How Can I get United States work visa from Pakistan

We receive many questions regarding how to get a work visa while you are actually living in Pakistan. Getting a work visa while you are living abroad is very difficult due to ongoing recession. Residents and Citizens of USA are losing their jobs due to Economic crisis. The first priority of the government is to employee those people.
On the other hand for private companies; they easily find people according to their requirement as thousands of people from all over the world come for studying and most of them settle in USA. The only way with which you might be able to get a work visa is that if you are employed by a company in Pakistan who sends their employees to USA to meet clients or work on their behalf in their USA office, they are issued with L visa and does not get paid as high as people in USA are.

The other type of people who might be able to get a work visa it through their relatives, if you have any relative who is a citizen and a businessman then he can help you for issuance of work visa for himself however it also involves lots of steps and legal requirements.

I do not want to disappoint you however it’s better if you know the clear picture. Internationals who has completed their studies in USA are also finding it difficult to get a job and I do not personally know any individual who is hired by a company outside USA.

If you want to settle in USA, work hard and get yourself admitted in any of the University for further studies.


I want to know more about if one wants to work in U.S.A. how is it possible to get visa here in Pakistan and I also want to know about visit visa also, how much will be the total expense in Pak rupees to cover the cost of travel and other relevant requirements too.
  • Getting a work visa in Pakistan means that there is a company in United States that is ready to sponsor you a work visa so you can come and work in Unites States. Such work visa is mostly H1 visa. Normally if your company send you to United States to work then you normally get a L1 visa which is as good as H1 visa.
  • To get a work visa you need a company that can sponsor you for which you need a job. If you know someone who is running a business and can sponsor you a work visa so you can work in United States then its easy however if you do not know anyone then it all depends upon your qualifications and skills.
  • Mostly people who get H1 visa while they are in Pakistan are either Engineers or Doctors. Software engineers are in demand too however competition is tough so you have to be good at what you do. You can also have some other technical skills including specialty cook etc.
  • If you don’t have any technical knowledge or education then chances are weak. United States is dealing with high unemployment rates now a days and their preference is to get them jobs first before sponsoring any international work visa’s for categories like marketing, customer services, accounting, finance, clerical work etc.

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  1. bruce /

    Hi Admin,

    do i my 4 months old son also need a passport to apply for a tourist visa with me and my wife?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Hello Bruce,
      Yes, your son will need a passport and also, you will need to pay the separate visa fee for his visa application.

  2. KiNza /

    Dear sir ap plz khuch rahnumae kar dai mary brother USA jana chahata hai , actually uski girl friend wha hoti hai or wo b usy wha bulana chahti hai .. tell me plz k kis visa k liya usy apply karna chahiya ? suna hai student visa he sab sa sasta b hota hai ? mara brother na abi FSC complete ki . he is 20 years old .. soo kindly sir tell me plzzz what can we do ? kon sa visa k liya apply karna theak rahy ga or uski girlfriend kis trha uski help kar sakti hai .. sab sa aasan wala rasta bta dai plzzzzzzzz… :)
    i shal b very thankful to u. . .:)

    1. Admin / Post Author
  3. KiNza /

    wo wha ja k settle hona chahta hai , soo kindly help us what can we do ..

  4. KiNza /

    Her girl friend can sponsor him a spouse visa after wedding. Is it possible my bro is here in Pak and she is in USA ?

  5. Xob /

    Hello there..
    My name is Zuhaib from Pak..
    I’ve a girlfriend living there in united states we are in touch for about 2 years since june 2013..
    I’m a employee working for a company as website bug tester.
    and she owned a fried chicken store..
    We don’t know anything about immigration visa procedure.
    I wanted to move there and live with her…
    How do i need to start? What documents i should have?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      What do you mean live with her? Do you want to get married because without a legal relationship you can’t go and live there. For more info visit this link

  6. Ali shaheryar /

    Hi Sir,

    I need your expert advice on my case. I have done my bachelors in computer science 4 yrs from university of karachi in 2005. I have 9 yr working experience as an IT professional having expertise on technologies like Avaya contact center, microsoft server infrastructure, citrix, and vmware. I would like to apply for H1-b visa. I have no relatives in USA. Which is the best option in my case. Should i online apply for USA jobs and wait for an employer who sponsored me. Or i contact any layer firm who will arrange an sponser for me who will offer me job there. Secondly what will be the cost of H1b in either case.


    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali,
      H1 visa is a sponsored work visa and it is issued by a company or organization that hires you. You cannot apply it on your own. I am not sure if a Lawyer can arrange any visa for you because the company has their own lawyers that work on visa application after they decide that they will hire you.

  7. Abbas Tahir Ali /

    Sir I need Visa For USA and My Brother is already in USA and have the Nationality over there so He Can Sponsor me and i can get the visa what the procedure for it

  8. james /

    hi sir i want to usa please you help me and giving work to their i am so much thanks

  9. Abbas Zaheer /

    Aslam o alaikum sir kaisay hai ap sir ap say pochna tha mare amme usa chale gae hai mare sister hai waha WO citizen hai usa ke or amme kay pas green card hai USA may agar WO mujay bolana chahay to ketna time lag sakta hai plz kuch malomat day day thanx u from Abbas

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Abbas, apki ammi ke pass agar sirf green card hai to wo apko nahi bula saktien. App sirf visit visa pe ja kar unko visit kar saktay hain. Agar apki umar 18 se kam hai tab shayad koi chance ban sakta hai.

  10. toseef /

    sir mai pakistani logo sy alag hon mera rang gorun ki tarha h mujy yhan rahny mai parshani hoti h to kiya mai kisi treeky sy u s a ja sakta hu

  11. toseef /

    aslam o alikum sir pahly to ap ko allah tala ap ki is madat karny ka ajr dy sir mera rang gora h or yha rhny mai parshani hoti h or yha koi kam b nai kar sakta kiya mai elaj k zariy ya kisi zariy u s a sattel ho sakta hu reply zaror karna mari zindagi ka sawal h

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Toseef,
      Meray khiyaal se is reason ki waja se visa nahi mil sakta. I am sorry

  12. toseef /

    admin pliz reply me

  13. Nazakat khan /

    Sir I want work visa for USA Can you tell me … How much ? for Work visa Please i realy need it


    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nazakat,
      Work visas are never sold and there is no price, read the post above to know about the procedure.

  14. saeed /

    sire i am muhammad saeed from karachi sire plz mujay urdu me answer dana sire waha mujay 1 usa ka sehri hai who usa diplomat hai usko driving kalaiy admi chahiyay manay usay rabta kiya wo kahraha hai apna passport ka scan copy send karna our nic ka
    to manay send us nay 2 din bad jawab diya kay apka documents ready hai laken who 1 couriore agency mai hai apko 180 dollar send karna hai to kiya yay such plz quickly answer usnay mujay 2 din ka time diya hai plz mujay sahi information urdu may send karna plz our coriur ajency ka yay adress diya hai plz ap check karna plz
    Email: plz when u check answer me plz aaj mujay answer dana

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Jo app se is tarha paisay mangta hai, sab fraud hai, dhoka hai, is main koi haqeeqat nahi. App ignore karain esay logon ko.

  15. shoaib /

    salam yar plz khuda ky leya kabe be pasy nahee sand kar karna mara viber number 0017146618054 ha mazeed info ky leya rabta karoo sab joot ha ma be Los Angles ma ho aisa kabe nahe hota ya loog faradiya ha aak number ky

  16. mohsin /

    A ssalam Alikum admin i have a query i applied for us tourist visa in 2006 i got rejected than in 2008 i applied for f1 visa i got i 20 from usa it also got rejected now i m getting a H1b visa from usa i have masters degree in computers one of my friends is sending me h1 will those rejections have any impact on my h1 visa or not

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Mohsin,
      I think it shouldn’t be a problem because if you have H1b documtes it means you can work legally in United States. They usually reject visa because they suspect one won’t come back or work illegally there.

  17. Rana Amjad /

    sir i am poor man pleas help me any one work visa for usa pleas

  18. M Asif Shah /

    Hi Sir i m (D H M S) holder from pakistan and i don no any one i n us how can i go for work in amreca help me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asif, the process is mentioned above, whether you know someone or not, the process of visa sponsorship is the same.

  19. m.ali /

    Dear admin,

    I want to know that Letter for VC for inform that his employee doing double job one as Director 2nd contractor of
    kindly let me know

  20. arsal ali /

    I really appreciate the effort you are doing to help. I Have a situation
    I have a client I am working with for last 2 years as a web developer, he has a private company and I am official employee of his company. He is ready to sponsor me. But he dont know the procedure, he ask me to do homework on procedure, I have searched internet about H B1 visa, it is bit complicated,my client is from Atlanta GA. Can you guide me a little?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Arsal,

      Thanks for appreciating my efforts. He would need to sponsor you the H1 work visa and yes its process is bit complicated and it also have yearly quota. You can find more details about it here

  21. Ahsan elahi /

    I m ex pakistan naval person If u have ex defince/ ex naval person job in usa pleas reply me.

  22. khawar /


    I have a garment factory in lahore which is doing business for previous 1.5 years. My factory’s monthly turnover is $400,00 to $500,000 and all of this business comes from usa directly without any intermediary. I have 75 employees at the moment. I also have an office in dubai for last one year. Now i want to set up an office in new york usa. What are the chances of me getting L1a visa? I will hire 6 employees there immediately.

    Thank you
    I hope you will respond

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam, Dear Khawar – I am sorry but I have no experience or info in this field, can’t guide you, you might need to get in touch with a lawyer who can process your papers since its business matter. Thanks

  23. Muhammad Rashid /

    Dear Admin have lot informative stuff on US visas…
    Appreciation for you..
    Keep going on Good work.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Thank you brother

      1. shayan /

        aoa. sir after reading many question answers i thought to join this usefull fourm, i am recently retired from a govt job in aviation field, i hav 20 years expierence in aviation maintenance and operations at different levels, i have visited many countries on official paspost including USA, i have a valid official visit visa for USA, is there any process that after cancellation of my official pasport as m retired now, this visa b shifted on my private pakistani pasport/ or its record can help me to get skilled immigration visa? plz give your valuable reply.thnx

        1. shayan /

          sir further to abovestory, i have a cousion (far in relation) who is running his grossery store in huston for last 7 years and doing a good buisness, he is fully ready to sponcer me, plz can u guide how he can help me to get visa.

          1. Admin / Post Author

            Your cousin has to confirm it from a lawyer if his business fulfills all criteria of sponsoring a work visa abroad. Usually its carried through a legal authority.

        2. Admin / Post Author

          Dear Shayan,
          visit visa can’t lead to skilled immigration visa. I am not sure what type of official visa you have because if its because of your passport it might expire however usually for visit visa, if the passport expires the visa remain valid.

  24. Muhammad Rashid /

    I am Wind turbine Engineer and working in a company I have a question.
    I have one month training from US, I was there in April 2015, Now i want to ask you that i wanna get job in abroad in any European company so what do you think in winch country i can easily get job and what will be the procedure for that?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Sorry brother, no experience in this field.

  25. imtiaz /

    I am married having two children
    I want visit visa for usa
    before me and my wife has uk student visa for four years.
    Kindly guide me the best reason for visiting visa
    mean the strong reason.tourism or business?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      If you want to go for tourism then tourism, if you have anything business related you want to attend then business.

      1. Imtiaz /

        Thx for reply
        sir I wana go on visit visa with my wife not children how much bank statement is required for both of us and how long for one week
        which documents have to show
        mean business related or tax showing

  26. Ehmer /

    Dear admin

    Hi how are you? I want to go to USA as athlete and entertainer work, like I want to become a WWE professional wrestler, which category of visa I can get?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Alhamdulilah, Hope you are doing good too. You would need to apply for a P-visa however if someone is inviting you to perform you would need an invitation to the event etc.

  27. majid /

    hello admin how r u? i read question and ur reply u did very well. actully i can t asses how can u know all information about all type visa? anyway its your job or els.
    i want to go usa for visit visa. i apply but officer refused my visit visa because i have no sponser or any relative i can t stay long time usa but my wish i want too see united state of america for one time in life.
    can u help me, advise me and i am waiting for your reply.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Majid.
      Alhamduliah, hope you are doing good too. I know all this just by living there, my relatives friends etc applied for visas etc. Its not my job neither I am affiliated with US embassy etc. Just helping others with what I know.
      If your visa is refused once, it can easily be refused twice unless your circumstances changes. You must show strong ties with Pakistan.

  28. babar /

    A.o.A dear admin…
    Sir OLX pr job in abroad me kitne prsent ha???

  29. babar /

    A.o.A admin…
    Sir OLX pr job in abroad me kitne reality ha????

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Babar,
      I think there are different people who give ads, some of them might be fraud. If they does not tell you the process in detail and or ask for money they are definitely fraud.

  30. Zareen fatima /

    Sir I am girl main usa Jan a chati hu usa k lies meri family ne mera ghar bi sail kardia hamara sab kuch sail hoga ya Phif bhi mera visa nahi lag raha consultant keh rahey he ap ne abhi tak kisi bhi countries main travel nahi kia is liey visa nahi lag saka pleas help me bar bar visa refused hora ha he muJay job cHaye usa main

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Zareen,
      Sister, ye itna easy nahi hai, Pakistan se USA main job milna bohat hi mushkil hia. Agar apkay pass koi khaas education ya skill ho k apko wahan se koi work visa sponsor kar de tab aap ja sakti hain. Visit visa par app USA main kaam nahi kar saktien, ye illegal hai, or agar unko shak hoa to apko kabhi bhi visa nahi milay ga

  31. Airaf Iqbal /

    Hello sir,
    i want to know one of my friend lives in usa and running his own jewllery shop if i want to go usa for job in his shop than what procedure i have to follow ??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Airaf, your friend will need to ask a lawyer if he can sponsor a work visa for a Pakistani employee, the process is complicated.

  32. babar /

    A.o.A dear admin…
    sir usa me waiter ke job pr me ne apply keya tha through olx site..wo complete procedure b btya ha but there is problem that they demand some amounts according him this amount they pay to cameeron embasey than embasey send to me some trevels decuments at my address..what r think it’s real r fraud?????plz guaid me about this thanksss….

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Seems like a fraud to me.

  33. babar /

    sir agr ap k khyal me ya fraud ha to phr isy ignore krna he thk ho ga ?????

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Babar, zahir hai, app apnay paisay zaya nahi karna chahen gay na? I would ignore it.

  34. Haris /

    Assalamu alaikum
    Sir I’ve got a friend in us . She want to call me over there. What would be the process for her to sponsor me and for me over here. Please kindly tell me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam,
      You can apply for a visit visa to visit her.

  35. shoaib bhatti /

    a.o.a sir sir mera name mohammad shoaib hy aur meri age 22 year hy sir main ne DAE kya howa hy civil engineering main 3 year ka diploma after 10 year basic education+autocade+safty officer mmany short courses aur sir mera b.tec bhe kr rha hoon sir please muje guide kro k main us visa kyle kyse apply kr sakta hoon aur kya main work visa klye illegible hoon k nhn please aur dosri bat ye sir k mera plane saudia arabia jane ka hy tu kya main saudia arabia se direct usa klye apply aur travel kr sakta hoon ya muje back to pakistan ana hoo ga please mehrbani ho ge

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Agar app Saudi Arabia main resident visa ya long term visa per reh rahay hon to app USA kay visa k liye wahien se apply kar saktay hain.

  36. Syed Qasim Ali shah /

    I’m passed the agricultural economics degree 4 years program.And now I want to work in USA, So plz guide me, how to apply for a job and visa.plz (I have no idea to what I do for me to going to USA)plz guide me sir. thank you

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Qasim,
      This is what the post is all about, please read it in details and you will get your answer.

  37. zehra /

    sir my son want usa work visa .he passed inter exams now he is intrested to work and education in usa will you provide a right way or guide how he apply that !

    1. Admin / Post Author
  38. Zeeshan ali /

    Hello sir work visa ki fees mene company ko pay krna he ya embassy ko???

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Usually the employer pays the fee when they sponsor work visa

  39. imran /

    Sir mera friend USA mai rahta hai us ko next year green card Milne wala hai kia wo mjhe waha se visit visa sponcer kr skta hai or kia mjhe visit viza applye krne k liye bank statement or bank mai money b show krna hogi plZ help in details

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Wo apko financially sponsor kar sakta hai. Tareeqa is link mian hia

  40. Tufail /

    sir mera name tufail hay aur meri qualifiction B A hay mery amee abu foot ho gy han aur family dushmeny ke waja sa usa mean sattle hona chata hoon sir ap bataien k mean kon say visa k lia apply kr sakta hoon sir ap mujhy email bhe kr saktay han

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Tufail, sorry brother is mamlay main mujhey koi info nahi

  41. Ali /


    please tell me where I can apply for jobs in USA while here in pakistan? You told that people who get USA work visa here in pakistan are engineers. I am also an engineer How can I get work visa of USA?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali,
      Its not easy however most engineers go to USA for study on funding and then look for job there, the Masters degree is for just 1 and half year.

  42. Syed Kamran Pti /

    Dear elder brother ye sarey questions kar rahey hay mgar kisi ne ye nhi pocha k work visa employer k through milta hay lekin employer kesey milega sir g internet py bohot search ki no response plz how to get employer in usa or carribean westindeez other America

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Kamran,
      You can get in touch with the companies online, look for their advertised positions and see agar app unkay criteria pe fit hotay hain tab app apply kar saktay hain

  43. Gulshad Bibi /

    Dear Sir Asalamu Alaikum,Sir my name is gulshad i am from Gilgit Pakistan ,i am a midwife i have 17 years experience in a International NGO in Pakistan ,now i want to do job in USA as a midwife how can i apply for visa or job please help me ,how can i contact with compnies for job and visa

    1. Admin / Post Author
  44. Syed Kamran Pti /

    Dear Sir i will search by google companies to get employer but i have just BA in sociology and its impossible to get job in USA anyway i will try for hotel any job phir bhi mushkil hay if u have time plz missed call me my this no i will call u 03459535401 or 03139560204 or add me on facebook Syed Kamran Jan Pti my name is Kamran from city Timergara District Lower dir KpK

  45. Ali /

    Assalam of alikom dear admin .:) app bohoot payar say guide karate he in kafi khushi hot I hair honestly :) sir mega dream hai u.s or mein Jana chahta hon specially #NYC wow ! Chicago mein kuch relative hein mery so ? Mein kesi country nahi gaya start hi u.s say chat a hon apni zindage ki so kiya 17 yrs mein visit visa possible? Mein grandmother k sath rehta hon apni Q k mom ki death ho chuki or dead say contact nahi kuch khaas ‘ I,m student of enter so please ap mujhe beta dein mein dunya dekhna chat a hon that’s my drem . Oh sir mera #Hafiz bona kiya problem ban skta hai? Or Nam sy pehly Mohammad Ana ? My name is HAFIZ MOHAMMAD ALI .please please ignore naa krye ga .

  46. Nasir Manzoor /

    Dear All,

    This is Nasir Manzoor (Umer) from Karachi City, Pakistan. I’m working for a US based Company ShadowAir Ltd. Since 2012. I am working for ShadowAir remotely and represent it here in Pakistan. Now my company wants me to join them in USA, they want to Sponsor me to come over there in US and work with them.

    Please let me know what Document / Letter will required to apply for Working Visa? So I will ask from my company to send me those documents to apply for Visa process easily.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Warm Regards,

    Nasir Manzoor (Umer)
    V.P. Business Development

    ShadowAir LTD.
    Tel No. +92-321-2016825 (Direct)

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