Low Cost Flying academies in United States


Dear I am looking for a flying academy with cheap fee. Can I apply for loan on student visa. In case, if I pay one year fee,and then for other remaining years can i apply for loan. Please I need you’r help. As soon as possible.


I have heard There are many flying academies in Florida State, areĀ  you currently in United States or planning to come for studies? I am not sure which one is the cheap and I have checked few of their websites but they have not displayed their rates. Furthermore I don’t know what type of course of studies you want to peruse, you should call them to confirm their fees. Also I cannot provide any information regarding student loan. Please looking for load see if there are some scholarships available for you. Below mentioned link have some info regarding scholarships you can check if any of this apply to you.


Also this link contain information regarding loan

Best of Luck


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