How Can I get United States work visa from Pakistan

We receive many questions regarding how to get a work visa while you are actually living in Pakistan. Getting a work visa while you are living abroad is very difficult due to ongoing recession. Residents and Citizens of USA are losing their jobs due to Economic crisis. The first priority of the government is to employee those people.
On the other hand for private companies; they easily find people according to their requirement as thousands of people from all over the world come for studying and most of them settle in USA. The only way with which you might be able to get a work visa is that if you are employed by a company in Pakistan who sends their employees to USA to meet clients or work on their behalf in their USA office, they are issued with L visa and does not get paid as high as people in USA are.

The other type of people who might be able to get a work visa it through their relatives, if you have any relative who is a citizen and a businessman then he can help you for issuance of work visa for himself however it also involves lots of steps and legal requirements.

I do not want to disappoint you however it’s better if you know the clear picture. Internationals who has completed their studies in USA are also finding it difficult to get a job and I do not personally know any individual who is hired by a company outside USA.

If you want to settle in USA, work hard and get yourself admitted in any of the University for further studies.


I want to know more about if one wants to work in U.S.A. how is it possible to get visa here in Pakistan and I also want to know about visit visa also, how much will be the total expense in Pak rupees to cover the cost of travel and other relevant requirements too.
  • Getting a work visa in Pakistan means that there is a company in United States that is ready to sponsor you a work visa so you can come and work in Unites States. Such work visa is mostly H1 visa. Normally if your company send you to United States to work then you normally get a L1 visa which is as good as H1 visa.
  • To get a work visa you need a company that can sponsor you for which you need a job. If you know someone who is running a business and can sponsor you a work visa so you can work in United States then its easy however if you do not know anyone then it all depends upon your qualifications and skills.
  • Mostly people who get H1 visa while they are in Pakistan are either Engineers or Doctors. Software engineers are in demand too however competition is tough so you have to be good at what you do. You can also have some other technical skills including specialty cook etc.
  • If you don’t have any technical knowledge or education then chances are weak. United States is dealing with high unemployment rates now a days and their preference is to get them jobs first before sponsoring any international work visa’s for categories like marketing, customer services, accounting, finance, clerical work etc.

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  1. kiran Reply

    Hi.sir, need your help my brother is working in Saudi with his family and I want am a citizen of usa what is fast way to call his whole family his vacation will start in October. Please reply me soon thank you so much.

    • admin Post authorReply

      He can apply for the US visit visa from US embassy in Saudi Arabia. It will be easier than it is in Pakistan and all his family might get visa on time before October.

    • admin Post authorReply

      What do you mean? Please read the post first. Its not something you can buy. Mostly the companies who sponsor the visas pay the fee as well.

  2. tayyab Reply

    AoA sir,
    sir i live in pakistan i need early usa visa and i have many skills on computer.
    sir i need job any country i get go but i don’t have visa please help me

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Tayyab,
      Beta, dil Laga k mehnat karo, Allah sabki madad karta hia. Mehnat shart hai, apni education better karo Pakistan mian education bohat cheap hai. USA etc main bohat expensive. Its better to prepare yourself first.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Its not a mazak and nothing personal. I have no authority to give visa. I can just advice. The easiest way to get in United States is that k App apni education complete karo (Bachelors), specially in IT or technical field or koshish karo k Masters main apko admission mil jaye. Is tarha USA main a kar app education k baad easily job kar saktay ho. Please ye link details se check karain.

  3. sana Reply

    I really appreciate, how effectively replying to each and every query made by aspirants to travel to USA. I need your guidance, I am a business economics graduate, currently working with the govt. department (6 years work exp.). I want to work/ immigrate to USA. My first cousin (adopted sister) live in USA and is a green card holder, wll be citizen next year, her kids are US citizens already. I have been to foreign countries like Philippines, Thailand and USA( this year on B1/B2) for Training/ conference.
    Please guide me what is best possible option for me to move to US
    , since my sister is adopted so not sure if she could apply for my green card and the other only option is H1, between I am planning to learn some basic IT courses that might help me to get H1.
    Looking forward for your kind response.


    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Sana,
      Thanks for appreciating. US citizens can sponsor green card to their siblings however it’s a long and lengthy process and US govt gives the least priority to give permanent residence to the siblings. I know a family, they got US immigration 20 years ago, their brother had applied for their immigration 30 years ago so they had to wait for 10 years and those were the good times. Even if she isn’t adopted she can’t help you immediately however if she wants to apply for an immigrant visa for you, keep in mind that you might get after 10 or 20 year. She can only apply when she is a citizen first and after that if your father names are different I am not sure how it will work.
      With the current employment situation in United States, you have to be a specialist in something that will give you an edge. Basic IT courses might not help I am afraid. Every year hundreds of thousands of students comes to United States to study and after completing their studies they want to settle there, some of them do but some of them have to go back. Priority is always given to the people already in United States so its very hard to be hired while you are in Pakistan.
      The best path I can suggest you is to take admission in PhD economics or Masters in Economics in any university in United States. If you are lucky you can find funding and your education might cost you nothing and you can get a job and visa sponsorship in United States after you are done with your studies. If you need more info on that, do let me know.

  4. Masood Reply

    Respected admin, Yesterday I have received an offer letter from a US company for a job. The company assured me for that they will pay for my visa and ticket also but they also told that I have to purchase work permit myself on my personal expenses. Kindly tell me the procedure and total charges I have to pay for the work permit. I hold M.Sc (Hons) / M.phil degree from Pakistani University.

  5. sana Reply

    Thanks for your reply . Actually I am considering this option as well, for further studies in USA. Please guide me, what are the possible and practical way out .


  6. Sajid Reply

    Assalam o Alekum , Mere 2 Questions hain mujhe puri umeed hay ap zarrur rehnumain karaingen ,
    1: main Oman gaya tha kaam karne aur main wapis agaya visa cancel karwakey wahan halath kharab horahe the to main visa cancel karwake agaya mushkil hui thi cancellation main but hogaya now i m in pakistan, is baat ka bata ne ka maqsad yah tha ke my wife’s dada he is in USA and now he got the us passport now ,

    2: He is going to apply or submit an documents for whole family tree can my wife and me get the visa because unhonne birth cirtificates , marriage certificate , mere bachon ke birth certificates aur mere susral walon ke tamam documents mangwain hain jo marred hain aur jo nahin bhi hain, married, pehle to batain kitna time lagega
    visa ki call main ,
    Dusra yeh ke meri wife aur humara number aane main kitna time lagega ,
    aur yeh ke mere passport pe jo cancelletion hay uskeliye mujhe oman ki company se koi letter chahiye hoga take jun in future mujhe visa call aye to mujhse woh ko confimation maange ke cancelletion kun huti uski wazahat keliye ,

    Main aap ka bohot shukur guzar honga in baaton ka jawab dene main



    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Sajid,
      1. Kya app ye bata saktay hain k unhon ne ksi type k visa k liye apply kia hia? immigrant ya non-immigrant?
      2. Visa cancellation se koi farak nahi parta, uska sirf itna matlab hai k app us visa par Oman travel nahi kar saktay. Agar visa date guzar janay k baad (expired visa) k baad bhi app kisi country main rahayen tab problem hota hia.

      • Sajid Reply

        Dear Admin,
        App ka bohot bohot shukriya ke app ne mere visa cancellation ka jo dar tha woh door kardiya , bohot shukriya app ka
        app ne pucha ke konsa visa apply kiya hay unhonne immigrant visa apply kya ha unka abhi passport aya ha (my wife’s dada ) jo document jama karwarahe hain woh document jama hoge hain kunke passport ka number usmain add karna tha ,
        app mujhe batain ke jub documents submit hote hain to koi case file no ya receiveing papper dete hay U.S immigrant department wale , kun ke mujhe kisi ne batatha ke unhain aik paper maila tha aur uspe case number bhi tha usse woh online track karsakte hian ke unka case kahan pohncha or direct phone bhi karke puch sakte hain .
        is main mujhe rehnumai karain ke main unse kisletter ki demand karun usse kya kehte hian
        main app k platform aur app ka bohot shukarguzar hun ke mujhe mere sawalon ke jawan ba assani milrahe hian bohot nawazish app ki khidmaton keliye


        • admin Post authorReply

          Dear Sajid, you are welcome. Immigrant visa jab successfully submit ho jata hai tab app tracking kar saktay hain. Agar apki wife ke dada family ki base par immigrant visa apply kar rahay hain to I am sorry mujhey is procedure ka nahi pata coz mere khiyal se to pootay ya pootiyon ka immigrant visa apply nahi kia ja sakta. Agar Apki age 21 se kam hai to apkay sasrur ki immigration k sath apki or apki wife ki immigration ho sakti hia kion k apki wife k dada ke betay apkay sasur hain. I am not sure apkay Dada kis tarha apply kar rahay hain is liye is silsalay main apko mazeed kuch guide nahi kia ja sakta. App please ye link check kijye ga

          • Sajid Reply

            Assalam o Alekum ,
            Thanks again for your precious advice, i would ask about it that how he is planning to applying those applications as soon as i got the complete picture i would come back to you


  7. maddie Reply

    my fiance lives in Pakistan and I in the USA> If I travel there and we get married in Pakistan, how hard is it to get him back to USA with me.

  8. fahar Reply

    hello sir ..
    i get response form a use clinic as a externship student for 4 month.and they also said to me that if you will do you externship over here then we will also offer you to join our team as a professional plz guide me what should i say them about visa or for which visa i should apply or can apply.and plz also guide me what should i say to them to arrange a visa by them self i will pay for it..

      • fahar Reply

        and plz guide me on this visa after my externship i can get employed in usa??? and brother plz also tell me is this easy to obtain h-3 visa other it will take time ??

        • admin Post authorReply

          Dear Fahar, if an organization offers you a job and also ready to sponsor you a work visa then you can work there. No one can guide you about how much time would it take to process visa.

  9. FAROOQ Reply

    Sir one of my friend have CNG Filling station in USA can he sponsor me work visa?
    please give me proper information if he can sponsor me then what documents required for me for submit in embassy?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Farooq, not every business owner can sponsor work visas abroad. Your friend should get in touch with an attorney, he can guide better if he can sponsor a work visa for you.

  10. Faizan Reply

    Dear , One of my friend is doing business of nutritionist , company name insagenix as a online business , company is registered and tax payer , he is offering me a job related to me for visa .. will u please tell me what are requirments and documents i needed from him. and please tell me Is that he will also pay expenses to offer me job?/
    waiting for your reply

    • admin Post authorReply

      If he is offering you a job, he will prepare all your documents and sponsor you a visa. If he will need anything specific he is the one telling you about it.

  11. SAFI Reply

    Hello Admin..
    I really appreciate your effort of helping people who needs any assistance regarding visa..
    My Questions is that i want to apply for a H1 visa.. I have a relative in USA who is running his own business there, so how can he help in getting such visa?
    or should i apply for a visit visa so then can i work there with him?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Safi,
      To sponsor H1 visa his business needs to meet some requirements. Its better if he consult a lawyer to see if he is eligible to sponsor a a can visit on visit visa however if your documents are not ready there, you will need to come back or your visit will be considered illegal after 6 months. Also on visit visa you can’t work.

  12. Muhammad shezan Reply

    Dear Sir.
    I have company of surgical instruments and exports instruments many country of europe and also want to visit usa market for my business.I have also permanent residence of italy.How can I apply for usa from Pakistan.
    With best regards.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Shezan,
      You would need to arrange meetings with prospective clients and apply for business visit visa. You should have all your business documents and you must know in advance where you are going and what clients you are meeting.

  13. Kashif Reply

    Aoa sir,

    First of all I would like to appreciate your efforts and pray for you for clearing many things which arise in potential US immigrant or visitors

    Sir my case is bit different. I’m an engineer by profession belongs to Lahore. I’ve a GF who I met online a year ago. She belongs to Pakistan but lives in USA as her aunt adopted her after her parents demise when she was 14.
    I never met her in person but now we want to meet. She can’t come to Pakistan as her family wouldn’t allow her.

    For me I want to visit her but I don’t have any sponsor as none of my friends or relatives live in USA. Further I belong to a middle class family
    How can I get US visa. I’m 33 years old.
    Please tell me and guide me possible ways of getting to USA and meeting her and how can I convince the visa officer ?

    God bless you

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear kashif,
      You can apply for tourist visit visa. If you have a stable job and you are drawing a good monthly salary and have a bank statement that can proof that you have enough money to afford this trip than you might have a chance in getting a visa.

  14. Umer khan Reply

    Dear sir / me USA COMPANY kay leye work karta hon PAKISTAN say
    now wo chahtay han kay ub me USA jaon wo sponser kar rahay han to mje kia karna hoga or kitni fees lagayge ?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Wa Salam,
      Agar apko wo sponsor kar rahay hain to sara paperwork bhi wohi karwayen gay of fees bhi wohi pay karain gay. Agar wo nahi pay kar rahay to apko bata dain gay kitni fees hia.

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