The concept of buying used items is different in America as people do not feel bad in buying used items. You may find many used items in excellent condition still lower in price. For students and low income groups buying used stuff is ideal as it saves lots of money and sometimes the price is too good to be true.

While leaving a place, people mostly sell their entire household items separately or as a “Yard Sales” which means that they will arrange every item in their yard or lawn for people to purchase. You may get a very good deal from such yard / garage sale.

How & where to find used stuff:

Used furniture and other items can easily be found on “craigslist” or kijiji very famous local listing available in North America

  1. (local listing)
  2. (local listing)
  3. (online auction)

Where to find used vehicles:

To buy used vehicle the same above mentioned websites can be very useful however there is another website that contains useful information regarding vehicles, reviews, crash test reports, videos etc.

Buying a new vehicle is easy on internet, you just need to know which car you want to buy e.g. if you want to buy a Honda then you need to go to and find “Locate a Dealer” and get the nearest place where you can buy a new Honda.

Instructions for buying a used car:

  1. Do not forget to bargain the price, do some research on internet before bargaining, your bargaining ability can works well while buying a car. We were offered a price of $4400 for a used Toyota Camry 1997 model and we bought it for $3700. It all depend how you deal with someone.
  2. A website Kelly blue book ( is the most reliable name when it comes to the price of used cars. If you want to know the price of any used car just type in the make, model, miles and some details of the car and the website will let you know about the prices. Honda and Toyota sells for higher price than mentioned on KBB and General Motors cars (ford, Subaru, Pontiac etc) sells for lesser price than mentioned on KBB.
  3. Before finalizing the purchase of used car it’s better to check the history of the vehicle. CARFAX reports are used for vehicle history that provides information about the owners, accidents, name transfer, places where it was etc however for one car CARFAX report you need to pay approximately $35, its better to buy a CARFAX for around $40 for whole month if you are planning to buy a used car so you can check all cars you are considering by entering the VIN of car on
  4. Old American cars made by General Motors are not as reliable specially after driven for 100,000 miles, you can find such cars on lower prices but Pakistanis always gives preference to Japan made cars specially Honda and Toyota but it’s bit expensive than other makes. Toyota Camry & Honda Accord is mostly used by Pakistanis some buys corolla & Civic to get more fuel economy. Toyota & Honda are famous for the fuel economy. The American cars (GM) new models are considered reliable now due to technology they are using now days.

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