• Pakistani spicy chicken patties recipe

    Stuffed chicken patties are very famous in Pakistan but in western world, you hardly get it anywhere. Puff pastry is mostly used to make sweets like apple turnovers etc. Pakistani spicy chicken patties recipe would help you achieve a taste you used to... Read More

  • Pakistani Style Chinese spicy hot and sour soup recipe

    Hot and sour soup is not only very famous in Pakistan but also a part of all Chinese meals. Pakistani Style Chinese spicy hot and sour soup recipe is all time favorite and I use to have it all winters afternoons as a lunch because it has low calories... Read More

  • Hijab head covers, abayas and scarfs available online

    Q: Where can I buy Hijab head covering online for reasonable price? Ans: Hijab, head coverings and all Muslim dresses are easily available online in many stores. Click here for complete collection of Abaya, Head Scarfs and Hijabs Abayas are available... Read More

  • Baked stuffed chicken breast with spinach recipe

    I sometimes crave for stuffed chicken breast from “Salt-n-Pepper” Lahore. Whenever I visit Lahore its something I eat whenever I can however as I can’t eat it here so I make it at home. Its not the same recipe used in Salt-n-Pepper... Read More

  • Halwa Poori walay Spicy Channay / Cholay Recipe

    This recipe for channay are very easy to cook and very delicious to eat. Its Pakistani style cholay that You can have with the Halwa Poori or just with Naan (bread). This is the exact same recipe you crave for when you want to eat spicy halwa poori... Read More

  • Silky Smooth Sooji ka Halwa Recipe

    Ingredients 1 and 1/2 cup Sooji (semolina) 3 cup sugar 5 cups water 1 cup Ghee (Or oil but ghee preferred) 1/4 tsp yellow food color (Zarda Rang)# 1 tsp Kewra for smell Unsalted almonds or cashews for garnishing Method: Add sugar in water and boil... Read More

  • Medical insurance for spouse of students on F2 and J2 visa

    Medical insurance for spouse of students on F2 and J2 visa is a mandatory requirement. If you are studying in United States and are married then you might want your spouse to join you in United States. If you have F1 visa then your spouse will get F2... Read More

  • Chicken Oven Roasted Baked Sub Sandwiches Recipe

    Oven Roasted Sandwiches  requires less work and results a happy husbands and family. These sandwiches are park of my daily routine now. I make them at-least twice a month. Please find the recipe below. You can use anything you whether chicken or only... Read More

  • Pakistani Style chicken pizza from scratch with chewy crust recipe

    How easy it is to make a home bake pizza? the answer is that it is very easy. We often don’t find Halal pizza options in our neighborhood and sometimes we simple want homemade pizza with our favorite spicy chicken. I have put together a pizza... Read More

  • Get job work visa H1-B & Green card sponsorship

    Get job work visa H1-B & Green card sponsorship is not that easy however, the easiest way to get work sponsorship is to work with a job consultant firm. As soon you complete your studies, contact them. They will sponsor you work visa and you would... Read More

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