This section of the book covers the differences in words used in Pakistan and in USA. Pakistani use British English while using vocabulary however the there are few words that people does not use in USA. Similar the measuring unites might not be knows the same way as it was in paksitan e.g. Weather is measured in Fahrenheit scale instead of centigrade, weight is always measured and displayed in pounds (lbs) instead of kilograms (Kg).

Using British words does not means that people in United States will not understand, they will understand it however sometimes with difficulty however problem arise when you need to search something like a bicycle, you will not find it until you search it with word “Bike” so you need to know the words to find a right item to purchase.

The difference in terms and words are mentioned below in form of table.

Terms / words in Pakistan / UK
Terms / words in USA
Angry Mad
Autumn Fall
Bicycle Bike
Bill (waiter, please bring the bill) Check (waiter, please bring the check)
Biscuits Cookies
Bonnet (car Part) Hood
Booking Reservation
Boot (car Part) Trunk
Chemist Pharmacist
Cheque (Spelling difference) Check
Chips Fries
Cinema Movie House / Movie Theatre
Cling wrap Plastic wrap
Coat (Dress coat) Jacket
Commode Flush toilets
Corn flour Corn Starch
Cot (for baby) Crib (for baby)
day/month/year (Date format) month/ day/year
Dustbin Garbage Can / Trash can
Estate agent Realtor
Film Movie
Fired from job Laid off
Fish finger Fish sticks
Flat Apartment
Chopper (Kitchen Appliance) Food processor
Football Soccer
Frock (Girls frilled dress) Dress
Ground Floor First floor
Ill Sick
Insect Bug
Jam Jelly
Jelly Jello
Joggers Sneakers
KG (Weight is measured in Kilograms) Lbs (Weight is measured in pounds)
KM (distance is measured in Kilometer) Miles (distance is measured in Miles)
Knickers Shorts
Lift Elevator
Lorry Truck
Lounge (Tv lounge) Living room
Mad Crazy
Manual gear (Car) Stick Shift
Match (game match) Game
Minced Beef / Chicken Grounded Beef / Chicken
Mobile phone Cell phone
Money exchange Currency Exchange
Motorway Highway
Nappy Diaper
Note (currency) Bill (currency)
Number plate License plate
Parcel Package
Petrol Gas
Petrol Pump Gas Station
Police officer Cop
Porridge Oatmeal
Postal code / Post code Zip code
Postman Mailman
Power socket / Power Plug Electrical outlet
Pram Stroller
Program (Tv program) Show (Tv show)
Pub Bar
Queue Line
Quilt Comforter
Rubber Eraser
Shifting (shifting home) Moving
Shop Store
Shoulder bag Backpack
Silencer (car part) Muffler
Skating shoes Roller blades
Snooker Billiard / pool
Sunglasses Shades
Tap (water basin related) Faucet
Taxi Cab
Timetable Schedule
Tin Can
To let For rent
Torch Flash light
Trousers Pants
Waistcoat Vest
Wardrobe Closet
Washroom / bathroom Rest Room
Zebra crossing Cross walk

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  1. Jamal Khan Reply

    Thank you. very knowledable words everbody should know, before coming or even just started living in US. There are still many words I would like to add another word which people should know “BIO-DATA” or CV is not used here people use it as “RESUME” and call it “Resumay”.

  2. Sahil Aryan Reply

    Good Job Sir,
    And i hope you are gonna keep this brilliant job up.And please let us know if you come across something useful like you always do.
    your site is really informative.

  3. Saaniaa Aasef Reply

    Awwww you should tell me in 2003 . Now i learned everything but before i had so many problems.
    By the way. Very nice observation:) keep up the good work

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you Saania, It took me lots of time too to learn these words. I realized it when searching for a bike on craigslist, I was searching bicycle and nothing was coming up, I realized it later that bicycle along with many other words are not in practice in USA so I’ve created this list with time pass to help others as well.

  4. Waheed Ahmad Reply

    very helpful vocabulary differences of language in American and British

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