Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

If you want your phone to work in Pakistan or if you are planning to buy a phone for someone else in Pakistan, you have two options.

Option 1 – Unlock a locked phone

First option is to buy a locked phone (Network locked), and then get it unlocked and take it to Pakistan.

Option 2 – Buy an unlocked phone.

If you have purchased a cell phone via post paid package or a calling plan then your phone will defiantly be locked and you will not be able to use it in Pakistan unless you get it unlocked with an unlocking code. New phones when purchased with a plan are either free or have a very small price but you have to buy it under a contract of one or two. Under a calling plan you have to use the same phone for that particular time and if you want to get it unlock before the contract ends then you will have to unlock it via third party unlocking code which is not an easy to get and is not considered legal at some places. Usually people wait till their contact ends and then get an unlocking code from their service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon etc.

Verizon and Sprint phones are CDMA, not GSM and won’t work in Pakistan

Verizon and Sprint phones will not work in Pakistan as they are not sim based and that technology doesn’t work in Pakistan. A phone must be a GSM or must take a SIM card to work in Pakistan. All mobile service providers in Pakistan are GSM and to use a Mobilink or a Warid Sim in a phone your phone must take sim and is unlocked. When purchasing a phone make sure that its either factory unlocked or has been unlocked for use on any network.

Some of the new Verizon models have a sim card slot in them but even those won’t work in Pakistan.

Many people have faced problems in connecting with their relatives at airports as soon they land. When a locked phone is switched on in Pakistan it won’t get any network coverage, some people are lucky that their phones start working on international roaming and they could at-least contact their family from airport on emergency basis however international roaming is very expensive for continuous use in Pakistan. If you continuously use international roaming for a month, it could easily cost you more than a $1000. Its always wise to buy an unlocked phone before you travel to Pakistan. If you don’t want to invest more spend less and get a phone that you can use as a spare phone later or gift it to someone in Pakistan.

You can browse a wide range of unlocked phones here and buy a phone that suits your need.

Complete collection of unlocked phones
Complete collection of unlocked phones

46 thoughts on “Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

  1. Rehan Reply

    AoA I Have LG VS950 Vizerd I restore LG VS950 But Now LG Need Vizerd Sim Card why?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Was it working before? which sim card you were using earlier and what is your location?

  2. rehan Reply

    m from pakistan
    location SIALKOT
    m so worried. am using sim ufone
    that time i want to restore my lg vs950 4g
    so i restore my LG VS950 4G
    WHEN. restore complete then my lg VS950 4G so LG want verizon sim
    now i cant understand MAYB my LG again country code want
    help me
    becouze. here never unlocked country code
    i already checkd here mobiles markit

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Rehan, When you restart the phone, Do you find options to setup your phone or as soon you restart it it asks for a verizon sim card? What message does it give?

  3. rehan Reply

    MY LG ME. use just 3days
    then after 1 day i restored
    now m so worried i dont knw what am doing

    • admin Post authorReply

      When you turn on the phone, select language, press next when the terms and condition page shows. Skip backup assistance plus. Skip synchronize account, press next next next on all screens that comes after that. Login your google account or skip it for now to check. I hope it works.

  4. rehan Reply

    using network ufone ok
    and m purchased this from karachi.
    my big mistake i restored
    listen now am using just wifi mean to say facebook skyp etc and others…

    and listen when am insert any sim card then LG option moblie restart. so am restart LG
    but sim not active you knw why i think reason country code becouse sim signle never show

    • admin Post authorReply

      Have you followed the process I have mentioned before? It might work.

  5. rehan Reply

    right now have. a problem my LG never pick sim i dnt knw why

    anyways thanxx alot
    now i dnt like this LG i hate
    bbye 🙁 🙁

    • admin Post authorReply

      It might be a simple fix. Don’t hate your phone. Get it checked in neatest mobile shop.

  6. SYED KAZIM Reply


  7. Waseem Reply

    Hope u are doning i wanna use Verizon service in Pakistan pls let us what can i do

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Waseem, I don’t think you can use Verizon service in Pakistan, you can call their customer service to know for sure. Thanks.

  8. Ali Reply

    Asalam o Alikum i buy huawei honor x2 and my ime start with 866 can i use this fone in Pakistan?

  9. Abira Imran Reply

    Sir, I bought a second hand lg g3 t-mobile and while the wifi is working and I am able to use all play store apps, the handset is not accessing my sim card. Its a ufone sim. The screen says ‘service disabled’ upon turning on and then shifts to ‘no sim card’. The card icon in the bar has a red cross on it.
    The sim works fine on all other handsets.
    What might be the issue?

  10. Yasin Reply

    A mobile dealer is offering me galaxy note 5 at a price of 40000 rupees. He says it is a AT&T mobile which is unlocked and works with all Pakistani networks. He says that there is no issues regarding weak signals at some locations. He also said only AT&T logo appears on start up. He is offering two days free checking. What should I check. Moreover wireless charger is not included in deal. Please comment.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Yasin,
      Sorry for replying late. I am not sure about the prices in Pakistan as if its a good deal or not but AT&T unlocked phone will work fine in Pakistan like all other phones. The differences are
      AT&T logo will appear on screen when switch on and it will be printed somewhere in the phone as well usually at the back.
      There are few Apps that you won’t be able to delete even if you want to. I guess they are more than 10.
      You cannot use the wi-fi Hotspot feature. If you know what it is, people can use their phones to transmit wi-fi signals and other devices can connect with it but with AT&T phone you cannot do it.
      Also, you cannot install new Android updates like new Android software versions. Only a person at shop can do it manually but it cannot be downloaded and installed automatically like normal phones.

  11. hamid Reply

    aoa bros.can anybody help me with the problem.i bought lg g3 t-mobile few days ago.it detects sim card for a few moments but reboots and indicates invalid card or no sim card notification.plz guide me.i have tried sim card thickness in sim slot,changed battery.tried other sim cards not no chance.

  12. Aumba Gumba Reply

    I would like to know Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 (GSM) can be unlocked in Pakistan and would it work.

  13. Umair Reply

    Admin …..recently I buy Samsung 6sedge at&t and I put my warid sim then some time it’s working and some time not means some time signals are coming and some time they dissapear . My mobile dealer saying that at&t and t mobiles have some problems at warid network Then I reissue my sim but I am facing the same problem so can you please tell me is it true that warid sim has problem in at&t and t mobile phones ????

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Umair, sorry for late reply, I don’t know anything about it but you can try another network sim to find out. Usually it should not happen

  14. noman Reply

    Aoa .sir me ne mobile purchase kia ha…samsung note 3 verizon …model n900v…is pe naaa hi 3g r naa hi 4g on ho rha ha…r uper ye likha aaa rha ha…(sim card is not from verizon)..plzz help me

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Wsalam noman – sorry for responding late. Verizon phone to CDMA hai or is main sim ki jagah ho bhi to zarori nahi sim ka function kaam karay ga. App ko ye phone kahan se mila hia?

  15. yahya Reply

    can a country lock of icloud locked iphone 6 be open without unlocking icloud account ???

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