How Can I get United States work visa from Pakistan

We receive many questions regarding how to get a work visa while you are actually living in Pakistan. Getting a work visa while you are living abroad is very difficult due to ongoing recession. Residents and Citizens of USA are losing their jobs due to Economic crisis. The first priority of the government is to employee those people.
On the other hand for private companies; they easily find people according to their requirement as thousands of people from all over the world come for studying and most of them settle in USA. The only way with which you might be able to get a work visa is that if you are employed by a company in Pakistan who sends their employees to USA to meet clients or work on their behalf in their USA office, they are issued with L visa and does not get paid as high as people in USA are.

The other type of people who might be able to get a work visa it through their relatives, if you have any relative who is a citizen and a businessman then he can help you for issuance of work visa for himself however it also involves lots of steps and legal requirements.

I do not want to disappoint you however it’s better if you know the clear picture. Internationals who has completed their studies in USA are also finding it difficult to get a job and I do not personally know any individual who is hired by a company outside USA.

If you want to settle in USA, work hard and get yourself admitted in any of the University for further studies.


I want to know more about if one wants to work in U.S.A. how is it possible to get visa here in Pakistan and I also want to know about visit visa also, how much will be the total expense in Pak rupees to cover the cost of travel and other relevant requirements too.
  • Getting a work visa in Pakistan means that there is a company in United States that is ready to sponsor you a work visa so you can come and work in Unites States. Such work visa is mostly H1 visa. Normally if your company send you to United States to work then you normally get a L1 visa which is as good as H1 visa.
  • To get a work visa you need a company that can sponsor you for which you need a job. If you know someone who is running a business and can sponsor you a work visa so you can work in United States then its easy however if you do not know anyone then it all depends upon your qualifications and skills.
  • Mostly people who get H1 visa while they are in Pakistan are either Engineers or Doctors. Software engineers are in demand too however competition is tough so you have to be good at what you do. You can also have some other technical skills including specialty cook etc.
  • If you don’t have any technical knowledge or education then chances are weak. United States is dealing with high unemployment rates now a days and their preference is to get them jobs first before sponsoring any international work visa’s for categories like marketing, customer services, accounting, finance, clerical work etc.

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  1. waseem ahmed /

    i want to get usa work visa.

  2. Waqas Ali /

    I want to get USA work visa plz help me

    1. amir /

      Sir I want work visa for USA Can you tell me … How much ? for Work visa Please i realy need it

      1. admin / Post Author

        Dear Amir, visas are not sold like this, you need to be employed in a company in United States before they issue you a work permit.

        1. Najeeb /

          hello admin i want know that in usa there is my uncle who is citizen of usa then if i wants to go in usa then how can he help me for work he have a shop also?

          1. admin / Post Author
  3. pasha /

    my friend is a citizen of usa and she want me to go there and work her restaurant do u think its work?

  4. Hasan /

    My brother will get green card next year,can he sponsor me for work visa?
    Thank you for your cooperation

    1. waheed alam /

      salam sir meri cousne usa men nationality holder hen wo agar muje sponcer kren to un k kitne paise lagen gay agar wo muj se shadi kr k muje lay kr jaen to phir un k kitne paise lagen gay plz tel me sir

      1. admin / Post Author

        It depends upon which visa you are applying for, for visit visa the fee is $140 and for immigrant visas please follow the below mentioned link for fee details

    2. Wasim /

      Sir kya America main study visa py ja k kam kar sakty hain aur koi problem to nhi ho gi?

      1. admin / Post Author

        Study visa par 20 hour per week kaam karnay ki permission hoti hai.

    3. Farman /

      Me usa k liya bhut koshsish ki but nhi huta mera frnds log waha k greean card holder hai wo mujy bol sakty hai

      1. Admin / Post Author

        Farman sahib, apkay dost visit visa ke silsalay main apko koi madad nahi kar saktay.

  5. Sammy /

    @Hassan – No, he can’t sponsor you until he is a citizen. Once he is a citizen he can only sponsor his parents, or any brother or sisters less than 21 year of age.

    1. Najeeb /

      then there is my uncle how can he help me to call in Usa for work or visit he is a citizen…?


    I completed degre from pakistan university !! Can i able to get work visa in usa ??

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, If any company is ready to sponsor you H-Visa (Work visa) only then. You will have to search job in United States and ask the company to sponsor you work visa.

  7. nazia /

    Hi, I have done MBA HR from Pakistan.. is it possible to get a HR job in USA .. and can you tell the H1 sponsor company if any one you can recommend or tell the website where i could easily find these type of companies..

  8. fari /

    Last year i was apply us visit visa & that was refused.
    I want to go us only want to meet my kids.
    Can i apply again after 6 months?
    plz guide me.
    I will b thankfull.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes you can apply for the visa again however you need to keep in mind the reason of refusal last time. If the reason no longer prevail then its fruitful and you might get accepted otherwise if everything is same then your visa might get rejected again.

      They refuse very few people who wants to go and meet their kids. Do let me know if you need to know anything else.

    2. Ali /

      off course you can apply the visa again.what did they tell you last time when you were refused?

  9. saqlain rizvi /

    how i can go to USA from Pakistan and work in USA

  10. syed Tofique Hssain /

    plz concider my apeel iam intersted any work any selary any job iam heard workar plz sir iam alon person my faimly sapourt I want to get USA work visa plz help me iam wait for reply

  11. Rabia Jahangir /

    i have done masters in economics from fatima jinnah women university can i get work permit for usa if how can u help me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Rabia, Unfortunately I cannot help you getting a work permit as it can be applied by a company that would want to hire you and its cost is very high so mostly companies are reluctant to hire people that needs work visa, they give preference to people who can work in United States. Thousands of students in United States search for jobs after completing their studies and only if a company is ready to offer them H visa (work) they can work, otherwise they have to go back to their country. There are almost no chances that a company will issue a work visa to someone living in Pakistan with Pakistani education. The people who might get visa this way normally have set of technical skills like an IT person or a trained Chef etc.

  12. ansar alui /

    salam sir meri girl friend usa me he aor wo muje waha le jana chahty he par wo yaha pakistan nahe aasakty darti he to ab hume kiya karna chahiye plz give us a batter way

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can only apply for visit visa by mentioning her details on form as your girl friend. This is the only way you can visit her.

  13. fayyaz /

    i want to work in USA how can i get US visa recently i am working for united nations pakistan

  14. Muhammad Shaheen Shah /

    plz give me visa for us i wshall be thank full to you.

    1. admin / Post Author

      We cannot issue as we have no link with the Embassy or anything like that.

  15. Hozaifa /

    sir, i have a question, my aunt is in america her husband hand 2 children are american citizen, but my aunt is not american citizen, but she has got blue passport, i would like to know is she sponsor me for america i am from lahore pakistan. aunt mean sister of my father (phuppo)

    1. admin / Post Author

      Salam Hozaifa,
      Unfortunately, Aunts cannot sponsor you a permanent visa. You can only apply for a visit visa to see her in United States.

      1. Haseeb iftikhar /

        Can I have ur number?

        1. Admin / Post Author

          Dear Haseeb, I am sorry I can’t provide my number.

  16. EvaNaveed /

    SALAM MR…Can you gave me please advise …I live in USA I permanent resident have Green Card after two years I will her it citizen…My Future HUSBAND from da Pakistan…I want to take him here….can I apply with my Green Card on him…and how it will be better to do marriage in Pakistan before applying or after when we will get it some information about visa and to do marriage in USA ….???or better variant to wait for my citizens????Thank You Have A Good Day…!!!!!

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its very difficult to sponsor spouse with green card however with Citizenship you can sponsor and get him to USA immediately. Check these links as well
      I think its better to get citizenship first as I have some few cases where it took 3 years for a spouse to reach USA and meanwhile they don’t allow them to even visit on visit visa however consult an attorney for complete details.

  17. Shujaat /

    AoA . Hi How are you , Just a Question ,
    My Cousins are in USA and had a busns over thr , so can thy Sponcer me or Help me on H.Visa . If yes Then How ? Last time i Apply on my cousins Wedding card Thy rejct me , No one sponcer me tht time , i just hav a wedding card and detl , now can thy Sponcer or Help me to get a H.Visa ?

  18. irfan /


    Can a govt. university in usa hire some professionals from pakistan. and if yes, what will be the procedure.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Irfan, yes it possible however they usually offer jobs to people who get education from United States because the competition in United States is tough. Procedure is the same to look for the jobs online, you can also check university websites, they have a section of “Careers” where they post jobs. In my opinion unless a person posses any technical or rare knowledge its difficult to get a job from overseas.

      1. waleed ahmed /

        i want get visa as worker i want to know how much expenses

  19. Ikram Ullah /

    A.o.A sir,

    Hope you are doing wel! I’m happy and apreciate your this spirit you are helping peoples like this.
    Actually i need some assitent from you too, there are a Hotel manager in west virgenia (US) whos my best friend through Internit. she said i will hire you in their hotel and its easy for me. so if she hire me then how will i get to there. what will be the visa requirements in the way in case she give hire in her hotel???

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you for appreciation. If she is hiring you as an employee then most of the work is done from her side, she will give you a paper on the basis of which you will apply for the work visa most probably H1, that’s it. Once you get your visa stamped on your passport you will be able to travel.

  20. hareem /

    hello sir…i wanted to ask u that my sister is a US citizen,she has got her nationality..she owns her store over there..and shez serving US military as well…she needs some1 to handle her can she sponcer me or my husband for her store purpose?plz i really need to know this as its very important for me..thanx

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Hareem, its possible for her to sponsor a work visa however there are some condition about the level of her business, how many employees she already have and why do she need to sponsor an international? She must show the strong need and that your skills are not available in United States. Please go through the following link for complete relevant details

  21. Hamza /

    sir i wany us visa how i can go to USA from Pakistan and work in USA

  22. adnan rathore /

    dear sir
    i wany us visa how i can go to USA from Pakistan and work in USA

  23. Fahad /

    dear sir me one thing if i apply for USA visitor visa as a tourist and i also go there for some educational inspiration will i get the visa on the bases ofeducational inspiration if i feel comfortable there according to my carrier i ll get admission in one of the best university i dnt wana work there

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Fahad not sure how it will weigh your application, if you can get some invitation letters from universities stating that you wanted to visit them as a prospect student it would be better than verbally stating the reason.

  24. Ahmed /

    I have a old green card which does not have a expiration date also has a social security card plus expired driving license, I want to go back to USA what should I do, should I apply for visa, what type, please guide thanks. It has been more than 20 years that I have travelled to USA. Can I travel on my old green card, should I apply for a new green card. Thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmed, I am not very familiar with your options however what I know is that if you have spent 6 months outside states with your green card then you cannot enter in States using that same green card, I have found a useful link you can see if it carries any specific information.

  25. Adil khan /

    I am hafiz Muhammad Adil from Pakistan.
    how i will go to usa for the post of Imam or Qari.
    I am Quran teacher.
    I have also some friends in usa,they also wants me to come to usa,can you please help me that how i can go to usa.

  26. shahbaz ashraf /

    Hello Sir,
    i m freshly graduated mechanical engineer from pakistan and i have applied for job in USA. i have emails from there of clearance that i m hired as trainee mechanical engineer with salary 18700 USDOLLAR. but they are saying that i must get work permit sir can u guide me where i can get and how much it will cost. i mailed them saying that kindly arrange work permit for me and i will pay u advance then they sent me i link and he mentioned that send me 1100USD through western union money transfer. sir it is requested to completely guide me is this real or fake and should i pay and whether this job is possible or not. waiting for ur kind reply:)

  27. Junaid Ali /

    Sir i want to vist us as a visitor can u tell me wat kind of documents i require n how much embassy take time after submiting documents,Thank you

  28. fauzia /

    aoa sir,
    im a doctor . and ill be getting married next husband is engineer and working in u.s for past 2 years.
    i want to ask as to what visa i should apply for so that i go there in time..and also can continue to work as doctor after clearing steps.

    1. fauzia /

      my fiance will get H1 in october.

    2. admin / Post Author

      He can apply for an H2 visa for you so you can join him ASAP however on this visa you can’t work. What you can do is to give papers after to go there, after that you can apply for a job, you will be sponsored visa by any hospital and will be issued a separate H1 visa too.

  29. khalid junejo /

    i should come amrica i live amrica i love amrica

  30. Maaz /

    Sir Aslamu ALaikum I want to Go Usa Kia Mujhy Koi wahaan Se Invite Kary To Kia Me ja Sakta hoon And Ha Agar Koi Castmate Kisi Tarha Bula Sakta he I Love USA And Could U Please Tell Me K Shaadi K Through Kaisy jaaty Hen Or Kia Agar Pakistan Me Koi Ho Jo American Nationality Holder Ho To Kia Wo Mujhy Leja Sakti He Us Se Shadi Hojaye To Ya Phir Wahan Se Koi Shadi Ki Offer Ya Invitation Letter Bhej Sakta he Please Must rePly Me I,am Maaz Ali From Hyderabad Sindh `18 Years Old, Or RePly Me On 03366888677 Please Mehrbani Hogi Sir Thanks You

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam – Agar apki shadi kisi USA citizen se ho jati hai to wo apko sponsor kar sakti hia. Shadi k invitation par visa milna mushkil hai, agar milay ga bhi to visit visa ho ga jiskay baad apko 6 months ka baad Pakistan wapas ana paray ga.

  31. 123 /

    Aoa, me abe acca k profesionals papers me hu or North carolina me accountancy ki job krna chahta hu. i know i cant get a job directly so can u tell me the way i could start.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wsalam, have you consider working with a recruitment agency? they can help you get a job however they take a percentage out of your salary which is quite high.

  32. sana ullah /

    hello sir,how r u doing?i am working with us military base bagram air field.i have been here from 2 years.i already told to us military but they said we cannot help u gotta go to us embasy.i already got some night i have big problums. So plz u r the ist and last peson to help me i hope u can do some ting 4 me.i wa
    na get usa visa for bright my good future.thanks

  33. haroon khan /

    i am working in a multi national company from two years can i get work visa of united state of America.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Haroon,
      It depends upon what type of job you are doing, is it in demand in USA or not? so it completely depends upon your qualification and experience.

  34. ali akbar /

    i want to get usa work visa QUALIFICATION= I COM AND IELTS CERTIFICATE EXPERIENCE= 5 YEARS in transport

  35. Muhammad Abbas /

    I have done MBBS from Pakistan……
    I want to become a cadiologist in USA……
    Which degrees and specialization should I require to get there…..???
    How to apply???
    And What Should I do there to become what I want???
    PLZ tell me :)

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Abbas,
      You will need to give USMLE papers to get your MBBS degree equivalent to America’s doctorate degree. After USMLE you can search for residence in hospitals and work as a resident. Read more at

  36. Jawad Inam /

    I want USA work visa, I am Bechlor of Computer Science,here in Pakistan I am jobless from 2year , kindly please help me

  37. Jawad Inam /

    I want USA work visa, I am Bechlor of Computer Science,here in Pakistan I am jobless from 2year , kindly please help me…………………………..

  38. TAUSEEF /

    Have a good day, and very much inspired with your comments in a shape of assistance,
    my query is that my first cousin live in USA and her’s all family members are citizens of US for last 10 years. They want to invite me there for my bright future but i don’t know how and what path is right to choose in this regard.

    I just want to work there , my cousin’s husband is working in US multinational for last 15 years and have strong PR. Kindly guide me for my future growth in the light of my given details.

    Yours’ cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    May you send me your assistance on my email, its really help me to find easily.

    Best Regards,

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Tauseef, Thanks for appreciating my effort. You can apply for a visit visa and visit your family and try to find a jon that will offer you a work visa (h1) sponsorship, even if you have work authorization you would still need to come back to Pakistan to get your H1 visa stamped on your passport. Its very difficult to get a visit visa for adult male because of Pakistan reputation and people staying in USA illegally however its worth trying.

  39. usaman /

    meri khala usa mai hai or mai 17yrs ka ho meri khala mujhe waha bulana chati hai magar wo apne husba nd ki waja se meri mada nahi kr sakti documation mai . mai ne matric a grade mai kya hai or ab mai aga khan higher secondary school mai 1st yr k paper de raha ho kya mai visa k liye apply kr sakta hoo agar apna khala ka naam le k agar embassy wale kuch sawal puchay toh thank u plz reply me fast.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Usman,
      aap ki khala apko wahan nahi bula saktien sirf agar wahan app pohanch jatay hain to apki help kar sakti hain. Agar app agay education k liye jana chahtay ho to ye bata don k BA wahan bohat hi zyada mehanga hai, sirf aik saal ki college ki fees 5 se 10 lakh tak ho sakti hai or apko study visa k liye bank statement bhi dikhani parti hai. Agar app early education Pakistan main hasil karo to behtar hai, koshish karo computer parho or bachelors k baad bohat chances hain apko free main kisi university main admission mil jaye.

      1. Usaman /

        Sir mujhe bahir jana hai toh mai abhi nahi jasakta

  40. Syed mustafa imam ri /

    Sir i want to a work visa beacuse Pakistan does not give me a good job i have 3 children plz give me a work visa i shall be very thank full to you.

  41. Arman khan /

    sir mery mamu usa mai hn or un ko wahan ka green card mil chuka hai wo mujhy sponser krna chahty hn to kia mai un k sponser py usa ja sakta hun 4 work…..????? Plzzzzzzzz Ans me………. Agar ja sakta hun to kaisy???

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Arman, He cannot sponsor you any visa, not even a visit visa. Only if he has a business and he need to hire someone from Pakistan then he can sponsor a work visa.

      1. Arman khan /


        Firstly, I would like to appreciate your efforts.
        Sir thanks for reply……Sir un k wahan apny 2 general stores hain or wo mujhy wahan py set krna chahty hn….to kindly ap mujhy inform kr dain k kia mai is trha ja sakta hun k ni ??? agar han to plzzzzzz ap process bta dain…..I m vry thankful to you….

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Arman,
          Sorry for late reply. Agar unka general store hai to wo aap ko job k liye bula saktay hain but uskay rules kuch sakht hotay hain, apkay pass koi esi qabiliyat honi chahye jo USA main aram se nahi milti. Ye apkay uncle better bata saktay hain, unko kisi wakeel se baat karni chahye. Agar unka business hai to koi tareeqa nikal sakta hia ke wo apko wahan job pe rakhwa sakain.

  42. Rehan Butt /

    Hi There,

    Firstly, I would like to appreciate your efforts.

    How long does it take to get US green card , my application for citizenship is submitted 3 years back thru my brother whose an American National. And if the sponsor/brother is healthy tax payer in US then does it make additional benefit to get the work done early then estimated time.

    Best Regards,

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Rehan, Thanks for appreciating my efforts, it really means a lot. Regarding the sponsorship by your brother, no one knows about the tentative time but I think it can take around 10 years, may be more depending upon the economic condition of United States or may be less if the economy revive and they need more people to settle in United States.

  43. Khawar /

    Dear sir
    I am highly impressed with your assistance that you are providing
    I have also I question that There is my friend In Topeka we met by social network she is American , she has her farms there and she need me as caretaker of those forms because I am her friend and I need to work in US for better income, what would be your suggestion for her and me so I can go there for work


    1. admin / Post Author

      Thanks for appreciating Khawar. the information you need is in this link please study it in detail to see if she can offer you a job.

  44. Azaz /

    Dear sir I am a ungraduated student and I like to go US for further study and my uncle and my cousin are there from about 15 years and how I can apply for US .

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its better to complete your undergraduate and apply for admission in Masters in Universities in United States. If you are planning to stay at your uncle’s place during your study look for the universities near his place. If you are doing engineering or IT there are chances that you will get funding and your Masters fee will be paid of by the university if you are a bright student. For further information read this post, it will be helpful.

  45. hafiz atta ullah /

    plz tell me how much money is needed for visit vissa and after how many days i can go to usa after submiting the application

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can go when you will get visa and money also depends on how many days you are going to stay there and where you are going to stay there. As a hotel rent may differ in different places..

  46. shahid /

    AOA Bro,sir kia main multyple visit visa per USA main work kar sakta hon? or kia muje
    6 months baad lazmi pakistan ana pere ga or agar na aon tu kia problems ho sakti hain,by the way mera mamoon USA main hai last 14 years se wo is maslay main koi madad kar sakta hai meri. hope you will response thanks


    1. admin / Post Author

      No you cannot legally work on visit visa in United States. Yes, Apko 6 months baad apko lazmi Pakistan ana paray ga warna apka stay wahan par illegal ho jaye ga or ainda kabhi bhi apko USA ka visa nahi milay ga, na hi apko kabhi wahan legal status milay ga. Mamo sirf aik soorat main apki madad kar saktay hain, agar unka koi business hai or wo apko nokri par rakh sakain, but us main kafi kharcha aa sakta hai unka.

  47. ATIF JAMAL /


    1. admin / Post Author

      I just provide information not visas :)

  48. Sheikh /

    I want to ask that
    How much one could have to spend to sponsor a person for a job in his business in USA?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its not only about money, the sponsor has to justify that why he can’t find a suitable person for that job in United States, its only easy for jobs that are either technical or related to any talent not easily available in United States like Pakistani chef would be needed in a Pakistani restaurant. Its not that you can get any number of workers from Pakistan that you desire specially those who have no skills or education.

  49. brent kodesh /

    Hi I am serving in the U.S Army in Afghanistan, and I work with a dozen or so Pakistani Nationals on a large base, I spend most of my time with them and they are all great people who are just trying to support their families back home. A couple of them have expressed a deep interest in finding jobs in the U.S. They have many skills and speak many languages but have no college degree. Is there any way this is possible for them to beable to find work here, and what kind of work would be their best bet?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you for your kind intentions. Work visa can only be sponsored by organizations hiring people and they too have to follow strict rules on what type of talent they can import into United States. If a person has special talent or if he is highly educated in a technical field etc then he have chance.

  50. azmat abbas. /

    i need free work visa for us plz hilp me i m very thankfull to you .

    1. admin / Post Author

      Work visa can’t be purchased or issued for free, you need a job to get a visa. Look for a JOB in USA and if they like you, they will issue you a work visa for free.

  51. hina shahmeem /

    hi iam hina from pakistan i need free family 2 babys i need briught feutar my babys.plz sir i neeeded.pleas pleas

    1. admin / Post Author

      It doesn’t work that way.

  52. Muhammad Afzaal /

    Dear Admin;
    how are you? i am worried
    how can i get US visa
    you can send me whole information
    if you don`t mind and have a time please

  53. shoaib wattoo /

    i want work visa for new york

  54. Akash /

    Dear Admin!
    Is it possible that If i get a visit visa then i will get married there with a American residence girl in my visa period and then i can get permanent residence there?

    1. admin / Post Author

      That’s considered a visa fraud. Even if you get married there, you will still have to come back to Pakistan to get you immigrant visa. Your permanent visa would not be processed while you are in USA.

  55. Dr. Mohammad Sajjad /

    I am PhD in Agriculture working as a professional agricultural consultant here in Pakistan. How can i get US work visa from here ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you are able to manage a job offer from an organization who are willing to sponsor you a work visa then you can go on a work visa from Pakistan.

  56. Sohail Abdul Sattar /

    Hello Sir,

    I just read all of the comments in the site. I am glad that you answered them well. Please answer me too. I am a Masters degree holder, and having experience of 2 years too. So tell me the best procedure to get the visa. I even google, but didnt get any satisfactory answer. Please answer me.

    Also tell me the diff between Green Card and Citizenship of USA?


    1. admin / Post Author

      Thanks for appreciating. It depends upon your degree or experience. The technical degree or experience can get you somewhere. See the links below for your answers.


      1. Sohail Abdul Sattar /

        Oh toh mention. My field is Computer Software Programming

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Sohail, companies like Microsoft hire people from overseas however they have a quota on how much work visas they can issue and its not easy to get a work visa while you are still in Pakistan. On the other hand its relatively easier to get visa than other fields. You can actively look online jobs for companies like Microsoft, IBM etc to see if they have job openings that suits your qualification and experience and apply online.

  57. toheed /

    Asalamalikum Sir, i am toheed from islamabad i have done BBA in Human Resource Management i want to apply for USA someone is offering Work visa to me total cost rs.11 lack can i go for it i want to do work there

    1. admin / Post Author

      Please check and make sure they aren’t frauds because it doesn’t work that way.

  58. Sohail Abdul Sattar /

    Hello Admin,

    You are giving me satisfactory answers. I want to know that what if I ask other questions regarding USA. If this is OK?
    Tell me that what is the procedure for getting the USA Nationality?

  59. Mehmood /

    Asalamualaikum. May I start with my honest expression of gratitude for your kind concern and compassion to have been answering literally evert single reasonable query. Thank you for being the one you are.
    I have one query that I would appreciate if you can address. I have 5 year B1/B2 visa of USA that was issued back in Jan 2012 but I haven’t made any visit as yet. Since its a multiple entry visa, I know the fact that I can go anf visit more than once during this tenure. Please confirm whether can I still use that visa and go to USA for pleasure journey or is there any mandatory visit required to pay to USA after visa grant within some specified time?
    Looking forward to your kind response, please. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you so much for this appreciative comment. Its always so nice to hear someone acknowledging my efforts.
      To answer your questions.
      You can avail your visa anytime you want however in case you are asked at immigration about why you haven’t came to USA before foe the actual reason you’ve applied for. It’s legal and your visa is valid till expired.

  60. faisal /

    Hello sir
    May nay visat visa apply kiya tha lekin mera passport fresh. Hy intarwe may us embbesy nay kaha ky ap ki travel history nai hy ab may kya karon meri application reject kar di hay plz koi Solutions btaen

  61. faisal /

    Hello sir
    Meri application. Reject ho gai hy kiun kay meri travel history nai thi mera passport fresh tha may ny visat visy kay liye application di thi plz koi Solutions btaen

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Faisal,
      Ye bohat ajeeb situation hia. Apko travel karnay k liye visa chahye or agar apka visa hi reject ho raha hia to na app travel kar saktay hain na hi apki koi travel history ban sakti hai. Behtar ye hai k app k pass koi valid reason ho tabhi app USA ka visa apply karain,

  62. Nissa /

    Hi I want to apply for a work visa in US as you already have told there must be a company which hires one for work.My question is that I have a job offer from my friend as his assistant from US who is an its a private offer not from a company whats your suggestion regarding this case?I am married and have two kids.I want to go alone for work no other purpose.

    1. admin / Post Author

      He cannot sponsor you a work visa. There are several regulations, one must own a company before he can hire someone or sponsor a work visa. Also, the company must have xyz number of employees and for sponsoring an employee from outside United States, the company must have valid reason.

  63. faisal /

    Hello sir
    I am faisal sir agar mery uncle jo udhar usa may hen wo mujy invitation letter phej den kisi sahdi ka to phir may travel kar sakta hon ya phir b travel history ka objection lagy ga plz rply me my e mail fast thanks. Bro

    1. admin / Post Author

      wedding invitation ka koi faida nahi hoga. specially aik baar visa reject ho chuka hai.

  64. Alina /

    I have a serious issue…my dad got green card a year back and he is a permanent resident now but he applied for green card from america through his attorney…
    And he dint show them that he is married back in pakistan and have kids…As his attorney said once ull get citizenship then
    Vll take next step and ull sponsor your children… As they ill tell embassy something like he has patch up with family blah blah…
    Now the thing is that i am doing bachelors in fashion designing and completed 2 years from good institute if i apply for student visa will they give me r not….

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Alina, getting admission in United States is not that difficult however you would need to give some tests like TOEFL/IELTS or GRE etc to prove that have an aptitude. You will need to present a statement that can cover your studies cost and extra cost of living there. You can talk to different colleges if they can accept or transfer your courses. You will need to do lots of homework for that.
      check this link as well

  65. Suleman /

    nice typing so soft easy personal understand thanks admin great idea and clear concept


    skpe id suleman.elahi3

  66. faisal /

    Hello sir
    I am faisal sir application reject hoi hy passport py koi rejection ki stamp nai lgai onho ny agar passport py rejected ki stamp lgai hoti to phir masla hona tha shayad ap ki is bary may kya ray hy

    1. admin / Post Author

      They have all the records with them. You cannot hide this fact, it will be like double crossing them.

  67. Arsalan Masood /

    Admin I am bored in Pakistan here is no system of any service I like USA the people of USA I am sending this message to you out of site discussion this is personally you should do everything for I will do everything for you . .

    1. admin / Post Author

      I can see why you are upset but its not in my power to give visas. Thanks.

  68. imran ul haq /

    Respected Admin
    what should I do to go to USA easily, a friend from USA he has a small consultant services provider like fixing old houses he want to sponsor me for Woking visa can he do it easily plz guide me and how much cost will need to go

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Imran, it depends if his company is registered and he is a tax payer, to sponsor a work visa for you he will have to meet a certain criteria and off-course its not cheap because he will have to hire a lawyer etc. Follow the link for more details

  69. Alina /

    Thank you so much admin…,but will they ask somw question about my dad as he dint show ua in his papers dere??

  70. Mehr Shah /

    Salam! How are you?! Mu girl friend is livin in tazewell,va. She want to marry me as soon as possible, i said her to come here and we will live here in Pakistan, but she is a lil stupid because she don’t have a passport yet, last time she applied online for the US passport, but she didn’t submit the documents properly, now i just want to know that if we do Nikkah on net… and i send the Nikkah form from here then she fill that and send me back here and then can i get a Pakistani passport for her?? And she want to accept Islam too….. tell me if she can get a Pakistani passport from there embassy of Pakistan…… and come here to me??????

    1. admin / Post Author

      If she is not a citizen of Pakistan, she will need to get citizenship before she get Pakistani passport. If she marry you, you can apply for a Pakistani visit visa for her. She can get her US passport, get Pakistan visa and come to Pakistan, you both car get married there and you can apply for her permanent Pakistani visa in Pakistan.

  71. Anmol /

    Dear senior member I am working in Dubai last 15 years i have also usa visa B1B2 for 5 years multiple entry i have been there for 1 week just i would like to know if i will go there and i can work there or no its easy to find the job or no please i can convert my visa to work permit or no i am very thanks full to for your replay me back in my mail how much cast will come for work permit if i will convert from visit visa to work permit please,
    i am very thanks full to you in advance for your kind information and evaluable advice,
    best regards,

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Anmol, visit visa is for tourism etc purposes, you can’t work on that visa. Work visa is sponsored by organizations so they pay the cost. If they hire you, they will complete all the paper work regarding your work permit.

      1. anm ol /

        dear I would like to know more about usa work permit cast do you have any idea please can you guide me please if you don’t mind I am very thanks full to you if you replay me back,

  72. Saad /

    Hello my name is saad and I’m from Pakistan and my gf live in USA and she is also Pakistani and she wants divorced from his husband and want got marry with me so tell me a better solution that can she do it in USA or she will have to come back in Pakistan ? She has green card ID card s.s card etc but not blue passport . How can she apply me for marrige ? Tell me in detail pls

    1. admin / Post Author

      Very difficult is she only have a green card – this article might help you understand

  73. Ali /

    Dear Sir,
    i completed my 3 years degree in 2001 in computer sciences from institute which is not recognized institute from HEC. also i have 8 years experience. my employer intrested to file H1B, can i apply as embassy required HEC attestation of all degrees

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can attest all degrees by HEC, means, you must have education that is recognized by HEC? like FSc. etc? Is there any requirement of how higher the degree should be?

  74. Ali /

    THanks for your replay.. yes Bachelor degree.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You should at-least attest all your HEC degrees. I am not sure what is required by your employer? You can ask for their help in this regard which they will happily provide. Meanwhile you can ask HEC if they can attest your degree from non HEC institute?

  75. imad ullah /

    my name is imad ullah i am from pakistani.i wish that i go there.plz give me a chance. thank you sir/mam.

  76. muhammad waheed /

    dear admin how can get work visa of usa ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Have you read the post above?

  77. shahid shaban /

    Aoa,doing good job admin.
    Me,my husband and my son are currently living in pakistan,husband is a banker,thinking to move to Usa, can you explain the procedure, how to relocate to Us and get job overr there?

    1. admin / Post Author
  78. zakir hussain /

    I want to go to USA for 5 years can you help me which documents I need and I how much I pay for it

    1. admin / Post Author

      It doesn’t work that way Zakir. You must have a reason for visit and then there are different requirement according to that.

  79. awais /

    hy my name is awais and i am an engineer and i heve reciever a job agreement letter from an oil and gas company(wap energy inc) .they are asking me to apply for h-1b visa however they will give me ticket and accomodation.i wanna know that what is the fee of applying for h-1b visa for an enginner in pakistan.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Awais,

      Please follow the below mentioned link for complete details

  80. Aisha /

    hie… I am an aircraft engineer and a mother of US national son, is there any possibility that i can get H1 visa in a easy way…. as I want my son to be studied in US as he is US national.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Aisha,
      You haven’t mentioned your son’s age however if he is a minor you can ask embassy what you can do for his education etc. You might be eligible for a long term visa on the basis of your son’s education. If you are a single parent, you can mention that as well.

  81. kiran /

    Hi.sir, need your help my brother is working in Saudi with his family and I want am a citizen of usa what is fast way to call his whole family his vacation will start in October. Please reply me soon thank you so much.

    1. admin / Post Author

      He can apply for the US visit visa from US embassy in Saudi Arabia. It will be easier than it is in Pakistan and all his family might get visa on time before October.

  82. Hamza /

    I am a software engineer what is total cost?

    1. admin / Post Author

      What do you mean? Please read the post first. Its not something you can buy. Mostly the companies who sponsor the visas pay the fee as well.

  83. muyssar iqbal /

    Sir pl any body help mee i need usa visa befor i am in dubai 16years my mobile no 00923457196060

  84. tayyab /

    AoA sir,
    sir i live in pakistan i need early usa visa and i have many skills on computer.
    sir i need job any country i get go but i don’t have visa please help me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Tayyab,
      Beta, dil Laga k mehnat karo, Allah sabki madad karta hia. Mehnat shart hai, apni education better karo Pakistan mian education bohat cheap hai. USA etc main bohat expensive. Its better to prepare yourself first.

      1. tayyab /

        brother i think ap mazak ho or mazak bnana achy se janty ho logo ka lagy rho ap thanks for advice

        1. admin / Post Author

          Its not a mazak and nothing personal. I have no authority to give visa. I can just advice. The easiest way to get in United States is that k App apni education complete karo (Bachelors), specially in IT or technical field or koshish karo k Masters main apko admission mil jaye. Is tarha USA main a kar app education k baad easily job kar saktay ho. Please ye link details se check karain.

  85. sana /

    I really appreciate, how effectively replying to each and every query made by aspirants to travel to USA. I need your guidance, I am a business economics graduate, currently working with the govt. department (6 years work exp.). I want to work/ immigrate to USA. My first cousin (adopted sister) live in USA and is a green card holder, wll be citizen next year, her kids are US citizens already. I have been to foreign countries like Philippines, Thailand and USA( this year on B1/B2) for Training/ conference.
    Please guide me what is best possible option for me to move to US
    , since my sister is adopted so not sure if she could apply for my green card and the other only option is H1, between I am planning to learn some basic IT courses that might help me to get H1.
    Looking forward for your kind response.


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sana,
      Thanks for appreciating. US citizens can sponsor green card to their siblings however it’s a long and lengthy process and US govt gives the least priority to give permanent residence to the siblings. I know a family, they got US immigration 20 years ago, their brother had applied for their immigration 30 years ago so they had to wait for 10 years and those were the good times. Even if she isn’t adopted she can’t help you immediately however if she wants to apply for an immigrant visa for you, keep in mind that you might get after 10 or 20 year. She can only apply when she is a citizen first and after that if your father names are different I am not sure how it will work.
      With the current employment situation in United States, you have to be a specialist in something that will give you an edge. Basic IT courses might not help I am afraid. Every year hundreds of thousands of students comes to United States to study and after completing their studies they want to settle there, some of them do but some of them have to go back. Priority is always given to the people already in United States so its very hard to be hired while you are in Pakistan.
      The best path I can suggest you is to take admission in PhD economics or Masters in Economics in any university in United States. If you are lucky you can find funding and your education might cost you nothing and you can get a job and visa sponsorship in United States after you are done with your studies. If you need more info on that, do let me know.

  86. Masood /

    Respected admin, Yesterday I have received an offer letter from a US company for a job. The company assured me for that they will pay for my visa and ticket also but they also told that I have to purchase work permit myself on my personal expenses. Kindly tell me the procedure and total charges I have to pay for the work permit. I hold M.Sc (Hons) / M.phil degree from Pakistani University.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Didn’t they tell you how much they need? Are they asking for money before issuing a visa? Where did you find this company? is it legit? I have never heard companies asking for money from employees. I smell its a fraud. For complete details on fee etc visit the below mentioned link

  87. sana /

    Thanks for your reply . Actually I am considering this option as well, for further studies in USA. Please guide me, what are the possible and practical way out .


    1. admin / Post Author
  88. Sajid /

    Assalam o Alekum , Mere 2 Questions hain mujhe puri umeed hay ap zarrur rehnumain karaingen ,
    1: main Oman gaya tha kaam karne aur main wapis agaya visa cancel karwakey wahan halath kharab horahe the to main visa cancel karwake agaya mushkil hui thi cancellation main but hogaya now i m in pakistan, is baat ka bata ne ka maqsad yah tha ke my wife’s dada he is in USA and now he got the us passport now ,

    2: He is going to apply or submit an documents for whole family tree can my wife and me get the visa because unhonne birth cirtificates , marriage certificate , mere bachon ke birth certificates aur mere susral walon ke tamam documents mangwain hain jo marred hain aur jo nahin bhi hain, married, pehle to batain kitna time lagega
    visa ki call main ,
    Dusra yeh ke meri wife aur humara number aane main kitna time lagega ,
    aur yeh ke mere passport pe jo cancelletion hay uskeliye mujhe oman ki company se koi letter chahiye hoga take jun in future mujhe visa call aye to mujhse woh ko confimation maange ke cancelletion kun huti uski wazahat keliye ,

    Main aap ka bohot shukur guzar honga in baaton ka jawab dene main



    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sajid,
      1. Kya app ye bata saktay hain k unhon ne ksi type k visa k liye apply kia hia? immigrant ya non-immigrant?
      2. Visa cancellation se koi farak nahi parta, uska sirf itna matlab hai k app us visa par Oman travel nahi kar saktay. Agar visa date guzar janay k baad (expired visa) k baad bhi app kisi country main rahayen tab problem hota hia.

      1. Sajid /

        Dear Admin,
        App ka bohot bohot shukriya ke app ne mere visa cancellation ka jo dar tha woh door kardiya , bohot shukriya app ka
        app ne pucha ke konsa visa apply kiya hay unhonne immigrant visa apply kya ha unka abhi passport aya ha (my wife’s dada ) jo document jama karwarahe hain woh document jama hoge hain kunke passport ka number usmain add karna tha ,
        app mujhe batain ke jub documents submit hote hain to koi case file no ya receiveing papper dete hay U.S immigrant department wale , kun ke mujhe kisi ne batatha ke unhain aik paper maila tha aur uspe case number bhi tha usse woh online track karsakte hian ke unka case kahan pohncha or direct phone bhi karke puch sakte hain .
        is main mujhe rehnumai karain ke main unse kisletter ki demand karun usse kya kehte hian
        main app k platform aur app ka bohot shukarguzar hun ke mujhe mere sawalon ke jawan ba assani milrahe hian bohot nawazish app ki khidmaton keliye


        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Sajid, you are welcome. Immigrant visa jab successfully submit ho jata hai tab app tracking kar saktay hain. Agar apki wife ke dada family ki base par immigrant visa apply kar rahay hain to I am sorry mujhey is procedure ka nahi pata coz mere khiyal se to pootay ya pootiyon ka immigrant visa apply nahi kia ja sakta. Agar Apki age 21 se kam hai to apkay sasrur ki immigration k sath apki or apki wife ki immigration ho sakti hia kion k apki wife k dada ke betay apkay sasur hain. I am not sure apkay Dada kis tarha apply kar rahay hain is liye is silsalay main apko mazeed kuch guide nahi kia ja sakta. App please ye link check kijye ga

          1. Sajid /

            Assalam o Alekum ,
            Thanks again for your precious advice, i would ask about it that how he is planning to applying those applications as soon as i got the complete picture i would come back to you


  89. maddie /

    my fiance lives in Pakistan and I in the USA> If I travel there and we get married in Pakistan, how hard is it to get him back to USA with me.

    1. admin / Post Author
  90. fahar /

    hello sir ..
    i get response form a use clinic as a externship student for 4 month.and they also said to me that if you will do you externship over here then we will also offer you to join our team as a professional plz guide me what should i say them about visa or for which visa i should apply or can apply.and plz also guide me what should i say to them to arrange a visa by them self i will pay for it..

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Fahar,
      First of all is this externship paid or non-paid because it is a non-paid training program then you will apply for a H-3 visa (Training in a program not primarily for employment). More details can be found here

      1. fahar /

        thank you so much brother

      2. fahar /

        and plz guide me on this visa after my externship i can get employed in usa??? and brother plz also tell me is this easy to obtain h-3 visa other it will take time ??

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Fahar, if an organization offers you a job and also ready to sponsor you a work visa then you can work there. No one can guide you about how much time would it take to process visa.

  91. FAROOQ /

    Sir one of my friend have CNG Filling station in USA can he sponsor me work visa?
    please give me proper information if he can sponsor me then what documents required for me for submit in embassy?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Farooq, not every business owner can sponsor work visas abroad. Your friend should get in touch with an attorney, he can guide better if he can sponsor a work visa for you.

  92. Amroz khan /

    My girlfriend there she is from USA so how i can meet with her

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Amroz, There is no special visa for girlfriends. You will apply for a tourist visa. For fiancee visa Please read this post in details, if you have any other specific questions let me know.

  93. Amroz khan /

    How she can invait me there

  94. Faizan /

    Dear , One of my friend is doing business of nutritionist , company name insagenix as a online business , company is registered and tax payer , he is offering me a job related to me for visa .. will u please tell me what are requirments and documents i needed from him. and please tell me Is that he will also pay expenses to offer me job?/
    waiting for your reply

    1. admin / Post Author

      If he is offering you a job, he will prepare all your documents and sponsor you a visa. If he will need anything specific he is the one telling you about it.

  95. SAFI /

    Hello Admin..
    I really appreciate your effort of helping people who needs any assistance regarding visa..
    My Questions is that i want to apply for a H1 visa.. I have a relative in USA who is running his own business there, so how can he help in getting such visa?
    or should i apply for a visit visa so then can i work there with him?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Safi,
      To sponsor H1 visa his business needs to meet some requirements. Its better if he consult a lawyer to see if he is eligible to sponsor a a can visit on visit visa however if your documents are not ready there, you will need to come back or your visit will be considered illegal after 6 months. Also on visit visa you can’t work.

  96. Muhammad shezan /

    Dear Sir.
    I have company of surgical instruments and exports instruments many country of europe and also want to visit usa market for my business.I have also permanent residence of italy.How can I apply for usa from Pakistan.
    With best regards.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Shezan,
      You would need to arrange meetings with prospective clients and apply for business visit visa. You should have all your business documents and you must know in advance where you are going and what clients you are meeting.

  97. Kashif /

    Aoa sir,

    First of all I would like to appreciate your efforts and pray for you for clearing many things which arise in potential US immigrant or visitors

    Sir my case is bit different. I’m an engineer by profession belongs to Lahore. I’ve a GF who I met online a year ago. She belongs to Pakistan but lives in USA as her aunt adopted her after her parents demise when she was 14.
    I never met her in person but now we want to meet. She can’t come to Pakistan as her family wouldn’t allow her.

    For me I want to visit her but I don’t have any sponsor as none of my friends or relatives live in USA. Further I belong to a middle class family
    How can I get US visa. I’m 33 years old.
    Please tell me and guide me possible ways of getting to USA and meeting her and how can I convince the visa officer ?

    God bless you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear kashif,
      You can apply for tourist visit visa. If you have a stable job and you are drawing a good monthly salary and have a bank statement that can proof that you have enough money to afford this trip than you might have a chance in getting a visa.

  98. hamzakhan /

    i want work for usa

  99. Umer khan /

    Dear sir / me USA COMPANY kay leye work karta hon PAKISTAN say
    now wo chahtay han kay ub me USA jaon wo sponser kar rahay han to mje kia karna hoga or kitni fees lagayge ?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Wa Salam,
      Agar apko wo sponsor kar rahay hain to sara paperwork bhi wohi karwayen gay of fees bhi wohi pay karain gay. Agar wo nahi pay kar rahay to apko bata dain gay kitni fees hia.

  100. shahzada iftiakhar ali /

    dear sir,
    i want work visa u s a,

  101. bruce /

    Hi Admin,

    do i my 4 months old son also need a passport to apply for a tourist visa with me and my wife?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Hello Bruce,
      Yes, your son will need a passport and also, you will need to pay the separate visa fee for his visa application.

  102. KiNza /

    Dear sir ap plz khuch rahnumae kar dai mary brother USA jana chahata hai , actually uski girl friend wha hoti hai or wo b usy wha bulana chahti hai .. tell me plz k kis visa k liya usy apply karna chahiya ? suna hai student visa he sab sa sasta b hota hai ? mara brother na abi FSC complete ki . he is 20 years old .. soo kindly sir tell me plzzz what can we do ? kon sa visa k liya apply karna theak rahy ga or uski girlfriend kis trha uski help kar sakti hai .. sab sa aasan wala rasta bta dai plzzzzzzzz… :)
    i shal b very thankful to u. . .:)

    1. Admin / Post Author
  103. KiNza /

    wo wha ja k settle hona chahta hai , soo kindly help us what can we do ..

  104. KiNza /

    Her girl friend can sponsor him a spouse visa after wedding. Is it possible my bro is here in Pak and she is in USA ?

  105. Xob /

    Hello there..
    My name is Zuhaib from Pak..
    I’ve a girlfriend living there in united states we are in touch for about 2 years since june 2013..
    I’m a employee working for a company as website bug tester.
    and she owned a fried chicken store..
    We don’t know anything about immigration visa procedure.
    I wanted to move there and live with her…
    How do i need to start? What documents i should have?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      What do you mean live with her? Do you want to get married because without a legal relationship you can’t go and live there. For more info visit this link

  106. Ali shaheryar /

    Hi Sir,

    I need your expert advice on my case. I have done my bachelors in computer science 4 yrs from university of karachi in 2005. I have 9 yr working experience as an IT professional having expertise on technologies like Avaya contact center, microsoft server infrastructure, citrix, and vmware. I would like to apply for H1-b visa. I have no relatives in USA. Which is the best option in my case. Should i online apply for USA jobs and wait for an employer who sponsored me. Or i contact any layer firm who will arrange an sponser for me who will offer me job there. Secondly what will be the cost of H1b in either case.


    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali,
      H1 visa is a sponsored work visa and it is issued by a company or organization that hires you. You cannot apply it on your own. I am not sure if a Lawyer can arrange any visa for you because the company has their own lawyers that work on visa application after they decide that they will hire you.

  107. Abbas Tahir Ali /

    Sir I need Visa For USA and My Brother is already in USA and have the Nationality over there so He Can Sponsor me and i can get the visa what the procedure for it

  108. james /

    hi sir i want to usa please you help me and giving work to their i am so much thanks

  109. Abbas Zaheer /

    Aslam o alaikum sir kaisay hai ap sir ap say pochna tha mare amme usa chale gae hai mare sister hai waha WO citizen hai usa ke or amme kay pas green card hai USA may agar WO mujay bolana chahay to ketna time lag sakta hai plz kuch malomat day day thanx u from Abbas

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Abbas, apki ammi ke pass agar sirf green card hai to wo apko nahi bula saktien. App sirf visit visa pe ja kar unko visit kar saktay hain. Agar apki umar 18 se kam hai tab shayad koi chance ban sakta hai.

  110. toseef /

    sir mai pakistani logo sy alag hon mera rang gorun ki tarha h mujy yhan rahny mai parshani hoti h to kiya mai kisi treeky sy u s a ja sakta hu

  111. toseef /

    aslam o alikum sir pahly to ap ko allah tala ap ki is madat karny ka ajr dy sir mera rang gora h or yha rhny mai parshani hoti h or yha koi kam b nai kar sakta kiya mai elaj k zariy ya kisi zariy u s a sattel ho sakta hu reply zaror karna mari zindagi ka sawal h

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Toseef,
      Meray khiyaal se is reason ki waja se visa nahi mil sakta. I am sorry

  112. toseef /

    admin pliz reply me

  113. Nazakat khan /

    Sir I want work visa for USA Can you tell me … How much ? for Work visa Please i realy need it


    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nazakat,
      Work visas are never sold and there is no price, read the post above to know about the procedure.

  114. saeed /

    sire i am muhammad saeed from karachi sire plz mujay urdu me answer dana sire waha mujay 1 usa ka sehri hai who usa diplomat hai usko driving kalaiy admi chahiyay manay usay rabta kiya wo kahraha hai apna passport ka scan copy send karna our nic ka
    to manay send us nay 2 din bad jawab diya kay apka documents ready hai laken who 1 couriore agency mai hai apko 180 dollar send karna hai to kiya yay such plz quickly answer usnay mujay 2 din ka time diya hai plz mujay sahi information urdu may send karna plz our coriur ajency ka yay adress diya hai plz ap check karna plz
    Email: plz when u check answer me plz aaj mujay answer dana

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Jo app se is tarha paisay mangta hai, sab fraud hai, dhoka hai, is main koi haqeeqat nahi. App ignore karain esay logon ko.

  115. shoaib /

    salam yar plz khuda ky leya kabe be pasy nahee sand kar karna mara viber number 0017146618054 ha mazeed info ky leya rabta karoo sab joot ha ma be Los Angles ma ho aisa kabe nahe hota ya loog faradiya ha aak number ky

  116. mohsin /

    A ssalam Alikum admin i have a query i applied for us tourist visa in 2006 i got rejected than in 2008 i applied for f1 visa i got i 20 from usa it also got rejected now i m getting a H1b visa from usa i have masters degree in computers one of my friends is sending me h1 will those rejections have any impact on my h1 visa or not

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Mohsin,
      I think it shouldn’t be a problem because if you have H1b documtes it means you can work legally in United States. They usually reject visa because they suspect one won’t come back or work illegally there.

  117. Rana Amjad /

    sir i am poor man pleas help me any one work visa for usa pleas

  118. M Asif Shah /

    Hi Sir i m (D H M S) holder from pakistan and i don no any one i n us how can i go for work in amreca help me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asif, the process is mentioned above, whether you know someone or not, the process of visa sponsorship is the same.

  119. m.ali /

    Dear admin,

    I want to know that Letter for VC for inform that his employee doing double job one as Director 2nd contractor of
    kindly let me know

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