Due to the immense size and spread of topology the climate in USA is incredibly varied. The temperature range runs between the extremes of 57 degrees C during the summer in California to -62 degrees C in Alaska.

Depending upon in which state and city you are moving you need to ascertain the weather condition. There are many websites that provides weather information where you can easily find monthly temperature averages and past weather records e.g. http://weather.msn.com.

Clothing & shoes for different weathers:

If the average temperature of a city is above 30 Celsius then you need the same clothing that we use to wear in summers in Pakistan like Lawn suits and Sandals. Most of the houses in hotter states have internal air conditioners along with the heating systems.

In winters / start of fall the cool breeze starts to blow so you need to cover yourself, if the weather is bit warm then a thin sweater will work, like in a temperature of 20 degree Celsius if there is no wind then you might not need to worry but if the breeze is cool then wear a jacket to protect yourself from flu / sickness.

There are few areas where weather changes throughout the year like in many parts of Virginia people experience snow but not more than once in a year. You might not need to make special clothing arrangements according to snow as compare to Minnesota State where people have separate part of wardrobe with snow clothing and boots as snow is really heavy and winters are too cold you. Special insulated jackets and high boots are easily available online plus all the equipment to clear the snow from sidewalks and cars. You might not need to bring anything for hot season in States where the winters don’t leave the door.

Extreme weather disasters in USA:

Unlike Pakistan, USA is filled with severe weather conditions in many areas. Some of the areas are always under the warnings. Even with the special arrangements and equipment government remain unable to fight with these nature disasters and the loss is unlimited. The severe weather conditions usually witnessed are

  1. Wildfire (Dry weather causes fire in forests that rapidly burn the properties around it)
  2. Flood (Every state is at risk from this hazard)
  3. Hurricane and  Tropical Storms
  4. Earthquake
  5. Thunderstorm
  6. Tornado
  7. Tsunami
  8. Winter storms (snow storms)
  9. Landslides
  10. Volcanoes

2 thoughts on “Weather in USA

  1. Toby Reply

    Tsunamis are not a big problem in the USA. There is a place on the Oregon/California border called Crescent bay that has an occasional Tsunami but they have plenty of warning, Hawaii has had Tsunamis due to volcanic eruptions and Alaska has had some Huge earthquakes that also caused a Tsunami. The rest of the country never has Tsunamis. Landslides are mostly in the Western half of the country only (the Eastern half has gentler hills and Mountains, the Western is very rugged). You left hale off the list. Many places have hale (balls of solid ice that come out of the sky) the size of tennis balls.

    Also, you left off drought (lack of rain), that can be a big problem – you have to stop watering your lawn or washing your car and your yards turns to dust and there may be more wildfires.

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