Tips for applying United State visit visa

I receive many queries on daily basis regarding applying for United States visa. I have mentioned the complete process of applying for a visa in a below mentioned post however based on all of your question I have mentioned few tips that you can take care of while applying for a visit visa. These are only my suggestions and tips based on my experience so you should not take it very seriously because it might not make any difference to the approval of your visa application.


Whatever time is assigned for your visa interview, make sure to reach 30 minutes in advance. You will have to take shuttle bus to the embassy to spare an hour for that. It doesn’t matter on what time your interview is performed so feel free to chose a time that suits you when you are asked to pick one.

Dress Code:

Americans are relaxed for the dressing however you should be presentable. It will not make a difference and will not increase the chances of getting a visa but if a person is dressed well he is taken seriously. I have seen many people dressed like clowns, please don’t do that. You don’t have to wear red shirt and tight jeans, also please don’t put your sunglasses over your head and put it in your pocket, its not cool.

Trousers: Dress pants are better but jeans is also fine if its plain. Jeans should not have any designs and it should not be torn.

Shirt: Dress shirt is better but a plain t-shirt can be worn as well. T-shirt should be of dark color without any printings. A plain T-shirt should not be of red, yellow or very bright colors that catches the eye.

Suit: You can wear a suit if you like however if the weather is too hot like it is in summers then spare yourself and wear something that suits the weather.


Its better to communicate in English if you can but if you cannot its better to ask them for a Urdu speaker. They don’t have any problem talking in Urdu but its just that, they can think that if you cannot speak in English how can you survive in United States? Also, if you cannot understand a question in English, do not give wrong answer or remain silent because it will put suspicion in their mind. Ask them clearly that “Sorry, I don’t understand, can you please repeat” They won’t eat you up for asking the question again but for responding incorrectly without understanding a question your visa can be rejected so be careful.

What Documents you need:

You should always keep one simple rule in mind when preparing documents. You should take all those documents with you that shows your commitment to stay in Pakistan whether its property papers or your business papers. According to United States Embassy website, applicants are encouraged to bring documents they believe will demonstrate compelling reasons to depart the United States and an intention to abide by the terms of the visa.

Original documents:

  • Take your original bank statements with you
  • Take original documents of any property or home you have on your name
  • Take a letter from your employer on company’s letter head stating that you work there on what rank at what salary and it would be better if they can mention that you are taking a leave from the company and will be joining back in a limited time.
  • If you are a student, get a letter from your college or institute mentioning that you are attending their institute as a full time student and your institute’s holidays are coming up. Your application should be in the time frame of the holidays otherwise the embassy will suspect that you will not rejoin the institute and will not come back.

If you are visiting a family member:

Family members cannot sponsor you visa and you should not have high hopes that just because you have a family member in United States. Having a family member whether he is a citizen or not doesn’t mean you will get visa for sure specially if you are a young male. Parents tend to get visa easily however brothers/sisters and extended family’s young male’s visa get easily rejected.

All you need from your family member is their address and contact details that will go straight in the form and you will also mention that you will stay at your relatives home because this way you will not need heavy bank statement for accommodation expense.

If you are going on an official trip:

You will need a letter of invitation from the company who has invited you or if your company is sending you a letter on company’s letter head mentioning the reason of your visit. If you have an official reason to visit then chances are very strong that you will get a visa considering you have solid grounds.

If you are going for a medical emergency:

Any family emergency is seriously considered and all the processes are expedited. Follow the link below for complete details.

If you want to visit your fiance:

You can go to visit your fiance however you will need all his/her information to be mentioned on the form. You can visit her but you must come back after visiting her. Entering with the intention of marrying a US citizen is considered to be a visa fraud. US embassy would never grant you a visa if the visa officer will suspect that you are intending to do that. Even if you get married with tourist visa in USA you will still have to come back before the duration of your visa and after that your paper work can take place in Pakistan for green card.

If you are going for tourism:

You will not need anything extra for tourism visa. You would just need to know here you would be going exactly and where you would stay. If you want to visit multiple locations then you must know clearly their states, cities and names as it shows how serious you are in visiting United States. If you are married and going alone then do mention it to the visa officer so they know you have family in Pakistan. Usually they do not consider presence of your parents and siblings  in your home country however still mention that you have all your family and parents in Pakistan and you cannot stay away from them and you will come back.

How much money you should show in your Bank Statement:

This is the most frequently asked question by everyone. Bank statement is for the reason to show that you can carry your own expense and would not be a burden on states. If you would be staying at your relatives place then you don’t need to show much funds however if you are staying at a hotel specially if you are planning to visit any attractions then you would need to show more money. There are no clear guidelines on how much money you need to show on your bank account however the more the better. I am giving suggestion here but they might not be accepted by the US embassy, they are just guidelines.

If staying at relative’s place: If you are staying at your relative’s place for around a month in United States then $1000 bank statement would be sufficient however if you want to spend 2 months then $2000 would be better, for around 6 months $3000 would be better.

If you are going for tourism: If you are going for tourism and would stay at a hotel then for a month $2000 or more would be a good amount because for visiting a single attraction is very expensive e.g. one day entry ticket to Disney World park is around $100 per person per day and the cheapest hotel on famous locations can cost you around $100 per night so you should calculate the money you would be needing beforehand, then memorize all those locations and have those funds available in your account.

If you are going on company’s trip: If your expenses are covered by your company then you should get a letter from them that your expenses are covered. If  you have this letter from your company then you would  need a very small statement just for day to day expense e.g. even $500 statement would be sufficient too. If your company is not covering your expense and you are going on your own business tour then you must show a heavier statement depending upon how many days you are intending to stay in United States. If you want to stay for one week in a hotel and attend some meetings or conferences then around $1000 would be fine however if its for around a month then $2000 or more. If you are running your own business then its is always perceived that you have money so show a fat statement to make your chances of getting the visa even stronger.

Other important tips:

  • Make sure to mention your reasons for coming back to Pakistan e.g. your study, your job, your business, your property, your parents or family etc.
  • Be confident, if you have a genuine case then you must not hesitate for anything otherwise they would think that you are suspicious.
  • There is no harm in not knowing English, if you can’t speak clear English do not speak it, instead ask for the interpreter. I never understand why Pakistani feel so shame telling that they can’t communicate in English, American’s understand that and they arrange for the interpreter if you request so. Although if you are going on a tourism trip where you would be alone then they can object that how you would communicated when you reach United States.
  • Make sure to arrange all your documents so you can present anything they ask for easily because I have seen many people looking in a huge pile of documents and sometimes throwing them on floor but still they don’t find the desired documents. Take your time and apologize for any delay to avoid any awkwardness and look into your documents, if you are confused you would mess up so be confident.

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  1. saadia /

    Leaving a 2 year kid and visiting with my husband. Need a visit visa. My husband is a permanent employee in telecom and I am a lecturer of language in a university. I have been to Dubai and Thailand. My husband travelled officially to Europe and USA as well. My shengen visa was rejected twice and UK visa once bcoz of lack of funds. Guide me as for high chances to gt a USA visit visa. My husbands uncle can send an invitation. He is a national and well settled.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Saadia,
      If the funds are low US visa might get rejected as well. If you uncle sponsor you financially then there is a chance but he would need to go through the whole procedure of providing his finances details etc.

  2. fatima /

    I am single of 30 age doing job in K-Electric since 7 months how many chances are there to get visit visa before 2 times I have been refuse by visit visa counselor they straight said you are single you will stay there as i have one my sister there she is on LPR kindly confirm

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Fatima,
      If you have been rejected twice chances are you won’t get it third time unless your circumstances change like you got engaged or married etc

  3. Hina /

    Salam sir
    Sir I applied for visit visa year ago and rejected
    Question they asked me why you want to visit USA
    Me to attend brother wedding
    Then he ask about my bro and sponsors I said my uncle is sponsored
    And they the ask about my education I tell I am medical student I have f 4th year exam at end of next month
    He can’t check any my doucument I have my datesheet my bro wedding card every thing what was that reason
    Me and my younger brother apply par along on ka same day we have interview

    1 Now I want to apply again after my final exam I need your suggestion for it
    One of my frd said that apply visit visa at said you are engaged you have to come back pak because you’re going to marry soon your bro and sister in law can’t attend your wedding due to some issue so you are visiting them
    2 one of ny frd said apply to elective immediately after final year exam and said your waiting your final year result it will out after 2 month you want to do elective before graduation In boht case my sponsor is my uncle mamu
    What is you suggesting ????

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Hina,
      Showing that you are engaged might help however you will need all the info of your fiance if you are truly engaged. Please do not lie to them on anything as they are living breathing lie detectors and can sense easily when someone is lying.

      There is no need to mention that your brother can’t attend your wedding that is why you are going to see them. Just tell them that you want to visit them before you get married if you really are.

      If your mamu is sponsoring you, you should tell them that you are going to visit your mamo. It doesn’t make sense that you are visiting your brother but he is not the sponsor, doesn’t leave a good impact.

  4. Akbar Zeb /

    Hello sir
    What will be the strong reason to get USA visa..coz i need to go to USA just for a visit..
    Thank you!

    1. Admin / Post Author

      What do you mean? if you have a strong reason, you have a strong reason, why do you want to visit?

  5. Muhammad Islam /

    Listen the strong reason is to try try agian u will get if you are really a visitor

  6. Muhammad Islam /

    You may contact to me as i can give some tips to get united States visa as i was rejected two time but i third chance yhey granted my visa.

    1. Ayaz Sharif /

      Asalaam O Alaikum,

      Dear Muhammad Islam,
      Hope you are fine and in good health.

      My name is Ayaz. I applied for US visa but refused. So i want to discuss with you and want to know your good experience.

      Please write me your cell number so i can call you.

      Thanks in advance.


  7. Aiza /

    I am a Thai citizen and living in Pakistan on Family Visa with my husband as housewife in his house in Pakistan. I would like to apply for the Visit Visa for USA under Non-Immigrant B1 or B2 Visa Category (whatever applies in my case). I would like to know whether I can apply for B1 or B2 visa from Pakistan or not? Please guide me where can I apply from? Pakistan or Thailand?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You can apply from Pakistan or Thailand wherever you want. For a visit visa that is not an issue and B1/B2 is the visit visa if you only want to visit.

  8. Aiza /

    I am a Thai citizen and living in Pakistan on Family Visa with my husband as housewife in his house in Pakistan. I would like to apply for the Visit Visa for USA under Non-Immigrant B1 or B2 Visa Category (whatever applies in my case). I would like to know whether I can apply for B1 or B2 visa from Pakistan or not? Please guide me where can I apply from? Pakistan or Thailand?
    Plz reply at

  9. Sadaf /

    I recently applied for visit visa…..once I was rejected in 2011 for visit visa….now if they ask why would you rejected but I dnt knw the reason….I recently done my degree …. but one thing is confusing ….strong avidance for come back … plz guide me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Sadaf,
      Its not that easy for a single young individual to get US visit visa. Strong ties would be your family (i.e. kids or husband or fiance in Pakistan) or if you have a very strong job/business or properties.

  10. Sufyan /

    I am going for my clinical electives, though i am very fluent in english, but i am curious about having my interview in urdu, I’ll probably select my IV in urdu.
    What do you think? is that all-right.
    I’ll be leaving alone for US in order to do my clinical electives (Medical Internship).
    The other reason is , the English interviewer has recently rejected 3 of my freinds VISA for the same reason.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Sorry for responding late, I believe they are not rejected because they chose English however its very important that you understand the question correctly before responding. Its ok to ask the question again instead of responding vaguely or wrongly. You need to be confident and you must know what you are speaking. however if its related to studies/job I would recommend using English as even for students they ask to them to give TOEFL test their proficiency in English before they come to US. You can speak it at home with friends or family to reduce hesitation if you like.

  11. kamran /

    Hi Team,

    I applied for USA study permit on 17th Nov but got rejection,my visa officer hardly took a minute for interview(she did not seem interested at all)and just asked single question “why this University”

    I am a telecom engineer and doing job in zong Pakistan my intended course was MS in networking and Telecom(relevant to my previous study and necessary for my career progression).Moreover i also have letter from employer that i shall be granted high salary
    would you like to elaborate what was the root cause??
    because i want to apply again so please extend your support.

    I am being told on social media that after US elections it’s very hard to get USA student permit

    1. Admin / Post Author

      I don’t think after election there was a legislation passed for this? what documents did you have. Have you followed the procedure mentioned on this?

  12. MAHMOOD /

    Salaam Admin ,
    I’m working as traffic warden BPS 14 in city traffic police, Punjab. I’ve obtained my passport through NOC n shows that “Government Employee”.My monthly salary is about 43000 rupees.
    I’ve a Invitation n Sponsor letter but not form I-134 filled(I think).
    I’m also married n have two kids MashAllah.
    I’m going to apply visit visa with NOC from my department. What would be yours kind suggestions n guidelines for me ?
    I’ll be waiting for yours kind reply. Thanks

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Sorry for responding late. Depends on your bank balance and also if you are going alone or with your family.

  13. anwar /

    I applied US B1/B2 visa twice n granted both times on the same day. Once in 2006 n then 2011. Been to US for thrice only in whole 10 years. Every time, stayed there for less than a month. Doing well here as I’m a medical Doctor, doing job n own clinic for last 14 years. Now applying for renewal as visa just expired.
    Didnt change even a single answer of any question on ds-160. One sibling is Green card n one is US citizen.
    Whats your take on chances of visa approval again.?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Anwar, I don’t see any problem given that you didn’t do anything unlawful and have a good bank statement.

  14. Honey Nicolas /

    Sir i have never ever experions for aplying us visit visa we r two brothers 22 and 24 age and one mother she is retired from govt job in pakistan govt hosp as a head nurse we wish to apply for us visit visa please tell me which kind of visa suitable for single single or family visit visa
    ( we hv a propertyof a house in pakistan nd 20 lack bank statement nd my mother sister family is live in us mishigen nd sister of my mother who lives in us mishigen is also a cancer patient therefore doctors dont permit for visit to pakistan

    1. Admin / Post Author

      family visit visa is the same thing because you would need separate application for every person of your family. You can mention that you wish to visit your aunt who is a cancer patient and can’t travel but you will need her hospital documents to show that she is a patient there and she cannot travel.

  15. Ali Zubair /

    Dear Sir
    I need your advise that i am going to apply alone USA non immigirant visa on 20 dec 16. I have prepeard my self as below & will bear all my travelling expense my self.

    My Profile is:
    1- My age is 37 years.
    2- I am married and have 3 kids(3,4 & 6 yrs old) 2 kids are studing in a school.
    3- My occupation is related to travel & tourism and arround 10 years experiance in a same feild.
    4- i am currunty working in a travel & tour compay from 11 months as a Tour Manager.
    5- my current salary is pkr 70000/- per month and my personal bank statment is less then 10 lac pkr..
    6- i used to work in a travel agency in Dubai UAE as a Sales & Marketing Manager from 2007-2009.
    7- since 2009 i did not travel abroad.
    8- i live in a joint family and our house is on my mother’s name.
    9- My lots of family reletives live in USA and i wanna visit them and as well as discover the USA tourist places that will be help to define me to our customers and generate more business in pakistan.
    10- i will also stay with my reletives in USA.

    Kindly advise me the is that enough ties to apply?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      I am so sorry just saw your message, can you please tell me if you got the visa? Thank you

  16. sohaib /

    agar ap log december 25 ya 20 ko denge do to chances barh jate hai visa lagne k

  17. Ashoo /

    Hi… my father is us citizen.. he already applied for my brother but it is taking long time… can he apply for visit visa for him… while the other application is processing… does applying for visit visa affects the other application for permanent resident ? And how long it will take to get a visit visa…

    1. Admin / Post Author
  18. Usman /

    Hi… My immigration petition I-130 is approved and I am waiting for the last 8 years. Can I apply for a visit visa to visit my brother if my immigration petition is in pending. I am single and my age is 31.

    1. Admin / Post Author
  19. Qazi altaf /

    Dear sir
    I am 37 years old & I would like to visit in the US what is your suggestions ? Who is the suitable type of the Visa I’m going apply first time for visa any currently i means my passport is empty

  20. sain Chaudhary /

    sir ,my name is Saim Chaudhary ,i am a advocate of high courts of Pakistan,i am 41 years old and now i have also got membership of America Bar Association.
    Midyear meeting ABA is held in February 2017 , ABA send invitation to me and my family (wife and two sons respectively aged about three year and two months only) at my request.i wanted to visit America with my family.
    i have property ,bank balance and good status in Pakistan.
    tell me one thing ….that in this situation i should apply alone or with family.
    what is plus point with family ……or not plus point with family

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear – sorry for responding late. You must show strong ties to your country. If you can show it as family its good. Going alone means you will have strong ties as you will come back for your family but if your family is going with you why would you come back to Pakistan? think on these lines and see if you can apply as a family.

  21. Khurshid Hyder /

    can my cousin appear for interview in Urdu

    1. Admin / Post Author

      sorry for replying late, yes she can

  22. Ahmed /

    Dear sir
    I want to go US just for 2 months with my family its abt 1 year complete my brother die .. his family want that we will be there .. what document will be needed and how many chances to get visa .. i have $1000 for bank syatment and a flat and a shop thats it .. my son is 1.5 year old and i refused when my brother die they said they want death certificate but funeral hi nahi hua tha tou death certificate kaha se hota .. help me out plz abt the document

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmed, First of all apkay bhai ki death ka sun kar bohat afsos hoa, Allah unki maghfarat farmaye or unko Jannat main onchay makam par jagah de Ameen. Funeral nahi hoa but phir bhi death registration ka koi process to ho ga, I am sorry mujhey iska idea nahi lekin un se kahein ke CDC k office se pata karain

      $1000 main to aik banday ki bhi ticket nahi aye gi? app ne 1000 hi likha hai na? USA ki ticket 1 lakh se oper ki aati hai aik banday ki, is baat par objection ho jaye ga k apkay pass paisay kam hain, apko statement achi chahye hogi specially agar app apni family k sath jana chahtay hain

  23. Maharaja /

    I am 23 years old was granted visa 2 years before with my complete family (Father, Mother, Bro and Sister). But now i want to travel alone to US for 15 days. Kindly inform me that did they can return me From airport for entrying alone in US because of travelling alone? As i have granted visa with my whole family.. Or its not an issue travelling alone as i have granted 5 Years Multiple Visa?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Maharaja, that doesn’t matter if you travel alone. If you have valid visa you can travel to United States.

  24. Zain memon /

    Hello need your advice. I am Doctor working in Saudia Arabia for last two years, I want to visit my younger brother in USA. He is married with one year old baby.
    I have 45 days of yearly vacations. I am 35 years old n married for 4 years but not such travel history as i only been to KSA only.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Hi Zaiin, you can apply from Saudi Arabia and depends on your job, bank balance and also if you are travelling alone or with family.

  25. Shoaib Akhtar /

    I am business to usa

  26. Amar /

    I am 40y old married, govt employee. I want to participate a workshop on physics. The trip is fully funded by the center in usa. I have traveled to Europe two times and did my studies in china and malaysia. In 2009, i applied for F-1 visa from china but refused and was advised that I re-apply from Pakistan. But I didnt reapply an continued my studies in china. Today VO refused my B1/B2 visa. Can I re-apply? What are reasons of refusal?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You can re-apply however you need to take into account the reason the visa officer gave you? if he thinks you don’t have strong ties to your country then you should provide them with more proof otherwise with same document the result can be the same. You can mention that your wife or children if any would stay in Pakistan and that you will return to them etc and any property business work etc you have in Pakistan

  27. Arsalan /

    I just completed my study from uk just coming to to Pakistan so i got plan to visit to my uncle place at new york just for 15 days my uncle giving me sponsorship letter but i have no job and property letter i got just bank balance can i get visit visa for 15 days ?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Arsalan, do you still have a valid UK visa? if yes it might help. If you have good bank balance it might help too, it all depends on how to give interview and present your case.

  28. Muzamil /

    I want to ask something..our case category is f4.Our interview was on 24th april 2017 and CO kept our passports and give us a paper because of missing some documents and we have submitted that documents on 28th April but still they didn’t issue our visa.
    Please tell me one thing that one of my brother name is Muhammad Usama Siddique.So because of that name they can reject our visa??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Muzammil, I’ve heard some names can delay the process because they are too common but I don’t think it would get your visa rejected

  29. Muhammad Adeel /

    Hello sir!
    I want to apply for visit visa from pakistan to usa…
    my consultant arrange me a sponsor…..
    he said that me and my mother both apply for usa visit visa…
    In history i travelled to greece from the period of 2006 to 2012 and i stay there from 2006 to 2012…
    now what do you think i should apply for usa visit visa ?????

  30. DR IMRAN /

    Sir I m a doctor and want to go to USA for taking usmle step2 CS exam.I m a permanent govt employee married and have 2 kids.A bank balance of around 5 lac and several years bank statement and property papers on my name.It would be very difficult for me stay in USA long in these circumstances so will they easily give me visa under such circumstances.Never applied to US visa before.Plz also let me know the type of visa I should apply.Also will they issue me visa again as I shall have to find residency and do training in USA after ecfmg certification.Thanks

  31. ahmed hassan /

    Dear sir/ma’am
    i want to visit USA for pure visiting purpose along with my wife and 2 kids (one is studying in LUMS 2nd year and the other is doing Alevels) i do not have any sponsor since none of my close relatives live in usa, only a few friends whom i did mention in the form. is it okay if i apply without a sponsor letter? i do have my ticket booking and hotel bookings done. waiting for your reply, thank you!

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Sorry couldn’t respond earlier. Sponsor is not a must. If you can manage your expenses and have a good bank statement then you can apply along with your hotel details as your address where you will stay as a tourist.

  32. Alia /

    My friend’s husband wants to go America.his brother diagnosed cancer.he applied for visa accompanied with much chances of wife to get visa ,leaving behind 3childran for 15 days only.

    1. Alia /

      Sir please its urgent

    2. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Alia,
      I am sorry can’t respond urgently, I try to help others whenever I get s chance. Chances are always 50/50 and you have to apply to see if you will get a visa. She should get visa depending upon their bank statement and ties within the country.

  33. FZNH /

    Is there a possibility that the Visa Counselor asks for your confirmed Air Ticket as an evidence to see how much serious are you visiting the US for specific reason.

    I have applied for non-immigrant visa to attend a marriage ceremony. There is hardly one and a half week between my interview date and the ceremony itself which I have to attend. So, I was wondering if they may ask for my confirmed ticket to see if I will go or not.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Confirm tickets are not needed. You can buy a ticket in a day. You csn tell the visa officer the same that you will get a confirmed ticket once you are accepted for a visa

  34. naveed /

    hello i am a dual national of Pakistan and South Africa, using S.African passport, im married in Pakistan, i wanna travel to US with my wife she holds Pak passport. is there any issue for applying in Pakistan on S.African passport. i think normally interviewer tells to apply from your country of origin. il be gratefull if u reply me via my email address as i wont be here on this blog

    1. Admin / Post Author

      I think You can apply from Pakistan if you are a resident here

  35. Moon /

    Sir In 2009, I only applied for education visa but i was rejected twice times as my brother at that time applied for asylum. The ambassador told me you can only apply when your circumstances change. Now brother asylum case has solved and he got US citizenship. we all family members want to meet him including my Mother, Father, One Brother and me. we want to visit there only for few months. My brother is there from 11 years. Please guide me. can we all apply or only a few members? I am female and age is 24 years.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You can go and meet him. I cannot tell you if you or everyone will get a visa. All depends on how you present your case, your circumstances, financial background.

  36. saleem Noor /

    hi my name is saleem.. i want to apply US visit visa with my wife and three kids. i have some questions to ask.How much statement i required. I have two account one is salary account as im doing job and other is my side business account should i have to mention both accounts statements. and i have properties but not on my name like im a sleeping partner.. partnership deeds i have. most important my brother in law is american citizen and we dont want to ask him for sponsor ship letter. i we apply what will be the answer if visa officer ask us why dont you ask your brother in law for Sponser

    1. Admin / Post Author

      If you have enough money to cover your travel expenses the there is no need for anyone to sponsor you financially nor the officer will ask such question. If you are staying at your brother in law home you will just need his address to mention it on visa form

  37. Mariam /

    Hi iam a teenage 17 years I want to apply us visa my aunt cousins live there and fiance too which visa is suitable for me ? I meam which visa has more chances of acception.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You just want to visit? Visit visa will be what you’d need

  38. tahir iqbal /

    dear sir i have applied visot visa from kuwait in 2008 but rejected bcoz there i dont have bank account my wife and also that time i dont have kids that i am in pakistan since august 2008.doing my cloth house good running annualy earning 10 to 15 lakhs.i have good savings good bank statement also have 3 kids in pakistan.i have my brother in usa since 24 years he also sponcerd me in kuwait & also will in pak .so plz give me some valuable tips for applying usa visit visa

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Your circumstances has been changed so you can try again. If you are going alone leaving behind wife and kids thats a plus but people apply as family too and get accepted. It depends on how you present your case

      1. tahir iqbal /

        thanks admin reply me.sir i am planning to apply in end of decembre.i have good bank statement & good balance.i want to go alone for two months.but now i have my fresh pasdport & in 9 years i did not travel any country is it any problem for me

  39. M Rashad Shahzad /

    Sir, I am an airline employee and I have free tickets all over the world, I have done 5 international visits of different countries since last four years , can I get visit visa of us

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Rashad, I am in no authority to tell you if you will or will not get a visa. Only visa officer can tell and you will have to apply to know the answer. It depends on your ties. Are you married, age, salary, kids, home, reason for visit, assets, bank balance etc. The visa officer will judge on the basis of that.

  40. Uzma kazmi /

    Hi I’ve been approved visit visa twice(5 years)..I’ve been visiting to US for last 8 years .. my kids are US born.. what are my chances of getting visa approved next time? My family is in US too..what questions I might be asked by the officer and what should be my response?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      If you have not overstayed in your previous stays chances are good. They usually ask why do want to go and you can explain it to them.

  41. tahir iqbal /

    sir plz reply me about visit much bank statement & balance in my account for brother is a usa citizen he is sponcering me so plz telle the good valuable information

  42. fatima /

    my mother apply us visa but rejected my sister us green card holder her husband nationaltiy in us my sister paregneted 1 month after deliver but embassy reaject visa why my sister need my mother but US embassy people foolish just saying go again try wahooooo 20 thousand pay kya hai what is this jb reajected karna tai 20 thousand vapas do US embassy never understand people problem 20 thousand ne US embassy ko hazam ni ho gai

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Fatima, don’t be upset, wo log apnay hisab se decision letay hain or bilkul emotional ho kar nahi sochtay. Kai baar esa ho jata hai. App ye dekh kar k kya unho ne kya objections lagayi hain dobara visa apply kar saktay hain. Interview confidently dain. Un logo ka English accent kabhi sahi se samajh nahi aata is liye better hia unhain kahain Urdu main baat karni hia wahan Urdu bolnay walay log bhi hotay hain.

  43. yasmin /

    asslam o alikym my grandmother is amarican citizen she wants me to go with her for help can i try she canr trave

    1. yasmin /

      help me

  44. Adan /

    Mry uncle USA Mn hty hn ab unhn nationality bhi mil chuki hy ….r unhn ny hmra case submit krwya hy …..3 families ka … kitna time lg skta hy??? Mny suna10 to 12 years ….
    Us sy pehly Kuch ni hoskta??
    Can u tell me …..???plxx ….

  45. Mariam /

    I am 17 years old and student of Alevel (ii). We’ll have winter vacations so my sister was planning to go USA for winter vacay as she is by birth national and i wanted to go with her for vacations too. I’ll come back after 15 days , is there any chance that i’ll get visa and what steing reason should i give them ?

  46. Farrukh /

    Dear Admin, your web blog is all the more interesting and informative whether a first timer or an umpteenth visitor. I’m 48 years old. I have been visiting USA since 1988 since then it was a regular visit every year until 2001. In 2002 I got married and my family responsibilities increased. Prior to 2001 visa fees were either gratis or very reasonable too. As I work in an airline mybticjets are fairly discounted so not a big expense. I now have 3 children and wife. Kids are grown up so i plan to take them to USA . I have a elder brother brother and sister there both married and well settled. What are likely chances of approval for entire family ?

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