Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

If you want your phone to work in Pakistan or if you are planning to buy a phone for someone else in Pakistan, you have two options.

Option 1 – Unlock a locked phone

First option is to buy a locked phone (Network locked), and then get it unlocked and take it to Pakistan.

Option 2 – Buy an unlocked phone.

If you have purchased a cell phone via post paid package or a calling plan then your phone will defiantly be locked and you will not be able to use it in Pakistan unless you get it unlocked with an unlocking code. New phones when purchased with a plan are either free or have a very small price but you have to buy it under a contract of one or two. Under a calling plan you have to use the same phone for that particular time and if you want to get it unlock before the contract ends then you will have to unlock it via third party unlocking code which is not an easy to get and is not considered legal at some places. Usually people wait till their contact ends and then get an unlocking code from their service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon etc.

Verizon and Sprint phones are CDMA, not GSM and won’t work in Pakistan

Verizon and Sprint phones will not work in Pakistan as they are not sim based and that technology doesn’t work in Pakistan. A phone must be a GSM or must take a SIM card to work in Pakistan. All mobile service providers in Pakistan are GSM and to use a Mobilink or a Warid Sim in a phone your phone must take sim and is unlocked. When purchasing a phone make sure that its either factory unlocked or has been unlocked for use on any network.

Some of the new Verizon models have a sim card slot in them but even those won’t work in Pakistan.

Many people have faced problems in connecting with their relatives at airports as soon they land. When a locked phone is switched on in Pakistan it won’t get any network coverage, some people are lucky that their phones start working on international roaming and they could at-least contact their family from airport on emergency basis however international roaming is very expensive for continuous use in Pakistan. If you continuously use international roaming for a month, it could easily cost you more than a $1000. Its always wise to buy an unlocked phone before you travel to Pakistan. If you don’t want to invest more spend less and get a phone that you can use as a spare phone later or gift it to someone in Pakistan.

You can browse a wide range of unlocked phones here and buy a phone that suits your need.

Complete collection of unlocked phones
Complete collection of unlocked phones

50 thoughts on “Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

  1. Ali Zaheer Reply

    Admin i have bought Samsung Galaxy J36 Verzone from america but in pakistan i cannot unlocked this. and i dont know how i use my prepaid sim here. so please let me know

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Ali, why did you purchase a Verizon phone? its CDMA and sim card might not work on it

  2. Shezad Reply

    i have lg g4 T-Mobile. it was working fine before, I just updated via LG Bridge Tool. And now is says Network is locked. I talk with T-Mobile they said your mobile is unlocked from the server but you have to use T-Mobile SIM to unlock it. Any solution for this??

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Shehzad, its strange that why would you need T-mobile sim for this, if it was unlocked then they should have given you the unlocking code that you can enter on your phone?

  3. Salman Reply

    I have an iphone 5s which was gifted to me by my brother and shipped from Canada .The phone was factory unlocked as it’s been over a year since i’ve been using my Zong sim with it .The phone was running on ios 9 at that time but over time i updated it to ios 10 .Yesterday i factory resetted my phone since i wanted to sell it to my friend .Now the phone is stuck on activation screen and when i put my sim back in ,it says it’s not supported .Pls help me out

  4. Maher Reply

    Bro I want to Buy s7 g sm930v Verizon.Will it work in Pakistan as normal phones work if i unlocked it from Pakistan or any issue like signal drop not full signal if any one you know plz tell me.can u tell me it have all bands supports of pakistani network.

  5. Hussain Reply

    AOA admin I’m currently phone hunting and i have my eyes on 2 cell phones Samsung note 4 and s6 edge,the reason of being confused is that these both are Verizon at&t cell phones I wanted to ask you what problems exactly would I face if I buy at&t cell phones?
    I had an experience before and it wasn’t good there were tons of at&t useless apps that I couldn’t even erase plus every time I open my contacts it showed a screen saying no network connection with At&T alongside which was pretty annoying.
    This seller is really assuring me that they quality check every product before they sell it but how would I know that these phones are going to act differently than my previous phone,I’d be grateful thanks!!

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Hussain,

      Verizon phones will not work in Pakistan. AT&T phones will work if unlocked but again you will get thier default apps with it that you can’t remove unless you root it. The searching contacts from AT&T problem can be resolved after selecting default contact display option. One of the problem I have faced is that you cannot use the hotspot function means if you are using data you can’t use your AT&T phone as a hotspot so other people can use your internet. This was a biggie for me because I use that feature a lot and decided that I would never buy an AT&T or T-Mobile phone.

  6. Hasnain Reply

    Who told you Mr Admin Sprint CDMA phone work perfectly in pakistan i am using s7 model g930p and it is working flawlessly.
    Before you write article do some research dont give wrong information
    Thumbs down your knowledge is so weak….!

  7. Ahmad Reply

    If I have a unlocked phone of any company like:verizon,t-mobile,AT&T,sprint,will they work in pakistan.

  8. Raza khan Reply

    My mobile Samsung Galaxy On5 G550t1 in t-mobile support not work 3G and 4G only 2G use in zong sim please solution please help

  9. Adil Syed Reply

    I bought a Samsung galaxy note 5 unlocked veriZon (gsm)is it work in Pakistan
    The phone is from uk
    Plz reply

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