• Can I get visit visa for United States?

    One of the most frequent question I get is that if I apply for a visit visa what are the chances I will get it? or, can I get visit visa for United States? I would like to clear first that I am not an official authority to give you any verdict on if... Read More

  • United States visit visa for Fiancée – When and where to get married

    Q: I have a fiancée (Male/Female) in United States, can I go and visit him/her? A: If a fiancée wants to visit United States to meet his/her Fiancée and then return back to Pakistan then he/she should apply for a visit visa (B1/B2). Q: I have a... Read More

  • Warnings and Updates Before you Plan a Trip Abroad

    United States Govt has made efforts to make travel safer for its citizens. They provide warnings and updates before you plan a trip abroad. Its good to have such resource and we should always check this website to make sure that it is safe to travel to... Read More

  • 5 Tips on how to Stop Gaining Weight in United States

    It is very common for people to weight gain as soon they reach in United States. We are discussing here 5 Tips on how to Stop gaining weight.  People usually gain more than a KG per month and few months after moving to United States everyone starts to... Read More

  • Who can Get a United States Work visa H-1B & H-2B Visa

    Introduction to H1B visas: H visa is the non-immigrant work visa in the United States. This visa enables a US organization to hire an individual from another country for up to six years. Companies usually hire staff on H visa and after spending few... Read More

  • Difference Between USA Green Card and Citizenship

    Green card is permanent residence and Citizenship is that you are a citizen of that country. So, what’s the difference between USA Green Card and Citizenship from a Pakistani point of view? The details are mentioned below. A Green Card... Read More

  • Where to buy best tawa in United States

    Where ever we go, chapati remain an essential part of our meal. Pakistani women struggles a lot making chapatis when settling in United States. The reason its different to make Chapati in United States is because of the hobs. Pakistani hobs are mostly... Read More

  • Study for cheap in United States

    Education specially undergraduate studies are very expensive in United States. State universities usually charge more with fee around $30,000 a year which is just the fee. You can’t ignore the living expenses as well which will include lodging,... Read More

  • Bank Statement Calculator for United States visit visa

    Please find below the calculator for the estimated amount of bank statement for United States visit visa. One of the most commonly asked question is about the bank statement requirement. Some people ask “how much money should I have in my bank... Read More

  • Awesome Naan Bread Recipe – Oven-Baked Flat Bread

    I used to crave a lot for that Tandoori naan which we used to get from the corner of the street. You get it from most Pakistani restaurants but you can’t get it as easily as you used to get in Pakistan. Paying $2 for a Naan is also not advisable.... Read More

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