How to Financially Sponsor a USA Visit Visa for Family or Friend

If you want someone to visit you in the United States but he or she doesn’t have the resources to do that then you can take the financial responsibility of that person. You would need to prepare some documents to financially sponsor a visit visa that would show that you are financially sound and will take care of the money matters.The documents for sponsoring a visit visa are mentioned below.

Invitation Letter:

Write an invitation letter to your family or friend and invite him or her to visit the United States of America. This letter is a personal letter, you can see a sample letter here.

Affidavit of Support: Form I-134:

You must fill  Affidavit of Support From I-134 form for everyone you are sponsoring financially. If you are sponsoring your parents, you should fill two separate forms for them (being on safe side). You don’t need to notarize it, just sign it.

Copy of the Sponsor’s Passport:

Photocopy should be of the passport page with all information.

Employment Letter:

A letter from your workplace on the company’s letterhead showing your designation, joining date and yearly drawing salary.

Sponsorship Letter:

Write a sponsorship letter addressed to the US consulate requesting to grant the visit visa to the applicants.

Bank Verification Letter:

You must obtain a bank verification letter from your bank providing that you have an account with that bank. It can show the date when you first opened the account, the total balance you have. Its better to ask the bank how much time they would take to issue a letter so you can plan ahead.

Income Tax Documents:

You must attach copy of your last income tax returns or W2 forms. If you own a business or self employed then you would need copy of personal tax return.

Visa or Residence Documents:

If you are a visa holder then you must attach the copies of the visa (H1/L1), H1 approval form (I-797) and I-94. If you are a green card holder or a citizen, then, copy of those documents are require instead.

Pay Stubs:

Please attach your recent pay slips / salary slips, better to attach past 6 months pay stubs.

Bank Statements:

Bank statement of last 6 months showing a good amount of money to sponsor a trip of your relative or a friend. Please be advised that you must maintain this balance in your account and if you have a recent chunk of payment deposited in your account you must have a good explanation for that.


2 thoughts on “How to Financially Sponsor a USA Visit Visa for Family or Friend

  1. SANIYA Reply

    hi ..very informative site.tell me if the person is on Asylum and working on H1-Visa so does he able send an invitation letter to a frd for a tourist visa if he meets all above mentioned requirments and sponsor that he is financially sound.?? please reply soon as i have some plans to visit USA on tourist visa.


  2. Ali Reply

    Hello friend,

    I’m working as software engineer for USA company (which is not registered in Pakistan) since 11 years. My boss want me and my wife to visit him and have nice vacations about 1 week.
    I have never visited any county on my passport. My trip would be 100% paid by my boss. I also have about 15 lack in my account and getting salary about 200k.
    How should I apply for visa? Should I try tourist visa or business visa? My boss is ready to provide me any documents which needed. I really want to go there.
    Can you guide me?


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