How to apply for United State visit visa from Pakistan

If you want to apply for visit visa for tourism or visiting a family member in United States you will need to apply for a B2 visit visa. B1 visit visa is for business travelers only. The process for applying for B1 or B2 visa is the same and is mentioned below.

You will need to have a picture taken according to the requirement of united states embassy which should be with white background and 2 x 2 inches in size.

  • You only need to fill one form which is DS-160 that is web based, you will need to fill the information online.
  • After submitting an online application you will get a confirmation which you need to print.
  • After that you will need to visit an American Express Bank Ltd, a participating branch of American Express, or Speedex in Pakistan where you need to submit the fee and get the receipt . Visa fee is $160 which is around 17,070 Pak Rupee (previously it was $140).
  • You will need to take below mentioned documents at speedex or participating branch of American Express for appointment date.
  • They will take the documents and will give you the appointment for interview and will notify you about the date and time.

List of Documents:

You must take these documents when you go for an appointment. You would also need to present some more documents on interview day depending upon your reason of visit.

  • The one-page confirmation form (with legible barcode) from the DS-160;
  • A current photo (within the last 6 months) measuring 2″ x 2″ with white background;
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned date of entry to the U.S.
  • Photocopies of the bio-pages of all previous passports for the last 15 years.
  • A complete travel history for last 10 years, mention the name of country, entry or exit date.
  • A list of applicant’s siblings and children names.

List of Documents for visit reason:

When you will go to the embassy for an interview, you will need to present some more documents. What documents you would need will depend completely on your reason for visit. I have prepared documents checklist for visit visas related to family visit and business visit. Please click on the relevant link for the detailed information.

On interview day:

  • On the interview date reach at-least 30 minutes in advance, keep in mind that you will have to take the shuttle so calculate time accordingly.
  • Interview is mostly straight forward mainly focusing on your reason to visit and to evaluate whether you will come back to Pakistan or not.
  • Most of the times if your visa is rejected you will be notified at the spot and your passport will be returned.
  • If they keep your passport, you will be asked to wait for the administration process. Once the administration process is complete they courier your passport to your home.
  • Normally they give 90 days time period when your visa will be issued, you will not be able to expedite the visa process in any case. For women the visa can be issued as early as two days most of the times within a week however for male it can take 2 to 8 months. My personal experience is that it mostly takes more than three months so you need to apply for visa ahead of time so you can travel on time.
  • You might send email to US embassy after 90 days if your visa is still not issued but they will always tell you that the processing time may take time and they can not confirm anytime when your visa will be ready.

To get the complete details about the USA non-immigrant visa check this website

For complete details about the photo requirement click on the link below

For complete details of the courier services where you can submit your fee and get appointment click on the link below

If you want to apply visa in an emergency then the process can be expedited, please follow below mentioned link for details 

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  1. Mfk /

    I have two passports an old one and the new one.I got my new passport made because I got divorce my ex husband and got married again.problem is in my old passport my husband name is my ex name.and in my new passport I didn’t mention my husband name because we thought it’s not necessary:-/.. And I have applied for visit visa already and my appointment is on 3 June.please help.I have traveled 3 countries on my new passport though. Kindly reply me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Salam, sorry for replying late but I hope you understand I can’t be quick all the time. you will have the visa on new passport off-course and you can mention the reason of different name on your old passport.

    2. Salman /

      so what happened in us embassy?any problem??

  2. FAHAD qureshi /

    dear friend. mera bhai es waqt saudia mey hai us ney wahan sey apply kia walsh contruction plc company US ore unhen mera bhai ki C.V pasand ayi hai .bhai ney as AUTOCAD draftman civil keh appky kia tha.ore comapny ney agrement bheja hai ore woh keh rahey hainap ko visa accomdation ore allownces miley gey.likin ap ko work permit lena parey ga.toh kia kerna parey ga. ore kitney paisay lagey gey work permit hasil kernah keh lia.kindly tell me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Fahad, agar wo keh rahay hain work permit lena paray ga to wo apkay brother ke liye word permit khud apply kar ke usko bula lain gay. App ko kisi kisam k koi paisay dena ki zarorat nahi hai. Agar wo app se paisay mang rahay hain to ye fraud hai. Is tarha koi bhi organization paisay nahi leti.

  3. Waleed /

    Hello ,
    I have an interview on tuesday so I have few questions regarding sponsorship of visa. I am applying for non-immigrant visa for a 1 month tour . my friend is sponsoring everything from tickets to living expenses. He is a us citizen. He is filling the i-34 form but doesnt know where to send that form ?
    The questions are
    1: where should he send the form ?
    2: is i-34 form applicable on my visa ?
    3: do i need other statements to prove myself that i will come pakistan ?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Waleed,
      Forms are submitted online and you will need to print its summary and take it with you on interview day
      Yes he can financially sponsor you a visit
      Anything that can prove your ties to Pakistan can be taken with you, bank statements, salary slips, job letters, property documents, business documents etc
      also visit this link

  4. Waleed /

    Hello ,
    I am applying for a non-immigrant B2 visa and i have an interview on Tuesday 7th June .
    I need some few questions to be answered before my interview.

    Q1: What kind of documents does she need to attach with the i34 form?

    Q2: if so, she has infact filled out the i34 form and compiled all of her personal documents as proof of sponsorship.
    Where can she securely submit this documentation to the US embassy in islamabad or to the officer who is going to interview me ? Since these are very personal documents and she wants a secure transfer.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Waleed, They do not keep any of your original documents. If they really need they usually copy it themselves in the Embassy however if you like you can take photocopies of the documents you have. If these are pay slips or bank statements etc that can easily be printed again they might keep it but the documents that can’t have other copies they usually make copies.
      These links might help

  5. Mona /

    Hi I wanted to ask u that me n my husband have multiple visit visa to the US but our son doesn’t since it was my 9th month when we applied so we were unable to travel to the states due to medical issues related to my son … now we applied in saudi but right now my hubby is on duty there but I’m in Pakistan
    If I go n try to get the visa from here without the presence of my husband will that be an issue and will it be rejected ??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      if you are applying for your Son’s visa your husband doesn’t need to go. Infect only the person getting the visa need to go for an interview and if it was your visa you husband couldn’t go with you. Please check the process on embassy website for children’s visa.

  6. Mona /

    And can my husband just apply from saudia by showing copies of our passports can that work too?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You will have to go for your own interview.

  7. shazi /

    its Mrs imtiaz
    me and my husband wana go to usa visit visa
    I have two baby boys but they will not join us they will live with their grandparents
    before we were in uk but unfortunately my husband was deported and I did asylum in uk but after 1 year came back voluntary
    there is no deport stamp on my husband passport
    kindly let me know is there any issue regarding visit visa of usa
    also tell me about our visa success

    really thankful to you

  8. Sameer /

    AOA i share my previous experience and current experience my age 38 right now working in pvt company.. im married & with one daughter my wife doing phd.
    my previous travel history travel in schengen states & united kingdom multiple times.
    first time i apply visitor visa in 2012 alone my visa refused visa officer say i’m so sorry u r not eligible for visitor visa our immigration policy not recommend you he give me one letter 214b that’s it on that time i have valid schengen visa and uk multiple visa.i don’t know why he refused??? in 214b strong ties.
    today 1 aug 2016 i interview again with my complete family wife and daughter in same karachi consulate:-
    interview in urdu:-
    VO: AOA
    ME: wasalam
    VO: where you going in usa
    Me: virgina meet with my cousin brother
    VO: how many days
    me: 10 days
    vo: where you live in khi
    me: north nazimabad with my mother
    vo: with my wife ” what’s you doing”
    my wife: im doing phd
    vo: u have only one daughter
    my wife: yes
    vo: say im so sorry same answer you are not meet with our non immigrant policy we cannot give you b1/b2 visa same paper 214b 🙁
    i cannot understand why same after 4 years my personal observation visa officer never give you visa until unless system clearance if system clear you then 100% you got visa in these days i have multiple both country visa also schengen states and united kingdom.
    please guide me whats the problem? why he refusal after 4 years same letter i cannt understand plz comments thanks

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Sameer,
      I really don’t know, your case sounds strong to me, if you are doing PhD, you should visit USA to present a paper or attend a conference. That is a strong reason to visit United States.

  9. Mrs hassan /

    Sir mujay pata Karna tha meri beti us gahe hai 4 month phelay now she is pragnent .wahan koi air nai hai female us Kay pass .woh and us ka husband hai .now how can I apply for her take care at this tIme

  10. Nosheen /

    Aoa, sir we r 6 family members me my husband and two kids (7 years and 12years) have visit visa and we have visited US in April 2016 for 15 days only now we r in pakistan and this time we need to apply visa for my other children (14years boy and 17 years old girl) plz I need your expert opinion about the possibility of my children visit visa

  11. Umer ali /

    I got south Africa work permit for 5year so can I apply f or visa for USA so how can I apply bcoz I am going 7time in South Africa

  12. ali malik /

    hi brother i haved a new passport recently !!
    im going to apply for a visa of us:
    but there is no one that cab guide me what should i do?

  13. Safian aslam /

    Halo sir my name is safian aslam from faislabad sir mey ny usa multipal b1 b2 appaly kia a mujy ap ple ya infome kr dey k.mri interview date kab ha ya.mara mry counsltent ny sabmit b visa krwea ha k nhi ple sir my passpot no#cv1802392

  14. munib /


    can any one tell me how much money do i need in my bank statement for visit visa

  15. M.SOHAIL /


  16. shahroz khan /

    i need visit visa

  17. Omer /

    we are forget to make a photocopy of i-130 form when we are submitting to uscis. And now our case has been approved and i have approval notice. i have question it is necessary to bring i-130 form copy into US embassy at the time of interview? it is required there ?

  18. Faryal /

    Salam mujy ye pochna ha k main us green card holder hon main ne 3 n half month pehle yahan baby born kiya ha so mera usa Jane main ab bas 1 month baki ha main apni baby ko usa sath laker Jana chah ri hon so mujy kya karna chaiyee

  19. Faryal /

    Mujy baby ka oppientment chaiye isb embassy se

  20. kashif /

    Hello admin Salam mera naam kashif hay may ne jan 2016 may apply kya tha apni wife ke sath mager mujhe visa nhi diya mujh we pooch aap ko kyun jana hai usa aur aap ke ktine bache hain my 3 kids hain mager uno ne ek paper diya us may likha hua ke aap ka koi usa may jane wala nhi hai woh wahan se aap ko wapis jane ka bole mager mujhe tu wapis aana tha ab sirf khud apply karna chata hun mera ek frds hai us ne apna address diya hai mobil kiya phir apply karo aur mere pass itne paise hain ke may hotel bhi kar sakta mujhe zaida se zaida 20 days ke liye jana hai tu aap meri help karain may kiya karo

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Kashif, agar app akelay jana chahtay hain to chances achay hain. Strong bank statement hona zarori hai or app apnay dost ka address de saktay hain agar app ne wakai wahan rukna hia to warna app hotel ka address de kar bata saktay hain k hotel main stay karna hai.

    2. Sano /

      Plz app mujy bata saktay hai ke bank statment minimum ketna hona chahay??

  21. Muheeb Ahmad /

    dear sir i passed fsc. and i have 5 years experience in electrician ,plumbing and painting and also have a driving licence but i wish to go to USA for any visa.
    sir please guide me.
    whatapps. 00923432760085
    contact. 00923432760085

  22. Sabina /

    I want to apply a visit visa for my mother she has a new passport before this passport she had no passport. My question is it can she apply for visit visa on new passport?

    1. Mohsin /

      Yes she can apply on new passport…

  23. umersaleem /

    Mere uncle America men rehte hen and men wahan Jana chata hun but woh mjhe wahan se kese bula sakte?? Unhon ne apni family ko to bula ya he but mjhe Bilane k lie as a permanent 4-5saal lag sakte hen to koi tareeke he k woh wahan se jaldi bula Len visit visa par??

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Umer,
      visit visa aaj apply kar ke dekh lain apko milta hai ya nahi. Apkay uncle apni family ko permanently bula saktay hai but apko is tarha nahi bula saktay

  24. Ali Raza /

    Hi I want to apply a visit visa

  25. Ali Raza /

    I want to apply a visit visa

  26. Ali Raza /

    I want to apply a USA visit visa

  27. Shahbaz Masih /

    Hi, Actually I’m looking for the visit visa for US. I’ve few questions for you Sir !!!
    How can I apply for the visit visa ?
    How much it cost me ?
    For how many days it will work for me ?
    Where do I’ll stay there over in US ?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      How can I tell where you will stay and for how many days? If you are staying at a hotel mention that, if you you want to stay for 10 days mention that, if more mention that on application. Process is mentioned above.

  28. Memon /

    I would be very grateful if you may kindly let me know about the fastest process to bring my wife in USA. I am an American Citizen and going to marry a Pakistani Citizen girl in Pakistan. Which is the best and fastest procedure I should go for? I am planning to go to Pakistan for Nikkah and Shaadi .. Please guide me properly enabling me to bring my wife in USA as soon as possible..

    1. Admin / Post Author
  29. Nomi jutt /

    Asslam o Alikum kya hal hai brother 1 help ki zarorat hai main usa visa apply karna chahta hon with family kaisy apply karo’n

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nomi, please read the post.

  30. malik nadeem ul hassan /

    hi…sir mei malik nadeem hoon last 9 year’s se dubai UAE mei job kar raha hoon knw pakistan aya hoon 2013 to 2015 i work with US navy in DUBAI i have own business in pakistan as will bank statement bhi theek hai i have 3 kids i want to move USA so kindly i need ur help to guid me k kiya mei work visa k liye apply karo ya vist k liye plz ya pher business k liye Q k mera apna showroom hai FRUNITURE ka islamabad mei plz help me to choose the right way to move USA thankx…..malik

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nadeem. Work visa k liye appko apply nahi kara hota. Agar US main koi organization apko work visa sponsor karnay par tyar ho jaati hai tab app ja saktay hain.
      Business ke liye agar app apna furniture import karna chahtay hain to wahan furniture stores se rabta karain but app wahan permanently esay move nahi ho saktay.
      Uskay liye app US ki immigration ki websites check karain.

  31. abid /

    Main or meri wife usa jana chahty hain visot k liye hamari abi abi shadi hui ha …Hamary pas travel history nhn ha kia hamara visa lagny k chances han…

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You need strong bank statement or stable job that would show your ties to Pakistan. Agar app Pakistan main apni ties strong show kar saktay hain tab visa lag sakta hia.

  32. junaid /

    me us visit visa par jana chahata hn ?? me professional student hn . i have done complete BBA In December 2016.. mere bank statement mere father ke statment ke ilawa aur kya need ho ge ???

    1. Admin / Post Author
  33. silviana /

    Good evening i really dont understand it is so hard to get usa visa i try 3 time first time when i apply i had new passport so no luck again with my kids no luck i really dont understand actually what they want why we spent so much money pay the frees want to spend my life in peace any how just leave the rest in God hand but i will try again and again

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Good evening. Its their decision, if they suspect that you won’t come back of breach the visa condition in any way they won’t grant visa and its not easy to get visa of any western country on Pakistani passport.

  34. AAMIR ALI /

    i go to america i got some information
    can you send me phone number i live in pakistan.

  35. arooj mughal /

    i want to go US to present my paper in 3 day conference. if they provide me some grants/scholarship upto 500 dollars, how much money i need to to add in it to get through the whole process of VISA. moreover, what about my visa fee and all other expenditures related to visa and passport?
    waiting for ur reply

    1. Admin / Post Author

      $160 visa fee. Interview to and from embassy. Your conference registration fee. Check conference website for that. Ticket to USA. Hotel or accommodation charges. You can check ticket prices at it can be around 1 lac rupee. If you do not have passport, you can apply for one and you can confirm Nadra website for fee.

  36. sania /

    hello admin I have some questions plz reply me maternal uncle is in America and he want that we visit him for one month.mere uncle hamaray lay invitation letter send kar raha hai.he wil support us financially…kya hum bhi ammie ke sath ja saktay hai?mere ammie ka bank statement sahe hai property vhi hai an job bi.or mere or sister ka bhi govt job hai???kya hamara bhi ammie ke sath ja saktay hai?somebody told us ke tum log nahe ja saktay ammie ke sath..agar hamain visa nae melay ga tu kya reason hoge?ya phir koi or tareeqa bata dai

    1. Ali /

      Hehehe i like your english.

    2. Admin / Post Author


      App log apni ami k sath visit visa apply kar saktay hain. App log akathey interview denay ja saktay hain. Agar job hai apna job letter ya agar student hain to university se holidays ki permission ka letter le jaiye ga. App log akathey ja rahay hain to phir wo critically dekahina gay k wapas anay ki koi reason ho. Apki country se ties dekhain gay. App logo ki age ya single honay ki waja se visa reject ho sakta hia.

      1. sanoo /

        mere and mere sister he age between 25 and 30 hai.and we are single,tu q reject hoga?

  37. Anees Ur Rahman /

    Salam u alikum sir
    My name is Anees Ur Rahman I live in Pakistan
    Please help me an your visit visa.
    I love U S A

  38. Imranullah Qureshi /

    How can I apply USA visit visa there is my cousin she have citizenship and also have her on house and she is doing a job and their daughters also running there business in Chicago . I’m working here in Karachi as officers logistic. I don’t want to stay there just for visit and she will take all my expenses and grantee . My salary is 35 thousand ۔ can I eligible for apply and how much changes to getting visit visa

  39. Bushra shoaib /

    I had applied the visa of USA with my mother she is 73+ and my daughter she 16. On 18th november when we went to the embassy the visa officer asked some questions from me and my daughter and then he camed to my mother, she didn’t answered some questions rightly because her memory is weak she said “i am going to visit my daughter in USA” but actually in USA was her sister to which we where going to visit, because of this our visa was rejected. Now i need to know that can i apply a new visa with my husband and kids? Just for winter holidays to see new year & chirstmas celebrations in USA or i should apply only with my husband that we both want to visit USA? In which these two situations there are chances to get visa and on which date should i go again? Please let me know. Thank you

  40. nadir khan /

    Dear sir,
    I have a friend in US and she wants me to get there. Can you tell me the process i have to do.
    thanks or 00923018907850

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