• Review for Sandhi sudha oil for joint pain

    Sandhi Sudha oil from India is doing heavy promotions now a days and people are buying it without even knowing that different joint problems exists in our society that demands different type of solutions. My mother is an Osteoarthritis patient... Read More

  • Free Pakistani rishtay around the World

    This website was made solely for the purpose of helping others and we promote all those platform that offers free community service to help others specially the fellow Pakistanis. A new matrimonial website www.rishtapakistan.com has been launched. This... Read More

  • Halal Black Forest Cake Recipe from Scratch without Alcohol

    Ingredients: For Cake: 6 Eggs (Around 400g – Weight it) All purpose flour – 200g (Half the weight of eggs) Sugar – 200g (Half the weight of eggs) Cocoa Powder – 6 Tbs or to taste Baking powder – 1½ Tsp Unsalted Butter... Read More

  • Documents for United State visit visa business tour

    If you are planning to apply for a visit visa to visit a family member then you would need the below mentioned documents. Documents from 1 to 6 must be presented when you will go for appointment at American Express or Speedex however documents from 7... Read More

  • Documents for United State visit visa for family visit

    There are few types of visit visa. If you are planning to visit a family member in United States then you would need few documents that are mentioned on this page. Please find below list of documents for United State visit visa for family visit.... Read More

  • Zarda Sweet Rice – Easy Pakistani recipe

    Zarda is one of the easiest sweet dish one can make, that doesn’t take time. Mostly women avoid making it as they fear their zarda wouldn’t turn out good or their rice will end up being hard however this Zarda Sweet Rice – Easy... Read More

  • Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

    If you want your phone to work in Pakistan or if you are planning to buy a phone for someone else in Pakistan, you have two options. First option is to buy a locked phone (Network locked), and then get it unlocked and take it to Pakistan and the second... Read More

  • Moong Masoor Daal with Special Tarka – Easy Pakistani recipe

    Moong Masoor daal is a very famous blend of daal. The Masoor Daal is the main ingredient and small amount of moong daal is added to it to make it little thick and taste better. Pakistanis consume the Daal with plain boiled rice and Achaar. There are... Read More

  • Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and baked fries

    Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and baked fries is the full hearty meal that one can make which is not only delicious but very healthy. Grilled chicken breast is the most healthiest option to consume in any type of meat. The healthiest part of... Read More

  • Channa Daal easy desi Pakistani Recipe

    Channay ki daal is one of the famous Daal made and consumed in Pakistan with plain boiled rice and Achaar. I am mentioning below an easy recipe of Daal Channa that is normally used in households. Ingredients: 1 Cup Channa Daal (soaked for 2-3 hours in... Read More

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