How Can I get United States work visa from Pakistan

We receive many questions regarding how to get a work visa while you are actually living in Pakistan. Getting a work visa while you are living abroad is very difficult due to ongoing recession. Residents and Citizens of USA are losing their jobs due to Economic crisis. The first priority of the government is to employee those people.
On the other hand for private companies; they easily find people according to their requirement as thousands of people from all over the world come for studying and most of them settle in USA. The only way with which you might be able to get a work visa is that if you are employed by a company in Pakistan who sends their employees to USA to meet clients or work on their behalf in their USA office, they are issued with L visa and does not get paid as high as people in USA are.

The other type of people who might be able to get a work visa it through their relatives, if you have any relative who is a citizen and a businessman then he can help you for issuance of work visa for himself however it also involves lots of steps and legal requirements.

I do not want to disappoint you however it’s better if you know the clear picture. Internationals who has completed their studies in USA are also finding it difficult to get a job and I do not personally know any individual who is hired by a company outside USA.

If you want to settle in USA, work hard and get yourself admitted in any of the University for further studies.


I want to know more about if one wants to work in U.S.A. how is it possible to get visa here in Pakistan and I also want to know about visit visa also, how much will be the total expense in Pak rupees to cover the cost of travel and other relevant requirements too.
  • Getting a work visa in Pakistan means that there is a company in United States that is ready to sponsor you a work visa so you can come and work in Unites States. Such work visa is mostly H1 visa. Normally if your company send you to United States to work then you normally get a L1 visa which is as good as H1 visa.
  • To get a work visa you need a company that can sponsor you for which you need a job. If you know someone who is running a business and can sponsor you a work visa so you can work in United States then its easy however if you do not know anyone then it all depends upon your qualifications and skills.
  • Mostly people who get H1 visa while they are in Pakistan are either Engineers or Doctors. Software engineers are in demand too however competition is tough so you have to be good at what you do. You can also have some other technical skills including specialty cook etc.
  • If you don’t have any technical knowledge or education then chances are weak. United States is dealing with high unemployment rates now a days and their preference is to get them jobs first before sponsoring any international work visa’s for categories like marketing, customer services, accounting, finance, clerical work etc.

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  1. zara /

    Dear sir I have applied online for the post of assistant to executive of hilton hotel in USA in new yark then I receieved a mail from them that asking some question I have replied and then they I have receieved again a mail that you are selected for this job plz send me your scan passport ‘cell number and address but I did not send this information due to fear of froud .what do you think?is it froud?


      hi zara iam yousaf plz u help memy phon lambar 03002486583 and my mist my email plz help karo na


    hi iam yousaf and my jop is nothing my father is a poor famly is poor man.many is nothing my phon lambar is 03002486583

  3. shammis /

    i need visa america

  4. shammis /

    i need american visa for working

  5. Noman ahmad /

    I have 5 years muliple US visitor visa. I want to travel in next month. Is there any restriction after donald trump executive order. Is there any extra interrogation at Port of Entry.

    I want to ask. What should I do now (travel or wait and see). ?



  6. Noman ahmad /

    I have 5 years multiple US visitor visa. I want to travel in next month. Is there any restriction after donald trump executive order. Is there any extra interrogation at Port of Entry.

    I want to ask. What should I do now (travel or wait and see). ?



    1. Admin / Post Author

      There were no restrictions on Pakistanis but even before trump Pakistanis men mostly have to answer many questions and sometimes have to wait for long for administrative checks etc.

  7. Asad /

    I need a job in usa low cost visa becasue i am starting my cearer to start job’s and to do something for my family and for me for my GooD life

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