everyone says that i shouldn’t apply for visa but it is my dream to see US. Can u kindly help me when should i apply again and do i have chances of getting b1/b2 visa. Plz i quiet nervous Thanks.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Suleman, There is nothing to be nervous about. Its their process and will whomever they wish to grant the visa they do. I wouldn’t suggest applying for visit visa again unless there is some change in your circumstances.

  3. shahid Reply

    I just want to know that can I visit america in 17 years or not? My mom is passed away and dead is not in Karachi . So please kindly help me about that if u can . Thank us. !

    • Admin Post authorReply

      You can visit in this age no issue but your guardian must give you permission to travel alone.

  4. Mohsin Reply

    Hi I wanted to ask about applying for a visit visa to the US I’m gonna be in 18 in July and I want to apply straight when I get my ID card and passport and the reason I want to visit the US is becuse I have a gf there is there any chance I would get accepted because I’ll have to come back I’m still a kid with no proper degree and I might go back again for a study visa what’s your view what should I do

  5. Mfk Reply

    i..My husband is a pilot and we don’t have any kids.He has Canadian passport and he doesn’t need US visa.I travel with him whenever he goes on a flight especially if he has a long flight.I have been to Dubai, Malaysia( twice) and China.
    Me and my mother applied for visit visa in 2012 but got rejected. I was married but rukhsati had not been done at that time..I got my new passport made 2 yrs back cause I divorced that person and married again to a my question is what questions they would ask me and what are the chances of getting the US sister lives there and her son was born 3 months ago.kindly guide me for this matter.I want to apply this month and planning to go there in July.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Salam, You should be honest in all your answers otherwise they would know. If your husband has a Canadian passport you should get a US visit visa.

  6. mysha Reply

    Salam, i’m a medical student and wish to visit US for clinical electives for a month, i don’t have any relatives there ,my brother will sponser me and my elder sister wishes to accompany me. I wanted to know if B1 is the right choice? And what type of visa should my sister apply for? And if there will be an issue because of having no relatives there?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Having no relatives should not be a problem if you can afford to stay at a hotel. Your sister and you both can apply for B1/B2 visa.

  7. Faraz Reply

    I’m a media person and i worked in a tv channel. last year i apply (i) visa for journalist.
    i also had a invitation latter from the company is U.S that was a tournament and my company was sending me to cover it. but they refused my visa….
    now i want to go U.S on my vocations as a tourist. so tell me can i apply it. and how much chances to get a visa?
    bcoz i dont want to waste my money as a visa fee again.

  8. Faraz Reply

    I’m a media person and i worked in a tv channel. last year i apply(i) visa for journalist.
    i also had an invitation latter from the company in U.S their was a cricket tournament and my company was sending me to cover it. i had all documents including covering letter but they refused my visa….
    now i want to go U.S on my vocations as a tourist. so tell me can i re-apply it. and how much chances to get a visa?
    bcoz i dont want to waste my money as a visa fee again.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Faraz,
      If they have rejected you earlier, they might reject you now unless something has drastically changed in your life, you job, your wedding kids etc.

  9. Umar butt Reply

    Umar butt here. I wanted to visit usa as tourist with my wife and a newly born son. I am running my own business and also doing a job in good reputed company and getting handsome amount as a salary. But i dont have any sponser there. Is there any chance of getting visa? And one last thing do i require to apply for visa seperatly for my wife and son or together?
    Thank you

  10. Abid gul Reply

    I have applied for fpgee
    now kindly suggest me the way that i an easily get visa for USA???

  11. Sadia Reply

    I have a valid Usa visa which will expire on june26, 2017. I got this visa in 2012 and before that I was issued a three months USA visa I march 2011. I also had a J1 visa which was issued in may 2015.
    I need to attend a conference in October and thinking of applying for a visa in May. Can you please tell in case of rejection will they revoke my visa or it will remain till June 26?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Sadia which one if your valid USA visa now? why don’t you travel on that? why you want to apply for another visa to enter in United States?

  12. Ahmad Reply

    I m 28 years old single. I m currently working in a company and pursuing my degree also. I am intending to visit US for toursim.
    I have all the documents related to my job and studies. Will they be enough to show my ties to Pakistan? I have maintained a good bank statement. Please suggest me what are my chances of getting visa?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      If you are single then chances are low chances however it depends how your interview goes and what type of job you have and how much balance you have maintained. You can just make your case strong but chances are always 50/50

    • Admin Post authorReply

      At this age with unmarried status, going alone for tourism, chances get bit low however you can try as you have studies and job for which you will be coming back to Pakistan.

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