The rent price of homes may vary at different places in USA. In most areas it’s not hard to find an accommodation that matches your budget but in some large cities such as New York or Los Angles etc. housing demand is high so rents are too high as compared to smaller cities.

Prices for housing depend on size of a home, utilities offered, building location etc. Mostly Pakistani student families lives in one to two bedroom apartments however the families with permanent employment tends to live in town homes (A bigger house e.g. a 10 Marla house fully constructed can be called a town home)

Most of the apartments are unfurnished and usually have an electric stove, refrigerator, air-conditioner and sometimes a dishwasher and small fixtures like window blinds, bulbs etc. do not worry if you find any apartment made in 1970 or older because the old build places get renovated over time and their style does not change as frequently as in Pakistan so they all seems alike. Before providing any place for rent, the owner may ask you for someone reference living in same city as its not possible for them to check your credibility all the times.

Signing for lease / apartment or home:

Most of the apartment offers rental lease for almost at least a year. While moving for a first time in USA, and arranging a place before coming, risk is involved as you have never actually saw the place and the real estate staff might not trust you as they always require some type of security while giving an apartment on lease so it’s difficult if you have no one in USA that knows you or can arrange an apartment for you.

If looking for a home for a shorter time period to search for another one after reaching USA, you need to go through online advertisements and contacting the owners for information and explain your situation. Usually people in USA trust each other and the owner might reserve a place for you as well without any monetary security however it completely depends on your communication and the other person.

Things you need to know before signing a lease:

You can always ask about the utilities included in the rent like some apartment owners provides water, sewerage and trash with the rent that can save around $100 in bill, some adds heating, heating, electricity, internet etc. you can confirm it beforehand. Free parking should be available if you have your own car to avoid parking problem if any. If it’s an individual home or apartment then lawn care should be added as it might get costly to take care of the lawn on your own. The costs of such utilities are discussed in living cost in USA section.

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  1. sarah iqbal Reply

    Hi AOA, my name is Sarah Iqbal from Karachi, well i am looking for a shared room with just the females, if possible with the Pakistani females, but near the 47 Walnut Park Montessori School, Newton MA 02458 area, since i am having problems with commuting to take the classes everyday from Randolph to (Newton MA, where my school is) & i am also looking for the rooms myself, just thought that if u could help me out too & as soon as possible. I’ll appreciate it.

    Please kindly provide me with the required information & other details as well. I would be
    highly obliged and I shall be very thankful to you. Your co-operation
    will be highly appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Take care
    Best Regards
    Sarah Iqbal.
    P.S. I am looking forward to hearing a favorable reply from you.

  2. naveed Reply

    hi i am naveed amin from pakistan, i am in michigan USA i have one room apt for $525 rent, but its alot for me becoz my income is just $1100, and i am looking for a lower rent for 2 bedroom home or apt ….

    plzzzz kindly help me out i will be very thankfull.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Salam, have you checked for your area? + if you have any Muslim network or mosque website or contact list you can personally contact them locally. They will help you finding a cheaper place or can find a person to share your apartment to share rent

      • soniaabbas Reply

        hello my age is 20 i want to apply usa vist visa mera apn akoi nhe hain usa main kiya maera vist visa lag jy ga plz reply mere email pay kare plz

  3. mAQSROOR aHMED Reply


    • admin Post authorReply

      You cannot get a mortgage in USA while you are a resident in Pakistan however if you want to buy the property on cash yes you can.

  4. KHAN Reply

    Asalam o Aliakum, i am visiting usa on multiple entry visa ,from 1st December, along with three friend and intend to have two on rent for one MONTH at low rent ,at River side city in California state, how i can get it, advice on the issue please,regards


    I am visiting US in May,2015. My cousin and uncle are living in US. I will marry with my cousin. My visa is B1/B2. Can I change my visa status in US

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Shahid, no, status cannot be changed like this, you would need to come back to Pakistan and after that your wife would apply for an immigrant visa for you.

  6. HASSAN Raza Reply

    AoA Raza from Pakistan. I got visit visa for usa with my mother younger sister and younger brother we are totaly 4 ..
    I don’t want to come back to pakistan even my brother also…
    So what i can do there or how i can move to canada from.usa for get peper
    Thanks please reply

  7. Ali Reply

    Salam to all sis and brothers
    I need one flat for rent to live with my mother and young sister 12 years old..
    Please any pakistani family want to share there home..
    Reply me urgent

  8. Tina Reply

    Looking for an apartment for my friends family in NY, Long Island, Nassau county.
    Husband, Wife and 3 small kids. If possible 2 bedrooms.
    So far no one with affordable prices will accept children.
    Needed before the end of November 2018, or as soon as possible.
    Please email me if you have an apartment for rent.
    Thank you!

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