Study in USA For Free

Studying for free is possible if you are an intelligent bright and hardworking student. If you are in USA or want to come for studies, little research can save millions of rupees. Women are encouraged to study in USA and often get approved for funding easily.

This section will cover the exact and straight forward details to give you better idea about how things work.

Undergraduate studies in USA:

Undergraduates are those students who complete their high school (Intermediate in Pakistan) and take admission in college for bachelors (Four years education).

For taking admission in graduation you must have twelve years of education with good marks and heaps of money. No funding is provided for the undergraduates and no scholarship is offered as well so it’s almost impossible for a Pakistani to afford millions of PKR’s on studies. Students usually acquire jobs, they work and study at the same time to cover the expenses of their education. Some people prefer going to community colleges that are cheaper than the regular universities and gives the same degrees. To study as an undergrad you need to provide proof of funding and submit the fee as an international student that is almost two times higher than the normal fees.

Graduate studies in USA:

Masters and PhD students are known as graduate students.

To take admission in Master’s you must have 16 years of education and 18 years of education for PhD. There is another program Masters leading to PhD, in which you can start with masters and ends as a PhD that usually saves time (one year or more). Admission in graduate studies is not difficult if you have remarkable grades and a positive attitude. You can apply for funding or scholarship to complete your studies for free.

Funding & Scholarships for graduates:

Thousands of international students are studying in United States without paying anything. They even get funds to cover their routine expenses while working for few hours or not at all working. World Wide Web has opened new horizons and people are able to acquire details on their own. The role of consultants is diminishing day by day however still we needs guidance to know about ways to be a part of study program that cover all of its cost.

Scholarships by HEC Pakistan:

You need to keep an eye on the HEC scholarship; HEC offers scholarships to Masters and PhD. You need to have good educational records and some prerequisites like GRA, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL etc. (It varies for different courses). You need to check your field and requirements in advance so while applying for HEC you must have everything in your hand. HEC advertise in newspaper when new scholarships are available however you can also check time by time on HEC website.

HEC scholarship Pros:

  1. Awards monthly stipend
  2. HEC pays academic fees
  3. You can work 20 hours a week on campus
  4. You can work as a TA (Teacher assistant) full time and your professor can pay you along with HEC stipend at the same time.
  5. You can extend your stay for further post doctorate study or can obtain OPT (Optional Practical Training). OPT is issued for 29 months, in this provided time you can work as a regular employee to advance your studies as sometimes practical knowledge on field is very important.

HEC scholarship Cons:

  1. No medical insurance
  2. No air ticket or any other expense will be covered by HEC
  3. Have to come back to Pakistan and serve for a specific period (As Signed)
  4. Your spouse cannot work in any case if he/she has F visa (J visa holder spouse can work)

Scholarships by Fulbright:

Fulbright program is originally USA program offered for different countries; Fulbright has offices in many countries including Pakistan, they work together to fund and send students to USA according to cultural exchange program (J visa). Fulbright is one of the best funding / scholarship program available in the world as they really take care of student needs however their program has certain restrictions due to which students dislike this program. You need to read their terms and condition carefully before signing it. It’s not easy to acquire a Fulbright scholarship as you have to undergone many interviews and your grades are also considered however they offer some reserved seats for women to promote education in Pakistan women and to make it easy for women to study abroad. Like HEC they also advertise for scholarship opening on newspaper however you can visit their website for complete details.

Fulbright scholarship Pros:

  1. Awards monthly stipend
  2. Fulbright pays academic fees
  3. First arrival and final return Ticket will be paid. One return ticket after 2 years to renew the visa will be paid in full by Fulbright.
  4. Computer allowance ($500)
  5. Relocation expenses for first time arrival in USA ($300)
  6. Book allowance thrice every year ($1200 per year)
  7. Visa fee ($110)
  8. Fulbright pays Full Medical insurance
  9. Fulbright scholar’s  spouse can apply for $1000 a year funding for study (any course)

10.  Funding for conferences (Any conference in USA only, up-to $1000)

11.  Any other expense can be claimed by student which is necessary for studies like equipment etc.

12.  Your spouse can work; acquire a work permit for $350 (subject to change). No spouse expense of any type will be covered by Fulbright

Note: The amounts mentioned above are subject to change, check Fulbright website for updated information.

Fulbright scholarship Cons:

  1. You have to come back after four years of PhD program and 5 years for Masters leading to PhD program, no exception as your stay will be illegal after this time period. Even if you have not completed your studies you have to come back to Pakistan and complete the remaining studies being present in Pakistan, after completing Fulbright will give you the ticket to fly to United States for your graduation ceremony and degree
  2. You cannot work on campus like all other students who are on F visa, they can work for 20 hours a week (4 hours a day 5 days a week) but you cannot work, you can only study. The Fulbright scholarship is usually lower than the funding provided by the professors in the university and with this restriction people living with families face problems in expenses.
  3. You cannot do any sort of work, to get funding in summers, you have to opt for the research or you can do internship if you want but in case of internship Fulbright will not pay the monthly stipend for 3 months.
  4. Your spouse must have health insurance; failing to do so may result in visa cancelation and in extreme cases they can deport the spouse, such incident has never occurred however they ask you to sign this as a condition.
  5. You cannot take funding from anywhere else, if you do take some money from somewhere and Fulbright comes to know, they can cancel your funding and you will subject to return every cent they spent on you from day one.

Studying in USA for free without Scholarship:

That’s tricky but possible; all you need to have is information. Study in USA is so expensive that a common person cannot afford it, mostly students look for a scholarship. That’s right, being on safe side it’s always better to have a scholarship at first place however if you are not approved for a scholarship then how can you become a student?

To get this opportunity you need to work hard. First you must know your field and in which area you want to do research and have your masters or PhD. Search for the universities by ranking of the department you want to study in and explore universities that offers the degree you are interested in. Do not forget to check the prerequisites like most of the universities require some sort of tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc. If you fulfill the admission criteria of a particular university you can apply for the admission and once the university accepts your admission, you can contact the professor in your field for funding issues.

Almost every professor is listed in university website, read about the professors that take interest in your area of research or study. Their contact details will be available on their web page as well. You will need to compose an email in which you can tell him about yourself and express your feelings to come to USA for studies in his university and want to work with him on his research area. Professors always needs good student because they have to do research all the time to prove themselves.

Once you get contacted by the professor you can talk about funding if he can provide, if he cannot provide funding, there might be some other professors who can. Every professor has his own budget but they always want to inject more students to work with them. Sometimes professor funds the student completely so he will not have to pay any academic fees, however if he agrees for half funding then you can do TA ship (Teacher assistant) and still you will not need to pay academic fees. So there are ways to escape from the fees that can be around $20,000 for two semesters for international students.

You need to buy your own ticket and cover miscellaneous expenses from your pocket but mostly the monthly stipend is enough to cover all your expenses however its always recommended to bring some savings with you.

Examples of Universities in USA

  1. Virginia Polytechnic institute and state University
  2. Berkeley University California/
  3. University of Huston, Texas
  4. List of all Universities in USA

Examples of Community Colleges in USA

  1. Washington DC community College
  2. List of all community colleges in USA

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  1. waqasahmad /

    Hello..I clear my fsc and can I go to USA for study free

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Waqas, read the page in details, its for graduate studies, Masters/PhD.

  2. ateeq ur rahman /

    sir i complete fsc and i want to study bba in free please tell me how it is possible?

    1. admin / Post Author

      In business field, no funding is available even for Masters. Mostly people with technical degrees get funding and scholarships.

  3. ateeq ur rahman /

    please tell me how i can study of under graduation in usa?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ateeq, Under-graduation in United States is extremely expensive and no funding is available for international students.

  4. Iram Naseem /

    how we can apply for study in abroad how we can get a scholarship and also how we can get a USA visa

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Iram,
      All these questions are already answered. If you have any specific question let me know.

  5. Aliya /

    AOA, I want to know that is it possible to get the admission in phd in USA directly after doing MPhil from any university of Pakistan affiliated by HEC. because I heard from my teacher that we again have to do MA over there ( in USA) to get the admission in Phd. He did phd from Harward university . When he was in Pakistan . He completed his m.phill (course work as well as thesis) but for applying in phd , he again had to do MA. so I want to know that is this still happening there that our m.phill from Pakistan is not acceptable there and we have to start our education from MA to get the admission in phd ? Kindly acknowledge

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Aliya,
      It completely depends upon your degree type and courses you took plus the university you are studying in. Also different universities in United States have different process. Your degree/courses should be accepted however you can contact the university you want to take admission in and confirm. You can email admission department, they usually are prompt in their responses. University like Harvard have higher standards and very low acceptance rate.

  6. Aliya /

    Actually I am confused that should I start my education here in Pakistan for m.phill And after getting my visa for America , continue my phd in America ? Is this thing possible ? Do consider this matter sir

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Aliya,
      What degree you are interested in? In United States, only PhD is offered so if the courses you study in Mphil are the same, they will be converted in US university.

      1. innocent shani /

        ASSALAM U ALLAIKUM I have done my SSC so now i am gonna take admission in USA so what should i do????

  7. Yasir Ali /

    i am yasir ali from Pakistan.I passed the matric examination and i want to study FSC in USA.Sir can i study FSC in USA.Please reply

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Fsc is High school in USA, yes you can but its costly.

  8. alijaweed /

    Sir i have pass matric and i am in 11st year can i go to usa or canada in colloge for study if yes then give your number i will contact uuu

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes after completing 12 you can take admission in undergrad however its too expensive, not easily affordable for even US residents.

  9. yasir malik /

    sir i am in intermediate and i want to study in uk plz information me ???

  10. yasir malik /

    dear sir i want study in uk , plz i want take free visa mean free study in uk
    plz sir inform me ??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Yasir, no info for UK. This is regarding USA

  11. ahsan /

    Dear respected sir!
    I have freshly passed it of 2 years and my total study time is 14 years but as you mentioned that only persons with 16 years qualification can apply but I want to know sir that now where and in which course I’m able to apply ? In U.S.A
    I shall verry thankfull if you give a response to my question
    Ahsan khan

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahsan,
      what degree you are interested in? 16 years of education is require for Masters.

      1. ahsan /

        Sir as I tell you I have done it of 2 years. And total study time. Is 14 so now I want to know in which digree I’m able to apply in america can I do masters ? Or what should I have to do in america to continue master ? Further I’m intersted in doing M.B.A. So kindly tell me

        1. Admin / Post Author

          Dear Ahsan, to get admission in Masters degree you must have 6 years of education in that particular disciple. I don’t think that with a degree you can take admission in MBA in United States. You can visit this page for the requirements of MBA degree

  12. mehran /

    i need admission in MS what i do to take admission on scholership
    thank you

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Rehan – Keep checking

  13. zain /

    what is the procedure of applyng for masters program? and what r the requiremnts

    1. Admin / Post Author
  14. Iram Naseem /

    i still have confusion with what is the procedure of applying for visa and what are the requirement?if we wanna study in united state California (state) :)

    1. Admin / Post Author
  15. anum /

    can u please tell me of how could i apply for scholarship in usa for fellowship after completing my mbss from pakistan ?

  16. Ahsan Ali /

    Sir, can i work + study in america if my relative sponser me their……….

  17. Ahsan Ali /

    Because my czn is already their nd i have completed fsc

  18. Me /

    Okay so I have done my Master’s from Pakistan already but as you can understand that in this day and age it doesn’t count for much. I am currently working to make ends meet but I want to go for another Masters degree to better my future career prospects since I am completely alone in the pursuit of this and a female. The problem is although I am very bright, excellent at verbal and written communication, my grades were not great through my degrees since I was always trying to work or find work. So my first problem is how do I fund myself with low grades but all the skills to succeed and secondly should I aim for the best university in my concerned degree or that would be I suppose hard to get into. I have other questions but If you could help me with this to start off with that would be great. I cant explain how badly I need this. Thanks.

    1. Fulbright Scholar /

      Hi Me,

      Apply for Fulbright,

      If you can get a decent GRE score, write a good proposal and get a few decent letters of recommendation, you should get it. They help with university placement and apply on the candidate’s behalf.

      Best of Luck

    2. Admin / Post Author

      You can check Fulbright website for available funding, females have a quota and not many females apply for it due to family restrictions so there are good chances for females to get it. I have also mentioned the whole process of getting funding above however it depends which field you are in? If you are from a technical field then you can get funding otherwise its bit difficult.

  19. muhammad salman /

    i hane completed my intermidaite from commerce faculty in ‘b’ i am willing to get my further education from usa.i have also taken the ielts test an di have scored 6 bands. can i get the admission in usa? what are the requirements?

  20. Me /

    I appreciate the time taken to reply. Yes, I had looked up that much in my research, the basic processing of Fulbright but as it seems rather daunting, I thought i would ask someone who has made it. I am assuming, I am not from a technical field by a stretch. I have a Masters in defence and strategic studies and I work as a copy concept writer in advertising. I want to pursue a journalism or diplomacy based degree. One quick question by ‘proposal’ you meant and is there an age limit for applying? Well I will be frequently checking th forum, so hopefully I get hints on where I am going with this.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Thanks for appreciating. I asked about your field because its easier to get funding in technical fields. For other humanitarian fields its very difficult and you would need to have enough money in your account to show sound financial stability before you get student visa. You can look for community colleges that offers several courses and degrees for a fraction of price than the state universities. Please follow this link for more details on this

      You can search online for any funding available in your field in any university in United States. If you find anything on that, you can contact them directly for more details.

    2. Fulbright Scholar /

      Hey Me,

      Don’t be afraid to apply for Fulbright, just give it a go. You don’t have anything to lose if you seriously want to study in the US. You would have had to take TOEFL and GRE anyway. There is no quota for women as far as I know (I am a female btw). The year I got it, approx. half of the grantees were female, the fields were pretty diverse as well.

      What I am trying to say is keep your options open. You should explore all of the available options like the ones Admin/Post Author is pointing you towards as well as scholarships like Fulbright.

      Best of luck in your search.

  21. Innocent shani /

    Sir so which college is easy affordable in nyc for pakistani to take admission in intermadiate??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Intermediate is High School in United States, its free for residents. Not sure how much they charge from international students. You have to go through different schools websites and call then if necessary to get information.



    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Mehwish, I can provide information to help you that I have provided already on the post, if you have any specific question, let me know and I can try to help as much as I can.

  23. sherry /

    Hi sir I have passed matrix and I want to done intermediate from USA so please kindly can you tell me which high school is better but also little cheaper for intermediate and how much is cost of living in USA yearly and how much will be the fee of high school please sir tell me cost of living and cheaper high school in usa

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Sherry, Education is very expensive in United States so is the cost of living. Please follow below mentioned link for more details

  24. sagar /

    i have completed MBA FINANCE 16 years of education
    i want to study masters in usa, i am worried about my GPA is low in ma 2.6/4.0
    does GPA matters & what are the study visa chances (refusal chances low/high)

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Sagar, GPA matter however if you have good TOEFL and GRE score you might get admission in a university. What you should worry about first is that whether you would get admission in any university or not, once you get admission only then you can apply for a study visa and then the visa officer would not worry about your GPA but whether you are a genuine student.

  25. hina /

    Ihave completed my 0 level now i am willing to get my further education from usa.I this posible

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Hina, It is possible however you are a minor and without parents and guardian it would be difficult plus the cost of education is too much. I would suggest to complete your basic education in Pakistan and then think about education abroad.

  26. nabeel /

    dear admin i complete my paralegal degree.suggest me what to do next i wana apply in abroad for further studies

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nabeel
      I don’t have knowledge about law degrees however the process is straight forward. Please visit any law school website in United States and check their admission requirements. If you have a specific question, let me know

  27. naseem khan /


    Mari Wife ne (BCom) pass kiya hoa ha wo USA me agay taleem hasil karna chahati hain unki English achi ha IELTS pass nh kiya ha kya without IELTS admission mil sakta ha.Mai aak ghareeb gharanay sa taluk rakhta hon maray pass itnay pasay nahin hain ka USA mai achi taleem dilwa sakon. Sir aapkay pass asi koi scheme ha ka free mai taleem hasil kar sakan.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Naseem, Without IELTS/TOEFL admission nahi mil sakay ga. App fulbright ke scholarships check karain. Is field main scholarship easily nahi milta or wesay baghiar wazeefay ke taleem bohat hi mehangi hai.

  28. nasir iqbal /

    respected sir i want to go for free study of hotel management because i have no source for spend money and go for hotel management study kindly help me. i want to make my future bright. i will pray for you whole my life.
    nasir iqbal
    0092 323 4141 394

  29. ali hassan /

    sir plz it,s urgent…… I,m student of fsc:pre medical in pakistan and i need admission in MBBS in new york or other state.. my mamo is software engineer in company of america(maine paris) he is citizen and passport holder and my other aunt and his family still in baltimore.I have not too much mark,s but i do statement available but i have no many more expense…. any possibility for me so plz contact me 03128898855 or reply fast

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali, Medical education in United States is very expensive, if you can afford it you can follow the admission process mentioned on any medical school website in United States.

  30. Omair Ayaz /

    Sir i am a student of 2nd year. In 3 months i complete my fsc. I want to do engineering from USA. Is there any easy route? Any scholorship? I can do part time job as well there and fulfill my studies requirement. Please ask me in detail how i get my visa? From where and how i apply?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Omair, for undergrad (Bachelors) its not easy to get a scholarship in United States specially for international students. If there is any local scholarship that is offered for Pakistani students to study abroad, then its possible. I don’t have any information about those scholarships, Thanks.

  31. tanveer alam /

    I wana internship thr in usa…even i m ready to pay affordable thr any way or pssibility…..?????

  32. anum hina /

    I did fsc pre medical from kinnaird college lahore PAKISTAN. Unfortunately i couldnt get admission in medical college in pakistan. I want to complete my medical in feinberg university,chicago. Kindly guide me on this subject. Do i need to take any admission test for it? What is the procedure for applying?
    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Anum,
      Yes admission test is required for this university. Please follow the link for more details

  33. mona /

    i gave exams of 10 class .so now i wanna to go u.k for higher studies .so please tell me can i go to u.k ? because anyone tell me that now you cannot go there .you go there after 2nd year ….

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Its better to at-least complete your A-level of FA/FSC because then you can take admission in college. After 10 you would need to take admission in a school.

  34. mona /

    sir plzz tell me …. then i do something about my studies

  35. Noor /

    I’m currently enrolled in 4th year mbbs in a private medical college. After completing medicine i look forward to opt for phD in USA. Firstly, i wanted to know that can i apply for phD directtly after completing mbbs or do i have to pass usmle first? Secondly, provided usmle is not required what pathway should i adopt to get admision in phD and make a career in research work? I have been searching alot but couldn’t get any satisfactory answers. Hope u will be kind enough to help. Thankyou.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You will get this information on universities websites where you intend to take admission after completing your education in Pakistan. Perhaps, these links will help

  36. Mohammad /

    Assalam wa Alaikum!!!
    Dear Sir,
    I have following profile:
    BE Mechanical Engineering (from NUST)
    CGPA: 3.44
    IELTS: 7.0 (overall)
    GRE: 303(overall),,, q 156 v 147 w.3.5
    Job experience : 8 months
    I want to ask that what are my chances of getting funding for my Masters; and how much amount i will be needing / bank statement / other financial data for visa and application except that funding….
    Also how will I pursue to find the appropriate grants/funds/TA ship/ RA ship for my Masters??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam,
      Every university has different requirements. The higher the university ranking higher the GRE score they require. You can start to look for universities that interests you. The best way to go around this is either select a state where you want to move and then look for its universities and departments where you are interested to take admission, then find the professors and see their research interests, you have to select a field in which you would contribute researching. If a research interests you, you can contact the professor via his university email (usually given on his info page) and ask if he is funding students. Professors usually write on the same info page if funding is available.

      2nd way is to first determine your field and area of research and then google for universities giving funding in that area and contacting them for your admission, they will guide you further.

      Find below the page of Virginia Tech University

  37. Inaam /

    Dear sir, I passed my F.Sc education(pre-medical) from Pakistan now I want to study in U.S.A at low cost or expensive so please tell me how can I get admission there in a medical college ??

  38. Muhammad Husnain /

    I am studying in BS Hons Agriculture in Punjab university Lahore. I want to study in abroad.Please give me information to apply for USA for free education visa base.
    stay blessed.

  39. Zubairmughal /

    Sir,I complete my Ics education in Pakistan.Now I want to study in abroad .tell me is it possible or not at low cost

    1. Admin / Post Author
  40. crown prince /

    If you want to come to us snd study i have a school ,college an all are welcome apply for student visa and we got you males and females must be muslim.Dont forget that you will come on a student visa .Please contact school at 609 880 5322. Inshallah everyone sees this message also must be in school are have school records. 15 To 25

  41. Marryem /

    Sir i my Olevels from Pakistan in science subjects and just completed my Alevels in science subjects from Pakistan.. I want to do MBBS from abroad? Is there any opportunity for me to get an admission in any good medical university?

  42. nighat shakeel /

    I am disabled married woman 46 age and 2 children.I am disabled and using damaged artificial leg which causing me much pain and wounds arround my thai I am not able to repair or replace that leg we dont have any source of income.
    Kindly help me to replace that damaged leg and get rid from wounds and pain.
    Nighat shakeel
    Peshawar city

  43. nadia /

    i m mbbs 4th year student i hv done usmle part 1 i want scholarship for further study plz guide me in that regard

  44. khalid /

    sir i want to apply for education in usa and i am FATA student of pakistan

  45. Awais Ahmed /

    I have done Bsc Hons. in Civil Eingineering, now i want to study Msc in project Management in USA. , My CGPA is 2.3… what should i do …?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      The process is mentioned on the page, every university has different admission criteria and it depends on the GRE/GMAT scores as well if you will get admission there or not.

  46. Inaam /

    Dear sir, I passed my F.Sc education(pre-medical) from Pakistan now I want to study in U.S.A at low cost or expensive so please tell me how can I get admission there in a medical college in new York or vigina ??

    1. Admin / Post Author
  47. Faryal /

    Hello Sir ,
    I had passed intermediate nd now i want to move USA for my further Studies i want to do Bachelors from USA.. Kindly please tell me how could i Move to USA for my studies what is there procedure ? i should i apply ? I Will b Really Honered to know this, i will wait for Your Rply Sir. THANKYOU!

    1. Admin / Post Author
  48. yumna /

    can you please guide on this;
    i am doing 4 years of bba program from Kinnaird Lahore but i have only completed 2 years so far and getting married. i wanted to ask you can i complete rest of my two years of bachelors in america? would any university in america will cater me?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Yumna,
      It depends on your current university. If their curriculum is similar to what is offered in United States then yes, they could accept you as a student in a University and will convert those courses however you would still need to give TOEFL and GMAT/GRE. Its better to target a university in an area where you would move, contact their admission department and ask what documentation they need to verify your courses there. They would guide you

  49. adil shah /

    dear sir i have done my bba hons from pakistan now i wanted to apply for mba or ms in finance so tell me abiut the process and procedure

    1. adil shah /

      in usa america tell me about the univesities

    2. Admin / Post Author
  50. AHMAD /


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