How to buy a laptop online in Pakistan from USA stores

Ans: Not recommended


If you are buying the laptop online from United States, you can get it via shipment which means you will never get it. The only possible way to get it shipped is through DHL or FedEx who can guarantee its shipment however once they have the package they will call you at their office and you will have to pay they duty before accepting it which is not a small amount. Just for giving an estimate.

Decent laptop price is United States: $500
Shipment charges of FedEx / DHL without insurance (Around 3Kg package) $130

Total without import duty- $630 @ 85PKR/USD (53,550 Rs.)

This amount does not include the duty and credit card extra charge for international payment which is around 2.5% to 3% of total transaction amount. you will have to pay in Pakistan which in unknown. I am pretty sure that a $500 worth of laptop can be purchased easily for 53,550 Rs in Pakistan.

Websites that send electronics & Laptops in Pakistan?

Some of the websites offer international shipment to some countries however I have never encountered any website that offers shipment to Pakistan. The only way of shipping a laptop to Pakistan is through on which you will have to make account. For payment you will have to see if some seller accept credit card as mostly seller prefer to take “Paypal” whose services are not available in Pakistan.

On Ebay you will hardly find a seller who will send a laptop to Pakistan, may be some Chinese. I have asked some Chinese sellers to send some products (Cell phone skins) to Pakistan and he responded, “9 out of 10 packages I send to Pakistan lost and never reach the buyer so I will not send it”. You will have to contact the seller individually to see if they can work with you and ship the item via reliable courier service which will be quite expensive.

Note: If a United States seller is selling a laptop and is ready to ship it to you, do not let him ship via “United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS will hand over the package to Pakistan Post and they will eat it up. What a Shame.

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  1. Waqar Reply

    I want to know abt online shoping that which websit is sending clothes to pakistan like shirts coats etc etc and accept credit card paymnts please refer few website and detailed abt all that,

    • admin Post authorReply

      Unfortunately I have never seen any store offering shipping to Pakistan. There are few reputable stores I have checked, they are offering services to many countries but Pakistan is not in that list. Not even Pakistan international shipping is not offered in most Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Even if you find a store they might ship you via USPS and the package will most likely get lost (as Pakistan post will steal it for sure). If the store is using FedEx, UPS or DHL then you will most likely get it however the cost is too high. $80 for 1st KG approximately.
      If you are ok with shipping charges then its best to let someone else do the shopping for you in United States and send a package to you via these services. Hope it helps.

  2. Zahid Reply


    is there anyone can tell me a place in Pakistan where i can buy a laptop using my paypal ?

    i do not have cash in hand. all i have is on my paypal.
    i appreciate your help

    • admin Post authorReply

      Paypal is not accepted in Pakistan and there are very few websites that offer online shopping like but they accept credit cards and western union. I have only seen one website that accepts paypal and I have purchased some stuff to send as gifts but they do not sell laptops and they are pretty expensive for what they offer.

  3. Anaya Reply

    Amazon will also send it via USPS and they will give it to Pakistan post and rest the process you know, your money can be wasted. Only if there is an option of DHL or FedEx on Amazon then yo can avail it. There are some private sellers selling on Amazon, they might offer to shop via DHL etc however it will be very expensive and with import duty the product will be worth not purchasing.


  4. Ali Reply

    Thanks for the advice, found it very useful otherwise I could have learnt it from some bad experience ;-).Thanks guys you are doing well.

  5. saqib Reply

    i want to buy HP Envy 17 ci7 quad edition,processor 2.4 ghz,1TB hdd,8gb Ram,but shipped in pakistan

    • admin Post authorReply

      Yes Yousaf, according to the information available on Pakistan’s govt sites there is no duty but they might charge you with the sales tax that can cost you aroung 17% or more, check that out too plus they might look for some bribe as the custom staff will know its a laptop and they will try their best to get your laptop and gift it to their family or friends 🙂

  6. ch irfan Reply

    Assalam-o-alaikum sir. aap se kuch info chahey, yeh china online store ( ) se agar mobile purchase kiya jaye tu kiya pakistan mein receive ho jaye ga. pandawill worldwide free shipping ki service de rahe hain include pakistan. please reply me ?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Seems like a Chinese company. I can’t say anything about it.

  7. Awais Reply

    There is any website where I can buy stuff from America to shipping in Pakistan because I have master America card….

  8. Hassan Khan Reply

    AOA !! I want to buy a lg tribute handset in Pakistan. Is there any shop which sells it used or first hand . Thanks !!!

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Wa Alaikum Salam brother, don’t know about that.

  9. Imran Afridi Reply

    If anyone want to buy through Paypal in Pakistan now they can and also in reasonable amount these two sites are good and they accept paypal in Pakistan
    I purchased a mobile on even they also deals in a American stock delivery in 4 -5 days of payments

  10. Zulkeefal Dar Reply


    If someone buys laptop for me in US and ships it to Pak using FedEx, will there be any extra charges that I might have to pay? Like duty or taxes?


    • Admin Post authorReply

      Some electronic goods such as laptops can be imported as duty-free product in Pakistan however please make sure this before ordering one because the post office officials are always in a mood to make money. I have sent $1 stylus pen to Pakistan and they have charged 50Rs in duty for that.

  11. tariq mahmood Reply

    We r grp n planning to offer some products of amazon ebay etc in pakistan .. what challenges u c .. in addition to courier duty …

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Courier and Duty are the only costs I can foresee for online shopping. Not sure about any hidden charges.

  12. ilimuddin panhwar Reply

    I want to courier two mobiles, iphone 7 with box and one ear pods with box how much it will be cost

  13. Muhammad Nauman Tariq Reply

    The most funny part is “Pakistan Post will eat it up” hahaha…but unfortunately its true and its a matter of shame for us.

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