Review for Sandhi sudha oil for joint pain

Sandhi Sudha oil from India is doing heavy promotions now a days and people are buying it without even knowing that different joint problems exists in our society that demands different type of solutions. My mother is an Osteoarthritis patient (degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone). Osteoarthritis is not just a normal joint pain that happen due to overuse or bad posture etc. Its a continuous condition that exists permanently in joints. Osteoarthritis is one of the major cause of joint pain in Pakistan along with Osteoporosis where all bones in the body get effected.

This review is focused on the effects of Sandhi Sudha oil on a Osteoarthritis patient with knee pain. If you have used this oil for any other condition please share your experience with the readers so everyone can be benefited from that.

One thing to keep in mind that in Osteoarthritis you can apply anything on your knee but it won’t return the natural lubricant in your knee that has been deteriorated overtime due to age factor and weight. Osteoarthritis patients take pain killers and sometimes steroids injections to get rid of the pain as the pain once started don’t go away without treatment which is pain killers, steroids injection and at the end knee replacement surgery.

My mother has used this oil regularly for around 6 months (6 bottles) and it has not given her any pain relief. While marketing the Sandhi Sudha oil promoters never told that this oil might not work some medical condition, they just tell that you will get rid of the pain and people buy it because they are so fed up with the pain and they will do anything to get rid of the pain. Such companies in Pakistan will do anything to get the money out of your pocket so be aware and investigate before buying.

Its better to ask your Orthopedic Specialist if this oil is suitable for your condition? If he doesn’t recommend it, then do not buy it and waste your money. Make sure that your condition can be treated with this oil or you will end up wasting money like my mother did.

Sandhi Sudha Joint Relief Oil

2 thoughts on “Review for Sandhi sudha oil for joint pain

  1. alia Reply

    Someone has recommended this for my mother. he said his father had a good effect of this

  2. Phool Shah Reply

    yes i have bought Sandhi Sudha Plus from . i got good results , i got it for my grandmother ,

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