Things to Buy from USA when moving back to Pakistan


The first thing you must consider buying is Laptop. Most people use Laptop while in USA and laptop still cost higher in Pakistan due to several import duties and lesser competition in market. I would prefer buying a new laptop online. Buying from a store is expensive most of the time. You can buy a new or used laptop from There are many other stores where you might find some deals including,,, or even on

Digital Camera:

In this modern age everyone needs a Digital camera and in Pakistan too, people are shifting to Digital cameras.  Digital cameras are quite expensive in Pakistan due to the import duty and taxes. Not all camera brand variety is available in Pakistan and cameras are not available on every digital shop due to which people does not even have the idea of correct price and camera worth. My brother purchased an Olympus camera for 27,000PKR from Pakistan whereas it was fro $100 in United States that time.  Seriously, you will save a-lot of money if you buy a camera from United States before moving back to Pakistan. The cheapest and the best camera you can buy from any website is which offers digital cameras on lowest price. If you are interested in buying a Digital SLR (Professional camera) consider buying its accessories like lenses, flash etc from USA. Second best option for buying a camera is, third and fourth will be Wal-Mart or Newegg however you must compare prices online before you buy.

Cell phone:

If you want a factory unlocked and brand new cell phone then it’s better to buy from Pakistan because it will be cheaper, you will have its one year warranty and its charger plug will be Pakistani too. I have purchased many cellphones for my family member from USA on very low price but they were either used or locked. You can buy it so cheap that you can not even believe it sometimes however you might need to do some homework first. I bought almost all mobile phones from either (Local listing) or Ebay. Before buying a phone you need to consider few points.

  1. It should be a GSM (Sim based phone) Currently in USA only two GSM networks are running AT&T or T-Mobile. You can not buy any CDMA (Non SIM) phone as it will not work in Pakistan as in  Pakistan all networks are GSM so buying a CDMA phone will be useless. Famous CDMA phones in USA are Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, US Cellular, Boost Mobile etc.
  2. Instead of looking for some specific phone, you can look the list of phones that AT&T and T-mobile offers and search  them on either Craigslist or Ebay under new or used. You must purchase a phone without contract (No obligation to pay any bill). Usually seller explicitly mention that the phone is under contract or sometimes you have to ask them. Mostly phone sold are without contract means after paying for the cell phone you are  not obligated to pay for the monthly plan cost (to call or SMS, because almost all cell phone are sold cheap by companies with the contract of 1 or 2 year of paying the bills for calling)
  3. Third thing you will be interested in is weather the cell phone is unlocked or not. If its unlocked then it means you are  free to buy it as it will work with all SIM cards in Pakistan. If it’s locked then you can see if it can easily be unlocked or not. Normally AT&T phones can be unlocked for around $5 and refurbished AT&T phones can be unlocked for around $12 (Unlocking an iphone is a whole different story). Unlocking a T-mobile phone is little expensive, around $20. You can buy all unlocking codes from Ebay if you have an account. Other websites also sells codes but I never personally tried it so can not recommend.
  4. The cell phones I have personally purchased, unlocked and used in Pakistan are AT&T Samsung Focus, T-Mobile LG Optimus P500, Tmobile Motorola Cliq Motoblur MB220, AT&T Blackberry Torch 9800, AT&T Nokia 6085, T-mobile MyTouch 3G slide, T-mobile Mytouch 4G, AT&T Nokia E71x, AT&T HTC Tilt TyTn II, AT&T Htc Fuze, AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000, AT&T Apple Iphone 3G, AT&T Apple Iphone 3GS (Apple needs jail-breaking and unlocking before it can be used in Pakistan).
  5. The phones that were already unlocked when I have purchased and worked in Pakistan are Motorola RIZR Z3 (Ebay Hong Kong seller), Nokia E63 (from etc.
  6. The phones that did not work in Pakistan are Unlocked Nokia 1616 and Unlocked Nokia 6300, the reason for that these phones had different frequencies. In Pakistan mostly networks operate on 900 / 1800 network frequency but these phones had 850 / 1800 frequency. What you have to check while purchasing phone is that on which frequency it runs because few phones only work on 850 / 1850 thus does not work in Pakistan. You can check it on, enter the cell phone model and in specification, check network, if it has two type of networks then you will have to check with the seller about the exact frequency of the mobile phone you want to purchase.

Household items / Gadgets:

You can not buy any appliance due to voltage (110-120v in United States) however you can buy small kitchen items that you think are useful like baking pans, cute knives and spoons etc if you like.

There are some very cool gadgets and accessories which are different and funky. carries all the fun gadgets which are awesome and in very reasonable price.

Medicines / Vitamins / Food Suppliments:

Some of the medicines people normally use are Tylenol for headaches, Claritin for Allergy (Cold & Cough etc), Tums for burning and acidity, Vitamins, (one a day women, one a day men and lots of others) and food supplements. Vitamins are mostly imported in Pakistan and are expensive when compare the same brands that are available in USA. People who are use to of taking multivitamins might find it difficult to find similar vitamins in Pakistan. You can buy these from any pharmacy, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart etc however if you are looking to buy online Amazon provides the best rates and free super-saver shipping for orders $25 or more on qualified products.

If you are interested in finding more unique products and stuff to purchase then visit this link:

Unique stuff to buy from USA

23 thoughts on “Things to Buy from USA when moving back to Pakistan

  1. Adeel Reply

    A-o-A last year i was planning to move to US, and saw this website for the first time.. now Allhamdulillah i am in US, settled..
    i asked you guys for a little help.. u didnt help you, but though you gave me alot of info and i am very thankfull to you guys…
    the reason for writing this msg is to thank and appreciate your efforts…

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks for contacting us again brother, We are sorry we couldn’t help you at the desired level but Alhamdulilah now you are in USA. Hope everything is going smooth and fine with you. Wish you best of luck for your future and thank you so much for taking time to write some good words about us.

      Thanks once again
      PakistaniinUSA Admin

  2. Mohammad Reply

    Asalam O Alekum,
    lived in USA for almost 36 years and had no clue about the cell phones system in Pakista.
    Thank you for the information about cell phones, laptops and digital cameras.
    Keep up the good work. May Allah Reward you. Amin
    Mohammad Khan

    • admin Post authorReply

      Wa-Alaikum Salam
      Thank you so much for appreciating our work, Jazak-Allah. Do not hesitate to inquire if there is anything you need to know.
      PakistaniinUSA Team

  3. Sahil Aryan Reply

    Hi Brother
    I have a cousin in USA and i asked her to buy me a laptop and she offered me to buy one at my choice and she ‘ill pay via her master credit card.
    My queue is to find a site which accept US credit and send me a laptop to my pakistani address.So i want you to guide me how do i buy a laptop while being in pakistan and via using an US credit card.And please try to post my answer asap.

  4. owais khan Reply

    Dear brother first of all i like your efforts to give a better and complete information for pakistani buyers.i want to ask that my fiance got an id in ebay and i really like to buy alot of stuff i saw many stuff really cheap but the main reason is shipment so can you tell me tht which of corier companys are safe and they ship stuff cheaper and safe.

  5. Azeem Reply


    Do you know from where I can buy one a day vitamins in pakistan Lahore…I need them but cant find it anywhere or anyother with same contents…

  6. Sheraz Ahmad Reply

    Assalaam-o-Alaikum to all..,
    i want to know that, my cousins live in USA..and my father is now goimg to usa because of their work…so can he bring a nokia cell phone for me in pakistan? i want to ask that will that cell phone work here and it charge easily here??

    • admin Post authorReply

      @sheraz Ahmad, yes you cousin can purchase a Nokia phone, mostly chargers can take 220v electricity, charging is not the issue, you just need to make sure that the Nokia phone works with 900/1800 network frequency as mostly Pakistani network operates under this frequency. There will be few mobile sets only that will have different frequency and they will not work in Pakistan (Will not catch any signal). You can check the frequency of any set on

  7. Asifa Reply

    Salaam! I bought a Tmobile sidekick 3G phone from amazon, but my frnd said that its not gonna work in pakistan. So should i return the phone?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Wa Alaikum Salam,

      Don’t believe everything you hear 🙂 just kidding. Actually you can use this phone only if it is unlocked and not restricted with T-mobile network. When you purchased it did they said its unlocked? If not then you will have to purchase Unlock Code from any website or ebay and then follow the instructions by seller to enter the code and unlock it, there are only 3 tries to unlock the code so if someone has already made 3 failed attempts to unlock the phone it will be permanently blocked. I have used T-Mobile Motoblur Cliq and T-mobile Mytouch 4g in Pakistan and they both worked perfectly well but again, I purchased codes from Ebay and unlocked them first before taking it with me. AT&T codes are lot cheaper ranges from $1 to $5 however T-mobile unlock codes are expensive around $15 to $25. I paid $20 for Motorola Cliq and $22 for Mytouch 4g. I have searched for the sidekick on ebay and this is the link, please double check the mobile phone model before purchasing and do let me know in case of any further question

      If the product is sold or the link doesn’t work, search on ebay by writing the mobile phone model and word unlock code


  8. TREAT Reply

    first of all i would like to say thanks to u guys doing great job. i’m planning to visit pakistan in march, i want to take laptop with me for my brother. qust. is should that laptop work in pakistan… any voltage prob. bcz. in usa 110-120v and in pakistan is 220-240v.

  9. admin Post authorReply

    @Treat, Thank you for appreciating, it means a-lot. Secondly everything with an adapter can work if the adapter says 110-220v or 110-240v in Pakistan. I have never seen any adapter with 110v only so I think you can purchase any laptop. Just as a precaution look for the sticker on laptop charger and see its voltage.

    • Admin Reply

      Yes you will have to pay the duty not sure about the amount. I have shipped a small item (3d Glasses) to my brother for testing purposes, his item cost was $2 and he had to pay 80Rs as duty.

  10. umer Reply

    Can you please list some electronic or small stuff that are cheap in America and Expensive in Pakistan .

    • admin Post authorReply

      I cannot exactly tell however you can search the prices of some electronics on in electronics section and compare the prices like photo frames, photo key chains, some electronic key chains, cheap digital cameras like Kodak or Vivitar, hard drives, shavers, blood glucose meters etc.

  11. simi Reply

    AOA I want to start my boutique business from Pakistan to USA I need information about Pakistani boutiques in USA please help me out.



    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Simi, you can google it, most Pakistani people lives in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois,Virginia states you can google the name of the state and whatever you want to search.

  12. fahim Reply

    AOA……I wanna buy digitial camera from any one who can bring it for me during as stay or other means to islamabad…….i would prefer following camers sony DSC-650…sony DSC WX-150—sony wx100——cybershot DSC-Hx-9

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