Study for cheap in United States

Education specially undergraduate studies are very expensive in United States. State universities usually charge more with fee around $30,000 a year which is just the fee. You can’t ignore the living expenses as well which will include lodging, books, supplies, lab fees, health insurance and travel costs etc. While its extremely expensive to study in United States there are some less expensive options available which can be opted to still get a degree from United States. You can study for cheap in a United States in a community college.

Every state in United States has numerous community colleges that offers the same degrees but on lower cost. Their standard might not be as high as of the State universities however still up to the mark. The process of applying in a community college is the same as of in any university in United States.

Process of Study for cheap in United States in Community colleges:

  1. You will first select a community college where you want to take admission.
  2. You will fill the admission form and will apply for admission as international student will all required documents.
  3. If you are accepted in that college/university, you will be issued with an I-20 document which is an official document that confirms that you are accepted in that college.
  4. You will apply for a student visa on the basis of I-20 in United States embassy for an interview.
  5. If the visa consular determines that everything is ok, the officer he will issue you an F-1 student visa.

Cost comparison of studying in State University VS Community college:

One year tuition fee as an international student in a State University can cost around $30,000/year where as in a community college the yearly fee can be as low as $16,000/year. You can easily find the fee details on all community colleges website. For international student theĀ Out-of-state tuition fee is charged. The in-state tuition fee is for the residents of the same state.

A strong bank statement is required to study in Untied States:

As study is expensive while giving an interview for a student visa you must present a bank statement showing that you can spend on your studies and other expenses. If you cannot show a bank statement, do not bother applying for a student visa.

9 thoughts on “Study for cheap in United States

  1. Maheen Afzal Reply

    Hello! I have a question.I want to study in the US after my O level Is their any possibility for me to study there? if yes,then what would be the requirements?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Maheen, its better to at-least complete A-levels which is equivalent to high school in United States and then take admission in a degree however undergrad is extremely expensive.

  2. mahin feroz Reply

    hello i want to study in the US i have completed my matric can i get into US community college for associate degree also called (intermediate)

    • admin Post authorReply

      Mahin, Intermediate is called High School in USA. Its not available in Community colleges.

      • shayan Reply

        sir i have another question plz, i have a long experience in aviation field of maintenance and operations but i dont have the licence to work on air-crafts which can be obtained from any civil aviation authority, can i apply for a course in USA and on the basis of which i can get licence from FAA of USA to get job.means can i use this logic to get admission in an institute in USA and to satisfy the embassy officers?? plz reply

        • Admin Post authorReply

          Dear Shayan, I am sorry can’t help you in this regard but you can call any university for this information, they are very helpful and will help you in all regards, if they can’t they will give you a place where you can get this info

  3. Nida Reply

    hi i wan to know that i have done fa i want to study in us as well as work there what i have to do?

  4. Inaam Reply

    Sir,I have complete my F.Sc (pre-medical) from Pakistan now I want to study there(USA)in medial college at low expensives because I can’t afford the expenses so please kindly guide me what I should do ?

  5. waqas Reply

    sir i have passed my fsc i 2013 with 65percnt marks now i want to done my bs civil engineering from america and my father vlose friend live in america from 20 years how can he help me or not please guide me

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