How to apply for United State visit visa from Pakistan

If you want to apply for visit visa for tourism or visiting a family member in United States you will need to apply for a B2 visit visa. B1 visit visa is for business travelers only. The process for applying for B1 or B2 visa is the same and is mentioned below.

You will need to have a picture taken according to the requirement of united states embassy which should be with white background and 2 x 2 inches in size.

  • You only need to fill one form which is DS-160 that is web based, you will need to fill the information online.
  • After submitting an online application you will get a confirmation which you need to print.
  • After that you will need to visit an American Express Bank Ltd, a participating branch of American Express, or Speedex in Pakistan where you need to submit the fee and get the receipt . Visa fee is $160 which is around 17,070 Pak Rupee (previously it was $140).
  • You will need to take below mentioned documents at speedex or participating branch of American Express for appointment date.
  • They will take the documents and will give you the appointment for interview and will notify you about the date and time.

List of Documents:

You must take these documents when you go for an appointment. You would also need to present some more documents on interview day depending upon your reason of visit.

  • The one-page confirmation form (with legible barcode) from the DS-160;
  • A current photo (within the last 6 months) measuring 2″ x 2″ with white background;
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned date of entry to the U.S.
  • Photocopies of the bio-pages of all previous passports for the last 15 years.
  • A complete travel history for last 10 years, mention the name of country, entry or exit date.
  • A list of applicant’s siblings and children names.

List of Documents for visit reason:

When you will go to the embassy for an interview, you will need to present some more documents. What documents you would need will depend completely on your reason for visit. I have prepared documents checklist for visit visas related to family visit and business visit. Please click on the relevant link for the detailed information.

On interview day:

  • On the interview date reach at-least 30 minutes in advance, keep in mind that you will have to take the shuttle so calculate time accordingly.
  • Interview is mostly straight forward mainly focusing on your reason to visit and to evaluate whether you will come back to Pakistan or not.
  • Most of the times if your visa is rejected you will be notified at the spot and your passport will be returned.
  • If they keep your passport, you will be asked to wait for the administration process. Once the administration process is complete they courier your passport to your home.
  • Normally they give 90 days time period when your visa will be issued, you will not be able to expedite the visa process in any case. For women the visa can be issued as early as two days most of the times within a week however for male it can take 2 to 8 months. My personal experience is that it mostly takes more than three months so you need to apply for visa ahead of time so you can travel on time.
  • You might send email to US embassy after 90 days if your visa is still not issued but they will always tell you that the processing time may take time and they can not confirm anytime when your visa will be ready.

To get the complete details about the USA non-immigrant visa check this website

For complete details about the photo requirement click on the link below

For complete details of the courier services where you can submit your fee and get appointment click on the link below

If you want to apply visa in an emergency then the process can be expedited, please follow below mentioned link for details 

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  1. saima /

    They returned my father in law passport in 8 months and my father’s passport in 9 months in total. Both names started with “Muhammad” I think whoever has name Mohammad they require extra time to search their database because its the most commonly used name in the whole world.
    My mother visa issued in two days and mine in 5. Usually for women its quite fast but still apply 3 months in advance.

    1. ASHOUB JAN /



        HELLO, admin

        I hope u would fiance lives in USA (california),we have both been deciding getting married soon.what should i do,should i go for a B1 or B2 visit visas. Reaching and marry with her and be settled over there. but at that case it would be suppoesd as visa ‘s fraud as u mentioned in yours replies to people having a mess same of mine.only opportunity is left for k-1 visa,please let me know, does k-1do any good in this regard,how much time do i have to wait in lieu of USA visa.would it be better to apply k-1 from my fiancee .

        i m w8in for ur kind reply..

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Danish, you can apply for a visit visa B1/B2, but they usually refuse it when they know you have a fiance there because they assume you will get married there and will not come back. The visa fraud is when you say you are going to visit her get married and stay there and never come back. You should apply for a K1 visa, I am not sure how much time it would take and embassy can’t tell you either. It can take 2 months to 8 months, no one can tell. for K1 you must get married within 3 months when you reach there. More details here

          1. DANISH SHAHZAD /

            thanks foe a kind hearted reply,,

            if i choose ,for instance either B1 or B2 visit visas , without telling the embassy my hidden intentions i am succeeded in getting the visa and got married over there with my fiancee with in days.will USA allow me to stay with her at indefinite time period.or will they deport me at once if they come to know….

            the second thing .should K1 visa application apply from my side or from my finacee side? ,,what would be the most suitable thing for us….


            1. admin / Post Author

              Dear Danish, first solution is considered fraud and you might not get citizenship or they might deport you, either way if your case is legit why taking a risk? Go legal and apply for a K1. The process to apply is mentioned on embassy website where your fiance has to file some paperwork.

              1. DANISH SHAHZAD /

                thanks a lot dear…i will go for it,,once again thanks,

              2. Akash Anwar /

                Sir can you tell me what is the procedure & requirements for visit visa?

                Waiting for your kind reply…

                Akash Anwar
                Caste: Christianity

                1. admin / Post Author

                  Dear Akash, Please read the entire post, it contains all the relevant information you need.

          2. SYED HAIDER /

            DEAR ADMIN

          3. Muhammad Afzaal /

            how can i get US visa
            please kindly send me whole infomation

  2. Bushra /

    Salam to all,
    I have completed PHARM.D with 2.5GP (recog. by HEC Pakstain 5 years degree program), after my final exams i got married, now after almost 3 yrs passed out, I wish to continue study in the same, and get the highest degree form USA, please advise me how to gat admission, and how to get the scholership for study.

    thnx & regards,

    1. Shakeel /

      Well, you need to visit the USEFP website. US government offers scholarships to Pakistani students for Masters and PhD programes… Best regards.

  3. mudassir /


    my friend who is chinese is studying in US.I want to go to meet him on visit visa. i graduated from chinese university in i am in pakistan. is this reason enough for me to get visit visa that i am going to meet my chinese freind there?
    waiting for early reply.

    kind regards

    1. admin / Post Author

      @mudassir, yes you can always apply for a visa to visit your friends in United States however it is most likely that you will be refused if you are a young man and does not have a very highly paid job. I am not discouraging you, you can always apply for the visa, if you get it then its great.

  4. sabiha firdous /

    my aunty and uncle in usa my uncle send me invitation letter and all of documents to me when i was like to meet m y uncle and aunt what we do

  5. Anaya /

    Invitation letters are not the requirements for applying visa however you can take it with you when you will go for an interview in case they ask for it. You will follow the same process of applying for a visit visa, while filling application it will ask for the information of a person you know who is living in United States, you can give your uncle information there and your relationship with them. You will apply for a B2 visa and follow the steps mentioned on the webpage.

    1. Muhammad ahmed /

      Hey anaya you can help me for visit viza please text me at my facebook id i need your help

      1. admin / Post Author

        Dear Ahmed, Details for visa is mentioned above. Please read in detail and if you have a specific question do let us know.

  6. usman /

    i m a graduated from pakistan my cousin is in U.S.A he has the nationality of U.ZS.A i want to go there for meet my cousin i m 25 year old and i want to visit there what are the suggestions kindly let me know thnx…

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hi, just be yourself, try to convince that you will return and do mentioned any assets you have or they want you to have good job in Pakistan. Having family in Pakistan sometimes help too however not most of the times. The main thing they look for is that what ties you have with your country for which you will come back and will not illegally stay in United States.

  7. usman /

    Recently the U.S has changed the rules about visit visa no one can sponcer visit visa from U.S however what ur relation is.Only above 50 years old person can get the visa if they have a good job and tax paid and have them strong bank statement/passbook other wise there is no chance to get the visit visa of U.S.I would strongly recomend each every 1 of u that dont waste ur money to apply U.S visit visa with out known any information..

    1. admin / Post Author

      Can you please authenticate this information as I have seen many young people going to attend meetings, conferences etc on visit visa?

  8. Abid /

    applying for B2 visa with all family members,(four children) question is will they take interview separately one by one or as a group they take interview.

    1. Admin /

      You will be interviewed as one group. You will be called together and presented in front of immigration officer as a group. He will talk to one person (you in your case) and if require he/she can talk to other adults in group as well.

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  10. Kamran Roy /

    i am Kamran Roy,i want to go USA for Visit,anybody can tell me how much amount i have to pay total?
    how many days required?
    what is the minimum qualification required for?
    thankyou so much..

  11. nadia /

    i have been reading mr. Usman’s comments which have disappointed me a bit. my mother is a Filipino and my father is of course Pakistani and a Doctor. they want to apply for a visit visa to meet my maternal grand parents (my mother’s father n mother) who live in the U.S and are U.S citizens along with my aunts and uncles who also live in the U.S. my question is, what’s the reason for which they would possibly reject my parents’ visit visa application?? and i want to ask the Admin if my aunt who is also a U.S citizen can sponsor a my parents?? if yes then what documents she would be needing us to send her??

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Nadia, the information Mr. Usman provided above is not authenticated and advertised by US embassy so you can stick to the info provided on United States embassy website only.

      Answer: If they have never been to United States illegally I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t get a visa. There is no need for visa sponsorship however you can mention your Aunt as your first contact and mention her address and details in your DS160 form.

      1. nadia /

        thanks so very much for the reply. And no they have never ever been to U.S illegally of course or otherwise.
        I hope we will get the visas as my parents have no intention to stay there but to visit my grandparents. Again thanks for providing information,I am checking the link now.

      2. RIZWAN SHAIKH /



        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Rizwan, process is same as mentioned above. For more details visit this link

          1. RIZWAN SHAIKH /



            1. admin / Post Author

              It will not effect your visa application in any way. It doesn’t matter she is a national or not visa will be granted on the basis of whether you will return to Pakistan or not which you will have to proof to them that you will.

  12. nadia /

    dear Admin i am searching for the DS 160 form which, it is said is, web based.please let me know where can i get this form??

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Nadia, Please follow below mentioned link

  13. malik /

    I have question im sure alot of peoples asked u many time .
    Im Green card holder live in USA going to apply my citizenship next month . My mother around 60 year old want to visit she dont wanna stay here there is any chance getting visa pls answer in details ..
    Thanx in advance.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You mother can get a visit visa whether you are on green card or a citizen of United States. Its easy for people over 60 to get visa specially women. She can get visa in as early as 2 business days time if immigration officer is satisfied that she will come back. Even if she is not 60 she can get a visa, Normal process will be followed and she will visit embassy and will be told there and then about the approval or non-approval of visa.

      1. Asad Abbas /

        Dear Admin,

        I am asad abbas from pakistan and i am business man, I have a invitetion letter my usa customer send invitetion letter, Please help me next process my passport visa stamp?

        Asad Ababs,

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Asad, You will apply for a visit visa for business purpose. visit the website link mentioned on the page and follow the procedure mentioned above.

          1. Asad /

            Dear Admin,

            Thank you for help.
            Please tell me visit visa requirement documents? and please send me link page?


            1. admin / Post Author

              Dear Asad, the documents and the links are available on the same page, please read it carefully as it contains very useful information.

  14. malik /

    Thank you admin for really useful info …
    Any useful tips when she go or apply .
    Can I apply here for her if possible ?

  15. Mrs dane /

    Hi iam mrs dan i recently got married and want to spend my honey moon in usa i have never travelled out of the country but my husband has bèen to uk will it be easy for us to get a US visa.

  16. uzma Aamir /

    Hi ! I am from pakistan and want to visit USA with my husband and three kids my brother is the student of Boston. University the main reason is to meet him if I apply now can I get visa in the month of July I want to come In Aug first week plz do help me and reply me is this possible

  17. sara /

    hi! i need some guidance
    actually i hav applied for us green card for like 6 years .. but now i due to some urgent cause i gotta go there in august .. can my petition application help me in getting visa?
    n yes .. my mother sponsored me from us .. please guide me .. thnx in anticipation!

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sara,

      I am not sure if you can apply for a visit visa or not because what I know is that if you are in process of getting a green card you cannot get another visa. I remember once visiting ISB embassy a girl was asking for a B1/B2 (Visit) visa to see her husband who has already processed her green card. Even a husband applied green card can take up-to 3 years but still the embassy lady told her that she cannot even apply for the visit visa. The girl was in tears and she literally begged that she came from Karachi and need the visa but the lady said she was lack updated and its not their fault.

      Please call embassy because your case is special and if you apply without proper info they will take the fee but your case will still be rejected.

      1. sara /

        thnx admin .. please tell me how to contact embassy ? and yes .. i am getting some omb control number and expiry date below my case status at uscis . do you know what it is ? :)

        1. admin / Post Author

          Please check the below mentioned link for Embassy contact details

          I am not sure about the OMB control number.

          1. sara /

            thnx admin.. hope u dont mind if i ask u for furthr guidance later .. i will call embassy today..thnx a lot :)

  18. sara /

    thnk you so much admin :) need some more help .. actually my brother in u.s was handeling my case .. but a few days back he died in a car accidnt .. for case petition , he was using his own id where he was informd about my case updates.. now we dont have his pswd ..and i think .. a few days to go for my green card .. what to do? how to change id at ? :( please help.. m in a big trouble
    thnx :)

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sara,
      I am really very sorry to hear about your brother death. Was there any family member living with him as if there was someone they must have a proof of death with them? You can check below mentioned link for details.
      If you are unable to find the info you need you can call their number 1-800-767-1833 and can get required information. They will be very friendly and will help you at their best so do not hesitate to ask anything you have in mind

  19. Arslan /

    Assalamualekum! i am living in usa and i have green card. i have applied I-130 for my wife last month and this case gonna take like 2 years or may be more than that. my question is that can my wife apply for B2 visiting visa?

  20. muhammad hussnain /

    hi, my name is Muhammad hussnain am 23 years old and am stydying textile and fashion in pakistan its a degree course and am in 3rd year i want to visit my cousin in us in my semester break.any suggestion hw should i apply and what are the chances i can attaches a letter from my universty also that am studying there n ill come back to complete it do i need any sponser.kindly reply. GOD BLESS

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its most likely you will be refused for the visa because in this age Pakistani men hardly get visa unless their is a very strong reason to visit United States. If you want to try then to maximize your chances to get accepted show them the university letter and any asset you have on your name or do mention that you have family you care about and can’t leave in Pakistan however I wont give you high hopes. You would not need any sponsorship, just mention the details of your cousin as point of contact in USA.

  21. wiki /


    any body know how much time now a days they are taking for visit visa processing and in this time they require any additional documents if yes than what kind of documents usually they require?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam,
      Not sure brother, it depends upon who is applying. Female can get visit visa in less than a week and male can get it in 2 to 10 months or longer as well. Depends what type of security screening they do for you. Documents details are mentioned on the same page. Additional documents are required according to your need for visit, if its business related or any conference meeting event etc you are attending.

  22. Ali /


    I am Ali and 34 years old , I am planning to apply for US visit visa without my family. I have 3 members in my family mom, wife and daughter so i can show them my family binding here. I have already visited Dubai & Singapore. If you evaluate my case so how much chances to get USA visit visa. Second how much bank balance I need to show them for my visit. I have good job here and paying tax to my gov. every year and provide the evidence for the same.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Seems good, bank balance depends upon for how many days you would like to stay and will you stay in a hotel or not, if you are staying at a hotel then it would cost around $100 a day. In my opinion anything about $1000 is good if you are staying at family’s place, more the better.

      1. Talha Rauf /


        Hi admin … my name is talha and im 16 years old ….
        My question is that my mamu lives in USA and he is a green card card holder of usa and he is sending me visit sponsor from there now is this possible that i will get a visit visa from ambessy???? Plzzz rply must i will be very thankfull to you brother….

        1. admin / Post Author

          Relatives cannot sponsor visit visa. You will have to apply for a visa via method mentioned above. You can take his invitation letter with you on day of interview or mention his address on you visa form.

    2. Usman /

      You can contact me at, I can guide you the possibilities and tips you can follow to visit USA but only on visit visa.

  23. samad veera /

    my name is abdul samad veera i m in class metric commerce 4rm the city grammar school karachi pakistan i need some help about u.s.a visa i m 15 yrs old my blood relation ship anty my papa sister lives in u.s.a she is citizen i want to go in u.s.a which documents i needed for u.s.a visa plz tell me or kia mujhe visa mil jae ga?

    1. admin / Post Author

      The process for applying the visa is mentioned in details here, if you are 15 you are a minor however still the visa process will be the same however I am not aware of the rules for minors traveling alone or not sure about the chances for you to get visa.

  24. hussnain /

    hi admin thanks alot for helping u r doing a great job. i have a question pls guide me. my mother is 54 years old and she wanted to visit usa. she wanted to visit my cousin and her family there.long time sge 2 never meet them. what documents she needs?bank statment,assets or sponser or anything else plz guide me and what are the chances for her to get visa? thnx alot GOD BLESS

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear hussnain, you can follow this topic under this link

  25. Tariq /

    Can I fill DS-160 form for visit visa for my parents?

    1. admin / Post Author

      yes you can fill the documents however at the end they ask who filled the documents on your behalf, mention your name and relationship and you are good

  26. Azeem /

    Dear Admin
    I want to know that i have a friend in US she want me to visit her, she willing to send me visa ,but she don’t know about it, please Guide me that how she can do that


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Azeem,
      WS, she would not need to do anything, you will need to apply for visit visa by following the same process I have mentioned in post, in contact details of form mention her details and relationship to you.

  27. saqlain /

    dear sir i m tennis player i want to champion i want to teach tennis from america. pakistan no special places . can i get visit visa plz rply

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you want to take professional training in Tennis then you would need to first look at the institutes or clubs that offer such trainings, take admission there and on the basis of that apply for the visa. I am not sure about the visa type however it would not be visit visa. On Visit visa you cannot work or study.

  28. ateeq khan /

    plz usa visa reaquired i need iam go to usa plz visa usa iam poor man no paymant plz sir plz ,

  29. ateeq khan /

    plz i requited usa visa i need

  30. rukhsana /

    Hello, my fiance is from pakistan he has never left the country. I am a U.S. citizen and live in the states. How can I apply for my fiance to visit me in US. He is 31 years old…would he be considered for a visit visa and what would be the timeframe? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hi, he can apply for visit visa and they would require proof from you and your information to proof him as you fiancee. There are good chances he might get visa however it all depends on how his interview goes. It can never be said for sure how long his visa would take, may be 2 months may be 10.

  31. arslan /

    hi sir . i have a cousin in america. recently he operated and now he is well.i want to see him personally now .would i get visit visa to america .it is important for me to see him. if i refused then how can i go there to see him.plz tell me the ways how can i go there.plz it*s important for me

    1. admin / Post Author

      You will follow the same steps to apply for a visit visa and if they reject your visa there is no way you can go to United States.

  32. KRISTY /


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Kristy,
      What you can do is to fill the DS-160 form online on his behalf, pay his visa fee, mention your contact details as his contact and mention that you will bear his expenses by showing your bank statement however he will still have to go to embassy for an interview with the required documents and the decision of providing the visa will depend on his chances to come back to Pakistan.
      He can only apply for a visit visa not a permanent or immigrant visa and have to satisfy the visa officer himself that his intentions are just to see a friend not to stay there permanently.

  33. sidra /

    i have apply for visit visa to us in 2008 but not get da visa and the concern lady n us embasy tel my that my apperance r not matched wd my submited documents. As thats my first time to appear, now i want to try again plz guaide me regarding thats query.

    1. sidra /

      as during my interview i become to nerves.

    2. admin / Post Author

      You can try again, no problem, however make sure that your picture matches your actual face. Do not repeat the same mistakes for which they rejected you last time and you’ll be fine. Good luck.

  34. Furqan Ali /

    hello sir this is furqan ali and i want to visit usa for short time around 2 month after the ramzan we have our family business since 22 years and as soon as possible we will moved to south africa and open aur business there but its my wish i have to visit once USA in my life and enjoy these two months there of my life with out any irritation can i able to go USA .kindly reply me i am waiting for take care bye

    1. admin / Post Author

      You did not mention if this business is in USA? because it makes difference, if yes you can show the proof of your business in USA and can get business visit visa however if not then you will need tourist visit visa and will follow the same steps mentioned on the page.

  35. Qazal /

    Hi Admin,

    I want to apply for US visit visa to attend my cousin wedding, i have job and monthly salary is Rs 75000 and also have travel history including valid visa, kindly advise for required documents.


    1. admin / Post Author

      list of document remain the same + you can take your salary slips and show the wedding invitation card if you have, not sure if they will check it but its good to have it with you at the time of interview.

      1. Qazal /

        Dear Admin,

        thanks for your reply.
        is it ok if i have the invitation e-mail, is it acceptable?

        what are the possibilities?

        1. admin / Post Author

          I think that shouldn’t be a problem because you will also mention their contact details on your form.

          1. Qazal /

            Dear Admin,

            If i am going to apply visit visa to attend the wedding of my cousin, which visa should i apply for B2 or both B1/B2?


            1. admin / Post Author

              Dear Qazal,
              B2 visa is tourist visa and for pleasure, please follow below mentioned link for complete details on visa type.

              1. Qazal /

                Dear Admin,

                if my mother also apply with me for the B2 Visa and i will also pay for her trip. what will be the required documents to be submit along with her application.

                thanks in advance for your help.


                1. admin / Post Author

                  If you are applying together you will visit embassy together and you will be interviewed in a group, you can take your bank statement with you and as you will be physically present there stating that you will cover her travel cost I don’t think you would need any other documents for traveling expenses.

                  1. Qazal /

                    Thank you so much for your help!

  36. ahmad /

    my mother got visa within a week and my father’s passport is at embassy.. how long is it gona take for processing visit visa? on their site it says normal processing is 60 days but it can take almost 90 days but in this forum its like it can take 8 months what for?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmad, the time they guide is 90 days however there is no specific time for visa processing for men, I have told my experiences that my father got visa after 8 months and father in law after 7 months both were more than 60 and had “Muhammad” common in name. I think it might be because of the common name Muhammad as its widely used and can take more time in processing but not sure and cant confirm anything about it. They do not tell the reason of actual delay so we can only judge.

      1. ahmad /

        Is this just because of security background or something else?? because 8 months are way too long for visit visa..all the plans are disturbed now..any ways is there a way they tell us about the case status because on the letter they said we are not entitled to response you??

        1. admin / Post Author

          I really wish and hope you get visa on time however I never suggest anyone to make travel arrangement before getting visa as you might incur charges for ticket cancellation etc. They take time for administrative processing, I am not saying it must take 8 months, you can get yours earlier, it depends, lets hope for the best but during that time embassy will not tell you anything which is quite frustrating however I still suggest that send them an email after 90 days and ask them to process it fast.

  37. Amir /

    Dear Admin,
    My sister(Nikah)ceremony occur last year on April 2011 with a USA Citizen, he applied for the Green Card/Citizenship in USA for her, in the main while, there relation disturbed over the phone and he role back the process of green card/citizenship and talk goes on Divorce, so he gave her Divorce on Jun 2012, she want reconciliation and settle down the problems, Could she go for visit B2 (visa) to see him for settle down face to face that problem, Is she eligible for applying the immigration. one more thing, Is she could go on visit with any guardian (brother), because she dont have any idea about USA, we donot want to she go alone over there Waiting for your prompt response please.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Amir,
      I understand, she can visit United States for any reason e.g. tourism etc. and its not much difficult for women to get visa however if her husband doesn’t want to see her then she cannot mention his contact details on the visa form. She might need to mention the address of a hotel or where she would be staying. Even if you apply together with your sister, you application will be reviewed as separate candidate and the chances of your coming back will be evaluated. Iif you are young man in you twenty’s or thirty’s chances are very low. Women travel alone all the time even from Pakistan now a days and what I feel that this reason might not seem strong enough to the embassy personal.

      1. Amir /

        Thank you for your reply, I need more assistance please,
        Could you please explain me, obviously immigration officer will ask why you are going there, so what she would say, what is the main purpose to visit,
        first priority will be reconciliation with her husband, 2ndly, correspondence is going through District City council nowadays. 3rdly, she is interested to meet him face to face and settle down whatever misunderstanding created.Is that explanation is acceptable.
        How much money to show in bank account, suppose she says, she will stay for 1 or 2 moths, as you explain above $100 per day stay in hotel rent, in that main $1000 for 1 month and $2000 for two month,
        If her brother sponsoring her visit how much amount he has to show in this bank account.

        if her brother will also going with her then what is minimum bank statement requirement?

        If she will stay at hotel, we need to attached temporary booking receipt, online receipt is acceptable.
        Normally how long stay is allow visitor. mini days or month, like if we apply for UK as a visitor they give minimum 6month visit visa.

        Is she eligible for applying immigration? what is best option applying inside USA, if she on visit visa there or she have to apply from homeland.

  38. Iftikhar /


    My mother has visited me in US twice already with my Dad. But the last time they visited, she was not able to return before her entry date expired. She has applied twice after that and was refused each time giving the same reason as over stay. My dad has passed away.

    Now my mother is 73 years old and it has been 10 years since her last visit. She wants to visit us one last time. We have heard that once you over stay it is really difficult to get visa the next time. We have also heard that they don’t issue you visa for 10 years. Is this true to your knowledge?

    If I know they are going to refuse her again I don’t want her to go over this process again.

    What are your thoughts or knowledge about reapplying after an over stay? Please share. Thanks.


    1. admin / Post Author
  39. Asif /

    I am Asif. I am married in Pakistan and have one 3 year old kid. I am doing textile import export business in Pakistan (a registered company and accounts). I am in search of some business proposals and would like to meet individuals in US regarding my work in Pakistan. Is visit visa right for me? if yes, please guide me how much assets I have to declare statements and documents.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Asif, You can apply for B2 visit visa, its better to have your meeting fixed with one of the company so its easy for the consulate to understand why you need visa. If not do your homework before interview date, take with you the name and contact details of the companies you intend to visit. Also you must have a plan of your visit, how many days in which state or city etc + the if you are intended to stay in hotel and what would be the medium of transportation. You might asked about all these questions.
      regarding assets, not sure about the worth Asif as there are no set limits however you should have all legal paperwork of your company, company bank statements etc at the time of interview.

  40. sameer sani /

    im 34 years old , I am planning to apply for US visit visa without my family. in my family wife & 5 years old daughter so i can show them my family binding here due to my daughter education. I have already visited France Italy Switzerland uk.i have 2 years multiple valid visitor visa & 2 expire sechengen visa & 1 expire previous uk visitor i decide im going next month london then go to Orlando my desire to see universal studio. If you evaluate my case so how much chances to get USA visit visa. Second how much bank balance I need to show them for my visit. I have good job here and paying tax to from karachi someone says you must apply from islamabad its good for you also karachi us consulate working what you suggest where from apply my case.thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Having international visits (all withing the visa time) are always a plus point. If you are going to London for work related reason, do mention it as they will know you are a professional travel internationally frequently. Universal studios are fun, Its the best place to be while you are in USA. About bank statement there is no hard and fast rule, if you are staying for few days and only seeing universal studio then may be $1000 statement works fine however more the better. I have never been to Karachi consulate so not sure how it is. Previously people had to come to Islamabad for visa applications but from March 1, 2011, Karachi consulate is also providing visa services.

      1. sameer sani /

        today my interview in karachi us consulate & my visitor visa request reject with 214 B. i don’t know why do u tell me why he reject?i’m working since 2002 with very gud salary regular tax paid n above 1.5 million rupees bank statement i have multiple visa uk & sechengen regularly travel i apply for b2 visitor visa but he reject my visa application.please tell me what u consider?

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Sameer, I am sorry to hear that, its sad. I don’t know why they do so but I hardly heard any young male getting a visa for tourism purposes. They get study, work and other work related visas however for tourism they simply reject whoever goes there. MY brother age 24 wanted to visit me and his visa was rejected with the reason that “You don’t have strong ties and you might not come back to Pakistan” although he had sound bank statement, business, parents in Pakistan, property etc but still bro, no one knows why.

          1. sameer sani /

            now what you suggest can i apply again or apply with my family?or once again 1 more visit to uk then apply once again for us visa what you suggest?

  41. kashif /

    im from Karachi which consulate is best for visitor visa case submit from Pakistan Karachi consulate or Islamabad consulate someone says Islamabad consulate much liberal as compare to Karachi consulate please guide me.thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear kashif, I am really not sure as I have always been to ISB embassy. What do you mean by liberal?

  42. mrs.khan /

    my husband a judge, he is 56. I am 43, i am also a govt officer in grade 18.we want to visit our family din the US along with our children. they both are studying in professional colleges in Pakistan. daughter is 22 and my son is 20. what documents do i need to attach? do we need a sponsorship letter? and what is our possibility of getting a visit visa? will they consider us as a family or individually?
    thank you in advance

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Mrs. Khan, your case will be considered as a whole family however its easy to get visa for females however about your son and your husband I am not sure, may be people with govt jobs has advantage but I have no idea about it. I am not associated with consulate and its just my personal opinion.

  43. baker shahzada /

    sir i would asking about somethink maybe u can help me i been to usa i live there foe 12 years i paid text no crimal back ground no crimal ect every thing is clean and i have civilion revords to corverment of usa and i back to pakistan after 12 years is posible i will apply visite visa with my wife now i have good bussiness in pk can i aplay visite visa thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Baker. Do you want to apply for tourism? it is possible that you get the visa because previous relationship with United States is always considered. They can easily check you were law abiding citizen and never created any problem in the past.

  44. adnan /


    i have been invited by a company from US for B1, they have given me the invitation letter which says they will sponsor my hoteling, travelling stuff, a latter about their company’s document which says they do exists. visit will be only for 3 weeks. i am giving consultancy to that company from last two years, my question is what else document is required which i can provide to embassy while at interview, secondly can they pay my american express fee from US ? it will be prove that they are paying for every thing.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Adnan, I am not an attorney nor have any relation with embassy however I think your documents should be fine and it doesn’t matter who pays your american express fee. Your invitation letter should be in company’s letter head with company’s name, address and contact details its important.

  45. Muhammad Ali /

    i had a B2 visa interview on the 25th of july and the interview went pretty well, but i didn’t bring along all the documents which were required so i got a 221g blue slip in which i had to submit the required documents. i have sent those documents through american express and those documents they asked for are completely legit. any idea in how long i will be informed. please help me out here.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Asad, I cannot say anything about it, it might take as little as 1 month or may 2 or 3. If its late than 3 months you can contact embassy or email them to showing your concern but they always take all the time they need before they issue the visa.

  46. Amna /

    Hi, my in-laws(mother, father, sister and brother) have applied for visa to visit their daughter in U.S. and she is sponsoring them.. Their interview is schedule this week.. my brother in law is 19 and sister in law is 24 but she is divorced and they all want to visit in octuber so is their a chance they will get it because I heard its gonna take a lot of time.

  47. SK /

    My husband is applying for visit visa for USA with me and my two years old son.
    My husband runs a business with my father in law and i am a housewife.
    My husband wants me to take America this November as it will be our fourth wedding anniversary.
    We are planning to stay for 15 days.
    My aunt in law lives there and she is green card holder and she is living there since 10 years.
    My query is that what documents should we gather and how much money we need to show??
    Secondly, what are the chances of rejection as my husband is spending too much money for this process and i dont want it to get wasted.
    please advice.

  48. beti786 /

    Hi. I am a 31 year old female, living with me parents and not doing any job at the moment. I have also traveled to uk twice in past 15 years. i want to go and visit usa just for a month or two, and i also have enough money in my account. so what are the chances of success.

    1. admin / Post Author

      In my opinion if yo are a female strong if male weak.

  49. muhammad Riaz /

    i have done MBA in Finance with securing 3.5 C.G.P from H.E.C recognized sector so plz guide me how i can get job in amrica related to my field or other i have also PGD diploma in computer plz give me all type of information related to this

    thanks regads

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Riaz, I don’t want to disappoint you but such degrees are not in demand and to get a work visa from other country you have to have some sort of technical knowledge or exceptional rare knowledge not easily available in United States. You can try online by applying for jobs in below mentioned link

  50. Zeeshan /


    I am Zeeshan, running my own business in Pakistan and working with many US based companies from last two years. I have a large flow of money every month from different US clients.

    One of my client want me to come over there and join his company. Can you briefly explain what will be procedure?

    Do he need to sent me Sponsor letter? how can i get a work visa?

  51. Mrs. Naveed /

    Hello, My father in usa is ill and is in critical condition, can i apply for Emergency appointment and which application form do i need to fill in for such purpose. hoping for a prompt reply, thank you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Naveed, please follow below mentioned link for details, it depends upon type of illness he have, for supporting documents you will be needing his medical or hospital reports.

  52. Mrs. Naveed /

    Thank you so much for your reply. I have been through the link provided above for emergency appointments but still couldnt find out which Form to fill,I also checked DS-160 application form, but there is no such catagory which specifies my purpose of visit (father’s sickness). One more query, could it be posible to apply visa for my 3 year old kid also since he is totally dependant on me?

    1. admin / Post Author

      No Problem, the forms for visit visa will remain the same, only the reason will be emergency reason and you will try to get emergency appointment following the procedure on the mentioned page. Yes you can apply a visa for your kid, I guess you need to fill a separate forms for him.

      1. Mrs. Naveed /

        Thank you for being so helpful!

  53. Madeeha /

    My cousin wants to come in usa. she just graduate from high school pakistani high school (10th) grade. She doesn’t want to come on student visa or visit visa. So how should I apply since she is my cousin. How does family visa work? Can I apply for that?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear, she can only apply visit visa, there is no other option. Family visa is for immediate family only and work visa is only possible if she has work sponsorship.

  54. Ashir /

    Dear admin,
    Plz guide me as i m in Pakistan and my uncle who is in United state from last more than 30 years as a US citizen, has asked me to apply for the us visit visa, let me know if he is willing to sponsor me than what documents should i filled and what my uncle need to submit or given to me for the filling the case.
    Secondly, does he need to submit some documents directly to Us embassy, let me know the checklist for the complete procedure, in case i m applying for the visit visa with sponsorship of my uncle.

    1. admin / Post Author

      No one can sponsor visit visa of United States, you will have to follow the same process mentioned above, mention your uncle’s address in USA contacts details and if he is paying for your travel expenses you will need a letter and his bank statement otherwise your bank statement.

  55. Saqib sahib /

    Dear Guy’s, i want to go America for Work. I am 21 years old. can i go.?
    if no. Please send me the procedure to apply for student visa online.
    My email address is

  56. Mubashir Rehman /

    Dear Admin

    My Father is Us Citizen,My mother & Brother are us Resident( Green Card Holder). Me & My Wife and my children Want to visit USA, Plz guide me About the visa fee, we are four memeber, 2 adults and 2 children( 3 years old & 1 Year Old) .how much i have to pay visit visa fee, and which documents are required? thx

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Mubashir, you will have to pay fee for all 4 of you ($160 x 4). whole process is mentioned on the page.

  57. Asad /

    Dear admin i am operating construction company my self civil engineer on that time i have projects in hand more then 20 million i want to go with my famils for spend holydays in usa how i apply and which documents required thanks

  58. Rizwan /

    Dear Admin !

    My wife holds American Nationality, she has already filed an immigration petition in USCIS 4 months ago.
    But we have not received any update from USCIS.
    We are not sure about the exact time period for processing and issuance of immigration visa.

    Secondly, my wife is pregnant and expected date of delivery is November,2012.
    Kindly tell me following things please:-

    1. Should i apply for Visit visa, so that i can be with my family at the time of delivery?

    2. If i apply for Visit Visa, would there be problems in my immigration petition?

    3. What documents are required in my case?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Rizwan, you can apply for a visit visa however its difficult to convince visa officer that you will come back as he will think that you will get together with your family and will not come back. I hope you get together with your family on time.

  59. Mujahad /

    Plz.admin! Total process fee for us as a student visa!

  60. Yusra /

    I live in Pakistan and my uncle, who lives in the USA, wants to pay my visa fee from there. Is that possible?

  61. tahir mahmood /

    hello my name is tahir mahmood . my sister live in usa . and my bussines is in pakistan . i am restaurant owner . i need information i can apply visit visa . and which document is required. thank,s

  62. irfan /

    Hello. i am currently in UAE, want to visit USA to see my sister who is USA nationality holder.How can i proceed? from UAE?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Irfan – You will need to visit United States Embassy in Abu-Dhabi, process will almost be the same, for details visit below mentioned link

  63. asif / name is asif and i have friend in USA and i want to go to USA .we are going to marry please guide me

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can apply for visit visa and tell her that you want to go and see you fiance, you will have to tell her details and address in the application form. Meeting a fiance is a genuine reason to visit USA so you will have brighter chances to get visa.

    2. asif /

      thanks admin, please inform me that if i arrive there and get marry with usa national then can i live with her? secondly how much i have chances if i tell in embessy that i have my fiance there and they will ask for any proof ?

      1. admin / Post Author

        Entering with the intention of marrying a US citizen would be a visa fraud and you would never be given a visa if the visa officer suspects that you are intending to do that. Even if you get married with tourist visa in USA you will still have to come back before the duration of your visa and after that your paper work can take place in Pakistan for green card.

  64. suleman /

    Hello,me and my father want to go USA for vocations..i am student and my father is a business man plz tell me about requirements and guide me about documentations.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Suleman,
      According to USA embassy website “Applicants are encouraged to bring documents they believe will demonstrate compelling reasons to depart the United States and an intention to abide by the terms of the visa.” you can have the details of your father business, property and your school enrollment certificate to prove that you will come back.

  65. muriam /

    my sister is having greencard and my brother in law is citizen of USA i want to go to on visit visa to meet my sister could u plz guide me that wht kind of documents are required to apply

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Muriam,
      The same documents that are mentioned above, you might also be interested on the below mentioned post.

  66. Ali /

    Dear admin
    my relatives living in USA and aunt is sick so bad i want to visit there for a month can you pleas guide me what documents is required and should i also will need to show my bank statement ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      You will need the same documents mentioned in the page including the bank statement, only the reason of the visit will be modified.

  67. Rizwan /

    dear admin
    i met a girl on internet almost 2 years ago and we fall in love each other and we both want to get marry she is living in USA by birth never been visited in pakistan can i get visit visa on this reason that i want to get married there pleas guide me thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Rizwan, Yes you can go on fiance visa and you have very bright chances however you will have to mentioned each and every details of that girl and her consent too that you are showing her as a fiance in documents.

  68. Rizwan /

    ok but you didnt mention how i can apply fiance visa what is the proceger should i visit american consulate or can i apply online

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its not the visit visa (B1/B2) its K-1 visa. Please follow below mentioned link for complete details of fiance visa.

  69. Pastor Gulfam Anjum /

    I am a full time church Pastor and I want to join a Church Conference in USA.I have already Invitation letter from host church.Kindly let me know which documents are required for applying the visit visa?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Sorry for delayed response, all the above mentioned documents along with the invitation letter should be sufficient.

  70. wesseem ahmed /

    Hello sir i am a pakistani citizen .and my girl friend is in USA .we had met on an online marriage site since a year ago … now she wants to visit of pakistan .thats why i sent her a sponsor letter and all other documents which the chicago consulate are required .its been one month and they didnt approve her visa yet whuile she already bought a roundtrip ticket ..what should we do now any kind suggestion ll be appriciated .thank you very much .

    1. admin / Post Author

      What I get from your comment that She is an American (Have American parents not Pakistani because if she has Pakistani Parents then she can easily have a NICOP which will allow her visa free entry in Pakistan). If she is an American and have applied for Pakistani visa in Pakistani Embassy Chicago then it would take 2 – 5 business days after her visa is approved. How long would it take, no one tells that is why it is never advised to purchase an air ticket before the visa is stamped in your passport. No embassy would recommend it. So now when you already are in a situation, the best thing you can do is to write or call the embassy and request them to issue the visa before the intended date of travel and pray that her visa is stamped before traveling.

  71. Raza /

    in visit visa how much i need bank statement????please tell me i want visit to USA

    1. admin / Post Author

      The more the better :) I think at-least more than $1000. If you will stay at hotel then you must show more however if you are staying at relative’s then less amount. Also look at the below mentioned post for more info

  72. Raza /

    i have no bank account but i save money in my home so what should i do for visit visa???

    1. admin / Post Author

      You must have a bank statement because without one they can’t verify if you have money to afford a trip or not. It should be the first stop to get one, get it ASAP.

  73. Raza /

    please tell me what can i do???please

  74. amir /

    i am a businessman. and want to visit visa for USA,
    so plz gaied me on following questons
    1,can i try for visit visa with my wife and 2years daughter
    2, can i give the reson to spend spring in Usa
    3, how much bank statement will need.
    4,can i will pay fee for my 2 year daughter
    5, will i make apasport for her

    1. admin / Post Author

      Please find the answers below
      1. Yes you can apply as a whole family however you will need a separate application (3 applications) for everyone with separate fee (3 times fee).
      2. Yes if your other reason is genuine then why not.
      3. Depends how much time you want to spend there and where? at family’s place or a hotel?
      4. Yes you will have to pay fee for your 2 years
      5. Yes you will also need her passport before applying for a visa

      Hope it helps

  75. Raza /

    ASAP means???

    1. admin / Post Author

      As Soon As Possible

  76. amir /

    thanks for your response ,i have no privious travel history , how much chance of visa, and what types of dacument take in interview .if you have some tips of interview plz share.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Amir, previous travel history doesn’t matter because the US embassy make sure on their own if the person is eligible for the visa. They make sure that the person will go back to his country and they have strict criteria. Regarding Tips follow below mentioned link

  77. Miss Khan /

    Assalam Alaikum Sir!
    I have some Queries . I went Europe for my Mphil but for personal reasons I had to come back and could`’t continue my studies. I am doing Mphil from Pakistan now. and I want to do thesis in USA on multi culturalism .. Is it possible or any way ? My husband is in Germany and here my son is with me . I want to take my son with me for some time uless my thesis would be compiled.
    Waiting for Kind n Quick response.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam Miss,
      First of all for thesis or study purpose are you applying for visit visa? for how long you would be needing one and would you be joining any institute for study? You can take your son with you whether you are going on visit visa or study visa however if the father is not going with you both then a consent letter from his side might be needed that mention that he gives permission to his son to go with the mother.

      1. Miss Khan /

        Thank You!it might be needed to join any institute … then visa category would be changed …. right ?

        1. admin / Post Author

          Yes, if any institute would invite you to do your thesis there then they might give you a document I-20 on the basis of which you will apply for a visa for the duration mentioned in I-20 document. In such cases students get F-1 visa.

  78. amir /

    thanks for your response, please solve my others queres
    (1) my wife is also go with me for visit to USA, she runs a private school, can i submitte his income and busniss also in form, and she also show the bank statement.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes Amir, you can submit her bank details as well, you two are family and going together that is why her bank statement can be used too. If in case she is not accompanying you to visa interview then you can have her consent signed letter of permission for using her bank statement along with her bank statements.

  79. rafi muhammad /

    dear respected sir my wife is american citizen and we got marry in pakistan in 2008,she went back and she applied case from usa but due to her low income they demand joint sponsor my wife mostly lives sick and now four years had passed our marriege but i did not go in usa,what should i do?plz guide me i want to go jst to see my wife can i apply for visit visa even our case has cancled from embassy.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Mr. Rafi, If your case have rejected then there are chances that they will reject your visa to considering that you might not come back to Pakistan because your wife is already there. If her sickness is of emergency nature or she cannot travel due to her sickness then there are chances you might get visit visa however you will need proofs of her sickness from hospital confirming that she cannot travel or if the case is of emergency nature you can apply for emergency visit visa for medical reason but still proof is required.

  80. rafi muhammad /

    respected sir the embassy cancled my case bcoz my wife cannot provide them joint sponsor,i show hm my bank statement but they did not accept it.then my frend who lived in usa he provided joint sponsor but they did not even accept it,the embassy told me ur mrs should search an other sponsor but i think my wife cannot .sir tell me easy solution of my case/

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Rafi Sab. the yearly income your have to show is a very small around €20,000 a year if I am correct (125% of the poverty line income). If your wife is living there how is she funding herself because even for the lowest paying jobs a person can earn this much. Unfortunately there isn’t another way, either your wife would need to earn this much money a year or you must find a sponsor. For visit visa chances are very considering your application has already been rejected.

  81. khan. /

    hi sir hope u doing well,thanks alot for throwing such useful info in prior.
    sir I’ve a friend over there in USA Wisconsin ,she is around 50 years of old,she isn’t a foreginer one,like some who went to USA and have started life from long time ,so now she gonna send me invitation just to visit her.
    so sir what u would like to suggest me in order to get this visting visa?
    take care sir.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You are welcome, you will follow the same procedure mention on this page for visit visa. Friends / families can’t sponsor USA visa so there will be no change in visit visa process except that you will mention her address and contact details in the visa form.

  82. Nadeem /

    hey am a Permanent Residence Green card holder and my wife US citizen i want to apply for my mother temporary visit visa what can i do can you help guide me what we need thanks

  83. Nadeem /

    Salam sir am a Permanent Residence Green card holder and my wife US citizen i want to apply for my mother temporary visit visa what can i do can you help guide me what we need? my mother over 60 yrs thanks

    1. admin / Post Author
  84. syed jafar shah /

    my cusion is in usa and i want to meet with him,toomuch time have been spend i never met with him that how he is ledding his life there,can i go to usa.thanks

    1. syed jafar shah /

      can i go to america for my cusion,tell me what i should do.thanks

    2. admin / Post Author

      yeah, you can apply for visit visa. Same process will be followed.

  85. mobin /

    sir i m in united states last 3 n half yrs ago i have a greencard…
    my friend wants to come in united states only for visit…
    can i apply my friend visit visa??// and whats the procedure?? let me know plz plz….

    1. admin / Post Author

      The person who intend to visit you would have to apply for the visa, he will follow the same process. More details are available on this page

  86. Tahir /

    Heyy, Im 15 years old, and my father’s in US and i intend to visit him. So cam i apply for the visa? Do i have chances to get the visa?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, you can visit however if your father is a national he can sponsor you a permanent visa because you are considered a minor. You will also have to see how minors travel alone.

      1. Tahir /

        No, he is not a National :/ So are there any chances? If i don’t mention him, there’s my uncle who’s national. So what would be the procedure? Requirements?


        1. admin / Post Author

          No your uncle will not make any difference. You must mention your father otherwise it would be considered very negative and meeting your father is a more genuine reason than meeting your uncle. You will follow the same process as mentioned above but as you are a minor you can take your mother or guardian with you on interview day.

  87. iqbal /

    AOA,my Question is that my wife’s Aunt lives in USA & she is us citizen can i mention her address in usa form although we will bare our expenditures ourselves and we will send a hotel form for letting them know in which hotel we’re staying….kindly please let me know any other advice.

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you want to mention her address, take her consent first and mention it. Also do not mention it in your interview that you will stay at hotel. Why don’t you mention hotel address if you are staying in one? it doesn’t make any difference where you stay.

  88. Shazia ammad /

    Hi,im planning to spend my kids summer vactions frm ju e july n august in usa,my sister is there from last tweleve years in usa Los Angeles
    n hav citizenship too
    I havent met her in eight yrs, she hasnt seen my kids so this vaction Im Planninng fr reunion,hav gt two kids my elder daughter is 7 n my son is 4, my husband works for media as SVP,
    My plan is yo visit my youn ger sister in uk first for fifteen days then from their travel to usa Los Angeles for couple of months before school opens in Pakistan,need visit visa my question is how to apply wat do i need,where do ineed to apply first USA OR UK n how,,requirments pls
    My second question is my mom 65yrs,twice got multiple visa for USA n now visa is expired,she hardly stays for three months,not long, as she has to come back for family here in pakistan,she is companying me To
    UK n USA for family reunion,so how to go about her p,s do rep,y asap
    We just need visit visa thats it.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Emailed before to the commenter: Posting here for everyone’s benefit:
      The procedure for applying for a visit visa is same for everyone, no exceptions. If you are going for special reason only then you need documents as evidence. Read the below mentioned posts for detailed information on visit visa for United States

      For United Kingdom Visa:
      You didn’t mention for which visa you will apply, 6 months, 2 years, 5 years etc because U.K. visa get stamped early and your visa start date will be the day your visa is stamped means if you apply for UK visa today and they grant you a visa in 10 days it will start from the day they stamp it and it will expire in 6 months if you have applied for 6 months visa. If after getting UK visa you apply for USA visa it can take 3 to 8 months and when all of your’s families passport comes back the UK visa will already be expired so its better to get USA visa first specially for your husband because there is almost always delays in male visa processing etc

  89. Raza /

    Dear Sir,

    I’ve been working for Federal Government of Pakistan for the last 7 years. I intend to visit US (B-2 Category) to meet some close friends. I need to know if I’d have to submit my Ex-Pakistan Leave (order) along with my application or simply a Service Certificate issued by my employer (Govt of Pak) would be sufficient initially?

    Kind regards,

    1. admin / Post Author

      Getting a leave letter from your employer is always better. It shows the exact duration of time you are taking off from your office and that you will have to join afterwards.

  90. Farrukh jabbar /

    Dear admin
    my sister live in amrica and i want to go and stay whith her so what can i do to get usa visa ..

    1. admin / Post Author

      What do you mean by stay? you want to visit her on visit visa? you will follow the same process as above

  91. Sana Ahmad /

    Hello Sir,
    Me and my 3 kids have USA visit visa for five years. We visited USA last year . At that time my husband was serving at Haitti for his official duly because he is in Fedral job. He applied for USA visa from Haitti just to join us there his visa was accepted but they called him for issuing visa when he came back to Pakistan because his job contract at Haitti was finished. During his stay at Haitti he visited Domanican Republic as well. Now the situation is we both have UK visa for 6 months and we want to visit UK and USA in the coming vocations but my husband is not having USA visa. Everyone is saying that we should visit UK first then my husband should apply fir USA visa. But our plan is to visit both countries in one trip because UK is just half of USA. I want a sugestion from you either my husband should go for USA visit visa or he should first visit UK and then apply for US. and also plz tell me how r the chances of getting US visa for my husband .
    kindly reply me soon
    thank you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sana,
      In my suggestion your husband should apply for a USA visa first. In my point of view it doesn’t make any difference if he visit UK first. If US embassy were to reject his visa they will reject it even if he has visited UK. He already has UK visa means he can enter UK which is enough at this time. My only concern is that if you apply for US visa from Pakistan it sometimes takes around 6 months to process (Male members) and during that time your UK visa will get expired.

  92. sameer /

    i need some help. my fiancee is in US and now we are plann to get married i recently cam back from UK and i dont have a UK visa anymore.
    we are planning to get married in US because all her family is in US and it is difficult for all her family to come to pakistan. after one month we will come back for sure because i have to continue my studies here in pakistan.
    my question is
    what kind of visa i will need?
    and what is the possibilities to get visa?
    and please help me how to apply


  93. Ali /

    hello sir is any age requird for visit visa??

  94. Ali /


  95. Zyra Batool /

    Dear admin
    I am trying to fill out.. Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160) .. but i am unable to select rather say see the location i want to apply for. that is , maryland USA or NY, usa. Why cant i apply for visit visa for these locations??
    anyother way??
    please do reply.


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Zyra, You will apply in ISB office, I don’t understand what you are asking. The address is only mentioned where you are asked for the address where you will stay in USA other than that USA address is not asked. You will apply in Isb office if you are in Pakistan.

    2. Maaz /

      Zyra. i think u r talking about the main page of online application form where u need to select the location first then to proceed. u have to select pakistan, islamabad coz its the country from where u r going to apply for a US visa. Hope answer the question.

      1. Zyra Batool /

        Thankyou admin.
        Thankyou Maaz, Could you please post me the link? I’d appreciate your help …

  96. Maaz /

    Hi, i need to know whether sponsorship is required by any means for a visit visa to USA, or its just a plus point for ur application or whether it is not recommended for applying at all…. ? my uncle is in USA, my aunt is american citizen, so do my uncle is. my aunt is american born(catholic). i m getting sponsor from both of them. I am going to get annual leaves from my company and im wishing to visit my uncle. i have been to UK once just for recreation purpose for 22 days, so need to ask admin whether i have chances for getting visa. im doing a job since 2012 april. just got my contract renewed form my company. im 25 years old.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Maaz,
      Visit visa is not sponsored. You just need to provide your uncle’s address and it doesn’t matter what he do and is etc. It depends upon what you do and your chances of coming back to Pakistan. If you have a good job and your company can issue you a letter that you are going on a holiday and a permanent employee in their company then chances are bright.

  97. Wajid Mehmood /

    hi admin,i m 32 years old merried man who have 2 kids. i have a very nice friend in US,she want to meet me in i want to know how i can get vizit viza just for my self?
    i’ll wait ur reply.thanks.

  98. jibran /

    i want to ask that i am student of masters programe n this was my last semester but i freezed it now i have 4 months n after 4 months i will join my university to continue my final semester and i can provide a verification letter of being student in uni and continuation of ma degree as well so should i apply ?? do i have time to apply for visit visa ?? i have to come back till september plzz reply plzzz i need help…

    1. admin / Post Author

      Students doesn’t apply for visit visa for studies unless its just a short course offered in some institute, for masters you will need an I-20 document from university on the basis of which you will apply for F1 student visa.

  99. jibran /

    sir kindly facilitate me kindly

  100. Samuel Suleman /

    I, Samuel working as a professional Audio Engineer at Studios, My Studio’s musicians performing Jazz show at (Jazz at lincoln Center New York) in Nov 2013 and i want to attend this show as a listener. What are the specific documents i need to submit for visit visa for the show only.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Samuel, You will apply visit visa, if you have any association with studio, take supporting documents that states that you are part of the same studio, other documents will remain the same.

  101. asma /

    i am UN employee i don’t have relatives in USA so can i apply on visit visa with or without my two kids as i want to go just for a short time.plz reply thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      yes why not? same visit visa process, in the field “Address in USA” mention the address of the hotel you are intending to stay.

  102. M Ali /

    hi Dear Admin,pls tell me what is procedure and requiremint for USA vizit viza.i want to go for meet a friend.i have no idiea of any international travel.pls reply me soon my anual leaves are coming nd i want to arange a program befor this.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali, same process mentioned on the page, only the address of the friend will be needed in the form if you are staying at his place.

  103. Ali Raza /

    i m Ali Raza from pakistan my mom frend live in usa san jaoun puerto rico and she want to open resturant bussniess and she need investor or partner and i like to invest bt can u tell me which visa application i apply and how much bank sttment i need to show and guide me cos mashAllah i read ur all coment i hope u guide me well cos i like to bussniess in usa pr
    my mom frend is usa passport holder she is american bt mom meet with her in dubai me to and i like to make bussniess there soo guide me plz i m waiting for ur answer thankz admin

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali, I have no experience in business, you will apply for visit visa and for investment I am not sure how much money you should have but as opening business in USA in not cheap $100,000 in account might help but still not sure.

  104. Ali Raza /

    i have prove i visit indonesia thailand dubai and next month i have to go to see bali cos there i also think about opening resturant bt still i cnt sure what i doo cos there no family frend to help me

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you don’t have family you can still apply for visit visa, in the field “Address in USA” mention the address of the hotel you are intended to stay.

  105. Mania /

    Can any1 tell me if he/she is a canadian student and applied for USA visit visa.Does it effect the normal processing timings?

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you are female visa’s are normally processed within a week, I have no experience but I think it should not effect the normal processing time.

  106. sidra jawad /

    i am sidra jawad,
    my husband jawad bin safdar has been working in Dell texas Dallas,he has green card as well,and he will get his citizenship next year,i am his wife sidra living with his parents in pakistan i have to take care of them because they are old,i want visit visa for america to meet my husband for two or 3 months,and i also wanted to see america i have to return back because of my parents here.
    so could i get the visit for this purpose if i get it how long it will take time.

  107. Sidra /

    Hi. My husband has a green card and settled in states for last 8 years. He is waiting for his citizenship next year. He visited me couple of times in this year. He can take 20 business days paid vacations from his company. Now I am trying to visit him and want to apply a visit visa. Can you advise how this will work. In visit visa form they ask for spouse details and current profession. I don’t want to lie about any information. My husband sent me his current job letter, tax papers, green card copy, bank statements etc. What else should I need to make my case more strong. I am living with my husband parents. Thanks in advance. Regards. Sidra.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Salam Sidra,
      I am really sorry to say this but if your husband is on green card things may get very complicated. Your spousal visa can take up-to 3 years to process and if you’ll apply for a visit visa it will most probably be rejected because the embassy will assume that you will not come back. When your husband will get his citizenship you will get a spousal visa immediately but on green card its difficult. If your husband was only on work visa even then you could join him immediately but the process in case of green card is very very slow and he should have explained it to you and your family before getting married.

  108. Fazil /

    Hi it has been about 8 months for my wife’s interview and her visa is still under administrating processing could you please advise? I’m very worried and it is difficult to live apart from your significant other.

    1. admin / Post Author

      What type of visa she has applied for?

      1. ASHOUB JAN /

        DONT KNOW

  109. Ahmad Iftikhar /

    Hello Sir, My name is Ahmad Iftikhar and I’m 21 yrs old and I’m single and I have given ‘A-levels’ exams in May 2013.My Uncle(MAMU) have sent me sponsorship letter and I want to visit him in USA…I have paid visa fee and now I have my interview…plz give me some tips and documents which I should prepare…what are the chance of being successful…Plz help me for B2 visa

    1. Ahmad Iftikhar /

      My Uncle have a US passport

    2. admin / Post Author
  110. aleena /

    sir , meri phuphu ne apply kia tha wo unmarried hai or unka visa reject ho gaya or ab me b unke sath apply krna hai tu ap bta sakty hai ke kia kre ? actually meri bri phuphu ki death ho gai hai waha unke 1 beta or 1 beti akele hai tu hm kia cndition rkhy ?
    thnku …

  111. aleena /

    sir ap ne mujhy koi rep nai dia ?

  112. Arib /

    i want to see my fiance in USA and we are planning to get married too.but i didn’t see her personally before.
    is there any way that i go there and get marry and stay there as well.
    so which type of visa i should apply for? fiance or visit?
    she is a USA resident.
    please help me in.
    thank you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Arib, you can apply for a visit visa to meet your fiance (I am not sure if there are any Fiance visas?) however if you get married there and doesn’t come back it would be considered as a visa fraud. Even if you get married there you will have to come back and your spouse will apply for a permanent visa for you from United States that will be granted after complete paper work and proof of income that she can support you.

  113. Syed M A Shah /


    I’ve applied a B1/B2 visa along with my wife & been interviewed on 04 December 2012 & waiting for our passports. I’m a business person & my wife is a teacher. I’m a frequent traveler as I travelled Australia, UK, South Africa, Oman, Singapore, Swaziland in last ten years.
    My Question is when I check the visa status on US embassy website it says ISSUED under my wife’s visa application & ADMINESTRATIVE PROCESSING under my visa application. How long we have to wait for our passports back or what is the maximum time of it or is it the delay because of clearence as its been over 7 months now?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Salam, No one can tell for sure how much time it take for visa processing, usually people with common names like Muhammad, Khan etc experience delays in their visa processing, my father and father in law both are over 60 still their visa processing took 7 and 8 months.

  114. yasir /


    I would like my parents and my younger sister to visit for month or so. I am on H1B. I am providing them affidavit of support. My father is retired and mother housemaker. I have a couple questions.

    1) Should my father show any docs of his own bank account, he does gets pension. Btw, I have sufficient funds to show for all 3 with my bank.

    2) They own the house as well, what document/s can give more evidence of their connection back in country if any you think?

    3) most important is about my sister. She is studying/unmarried 23 and will graduate from MPhil in June next year. Now she will be getting a semester break for one month possibly in jan 2014. Would it be ok if they tell that a reason for all of them to visit during that time? Given she can show academic transcripts so far.

    Would it be ok if all 3 apply together?


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear yasir,

      you should give your bank statement + your father must bring his bank statement as well even if you are supporting his visit. He should take the original property papers with him but they hardly take a look at it, but still he should have it at that time.

      They should all apply together, parents visas are very easy but your sister must attach her school letter that she is taking a break also a letter mentioning that she is a full time student and taking a break from university and will continue once she come back.

      Its best to tell them you have selected the time due to her studies.

      Apply at least 6 months in advance as your father visa might take more time in administration processing. Women visas are usually issued within days.

  115. uroojahmed /

    im doing BBA and only last 2 semesters are uncle in a permanent U.S resident and he owns hospital there.i want to go there and work and i also want to do my MBA from USA. i want to do MBA on my expenses. im confused which thing to do first, is there any way that he can sponsor me to go there and work in his hospital as a manager or may be as an accountant as he told me that he needs an accountant there.please admin guide me regarding this matter how can i apply and which thing should i do first.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Urooj,
      I am not sure if he can sponsor you the visa for this job because the visa sponsorship is for special category jobs where the talent is usually not available in USA. If you uncle think he can sponsor you work visa, he might have a way. Regarding education, its very expensive and as an international student you will have to pay full fees which cost more than $10,000 per year. If you have accommodation its good, but if not its too costly too so its better to get a job first to save money for the tution fee unless you have family who can sponsor your fee.

  116. Abdul Waheed /

    Dear Admin

    I am planning to apply for Visit visa of US, with my spouse and my 2 years daughter. My relative lives in Vergenia. My plan is to go there on Visit Visa and stay there permanently through applying political asylum or to show that me and my family is not safe in Karachi due to threats.

    Is this idea work ? kindly guide proz and conz of this decission.


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Abdul Waheed, I’ve never met anyone or know anyone who has applied for asylum so don’t know anything about that.

  117. Ibrahim /

    there is frend of my say me to come usa !! what i do is been american girl and want me to paper marry her but she nt help me in apling k1 visa fr0m taht side bec she b so poor . what i do how i get arange so i go usa i nt wana go visit visa is any way please tell me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ibrahim, kya aap urdu main thora sa explain kar saktay hain ke aap kya kehna chah rahay hain?

  118. Ibrahim /

    frend hai paper marige karna chahte hai mujha green card chaya us ka or problem yah hai ka us ka K1 visa bharna ka koi chance nai bec si been 3 time cancer saviour so her money loss … aid pa chal rahe hai mujha greeen card mil jaye ga kam karoon ga wahan ja ka kiya karoon bhai koi idea btao visit visa ka koi chance nai bec mujh fraud mai under kar dain ga america wala

    1. admin / Post Author

      What do you want me to say? If you can’t go by legal means don’t go.

      1. Ibrahim /

        mashwara manga hai illegal visit visa chala jaoon skip kar jaoon is it posible or koi tareeqa bataoo 109 rs ka doller ho gya who nt wana go

        1. admin / Post Author

          mashwara dia hai, illegally mat jayen. jana to sab chahtay hain but seedhay tareekay se hi jayen warna bohat bura ho sakta hai.

  119. Ahmad /

    1.By your experience and knowledge, roughly what amount in PKR should one have in his account while applying for a US visit visa?
    2.If you have accounts in more than one bank, is it advisable to attach statements of both for supporting your case?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmad,
      1. It depends how many days you are planning to stay in United States? roughly 10,000 for one day if you are staying in a hotel, 5000 a day if you are telling them that a relative is providing you a place to stay.
      2. Yes, take all statements in all bank accounts.

      1. Ahmad /

        Admin,thanks for your response. However, I do not see any check list of documents required to be provided as supporting material to strengthen your case. No mentioning of a sposnorship letter from the person inviting you for visit, his Taxation/Identification Number, his Passport copy, your bank statement(s), a bonafide letter from your employer, so on and forth..why is this so? aren’t they documents required? I remember being asked (indirectly) for all while applying for visit visa of other countrires

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Ahmed, Thanks for your input. I have modified the page with the list of documents for specific reasons. As far I know you don’t need the passport copy of the person you are visiting neither his tax number for the visit visa. Such documents are needed if they are sponsoring you a visa which is mostly an immigrant visa.
          For other countries like UK its different because a family member can sponsor a visa so they have to provide a sponsorship letter along with their visa and passport details but in United States a family member can’t sponsor a family visit visa. It is treated as a tourist visa only with different reason.

          1. Ahmad /

            Thanks Admin for the response. Please correct me if I am wrong, but checklist of supporting documents mentioned at are ONLY to be taken as a proactive step during the interview and not to be submitted with the application at Speedex, right?

            1. admin / Post Author

              Yes, you should take these documents on interview day. I have updated the page a bit more to explain this. Please refer to the family visit visa documents page and if you have any further question please feel free to comment on that page. Thanks

  120. farhan /

    farhan here:
    me n my wife doing job in traffic police Lahore Pakistan and getting handsome pay from government of Punjab Pakistan. and we wish to go visit for USA for travel can u suggest us about visa for USA and because of our job we will be back to Pakistan after visiting USA

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Farhan, what specifically you want to know?

  121. Farhan /

    we wish to go USA visit because my sister weddinf ceremoney in USA.we want to go there and attend the function please tell me that what i do?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Farhan,
      The process would remain the same, nothing would change except the documents that would include the wedding invitation or the wedding card and also please visit this post.

  122. atifjan /

    dear sir i buy two homes in i wants to go there to open an bank account for the can i get visa for vist and there is chance of visa for me

    1. admin / Post Author

      yes there is always a chance however if you are going for a business point of view you must have a very good bank statement that shows that you can buy two homes in United States. You can mention your intention on visa letter and apply.

  123. Mohsin /

    Dear Admin,

    I am looking forward to visit US with my wife and kid for 10-15 days to visit my sister and meet friends. I will be going to book hotel and flight in advance before interview. I am working in a multinational company originally based in US, i will take letter from company to prove my job ties here in pakistan. I have no property to show and not a considerable amount to show in bank for visa purpose. Can you guide me about how much amount should i have in account before interview? and any other precautionary to take !

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Mohsin, if you are staying at hotel it depends where to get a hotel because charges differ drastically in different cities and states. If your sister can accommodate you at her place then you will need to show less money other wise hotel rent + $50/day is good otherwise add $100/day for hotel in big city or $60/day for hotel in smaller city + $50/day for expenditure etc at the minimum. For a 15 days tour I wouldn’t show a statement less than $2000 but its up to you there is no hard and fast rule in this.

  124. SYED HAIDER /


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Haider, Everyone can apply for a visa but depends if embassy grant it or not. I don’t understand your question? if you are applying for a visit visa, it is not necessary that your relatives live there.

      1. HAIDER /

        i mean i listen from many people when u are above 18 year old u cannot get visa easily can you give me some tips that i can get visa easily

  125. haris khan /

    respected sir,i have already japan business visit visa of 3 months,my meeting schedule with companies in japan will be start from 1 december.i will be there till 28 february.then i want to go USA for refreshment for one week only.sir plz tell me how is it possible that US embassy fast procees my case and give me result with in 10 days?bcz if late process my schedule there will plz must tell me i want to apply for US visa .and i have already japan business visit visa of 3 months. thanx alot sit sir
    haris kahan

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Haris, US embassy don’t fast process the visas except if its an emergency like death of relative etc. If you don’t have much time its better not to apply for a US visa as you must apply at-least 3 months in advance.

  126. haris khan /

    respected sir,again i want to remind u that i have already japan business visit visa for 3 schedule will be start means meetings with companies in japan will be start from 1 december.i will be there till 28 february
    then i want to go for refreshement to USA after finish my business visit of japan.i wish to go USA just only for 1 week.but now before going to japan,i want to apply for USA visit is it possible to expedite my visa process and give me result within 10 days.if i miss my 10 days meeting thn i can rewise that meetings but cannot too late
    so plz sir must tell me is it possible sir? thanx alot
    from haris khan

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Haris – No one can tell you the processing time but if you have Khan in your name, it is presumed that your visa processing can take months, but again no one can tell you for sure.

  127. Muhammad Usman /

    hi i am muhammad usman and i wanted to apply usa visit visa, i am 27 years old, i am also visit dubai on visit visa recently, i have valid bank statement and other documents, i am bachelor of commerce, tell me my chances of visa, can i got a usa visa or not,

  128. HAIDER /


  129. kamran /

    dear, I want to go to USA visit visa with my wife and 3 year daughter. I m working a multinational pharmaceutical company , my monthly salary is 35000 thousand , company can issu leave certificate , as will as pay slip, and company employee certificate, can I try on above document, and how much chance

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Kamran, I am sorry for the late reply. Chances are always 50% and it also depends on the reason for your visit? If you will apply for tourism then as your salary is less, there are chances they will reject your visa and will grant visa to your wife and daughter if you have good saving. However I can’t say anything for sure.

  130. Mr. Tasleem Khan /

    i want visit visa. but the problem is that i have no strong bank statement. i have my cousins in us national and they are doing government job in usa. Can you please guide me in this regard what should i do. whether i ask them for sponsor. and second about bank statement. pleas help me.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Tasleem,

      1. You don’t need a very big account statement just the expenses you need to cover that is ticket, residence charges, money for food etc or if you are going for tourism it also requires money. If you do not have money why you want to travel internationally and how will you buy a ticket? The only thing you can do is to mention that you will stay at your cousin place and they will bear your day to day expenses, get a letter from your cousin to attach with application. You will then need a statement of minimum 2 lakh rupee for ticket or some expenses that will incur when you will be in USA.
      2. No one can sponsor you a visit visa even if its your brothers or sisters.

  131. nazim Ali /

    I am planning to apply for a B2 visa to my parents on the grounds of inviting them to attend my brother graduation convocation.I have to fill Ds-160 form… But I am confused about one options.
    Question. Purpose of Trip to the US ?
    A, Tourism / Medical Treatment (B2)
    B, Tourism / Business Pleasure (B1, B2)
    plz guide which one select.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Nazim, You will select B2 category for tourism. In this case select option B. Congratulations to your brother and I wish you best of luck for your parents visa.

  132. Haniya /

    Respected sir,I m a widow with 2 kids. I am a doctor by profession & has completed my 2 steps of usmle. Now I want to go for my 3rd step which will be in USA but I want my kids to go along with me as they are quite small & there is nobody here to look after them. My inlaws are US citizens living in Texas & have been supporting me through out my struggle. Please guide me as to which type of visa should I apply ,visit visa or visa for exam??

  133. Nazim Ali /

    thanks for Reply

  134. Nadeem Yousaf /

    Can we apply as group (2-5) people together for conferences… can we go as group for interview… is that possible.

    1. admin / Post Author

      I am not sure about that, family can apply together but not sure about conference groups.

  135. Otilia /

    Dear Admin.
    I am a USA citizen, I met a Pakistany guy online, we got in-love each other and I would like to marry him but I don’t know him personally,due it is difficult for him to get a visa to come to the USA due he doesn’t meet all the requierment to get a tourist visa, and I am not able for the moment to travel. I would like to know what can I do to apply for him to get a visa to come to the USA to marry me here. I will appreciate your help. Thank very much.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Why he doesn’t meet all the requirements of tourist visa? He can mention you as a fiance and get a fiance visa, then he can visit you.

  136. Amir /

    Sir,.i am going to USA for visit with my wife and daughter. I m working in multinational company I get 40000 rupees per month , so I also have side business ,so wats ur sagetion , I apply as businessman or as company employee,.? if I try as company employee , what’s r the requirements .?

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can mention both, the more you show that you have ties in Pakistan, the better it is. Take 2 letters from company, one stating that how long you’ve been working with them and that you are currently working with them with your designation and salary on it. One letter for leave that your company will grant a leave for you for one month for your visit to United States and that you will join them once you come back. Other documents are mentioned on the page

  137. Sami /

    im traveling abroad from 2008 i have 4 schengen visa & 2 years 2 uk multiple that all visa expire in this month i have just avail this visa last month now i apply for usa in 2012 & my visa refuse visa officer say no strong ties i dont know why he tell me i apply again for usa visa? or first again apply for 5 years uk multiple visitor visa then apply for USA? what u suggest ? what can i do? plz guide me….


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sami, you should not apply for a US visa unless your circumstances changes. No one can tell you if you will be accepted next time even if you have all other visas your application might be rejected. The things that makes difference and show ties to your countries are if you have a strong job in Pakistan, or you have wife, fiance or kids you are leaving behind or you have a business or property. Its not easy to get a US tourist visa by a young male adult so having strong ties is very important or you must have a strong reason to visit united states like attending a conference, interview or college etc.

      1. Sami /

        dear admin my strong tie my wife doing master here my daughter also study in class 2 im living with my parents my job experience above 14 years @ same company several visits in europe this is not a strong ties? or what type strong ties?????

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Sami, I am not the one who issues a visa so I can’t answer your “why”. I can only guide you to maximize your chances. You did not mention your circumstances before so I assumed, you still haven’t mentioned the reason for your visit to the United States?

          1. Sami /

            sorry sir if u feel i just ask u i know u r guide me proper n im really appreciate for you im im administrator in pvt firm now im decide i’m prove my visit in may 2014 there is network conference in washington dc & also prove my family current status.thanks once again.

            1. admin / Post Author

              :) Its not you Sami, you might not be aware of it but its considered rude and sarcastic to use so many ???? after a question. If there is a conference then its very good, you must get an invitation letter from that conference inviting you to the conference or if its not possible, enroll in the conference and take that enrollment letter with you.

  138. Humayun Rashed /

    Sir i have applied for admission in Canadian university and waiting for call letter. i have around 2 million in my account from a month i have put this for my Canadian visa statement purpose. I will get my call letter from university in a month then i will apply for Canadian visa. mean while i want to apply for american visit visa. My 1st uncle and my cousins got green card and went to america last year they want me to visit them. But i can leave my passport for more then 45 days with US embassy as i have to apply for Canadian visa. So can i ask them to return my passport if visa is not issued in that time period. Currently i am doing job in an IT company in diplomatic enclave near American embassy. please advise.

    1. Humayun Rashed /

      Please also confirm is it mandatory to have 6 months statement.

      1. Humayun Rashed /

        And my uncle will send me sponsor letter that i am coming to visit him but to whom he should address the letter.

        1. admin / Post Author

          His sponsor letter might not make much difference however he can address it to
          American Embassy
          Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5
          Islamabad, Pakistan

      2. admin / Post Author

        Its better because it shows that you have a bank account.

    2. admin / Post Author

      Dear Humayun, with my experience about US visas its very difficult that you get a visa printed within 45 days however what you can do is to apply, if you will get accepted they will keep your passport. When your traveling date is near, call back your passport, the processing on your visa will still continue and once your US visa is ready, they will contact you and will ask you to send your passport again for visa printing. hope it helps

      1. Humayun Rashed /

        Thank you for your replay sir. Please advise then which documents should i attach for my visa.I want to visit my uncle For 3 weeks. My is living there with his family all of them have green cards. He went to USA last year before that he was employee in US embassy in Islamabad. I am doing job in an IT company Near American embassy in Diplomatic enclave Islamabad. I have a bank account having around 19lakh rupees but that money came 30 days back in my account my father sold plot and gave me that.
        Please tell me chances of getting visa and also advise the documents to be attached according to my situation.

        Best Rrgards,

        1. admin / Post Author

          Its ok about the money recently transfer however it is not considered good to mention that you have sold your property while applying for a visa to the embassy because they will think that you are selling your assets and have intentions to never leave United States. It really doesn’t matter how many relatives you have in United States. You will just need one address of any relative where you are intending to stay. You will not need any special documents as you are just visiting your family.

  139. Imran /

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to apply for US VISIT Visa for my unmarried sister (by profession doctor)having age of 42 years. Actually she wants to attend a very close family relative marriage in May 2014. My elder brother also reside in US having NATIONALITY there but my mother who have green card is reside in Pak with my sister.

    Pls advise what will be chances to get the visit visa approval. Lastly my brother in US have applied filed application of immigration for my sister under form I130 back in Jan 2013.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Imran, Since most of your family is in USA, and she is not married, and a doctor, I think she don’t have bright chances to get a visa. They will suspect that she will never go back because she has no ties in Pakistan. Rest, Allah knows, we should always try. The immigration of brothers/sisters could take several years, not sure if it could help in any way however try your best to show that she has strong ties in Pakistan including a reliable job in Pakistan, any property on her name, business etc.

  140. Fundi /


    I am married to US citizen (my wife) . I have 6 months little daughter who attained US citizen ship through her mom .

    I am Pakistani national and want to visit my in laws in US along with my wife and daughter.

    Please advise which visa I should apply and whats the process. At this moment I have just planning on visiting and coming back .

    So what the procedure for me to visit US my inlaws along with my wife and daughter

    1. admin / Post Author

      If your visa immigration application is already in process then you can’t apply for a visit visa?

  141. ahmad /

    HI all,
    I want to get some advise on my family visa. I have applied for my parents and sister’s visit visa (B1/B2) and it got rejected twice. My father is a retired banker and both my sister and mother are homemaker.
    My father has showed his bank statements which has enough funds available both in the shape of dollars and pak rupees… He is sponsoring himself, my mother and my sister but visa officer rejected his application.
    I can send the letter of support for them too with strong financial statement. please advise me what are we doing wrong?


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmad, sorry to hear about that. Its not about money and bank statement. Its about your sister. They are usually reluctant to give visa’s to young unmarried women because they assume they won’t come back to Pakistan due to which they might have rejected all three visas. I think if your parents apply for a visa alone without your sister, they will get it. I don’t know if they can leave your sister alone in Pakistan with some relatives or not? or another option might be to get her admitted for any certification or course etc and she apply as a student and complete her course and your parents apply for visit visa separately.

  142. Fundi /

    no i havent applied for immigration visa . at this moment i want to have a visit visa , i plan to apply immigration visa after a couple of years .so my question is whether i will get visit visa ? will applying visit visa now can impact my future plan for applying immigration visa in next few years .also whats the procedure to apply visit visa ,what documents do i need.

    1. admin / Post Author

      No special documents needed, just the usual and bank statement etc. I can’t say whether you will get a visa or not but if your wife and kid is already a citizen then chances are bright. Thanks

  143. Suhel Rana /

    Hello sir,
    I hope you are in Good health.Well in fact i need some important information about U.S visit visa that what is the processor for visit visa of US,i already had a bank statement and i don’t have any relatives and any fiance who can spouse me.So therefore my place of birth is also different.i born at Dhaka Bangladesh so right now i am at Pakistan,so therefore i m facing many problems over here at pakistan.So Can i reach at U.S easily or not.If i convert my Bank Account Currency into US Dollar it will goes around 75 thousand U.S dollar.So Sir can i get U.S visit visa easily and after that if i get married over at U.S with U.S citizen.Can i settled easily over there r not based on legal purpose

  144. syed alamzeb shah /

    hello admin.
    hope u will fine and well. i would like to ask some question. sir my name is syed alamzeb shah i did MCS and belong to a very residual area known is dir upper famous on terror territory. sir i have friends there american indian she want me to visit her sir i filled a form for ds160. now i m trying to pay fee through speedex in peshawar. and my friend send me two letter one is invitation and other one is to convince us embassy to let me go to the US. and here u says that i have a strong ties to back country sir i have but is in family control i mean its all in my grandfather but in the control of elders he not allow me and give me bank statement not giving permission to go us. she invite me and sponsor me at all but air ticket i will arrange from pakistan and i have my own bank statement approximately 4 lake that’s my own bank account i have. can embassy of us issued me a visa for one month to go us. if not then i couldn’t spoil my money for only giving fee. i read allot of friends comments vows these i m not sure that i get the visitor visa. give me opinion what to do.

  145. Hassan Amin /

    Dear Sirs,

    I am 27 years old married. I am doing my export business since last 7 years. I have visited Italy and Poland as well on business visa. I got visa both time with customer invitation letter. But this time I have sent my application for usa visa without customer invitation. But I have hotel booking and a invitation letter from a fair related to my business. I have interview on 5th March. can someone tell me should I get visa or not? Also what documents should I need to take with me on interview day?

    Hassan Amin

  146. Laraib /

    Hey Admin…
    I have a friend in USA. I want to visit him to take a decision of my future studies. He is going to sponsor me for this visit. Should I go for B2 visa? what will be the process for applying and getting visit visa of the USA.
    Waiting for your kind reply…
    Thank you…

  147. ghazala qadir /


    1. Sameer /

      i apply US visitor visa in 2012 i have many visa like multiple uk & schengen visa all are valid visa on interview day visa officer says u have no strong ties i have good bank balance + good job + strong ties but he say sorry u have no strong ties its my experience :(

  148. javed badshah /

    hello admin, i wanna go to USA on visit. how can i am going there. my elder brother live in USA till 14 year with his family. he tell me that apply to visit visa i can sponser to you.please give information and procedure.i aml waiting for your reply.

  149. Hina /

    Salam admin,
    I have 2 kids n want to apply visit visa so I can deliver my 3rd child over there.
    My uncle lives over there.
    I know I hav to apply for B2 but in this case I have to lie that I m going to meet my uncle n I hav heard that I hav to cover my body like I m not pregnant n build so much confidence.
    Kindly guide me… Thanks in advance!

    1. Hina /

      My uncle is a green card holder.

  150. Fatima /

    I applied for US visit visa thrice in the past 5 years but got refused every time. I have three US born KIds. The visa officer said you can go to US when your child will become 21 and will sponsor you. My daughter wants to go there and she cannot go alone and I dont get visa. Wt to do?
    First time I applied for pleasure trip with my husband.
    second time i applied for visiting my uncle who lives there. I applied alone without my husband.
    Third time I wanted to attend a conference.

    1. admin / Post Author

      The reason for visa refusal might be that they suspect you won’t come back as your children are citizen of United States. I think its not easy to convince that you will come back after a short visit and with your history of visa rejection they will be cautious. I am not sure what to advice here.

  151. Naveed Ali /


    Admin …I have plan to apply for visit visa, I have 3 members in my family including mom, wife and daughter. I have very stable job here and getting good salary amount. I wanted to apply alone for a visit visa. So what are the chance and wht I could add more to get visit visa.


  152. Hamad /

    Dear Sir,

    I Have No Travel History, I am very strong person in Pakistan, Please Tell Me How can apply USA Visit Visa.

    1. admin / Post Author

      what do you mean by strong person? you can get a visa if you can proof that you will come back to Pakistan after a visit.

  153. abdullah /

    How is student visa usa applying and fees information..

  154. Asif /

    Dear All,

    Please tell me what is the requirement of first time visit visa as well as documents.

    I have fresh & 1st Passport


    1. Sameer /

      u must prove strong ties like bank balance, investment bonds like fix deposits & properties & 100% secure job or business & solid reason visit USA…….

  155. mohammad yasir wadood /


  156. Aisha /

    I am permanent resident of USA and my husband is citizen here , I want to apply visit visa for my mom but she is not in Pakistan, she is staying with my brother in Australia. My question is from you, can she apply for visit visa from Australia and if its yes than how much will be chances to get visa and what documents should I send to her for sponsor. Please help me with this as soon as possible I will wait for your answer.
    thanks a lot.

    1. admin / Post Author

      I am not sure, you can call US embassy in Australia and they can guide you better however one of my friend got his USA visa from Qatar but he was a resident there not visiting.

  157. mohammad yasir wadood /

    Dear Admin
    you cannot give me answer plz give me answer plz tell me how can i get usa visit visa what documents is required
    i shall be very thankfull to you
    Mohammad Yasir Wadood

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Yasir, I have very thoroughly covered everything on the same page, you should read it and if you have any “specific Question” that is not answered on this page, please let me know.

  158. Imran /


    I m (Pakistani national) living in KSA with my family having 3 kids (10, 8, 4 in ages out of three two are school going). I am associated/working with reputed local group of companies and this year have intention to spend vacation in USA with my elder brother who is US citizen.

    Pls let me know what is my chance to get the US visit/tour visa?


    1. admin / Post Author

      You will only know your chances if you apply however its easier because you have a stable job in another country and have a bank statement that will show you can easily cover your tour expenses.

      1. Imran /

        Thanks for the reply. I want to add one or two more thing here that I am working in KSA since Jan 2012 and also my US immigration application (FORM I130)already filed by my elder brother in Nov 2012. So in that case what will be the chance for the visit visa with entire family. 2ndly should I filed the visit visa application from KSA or home country?

        1. admin / Post Author

          Since your brother has already applied for you immigrant visa I am not sure what your chances are because they usually discourage to apply for a visit visa if the immigrant visa is already in process. However, in your case no one knows when your immigration visa will be approved (8 or 10 years), you can at-least visit USA but from their point of view, you have intention to settle in United States and with visit visa they might suspect that you will not come back. Chances are 50/50. Its better to apply for KSA.

  159. Dr. Noorulamin /

    please guide me.
    i want to go usa for a conference. my paper has been accepted there for presentation. how i apply for visa and how much time is required.
    the conference will be from 9/6 to 13/6/2014

    1. admin / Post Author

      Please apply as soon as you can because your visa might get approved but it might take time to get it issued on your passport. On interview date, take your conference registration with you along with the documents that shows how you will cover your financial expenses over there, any hotel registration etc and your paper and your CV.

  160. Ahsan /

    Dear concern,
    My name is ahsan i want to go Usa for bussiness confrence my father is too old thats why it necessary for that i should age is 24 and i have never experience to any international travling and it will first step for international trade on international level so may i eligible for B1 visa category ……
    Regards .
    Ahsan ashraf

    1. admin / Post Author

      Its not about eligibility, everyone can apply for a visit visa. Its embassy who will decide if you will get a visa or not.

  161. sikander /

    Hello admin ,
    My name is sikander , i own a health care medicine company in pakistan and am 25 years old .
    I want to visit usa as a tourist for 10 to 15 days .my soul purpose is to enjoy my holidays and come back to Pakistan ,
    I have a fresh passport , havnt visited any country before ,
    I want to ask which option is best for me for applying ,
    Applying for visit as a tourist or showing business visit , i can ask for an invitation letter from a company in usa because i am in touch with many american companies
    I want your opinion .
    Best regards

    1. admin / Post Author

      For your age and travel history business visit visa is better.

  162. m. rashid /

    i am working magazine monthly “SICHKAN” gwader balochistan. i am chief editor of this magazine. i also resident editor daily”NAWA.E.WAT” balochi karachi. first balochi daily through the world. i want to visit journalist. plz give me information. thank u

    1. admin / Post Author

      I don’t understand, you just want to visit? no official reason etc? follow the process on page.

  163. rabia /

    hi.. i m pharmacist.. i wana take fpgee exam that is the foreign graduate pharmacy license exam.. only conducted in us.. for this i want us visit visa..
    i have a legitimate reason for visa.. my exam
    how much time they take to issue visa.. and how many chances are there to get me a visa.. ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      If they decide to issue you a visa, you can get your passport within a week as female visit visa processing times are very fast. You can take all relevant documents with you on interview date. Its better to appear for an interview as early as possible because sometimes they don’t give an exact time for visa processing but when the visa is issued, its usually for 5 years multiple entry.

  164. m. rashid /

    purpose of visit see the media houses. and main purpose of my visit to see and get knowledge committe to protect journalist in new york head office.
    thank u

    1. admin / Post Author

      So the visa would be for tourism. Please follow the process of applying on the page mentioned.

  165. assad khan /

    Dear admin
    A Friend of mine wants to know about the required bank statement for the us visit visa.if yes how much and if he has a sponsor in the us can he apply without a bank statement.please reply as soon as possible.

    1. admin / Post Author

      There is no hard and fast rule for this, for more information please visit this page

  166. Shahab Ur Rehman /

    Dear sir hope u r well sir i need some info about visit visa whts the duration of visit visa mean how much days i am allow to stay in US and total cost and how much bank statment need

    1. admin / Post Author

      on visit visa you can stay for maximum of 6 months however you must justify this length, for information on bank statement visit this page

  167. Usman Shahid /

    Dear Admin,
    I want to sponsor the finances of my mother’s trip to USA. I am living in Lahore and my uncle (father’s brother) lives in US. My mother will be visitng him and stay at his home and with his family. I will take care of this trip cost for my mother, so please let me know besides my bank statement what document should my mother take to embassy for visa interview? Should I write the letter to embassy that I will bear all the costs for my mother’s trip to US or something legal document/affidavit is required? Please guide me.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Usman,
      Its better to write a letter and mention that you will bear the expenses for your mother’s trip to United States. They do not require any affidavit however if they would require anything like this, they will guide your mother on interview day.
      All usual documents will be required that are already mentioned on this page.
      For more info, please also visit

  168. Waseem Khan. /

    AOA, Dear Friends,
    Waseem Khan here i have did MBA Specialization in Human Resource Management and i have almost two year experience as a Administrative and now i am doing job at multinational insurance company as a senior Assistant my age is 25 ….if i apply for Visit visa or work visa …Could it possible for me to get the the visit visa.? kindly if anyone knows about this kindly email me all procedures and requirements i will be highly obliged for this kindness.

    Waseem Khan

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can’t apply for a work visa without a work visa sponsorship or a job offer from United States. Visit visa for tourism for males of your age are bit difficult because they assume that you don’t have ties to your country. If you wan to apply for a visit visa for tourism, read the process on this page in detail and follow it.

  169. Adil /

    Hello Admin,
    I am applying for visitor visa. My mother and sister lives in USA so I am going to apply visa to visit them. One of my cousin who is only 11 years old also wants to visit them. What would be the procedure ?? Does he need separate bank statement?? and Is it possible that because of him my case would become strong to get visa ?? I have a bank statement of 4 thousand Dollars and also went to UK and Malaysia. So what you say regarding my cousin??

    1. admin / Post Author

      It doesn’t make any difference if your cousin is going with you. If he is 11 then you would need his/her parent’s permission that he/she can travel with you.
      Procedure is mentioned above on the post.

  170. Adil /

    One more thing admin, if I take my cousin with me who is 11 years old and I convince them that my cousin will come back with me because his school will reopen and all that reasons related to him then how strong my case is going to be?? I have already traveled to UK and Malaysia. I have a good job with healthy salary in Pakistan. So now what do u think ?? Is it a strong case for me ??

    1. admin / Post Author

      It will affect the decision for your cousin only, not you as your cousin can still come back while you stay in USA according to visa officer. It will make no difference for your visa decision.

  171. AHMED /

    Helloo admin i want to apply visit visa b1/b2 to usa my uncle sponserd me and im applying alone im married and having 2 baby boy will you please suggest me what documents required and i also have a job in karachi

    1. admin / Post Author
  172. john /

    dear admin this time i will look up for ur replying i hope this time u will do. sir my Fiancee is american citizen she is american indian native of america she came here (mean) she came pakistan in 8 may and get married me and back to home country on 1st june we get married by court but she have no time to consult with attorney we both worried about how to apply to get usa visa. now guide me what visa i will do apply fiancee spouse or something else. she is 48 year old and and i m 28 some one says there’s certain limits of ages if ur half lesser age then u couldn’t apply is this right . need help to guide me in this regard. i wanna go to live with her for all the time. /// give me ur number for better consultant if u wanna do really help me. email me ur number. i will wait on ur reply thank u.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You should’ve applied for a Finace visa because it falls under the correct category. Sorry can’t give you my number.

  173. john /

    and i had been rejected twice on visit visa. i don’t y they do that.

  174. ATIF ALI /

    hii admin
    i need to know about the visit visa as my sisters are u.s citizens and parents also just got there immigrant visa one month back,they have there green card in process i need to know how many % chances are there for me to get the visit visa ?
    thanx regards

    1. admin / Post Author

      Depends upon what ties you have with your country. The job, business, property, family, wife or kids etc. since your family is already in USA, they might think you will not come back to Pakistan if you don’t have ties.

  175. haris /

    hello admin

    my sister is an American legal resident and my father and mother want to vist her. my father is a retired person so what type of documents should be needed for required a visit visa from Pakistan.

  176. SAFU /

    salam im applying for US visit visa my cousin sent me invitation of his daughters wedding..i was filling a sample form there is a column named list of purposes of travel in which we have to specify the purpose of visit but when the box drops down there is nothing written about visit visa….can u help me with that???

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam. Visit visa is is either B1 or B2. You will apply for a B2 visa.

  177. Ali /

    Hello Admin,
    As I am applying for visitors visa and for that I will present my employer’s letter in which my monthly salary is also mentioned. So should I also present my NTN number or not ?? NTN number is my tax number because it is paid by my company ?? Guide me on this please

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello, letter from employer with salary and designation is enough.

  178. Ali /

    Admin one more thing,
    I have to submit two more things one is detail of my last 10 years travel history and the other is details of my siblings and children. I just manually made everything on Microsoft office in which I have mentioned all details. Is it enough ?? or do i need any other form for travel history etc.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, its fine and enough.

  179. Alina /

    hey !

    I need to know that I was applied visit visa B2 , now I am pregnant so if I got tha visa then can I travel or not ? plz reply

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can travel when you are pregnant however you would need a letter from you gynecologist giving you permission to travel for the time you will be in United States.

  180. M.Arshad Bukhari /

    oey admin ye bta kis ka visa accept hu ga.. jb keasi ka visa lagana he nahi hy inhoo ny too yaha aaam lyny baithy huwe han ye ….

    1. admin / Post Author

      Mr. Arshad, mera embassy k sath koi taluq nahi hai, shayad is liye app “Oye” keh kar mukhatib kar rahay hain? main bhi apki tarha aik Pakistani hi hon.

  181. omer /

    i am 15 years old and i am thinking of travelling with my mom with in one month ,can i

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, you can, as a minor, can accompany your mother.

  182. Omer /

    How much time would it take In confirmation of visa if I am travelling with my mother to USA I am 15 years old and my mamo lives in USA and he has a residence at there and he has her own working clinic and he also have green card .

    1. admin / Post Author

      No one can tell you the estimated time. As you are a minor, it might take little time. It doesn’t matter what your Mamo do there. It will not benefit you in any way. You just need his address in application to mention as a place where you will stay.

  183. SAFi /

    im applying for visit visa..
    1) i dun understand this why do they need my educational degree??which should i provide should i provide all or latest degree or first and last one…i m still very confuse .
    2) what effect does education qualification have on my application???
    please answer both

    1. admin / Post Author

      You don’t need your degrees for visit visa. However if you are studying you can take a letter from your college explaining that you are full time student there.

  184. shamail /

    Dear sir.
    I applied 3 time visit visa.But I cannot get the visa.I have my own business and I pay tax also I’m 27 year old and I’m married.Kindly guide me?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Shamail,
      I am sorry I can’t help you. I have seen settled businessmen of your age with rejections. Its better if you are married, have wife or kids, then its easier to get a visa as you have your wife/kids who will be in Pakistan waiting for you.

  185. Ali /

    Hello Admin,
    I am planning to open a fast food take away shop. This shop is on my mother’s name and my mother is currently living in USA and right now its rented out. So during interview can i bring the papers of shop ?? because I am going to open a take away shop on this shop. Please suggest me some points how I can justify it on interview date because in Pakistan parents shop = children shop.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali, you can tell that its your business but no need to present the property when its not on your name. They only ask for property etc to see if you have ties in your country. If you haven’t opened a shop yet you will still need to show what you are currently doing in Pakistan.

      1. Ali /

        So Admin you are trying to say I still show that I am doing business in Pakistan of that take away ?? but the thing is I have no NTN number and other papers of it. So what if I say them I am doing business what else should I bring ?? Can I make fake menu Card for Take Away Pizza and Visiting Card ?? Is this enough

        1. admin / Post Author

          I meant you have to tell what you really do for living. Aren’t you doing anything? if not working, aren’t you studying? because they will ask what do you do? and if you do not have an answer then its not easy to get a visa because they will know, you won’t come back because currently your mother is also in USA. Yes business have to be legit with NTN number etc before you can mention it. I will never suggest you to give false or misleading information.

  186. fareena /

    salam.. plz tell me I want to go U.S. whose visa category I will chose?? mai waha jakar kob krna chati hu wid my husband n child. how it is possible??

    1. admin / Post Author
  187. Zille Ali /


    I am planning to apply for a visitor’s visa to the US. I plan to visit my brother-in-law (wife’s brother) with my family (wife and two kids). My question is more related to the logistics of applying. I have not applied for a US visa or received one but my wife has once held the US visa before getting married. When applying do I need to fill out two applications? One for me and one for my wife? My wife will be my dependent. Please let me know soon as I want to apply ASAP.


    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello, If she does not currently have a visa then, yes, she needs a separate application so does your kids. You will need to fill total 4 applications and pay fee for 4 applications as well.

  188. Rashid Nawaz /

    Hi Admin,you are really doing a Great job.Problem with my case is my father is living on overstayed b2 visa and they trying there luck to get permanent Residence,will be affect my or my mother’s b2 visa case ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes it will.

  189. faheem /

    hi admin , i want to give my lab exam of CCIE (cisco certified internetwork expert) SP in usa . other places where i give exam ,dubai ,brussles,hong kong ,beijing etc have no available seats .in usa seats are availble . i m 25 years , i have no family person / friend in usa .will i get the visit visa …plzzz help me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, you can apply. Having a relative in USA doesn’t give you an edge if you are appearing for an exam. You will need to present your exam fee receipt or invitation to join for paper etc on your interview day.

  190. fahad /

    hey guys. i wanna know something.
    my girl lives in Us and she wants me to come there thro K-1 visa. but we have a serious problem, k-1 needs a inperson meeting. but we met online and we have never met in person. k-1 gives an exception if travelling to fiance causes hardship to US citizen. so she is going to put law and order situation of pakistan as an excuse to visit pakistan and meet me in person. plz tell me if there is any chance that this excuse can give us a exemption from that inperson meeting clause. and plz plz plz tell me whats the cost of k-1 visa at my end???

  191. john /

    A/A hi admin
    i m here with my usa girl friend in uae. but here we can’t do marriage under the law of dubai uae. so what to do to get marry right here. i m from pakistan and she is from usa. she is christian and i m muslim. but Quran says that i can marry with christians girls but these uae ruler not satisfied with this statement. whatever these are their personal point of view. i have no objection to this… plz take out any solution of this issue we both are expatriate.

    1. admin / Post Author

      I don’t know or can’t guide you about UAE rules. You can either get married in Pakistan or USA.

  192. Kamran Khan /

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask you that I am planning to send ONLY my wife with 2 kids (elder age 14 yrs & younger age 8 yrs) to USA for visit visa to attend marriage of my wife’s nephew (brother in law’s daughter). I got the invitation letter with card requesting the US consulate office to issue visa and responsible to bear all the travel & other expenses, duly notarized.

    My wife has no travel exp. before but she will be accompanied with another close relative family (6 members) who got the USA visit visa last month and going to USA in the same month.

    Kindly advise the possibility of visa and requirement of essential document.


    Kamran Khan

    1. admin / Post Author

      Bright chances since you are not going with them, they will know that your wife must come back to join you back in Pakistan. She can take the letter and the bank statement of you or her. If the sponsor is bearing the expenses, you will need their bank statement as well.

  193. Imran /

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to ask you that I am planning to send ONLY my wife with 3 kids (age range 11 to 5 years) to USA along with my unmarried sister (age 42) who is doctor by profession for visit visa to attend wedding ceremony of my cousin (sister in law of my elder brother). I got the invitation letter with wedding card from my cousin.

    My elder brother who is US citizen will bear all the travelling & living expenses during stay of our family in his home in US. I personally lived with family & also worked in Saudi Arabia and presently came Pak during EID holidays.

    The other important things that my elder brother already applied both sibling immigration I-130 case 2 or 3 years back.

    Kindly advise the possibility of visa and requirement of essential document.


    P.S. Just also advice while filling DS-160 online form, can I make my wife principal applicant and her accompanying travelling person will be my 3 kids and unmarried sister.

  194. Malik Javed /

    Dear admin
    I am 45 year old I been UK for family visit 2 times now I want to visit US. Can I easily get visa??

    1. admin / Post Author

      I can’t tell. If you are married and going alone where your children are in Pakistan or you have still valid UK visit visa then you have good chances.

      1. Madiha kamal /

        I’m mrs kamal I m 25 years old n I have 2 twin boys of ten month
        My husbAnd lives in America n i want to meet him with my child can I Apply for visit from Pakistan
        He has been living there since 1986
        He also apply for our visa but it will take time
        Can I apply for visit visa?

  195. Noor /

    Dear admin,

    My life & my love living in USA. And I am going to marry her in future. I want to celebrate every thing in USA. Can I get easily visit visa?
    Have a nice day !

  196. usman /

    i hope you r fine…sir i have question that i’m under 18 and i want study in usa and what are the requirements i need to apply for study visa to usa?

  197. Madiha kamal /

    Dear Admin
    I am mrs kamal I want to know that my husband live in usa for tha last 26 years
    I m 24 years old n have 2twin Boys of ten month
    Can I apply for visit visa just to meet my husband
    My husband also apply for our visa butt it will take time
    Plz guide me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Madiha, while your permanent visa is already in processing, you can’t apply for a visit visa because they would ask you to wait for the visa decision that your husband has already applied.

  198. sabeeka /

    Dear Admin,

    I am married woman,and have two uncle(mamu) and my grandmother(nani) lives in USA.I want to go to meet them with my husband and kids.and how can i prolong my stay there?

    plz reply!

    1. admin / Post Author

      what do you mean prolong your stay? overstaying on a visit visa is illegal

  199. sadqa /

    I am 23 year house wife and I want to visit my brother in law and his family in USA. I will be staying with them during my stay and they will take care of all the expenses. I wanted to stay ther for a month and My husband will be staying here in pakistan. So, my question is that do I have any chance of getting a visit visa.

  200. asfand yar /

    please do the need ful and guide me.

    i wish to go USA with m wife,i married last 6 month here in pakistan, m also from USA my uncle is there in colarado,he is county assesor member in colarado.
    i wish to go there,i did master and m wife is doing master,here i m doing job in bank.
    he said m to give a sponsor letter,or may give m a son marrige invitation.
    what can i do to go there,

    please guide me.and mail on m address.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Asfand,
      If you want to go, apply for a visit visa. The process is already mentioned on the page. What specific info you need?
      Please read this post as well

  201. WAQAS KHAN /


    Hello Admin,

    I hope that you are fine. I am a Pakistani Citizen and I have been been travelling to UK since 2011 for Study purposes and I visit Pakistan once a year during my break. I am still a degree student in London, UK and my Visa is valid till Dec 2016. I have became friends with students from Brooklyn NYC and Tampa Florida they are studying with me and invited me to visit USA. I myself had plans first to study in USA but than decided to do my Bachelors in London, UK and than will go for my Masters to USA but before that I want to experience life in USA. I do have a friend who is a journalist in Washington, USA and with whom I am going to stay in DC but will stay at a hotel in New york and Florida. I do have more friends in USA such as krista in North Carolina and Inam in Minnesota, I would love to see them as well. I have some $30,000 available in my HBL Curewnt account and also do have a property in m ownership worth Rs 8 Million situated in Karachi. I am self sponsor and have heritage wealth through which I am studying abroad and also planning to visit more places to get more and exposure as I do have plans to start my own business in future and I want to become a job creator rather than a job seeker. My purpose to visit USA is just for pleasure and tourism through which I will learn the life as culture in USA and how do they behave and would love to have exchange of views with my friends and other Americans.

    I am in Karachi and planning to apply for B1/B2 Visa. What do you think? How much is the chance to get the Visa done ?? I want to stay in USA for 3 weeks and I have plans to visit US in March-April 2015.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Waqas Khan

  202. WAQAS KHAN /

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I hope that you are fine.

    I am a Pakistani Citizen and I have been been travelling to UK since 2011 for Study purposes and I visit Pakistan once a year during my break. I am still a degree student in London, UK and my Visa is valid till Dec 2016. I have became friends with students from Brooklyn NYC and Tampa Florida they are studying with me and invited me to visit USA. I myself had plans first to study in USA but than decided to do my Bachelors in London, UK and then later will go for my Masters to USA in Business with focus on Innovations and Entrepreneurship but before that I want to experience life in USA as a tourist and a general Global visitor.

    I have a friend and a teacher Mr. Anwar Iqbal who is a journalist in Washington, USA and with whom I am going to stay in DC but will stay at a hotel in New york and Florida. I do have more friends in USA such as krista in North Carolina and Inam in Minnesota, I would love to see them as well. I have some $30,000 available in my HBL Current account and also do have a property in my ownership worth Rs 8 Million situated in Shah-rah e Faisal Karachi. I am self sponsor and have heritage wealth from my family through which I am studying abroad and also planning to visit more and more places in my young age to get more and more exposure of the world through which I meet people from different cultures, exchange my views and learn from their experiences. It is going to help as I do have plans to start my own business in future and I want to become a job creator rather than a job seeker.

    My purpose to visit USA is just for pleasure and tourism through which I will learn the life and culture in USA and how do they behave and would love to have exchange of views with my friends and other Americans. I would also love to see how the 5 Million Muslims are living in USA and I also want to see people from different cultures are living in cities like New York, Washington, San Francisco etc as I have already experienced diversity in London so it won’t be difficult for me to adjust and get on easy with the people from different cultures.

    Please do let me know if I can make a Visit Visa Application which is B1 or B2 Type Visa and will be done successfully with my application. I have to go back to London in Mid of September and my plans to visit USA is in Summer 2015 so if it’s appropriate please do let me know so I can make my Visa Application from my own country of origin.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,
    Waqas Khan

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Waqas – Such a long story. You could elaborate it. Yes you can apply for a US tourist visa from UK if you are a full time student in UK. Its better to seek such info from embassy directly as rules might be different in different countries and I don’t want to cause any loss at your end. Its better if you apply from UK as in this way, there are very bright chances that you might get the visa. From Pakistan, it would take longer to process. However I would still insist that you call US embassy in UK and confirm if you can apply there. You might need to take letter from university that shows you are a full time student there and will join back after holidays.

  203. sadqa /

    Is the 426 answer for me ? I asked q 422?

    1. admin / Post Author

      I don’t understand? Have I replied your question or are you still waiting for a response?

  204. sadqa /

    I am 23 year house wife and I want to visit my brother in law and his family in USA. I will be staying with them during my stay and they will take care of all the expenses. I wanted to stay ther for a month and My husband will be staying here in pakistan. So, my question is that do I have any chance of getting a visit visa.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sadqa, Yes you do since your husband is in Pakistan and you are a female.

  205. bina /

    Aoa my son is us national but when he was born we came back to pak along him now my husband want his further studies in us can my husband get visa to go there and apply his admission in school there my in laws are also there

    1. admin / Post Author

      He can visit but he doesn’t need to because most of the students get admission and apply for a student visa while they are in Pakistan. Your son can fill online admission applications and can be admitted to the University. Why exactly he think he need to visit for that reason?

  206. m.munib /

    sir, my father is bureaucrate and my uncle is usa national. my family want to visit usa for our family function what will be the best way to apply for visa

    1. admin / Post Author

      Please read the whole post and apply according to that, if you have a specific question, ask.

  207. asfand yar /

    please guide me,i have an imbiguity.
    if i apply for honey moon in USA.than is it better or not in visit visa.during this i stay at m uncle home or may also in hotel.what do u say,in all this matter can i consult with any consultant or not??

    1. admin / Post Author

      I don’t see a reason to consult anyone. Just follow the procedure mentioned on page. Mention the reason and give your uncle address and phone number.

  208. mohsin /

    AOA, my friend have business there and he will be adjust me there what kind of visa i have to apply i mean nature of visa i did not travel ever to US. is any kind of letter required from there??

    1. admin / Post Author
  209. Naomi Randhawa /

    Hello Sir, I want to know about green card holders which they are living in America. but they cannot come to their families in America. kindly tell me that green card holder why they should not come their families in america? please reply my this comment, i’ill be very thankful to you.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Naomi – You mean to say that they cannot visit their families in Pakistan? Because with green card they can go anywhere they want in America. After getting a green card, their time starts to count for their citizenship. They have to spend 3 years before they become citizen and all the time they spend outside of United States won’t count. Also, they can’t stay for more than 6 months outside United States.

  210. Jamal /

    Admin, I have my US citizen friend He want to invite me so my question is this to u How Much Bank Coast US embassy want nd final thing My Sur name is Muhammad, So They will face me Strict or nt Normal

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Jamal – Your comment was so hard to understand, I think you want to know how much bank statement you need to show? Follow this link

  211. Jamal /

    Sir Just Appear Visit Tourist Visa Bank Account Coast, nd mY Friend is US Citizen He want to Invite me to Us, Nd mY Sur name is Muhammad So Muhammad name will Create problem or Nt Sir… Thankx

    1. admin / Post Author

      Muhammad name doesn’t affect the visa decision however if you are approved to get visa the administration processing may take long (months)

  212. Jamal /

    Thank U sir one more thing mY send my Bank statement papers to mY Friend he said send ur pay Stub papers nd Sir Yet m doing mY Gemstones Business so Can i send him mY pay stub Papers

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you are applying for a visit visa? you will need to show these documents yourself at the embassy on interview date. I don’t know why your friend is asking for these papers.

  213. Madiha kamal /

    Hello admin
    I m mrs kamAl and hv 2 twin boys of 9 month i want to know my husband live in america for the last 24 years he z green card holder in washington DC n he apply for the citizenship a year ago but conslate said that the pasport is in prosessing…he dosn,t apply me through green card he said if i apply from green card it took yeras
    Can i apply visit visa just to meet him n vill come back
    Is it possible for us to meet his fathers they can refuse or not plz tell me
    I don’t want any objection on my documents which cause any problem durring the process when my husband apply for our visa plz guide me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Madiha,
      I am not sure however I think you can apply because he haven’t applied for your immigrant visa yet, but, when you will tell the embassy your husband is already there, they will be very reluctant to give you visa as they will think that you will join your husband and will not come back however there is no harm in trying.

  214. sohail afridi /

    Dear sir,
    my brother is in usa last 7 years and he is also national of now his graduation gonna complete.after 5 month he have gratuation my brother like to invite my mother and little brother. for graduation brother is 12 year old and my mother is 49 year old ,,kindly sir tell me is it easy to for my mother and brother get visit visa .and plz tell me about visa requirement ..i am waiting for ur response..thank u sohail afridi

    1. admin / Post Author

      Yes, I don’t see any problem in getting a visa. Ask you brother to send his graduation ceremony letter to your mother so they can show it in embassy.

      1. sohail afridi /

        thank u so much sir..

        1. sohail afridi /

          dear sir,
          if u dont mind i want to ask about my little brother brother is studying in 6th is it important to get letter from his school for 1 month holidays to show in embassy….thanks

          1. admin / Post Author

            It is important and you should get a letter from his school because they might ask his school name, his grade and if he is going during his school time? in that case how he will cover his course work later? so its important that you get all these answers on a school letterhead or stamped by school and take it with you when appearing for an interview at embassy.

            1. sohail /

              thank you sir.God bless you.
              Dear Sir,
              To be honest its my last question.Sir could you please tell me that will it important of my brother usa passport OR green card photo copy submit in documents?

  215. raja /

    Aoa to every one,
    kindly i need some help bcoz i want to apply for visit visa and need to know how to apply and which documents are required …bcoz my friend is living there in U.S.A and he inviting me… much mo ey required ? And time ? Plz tell me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Read the post above. If you have a specific question you can post here.

  216. saad /

    hello there.
    my name is Saad i applied student visa in last year 26 dec 2013 was my interview date and intended date was 10 January 2014. i got admission from southwest Minnesota State university. but unfortunately got rejected don’t know reason of rejection . Now am getting marry in the end of this year i just wanna visit America before my bachelors life gone spoiled wanna enjoy its ending in there at least . My father have his catering business and i have a good job i will return after my vacation. would i apply or not for B1 visa ? what is the chances to getting visa …?
    Thanking you for your helping and informative reply soon .

    1. admin / Post Author

      what was rejected? Your admission or the Student visa (F1). If it was a student visa then chances are you will be rejected again. Otherwise there are always 50/50 chances of getting a visa.

  217. saad /

    F1 student visa . i was genuine student and i have gotten genuine (i20) from the university and i talk so many times with the dean of southwest Minnesota state university.
    Is there any way to get the visa on 100% chance?

    1. admin / Post Author

      University just issue i20 which is not a guarantee that you will get a visa neither they can do anything about it. It just mean that they accept you to be their student. If your F1 was rejected by the embassy they will have your rejection data in system. They might reject your visit visa for same reason which you haven’t mentioned. However this is just my thinking, you might get visa, why don’t you try and see what happens?

  218. raja /

    Aslam o alikum sir,
    sir actually i need more information about visa. Bcoz i have a girlfriend in america and we want to get marry now…and she is inviting me there for marriage ….so i just want to know that which one is better way for us….if she come here and marry me or i go there …..which one is better for us …and for this what is the procedure ?which documents are required ? And if she send me visit visa from there then what is the procedure ?

    1. admin / Post Author
  219. Aftab /

    Dear Admin
    I need to apply B2 visa. However, I am unable to find the list of requisite documents required to bring along on interview to US Embassy. Moreover, kindly evaluate chances of getting B2 visa with background of Schengen Tourist Visa of 1-month issued in 2012 & used in lawful manner.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Aftab, the documents list is mentioned above. Please read the post for complete info. Also it depends upon your situation and reason for visit. Schengen visa in past might help a little bit but again depends on your current circumstances more.

  220. Samina /

    Dear Admin,

    I am a green card holder, soon applying for citizenship and would like my sister to visit me here in the US. She is a 35year old married mother of one child (will be age 1 when traveling…God willingly). Her husband is employed in Saudi Arabia-she resides in Pakistan. She has property there (Pakistan) as well as bank accounts and my parents reside there. In your opinion what are her chances of getting a visit visa for herself and child? Thank you for your time.


    1. admin / Post Author

      There are very good chances she will get visa within a week since her husband is not coming with her.

  221. Assad /

    My in laws just got Citizenship in US. Me and my wife are living in Pakistan. If I apply for visit visa what are the chances of its approval? I want visit visa because if they sponsor me for immigration it will take 10 to 12 years to complete which is quite a long time.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Assad, what is your age? will your wife join you? do you have kids? will they visit with you?

      1. Assad /

        I just turned thirty in September. I want to visit alone. My wife will not accompany me. I have one baby boy three months old. Also in case of any possibility/option I can take my wife and kid with me as well.

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Assad, If you are going alone and your wife and kid is in Pakistan then there are chances you might get visa because the embassy will be sure that you will come back for your family however if you apply with family I sense it will be rejected but chances are always 50/50.

  222. Amjad /

    As’Salam O Alaikum,
    Dear Author/Admin

    First of all I would like to thank you for free and fair advising to people. My name is Ali I am from Karachi Pakistan. By profession I am a website designer & developer since 2010, and right now I am earning good salary around 50K. I want to visit Kansas or any other state on visit visa I don’t have any friend or relative there I just want to explore the state and also want to try my luck for my website job/business as well. I’ve also visited Dubai back in 2012.

    Can you please guide me how much it will cost me? and what is the visit visa procedure for me, as you mentioned above or it will have different steps?

    Thanks for your co-operation.


    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Amjad, Wa Alaikum A-Salam
      Thank you for your kind words. You can apply for a tourist visa (B-2) if you want to just visit however you will need to mention which state you want to visit and the reason why? If you have a business purpose in mind you will apply for a business visitor, but for that you might need to show your business papers and details of the clients you are intended to visit in Kansas state. Documents are mentioned above as for tourist visa you don’t need anything extra, just the name of the hotel where you will be staying and for how long. For business visitor visa however requires more documents to be in place.

  223. HOORIA /


    i want to apply for USA visit visa without my family coz my parents are not alive n i have no siblings. I want to visit their to meet my aunty n uncle who will send me invitation letter. I have a good job here and also have a bank statement almost 4000$ (Rs.450000)+property documents so how much chances to get USA visa.

    Waiting ur prompt response..

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Hoooria, sorry to hear about your parents. I am not sure about the chances since you have no family in Pakistan however for females its easier than males so its better to apply to see if you get it. Do take a letter from you HR on company’s letterhead specifying your position in company, your current salary and that they will give you a month of holidays and you will be joining them back once your holidays are over.

  224. Jan /

    A/A sir first of all i would like to thank u for free advising people. sir i had applied for usa visit visa but that had been denied i don’t know y. even my sponser ship was american citizen she sent letter to the usa embassy and as well as me also. but now i m going on fiance visa my case and file is submitted to USCIS. they sent massage and emails to fiance that ur documents is under observation. sir i met her in person in UAE we tried to get marry there but under UAE law expatriates could not get marriage and she tried to come Pakistan with me but she was on arrival visa the consulate don’t give her visa.she back home and file paper for fiance visa . but i read some people comments on blogs they are saying that u will be denied due of age. we have little difference my age is 30 and she is my visa will approve or not.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Wa Alaikum Salam,
      Thanks for appreciating. I am not sure about how the age difference thing will go because you will have to provide very convincing reasons to why you are marrying a woman 20 years older than you. The visa officer they live in Pakistan and know everything about our culture and how in our culture such things hardly happen however there is always a rare case scenario. If you convince them that your engagement is authentic and you will marry the same woman then they might give you a visa however only after they are satisfied with your reasoning.

    2. admin / Post Author

      One more thing? She didn’t get visa means she is American not Pakistani born? because Americans need to get visa in advance before traveling to Pakistan just like we have to get US visa before traveling. If she wants to visit again. She can easily get a visa from Pakistan embassy in United States.

  225. Ahmed /

    Hi Sir,

    I had applied for visit visa … my case was different because my mom died over there and they rejected my visa to just visit my mother’s grave and to handle the case affairs which i had started over there. can you suggest me how can i get visit visa to visit my mom’s grave and clearing debit and credits and checking and helping my lawyer to run case fast, i have literally no intension’s to visit there because no one my relative is there but just my friends… I’m a small business man i run my own software house and my all family is here in PAK.

    My mom got illegal visit over there because of expires of visit time limit in u.s.
    she was there for last 10 years!!
    Also Pak conslate Genral of Boston Sent E-mail in favour of my visit to U.s Embassy Isl.

    Please let me know best suggestion from your side Hope U will provide me positive reply
    Ahmed. Admin (CWT).

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmed, Sorry to hear about your mother. I don’t understand, what is your question? Have you applied before and rejected? You just need to mention these reasons to embassy while applying for a visa.

      1. Ahmed /

        yes sir, they rejected my visa … they didnt see anything from my documents they just collected my mothers data and gave me rejection paper ????????? Y ?

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Ahmed, I think may be because your mother stay was illegal in United States, they are rejecting yours because they might suspect you won’t come back as well. All you can do is to try your luck again but if they don’t give you a visa, no one can do anything.

  226. Noor Muhammad /

    Dear admn,,

    I really appreciate your work and positive attitude, stay blessed, ameen. Sir i just want to know about tourist visa. As my lover told me that you should apply for tourist visa, when you come here i ll marry you, and than u can apply for green card etc.
    My objective is, kindly let me know about whole of the procedure, that how can i apply accordingly. Than what would be embassy requirements? And how could i easily apply, whether she ll interfere in case or not? She would be helpful or not? either she is from pakistan, US national.
    Kindly i need your immediate response..

    Allah bless you. Ameen

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Noor Muhammad,

      Thanks and please follow the link for details

  227. Umair Wagan /

    Hello dear,
    I want to apply for B-1 visa type to attend a Conference. Hopefully in this month , I have all the requirements need to get the visa. the problem is that I am hoping to get visa for job in KSA in this month or next. so how can I get Both? though both have dates of expiries. i need one month for ksa visa minimum. than i can go to ksa and join the job. but what about America visa how can i actually get? in what time period if i send my passport to embassy? or if i apply after reaching ksa that will be better?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Umair, I would not apply for US visa if the conference is this month or even next month. Its better to apply at-least 3 months in advance for a visa since it takes time. I doubt they would expedite the process to match your conference date.

  228. Saba /

    Dear admin, you are helping out so many pakis in understanding the visa process, doing a great job, lots of prayers your way. My mother wants to visit the US and has been rejected twice. She is divorced has only one son green card holder living in Atlanta. Has no Pakistani property, lives with her brothers in Khi, has a strong bank statement, aged 59,do you think she might get the visa this time? Got rejected last 6 years ago.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Saba, Thanks a lot for your kind words and prayers. I am not sure why they keep on rejecting her visa, may be she don’t have any family left in Pakistan. As she is close to 60 I think you can give it another try. I pray they give it this time.

  229. Saba /

    Thank you admin, her siblings are in pk, I’m also residing in lahore but about to migrate to the US on my husband’s L1 visa, really do pray she gets the visa this time.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Saba, siblings doesn’t counts as one’s immediate family. Its parents or children that matters and since her children are already abroad they suspect she might not come back. There is no harm in applying again and my prayers are with you.

  230. usman /

    a s a. sir mary uncle nay mujy spansor kia ha mery age 21 year ha i am student.kaya may vist visa apply karo mujy visa mel jay ga

    1. admin / Post Author

      wsalam, what do you mean sponsor kia hia? kis liye? student visa k liye? ya visit visa? or kesay sponsor kia hai?

      1. usman /

        vist visa kay lia.

  231. badar shaikh /

    hi sir how r u .I was apply last 7 november 2000 . again i try at these year for visit visa is it give 2 me a visa . thats time i’m unmarried but on these time i ‘ m married or i have 2 kids. whats ur suggestion. can i apply or not? my last traveled only dubai in 2007 pls help me. here i ‘ m fed up pls sort out my problem i really want 2 settled in USA

    1. admin / Post Author

      If you are going alone then you might get visit visa however on visit visa you can’t work there.

      1. badar shaikh /

        pls sir give me more advise . which type of documents we attach with visit visa and how much time they take pls sir give me a correct way 2 before the applying visa

        1. admin / Post Author

          Please read the post above for details.

  232. ahmed /

    sir main kuwait main paida hwa hn.mery milnay walay hain usa main .wo keh rahin k tun usa vist per ao .main apna phone ..address. jo chaey wo bhayj datin hon .kya mer visa lg skta h.plz btain kya mangwaoon un say .thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Ahmed – Agar app abhi bhi Kuwait main rehtay hain to apply kar k dekh lain. Dosray countries se visa thora jaldi lag jata hai.

  233. afzal aman /

    Dear sir,
    My uncle live in USA texas.he invited me for visit his family is there any chance to get visa early.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You age? job? married? going alone? it depends on your circumstances only. For details follow this link

  234. Rabail /

    Respected sir,
    I and my brother are medical students and are planning to go for clinical elective clerkship at a us hospital in January. I wanted to ask if there is still time to apply for visa and what are our chances of getting it within time?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Not sure, no one can tell how much time it would take.

  235. ahmed /

    sir main tu kuwait ni hon .visa ni h kuwait ka . pakistani ban .ager pakistan say apply kron tu kaisay .or usa say kya magwana pray ga plz .ager kuwait say b apply kron tu kya kya chaeye .plz

    1. admin / Post Author

      Agar apki bank statement strong hai to US se invitation letter mangwa leain apnay relative ka. Kuwait main agar app resident hain to wahan se hi visa apply ho ga, or wo zara jaldi lag jata hai. Agar Pakistan se apply karna hia to wahan se bhi kar saktay hain lekin wahan se time bohat zyada bhi lag sakta hia.

  236. badar shaikh /

    pls sir give me more advise . which type of documents we attach with visit visa and how much time they take pls sir give me a correct way 2 before the applying visa

  237. osman /

    salam sir aunt getting divorce with 4 months …due to physical voilence from his husband ….she has a 5 yrs old daughter … my aunts brother is a usa citizen … she has technically no1 here to support her …can she n her daughter apply for immigrant visa to usa ?? security purpose … wat r the legal reqirements ….

    1. admin / Post Author

      aunt brother means aunt husband is a US citizen because if her brother is there he can support her but you said there is no one there to support her? If she is living there on green card, she has to spend certain time period before she gets citizenship. Also, physical abuse is not acceptable by law in United States, why is she not reporting her husband? Also, if that’s the case, she should take legal advice from an attorney. He can guide better on what to do next. Thanks

  238. khawaja abdulrehman /

    my name is khawaja abdulrehman and iam from kashmir.i want to make a best education system in to make a best college or school.and i want to make a amarican colllege in kashmir.only reason is that not for more.i need for amarican visit visa.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Khawaja, Apka sawal samajh main nahi aya? App USA visit kion karna chahtay hain? Apka plan kya hia?

  239. saira imtiaz /

    aoa..sir i need u.s.a visa for study basic ….kindly u help me how to apply visa… kindly send me details…

  240. ahmed /

    sir hum kuwait say aye hain abu 40 year say kuwait main thy ab pakistan a gay hain .hamary pass bank stetment tu zayada ni h .1 shop h market main ,or 1 plot 12 mrla ka h .jis ki velue 80 lac h .hum kaisy immigration visa apply krain .ya vist apply krain .plz

    1. admin / Post Author

      Immigration esay paisay de k nahi hoti. APp visit visa kion apply karna chahtay hain? Visit visa pe app kaam nahi kar saktay. Ye sirf tourism k liye hota hai ta k app duniya ghoom sakain.

  241. Noman bashar /


    Really a commendable efforts by you to letting answers of above,Kindly let me know that i am an Engineer (Electrical)working on a sea port with a good reputable organisation since from 2010 to present,
    Alhamduillah i am blessed with a wife who is a doctor and holding a U.S passport upon / after her birth at Virginia,Now Living in Pakistan with me.I want to know :

    1. Either may i apply for K category visa in first ?
    2. May i go for B1 / B2 visa to have a visit in U.S on m own ,as i have 6 months expired visit visa with U.K in passport.
    3. May we both apply for visit visa or any other category to have visit in US.
    4. Further which category shall allow us to have both in U.S for seeking a permanent residency.

    Shall Appreciate your answer to my question.

    Thank You

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Noman,
      Thanks for your words. No reason for applying visit visa for your wife when she is already US citizen. Usually to sponsor K visa for spouse one must have certain amount of income so he/she can sponsor k visa however since she is not working and not in USA, I am not sure how will it work. Please visit this page, it might help you

  242. Irshad /

    Hi I want to go us iam 33 years old I hav
    Petrol and Gas station bussness I hav strong bank statement
    I want factory visit petrol units they gives us invitation
    Please guide me admin can I apply us visa or not

    1. admin / Post Author

      Anyone can apply a visa. Please read the post for complete details. If you have a specific question then let me know

  243. Ubaid Ullah /

    I Wanna know about American Culture.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ubaid, Please read the article to learn about American culture

  244. tamarrufus /

    Hi sir how r u i need u.s.a visa for study basic ….kindly u help me how to apply visa…plz send me details… plz sir… thanks ..

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Please read the following article

  245. Shakeel /

    Dear Sir

    my uncle is settled in USA Virginia about 30 years i wish to settled there also,what my uncle do for me from their as a business owner of a departmental store and gas station than
    i go there or what documents required from here to invest in his business as a partner and got a visa on this behalf

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Shakeel,
      You should hire an attorney to guide through this process as his business need to be at certain level before he can hire someone from abroad plus he must have a reason for not finding a suitable person from United States. An attorney can help you to prepare a case if his business fall under a category.

  246. tahira /

    I am applying for my parents US visit visa(B2) they live in Pakistan. My husband is a US citizen and he will apply as a sponsor for their visit. I pretty much know what documents i need, i just want to know that is there any document which i have to get notarized like form I-134. We will fill DS-160 online so there is no logic to get it notarized. Please help me to resolve this confusion that whether i should send all required documents to my parents by filling and signing it by myself or should i get it attested/notarized by an attorney.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Tahira, I don’t think you would need to notarize it by a U.S. attorney. You can find more about it here

  247. sofia /

    Dear admin, you are helping so many peoples about the visa process, u r doing a kind and great job,proud of you and lots of prayers your way..sir my son in usa last 6 years he have green card he want to invite me and my little son for us visit visa..i am 48 year old and my son is 10 years old..tell me can i get visit visa easly and how much visa process time..waitng 4 reply..GOD bless you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Sofia,
      Thanks for kind words and appreciation. It means a lot. Do you have any other children who are in Pakistan beside your two sons? Also is your husband going with you or staying in Pakistan? Are you living in your own home or rented? I can guide you better if you answer above questions.

  248. Akber /


    Hope everything is good, Consulate ever says that applicant must have strong ties with the country and much more, here i would ask that besides family, education and property how can some show further stronger ties with home country

    I have been searching for it and have attended many conferences but when they dun have proper answer they end up with the conclusion that every application is seen in a different manner… and all such……. so lets see if you can add any thing which help all of us for getting B2.


    I would be great if you can share some practical examples.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Akber,
      Alhamdulilah, thanks for asking. Hope everything is well at your end too. Visa officers makes decisions on the evidence and how they feel about your ties to your country. There is no black and white in this, it all depends upon visa officer judgment. Even if one have loads of property and family, they can still reject his visa.
      The things that would count as strong ties apart from this things already mentioned by you are.

      • If you own a business that is run by you for which you need to come back.
      • If you have a permanent job in a reputable company that pays you well.
      • If you have a genuine reason i.e. conference/meeting/attending an event for visit which is backed up by proper documentation from United States.


  249. Minal /

    dear admin,

    i m going to apply visit visa for USA, i m not asking sponsor letter to any of my relatives, my 9+ years of son going wid me and i m 100% sure to come back… my hubby is Govt employ on good grade and not going with us.. hv enough amount in my Account to visit
    what do u suggest me next???

    1. admin / Post Author

      Next step is to apply for a visa, just make sure to complete your paperwork and homework before interview. wish you best of luck.

      1. minal /

        thanx admin am going to apply next week

  250. Muhammad ahmed /

    Hey admin its i know just little english language i want go to America for visit viza please tell me how can i will go

    1. Admin / Post Author

      It doesn’t matter if your English is not good. App detail se post parhain, sari info likhi hoi hai is main.

  251. shaharyar /

    Hi my brother has retina detachment his treatment is not available in Pakistan so we want to take him to USA for treatment so what we do?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Shahayar, First you need to determine the total cost involving this treatment. You can confirm that by calling hospitals in United States that offers this treatment. You must have sufficient amount in your account before applying for a visa because medical is extremely expensive in United States and the bank statement should cover all other expenses too i.e. lodging etc. You should also take appointment from one of the hospitals in United States and ask them to email it or fax it. Your doctor in Pakistan should also write you to refer to a hospital abroad for treatment.

      1. sajida /

        i want to apply for usa visa .i have sponser latter of American can i come there ?can i apply o visit visa for season hodlidays.plz guid me

        1. admin / Post Author

          Its the same B1/B2 visa. I have mentioned the detailed process on the page. Please read it and in case you have. Specific question, let me know.

  252. Muhammad Yousaf /

    Sir my sister is living in america and having the american passport as well. Can i go easily on visit visa to meet her. How can i apply on tourist visa bcz i can`t understand the D-160 form while applying online what should i select the option in purpose to go USA.i cant undrstnd that options becz there is no option of tourist in the purpost to go usa.wat should mention there????

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Yousaf. You should select visa option B-2 which is for Tourism, vacation, pleasure visitors.

  253. raja /

    iam 25 year old …can i go with usa citizen woman in usa without marriage?please please guide me…

    1. admin / Post Author

      You would need to specify the nature of relation with her if she is sponsoring you visa

  254. Raja /

    Sir !she is my girlfriend.she had visited me previous days and back USA.Sir i want to know,,,now she saying that come in my country,how I can go her country?i do not know…please sir guide me,,,very very thanks sir you replied me.very thanks

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Are you planning to marry her or just want to visit as friend?

  255. Rehman /

    I am a final year Mbbs student from Pakistan and I recently had my Nikkah.My spouse is is a permanent US citizen.He hasn’t applied for my immigration documents yet and I recently got acceptance from a hospital for clinical electives In July next year which are a must for me to do.I need a b1 visa for that.
    The problem is that if I apply for b1 visa and I tell the visa officer my spouse lives in USA too,will my visa be denied?The purpose of my visit is just to do a short two month course and then I have to get back for my training in Pakistan.
    Secondly,I also intend to apply for permanent citizenship to USA as soon as I get back after my course. Can I apply for spouse visa while having a b1 visa?

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can apply for a visit visa since your immigrant visa is not in process however they might reject it for the same reason you have suspected however you must give it a try and be well prepared to answer the questions. You must also think of any reason for which you must come back to Pakistan I.e. any paper, job, internship etc. One can apply for an immigrant visa if he/she have a valid visit visa on their passport.

  256. Ammar /

    I am writing in regards to get some info regarding Visit Visa for US, I just returned from UK after completion of my studies. I want to apply for Visit for US, i have checked with the embassy and their call center as well about the required documents but they were unable to give me 100% on bank statement required. They just informed the basic info which is already given on the website.
    I just need to know the bank statement and any other supporting documents which would be required on the day of interview.
    How much funds do i need to show?
    In my personal account or parents account?
    Duration of the bank statement?
    Any other supporting documents?
    I have a family in US aswell but they are not my very close relatives so what would be the best way you suggest shall i go for?
    Please get back to me on my given email, your earliest response will be highly appreciated, Thanks.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Documents for visit visa are mentioned in the post. Please visit this link for more info

      Asking about a bank statement is a very generic question and no one can answer you that because it depends upon how long you are staying there?, where? Please visit this link to help you with bank statement question


    Would appreciate if you please guide me regarding visit visa for US.
    As am planning to attended wedding ceremony of my wife’s first couson. Should I get letter from my relative or wedding card will be sufficient.
    I am a Banker and got letter from my employer for the same. My age is about 52 years. Also please get back to me for the Visa Fee (Wife & myself) and any other documents requirement.
    Your early reply will be appreciated. Please reply me on my above email. Thanks and Best Regard, Shakeel Ahmed

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Shakeel, wedding card should be sufficient as it is an invitation. For documents read the post above or follow below mentioned link

  258. aena jamil /

    Hi ,
    i am 20 and i live in Karachi, i wanna go Dubai for visiting visa. My present’s is not alive and we are 2 sister ? how i go Dubai ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Aena,
      I give advice on United States visas. For Dubai most people consult travel agents because it can be processed via agents only I guess.

    2. dr. ali ikram /

      Dear aena u can contact me at my number as well as my email address
      For ur complete assistance of dubai visit visa

  259. hira /

    hi admin
    my name is hira my mother is deported from us I want to request embassy to get us back to the country please tell me the right procedure to resolve this issu I will wait for your reply

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Hira,
      Why was she deported? Was she issued any letter explaining when she can apply for a visa again etc? I think a lawyer can help you better because it depends on case to case scenario.

  260. qureshi /

    Dear Sir

    I got the uk visit visa from previous year and visited the uk with and return back in time. Then I apply for 2 years visit. But my visa is refused.

    NOw I want to apply for us visa for visiting the wife’s sister(sister in LAw). ?I am currently working in uk based NGO and get 120,000 as Regional ICT Engineer? I have 4 or 5 lak in my bank?

    Q. If my office just make the letter that this person working with us as an ICT engineer working and do’ nt mention the holiday period ? Will it be ok?

    from kaleem

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Qureshi,

      I thought I have replied you earlier but I can’t see a response so writing you again. I think it should be ok.

  261. farhandad khan /

    Dear sir I m Farhandad khan sir my eldr bro is ill he did alot of trreatment in pak…his illnes is that { unfortunately his eye’s become closd and with closd eye’s only he cannot see but he know’s everything } and Dear sir pakistani doctr give him the repr for treatment in USA””””’ so Dear sir plz show us the specific way… I shall be very thankfull for this act

  262. Tariq Mahmood /

    Hello admin.
    I have a Gold Shop and also have mens garment Enterprises.
    I want to visit USA and to see bussiness oppertunities . Tell me the procidure. And tell me the best consultant in Pakistan who see my whole case before applying. Thanks

  263. bruce /

    how long is a visit/tourist visa granted/valid for?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Varies on case to case basis. Can be granted for few months to 5 years multiple entry visit visa.

  264. Makie /

    Dear Admin,

    I applied twice for a visit visa to usa in this month as i wanted to visit the USA but the VO didnt think that i have enough ties in my home country and rejected me twice under 214B , can i now apply for student visa this year and whats my history has to do with it i mean who do i explain that i want purely a visit visa for study , i am unmarried and 28 years of age living in Lahore with my mother and earn 1 lakh per month.

    I will be applying for master in business or master in project management,

    What are my chances and do you any information on such cases ?


    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Afnan,

      If you get admission in a United States university or college they will issue you a document named I-20. Once you have this document, you can apply for a student visa. One thing to note here is that you will have to show a bank statement showing that you can pay the university fee and the expenses for living in United States during the time of the study.
      The fee for international students is usually very high and if you can show the money in your account, they might give you a student visa.

  265. syed wajahat /

    Dear Admin,
    I am engaged with an american citizen.Before we had a plan to file the case on feonce visa but then we got to know that for feonce visa the marriage ceremoney should be at US within 90 days of arriving usa.However our marriage is planned to be here in pakistan.We are also aware of the option of to do NIKAH on phone to save time.Please inform me either US embassey accepts cases on phone nikah..?
    Thankyou in advance.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Wajahat,
      United States Immigration do not accept NIKAH over the telephone as an evidence of marriage. You will have to get married in Pakistan if you plan to get your immigration process started from there.

  266. adnan safdar /

    sir i want us visa because i lived in libya and now i become in pakistan because in libya its too much crisis and i born in libya and iam married i have two childer born in libya i had a construction bussines over there but because of crisis in libya i just left that country and now i just want to apply for us so please tell me can in i get the visa

    1. admin / Post Author

      What visa you are talking about?

  267. Amir Majid /

    I am a Pakistani citizen, I got married to a American citizen in Malaysia, she lived in vinton Virginia, I need to apply on immigration Visa. Tell me how to apply, and hw many chances to get a visa. I am here in Malaysia now. My bank statement is more than $50000. I am waiting for your kind answer.

    1. admin / Post Author
  268. Aamir /

    Dear Sir I want to apply Visitor VISA(DS-160) in month of January-2015 and having a passport (Expiry Date is July 2015). kindly confirm, Do I take process with this passport or need to apply new passport first, for visa process. I am waiting your kind answer thanks.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Its better to renew your passport first because you must have 6 months validity on your passport before applying for a visa. If on your interview date they check that the validity is less than 6 months, they might not accept your passport. 6 months baad bhi new passport banwana hia, why not now.

  269. Shahzaib /

    Dear admin i need your help i am very much confused, I am married here with two kids and wife but i have a friend who live in CT she wants to marry me and i am also agree to marry her, i think its not easy to get visit becoz its not a solid reason to visit a friend. so wht to do? should i go for study purpose and there get marry her???? wht is the best way? or should we get marry here then do something further?

  270. Najeeb /

    Sir can you tell me what is the procedure & requirements for visit visa?

    Waiting for your kind reply…
    this Email plzz…

    E-mail: najeeb,

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Najeeb, please read the post above for details. Also search the website for visit visa and you will find lots of useful information.

  271. dr. ali ikram /

    Respected admin i am dr by profession in pakistan and have a bank statement of 16 lac nd doing a govt job in pakistan. I want to visit usa just for 1 month as i have to continue my job nd to take care of my old parents in pak. Its my dream to visit usa once in a life. Plz let me know how much r my chances of getting a visit visa. Thanx.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ali, are you married? What is your age and do you have any children?

      1. dr. ali ikram /

        No sir m not married but have old parents to care plus a 65000/ month govt. Job

        1. Admin / Post Author

          Dear Ali, its not easy for young male single adults to get a visa. They usually don’t consider parents as a family for which you will come back that’s why asked for wife or kids. You can try as there are always 50/50 chances of getting a visa.

          1. Nafees /

            Dear Admin if same scenario with little change i am on govt job, i am sub Inspector. having masters degree have a bank statement of 20 lac and doing a govt job in Pakistan. I want to visit usa just for 6 months with my family as i have to continue my Govt job and to take care of my old parents in pak. Its my dream to visit usa once in a life. Plz let me know how much r my chances of getting a visit visa. and i am married and having son of 7 months. Thanx.

  272. badar shaikh /

    salam bhai may ra dil kar raha hai may visit visa apply karo may ray passport pay dubai exit entry hai srif woh bhe 7 sal phelay ki aur new wala pay koi stamp nahe hai aur last time may nay 7 november 2000 may apply kiya tha jub nahe mila tha visa ab dil keh rah hai phir apply karo bank statment bhe 2 lacck ka hai kya may try karoo pls sahe rasta batay mujhay khoom nay jana hai bhai bore ho gaya hoo apnay fast food kay kam say kuch enjoy ho jay life may

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Badar, Agar app sirf ghoomnay k liye visa lagwana chah rahay hain to 2 lakh ki rakam kam hia kiyon k sirf ticket hi 1 lakh se ooper ka aata hai sath main agar app ghomnay jayen gay to hotel waghira ka kharch bhi dikhana paray ga. Visa officer ye dekhta hia k agar app k pass zyada paisay nahi hain to wo ye samjh sakta hai ke app ka wapas anay ka koi irada nahi is liye visa reject ho jaye ga.

  273. Nafees /

    Dear Admin i am sub Inspector. having masters degree have a bank statement of 20 lac and Asserts of more then 50 lakhs doing a govt job in Pakistan. I want to visit usa just for 6 months with my family as i have to continue my Govt job and to take care of my old parents in pak. Its my dream to visit usa once in a life. Plz let me know how much r my chances of getting a visit visa. and i am married and having son of 7 months. Thanx.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Nafees, can’t say, Its 50/50. If you are going alone, chances are better but you can also visit with family too. You can give it a try, take complete documentations with you including a letter from your employer stating that you are working with them, at what rank, what salary and that they allow you to take holidays for 6 months after than you will join them back.

  274. Hamza /

    Dear Admin,

    I got US visa long before when I was around 12-14 years of age it was visit visa but I haven’t traveled since then now I am applying for Student visa and my sponsor is my sibling who is US citizen and he managed his status from Non immigrant visa.

    I am applying just to have my masters and then return back to my home country where I have my parents, home & other property.

    What are the chnaces of getting the visa in my case then ? I have no intention to stay in US as if I had I could have done when I was teenager.

    Looking of your response and will be thankful then.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Hamza, You need to take admission in a university before applying for a student visa (just admission, their semester fee will be paid later). They will issue you a document I-20. After that you will apply for a student visa on the bases of I-20. You would need to show enough funds to cover your education + travel costs. Its easier to get a Student visa than a visit visa.

      1. Hamza /

        Thanks admin… Stay blessed :)

        1. Admin / Post Author

          No problem, for more information on study visa, you can visit this link

          1. Hamza /

            One thing more admin, my brother who is US citizen is sponsoring me as he is my guardian, he paid for my bachelor’s as well in Pakistan. Is this fine for the Embassy then ? What are the chances ?

            1. Admin / Post Author

              Dear Hamza, I am not sure how will it work, your brother might need to write a sponsorship letter and give his bank statement to prove that he have sufficient funds to support your financially for education.

              1. Hamza /

                Thanks admin… :)

          2. Hamza /

            BTW: Thanks for sharing the link really helpful…

  275. Malik Amirzeb Khan /

    Dear Sir /Madam i have US B1 B2 Multiple visa can i visit colombia or costa rica some els on this US visa please help me how i get visa of colombia or costa rica i am pakistan national

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Amirzeb, I don’t have sufficient information on this. Please check Columbia Embassy website.

  276. Asim /

    Dear Admin, we have plan to go USA ON VISIT Visa as we are a group of peoples who travels together in alot of countries. Recently we came from Europe, we went to there as a tourist now guide us to get the USA visa for tour.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asim,
      I don’t think there is any seprate visa for tours, every individual has to present himself for interview in US embassy and every person will follow same procedure mentioned on the page.

  277. Saad /

    Hello sir,

    First of all i would really like to appreciate your great assistance for everyone without any charges, Allah will surely reward you to helping others.
    We r 5 friends r planing to apply US visit visa without any local consultant as u know they get charge much and mostly of them are fraud ,
    and of course we all friends have different scenario so we need some help regarding following queries, i hope so you wouldn’t mind to reply us in detail, we will be really thankful to you.

    i am sure the following queries will be benefit for many others as well .

    1 – for visit visa do we need our personal bank account statement or relatives or anyone els bank statement would be sufficient? Does loan letter would be acceptable?

    2- if someone have personal bank account from last 6 months but he/she opened his/her account with 25000 pk rs and after a month he/she added 10000 pk rs, and now from last 3 to 4 months the total bank balance with stable amount is 35000 Pk rs.

    Now my question is that is this account suitable for processing if we add immediate target amount in this account (like 4 to 6 lakh etc or suggest the suitable amount after read the full 2nd query, however US stay time limit 30 days in hotel/friend)
    Or we need to add divided small amount in days/weeks gap to reach target amount ?

    Or we need to open a fresh account with total target amount to file the case? What would you suggest?

    The person(applicant) doing a private job(qualification, MBA) from last 4 years (don’t have salary acc due to private job) and have some small side business as well….

    3 – If someone getting cash in hand salary then missing pay slip will effect the case or just employer letter (job designation n duties) is enough ?

    4 – about living expenses:
    if we have a friend in US and we wana stay to his/her home except hotel then should we need to show any evidence/information/documentation to embassy about our US friend ? If yes then what kind of that?

    Or if we don’t have a friend or relative in US then we will ultimately chose hotel as living place, should we show any hotel booking evidence to embassy while applying or during interview ?

    5 – someone told that if you get the 5 years multiple visit visa then you can only stay in US for specific days or months(whatever mentioned in application before apply) in first year, then u should have to come back and you will not eligible to enter in US within that specific year, however you can go next year and so on.
    Kindly guide us about this.

    6 – a person doing privatr job that hasn’t NTN and salary account can apply with personal normal bank account? Does this person need to show his/her employer’s details such as bank account details or NTN details, company registered or unregistered details? If company unregistered or vice-versa then will it affects on case?

    7 – suppose u r on visit trip in US and you get a chance to marry with US citizen then marriage will be legal or not? If legal then can a partner stay there legally whether visit visa time limit end? or he/she must be comeback to his/her home country before end the visit visa time limit?

    8 – fiance visa (US male citizen wana marry Pakistani girl vice-versa) :

    Both don’t meet ever, does embassy required any proof or engagement? how we will explain or give a proof to embassy that we r engaged?
    Will embassy reject it that you both never meet then how could u engaged?

    What evidence/documentation and financial details need to prepare by US citizen in this scenario to show embassy ?

    9 – what is the minimum and maximum stay time duration in visit visa that can we mention in application? ( 3 month, 6 month, 9 month etc)

    And what time limit is best to select to increase visa success chances?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Saad,

      Thanks for appreciating. US visa process is straight forward and if one is educated enough to fill out a visa application then it is not recommended to go through an agent. I will try my best to answer you as clearly as possible.

      1 – for visit visa do we need our personal bank account statement or relatives or anyone else bank statement would be sufficient? Does loan letter would be acceptable?
      Ans- I don’t think loan letter would be acceptable. You would need your own bank statement unless you are minor under 21 years of age (In that case you would need parent’s bank statement and permission letter to travel). You can add your name to your parents bank account that would make it a joint account and that would work too.

      2 – if someone have personal bank account from last 6 months but he/she opened his/her account with 25000 pk rs and after a month he/she added 10000 pk rs, and now from last 3 to 4 months the total bank balance with stable amount is 35000 Pk rs.
      Ans – That seems risky since visa officer might find it suspicious that the amount was deposited just to get visit visa. Its better to have this amount stable for 6 months and during 6 months if you are receiving payments like salary etc then its better. Any lump sum amount is suspicious and is subject to question.

      Now my question is that is this account suitable for processing if we add immediate target amount in this account (like 4 to 6 lakh etc or suggest the suitable amount after read the full 2nd query, however US stay time limit 30 days in hotel/friend) Or we need to add divided small amount in days/weeks gap to reach target amount?
      Ans – If you are staying in United States for less days you would need less money, if more then more money. There is no such thing as target amount that if you reach will guarantee you that its sufficient.

      Or we need to open a fresh account with total target amount to file the case? What would you suggest?

      The person(applicant) doing a private job(qualification, MBA) from last 4 years (don’t have salary acc due to private job) and have some small side business as well….
      Ans – He must be depositing his salary somewhere? monthly transactions are very important, it shows that a person is genuine and has a stable monthly income.

      5 – If someone getting cash in hand salary then missing pay slip will effect the case or just employer letter (job designation n duties) is enough ?
      Ans – Job letter is enough however whenever you will mention your monthly income/salary, one would like to see a transaction of it in a bank account. If you are not depositing anything in account, its better to start doing it.

      4 – about living expenses:
      if we have a friend in US and we wana stay to his/her home except hotel then should we need to show any evidence/information/documentation to embassy about our US friend ? If yes then what kind of that?
      Ans – You would need his address / Phone number, you will mention it on your visa application.

      Or if we don’t have a friend or relative in US then we will ultimately chose hotel as living place, should we show any hotel booking evidence to embassy while applying or during interview ?
      Ans – No reservation is necessary, just select the hotel and print your planned stay. Open a hotel website like select place and dates, before paying for the hotel, take a printout of the screen showing hotel name, total rate, number of days and start/end date and time etc.

      5 – someone told that if you get the 5 years multiple visit visa then you can only stay in US for specific days or months(whatever mentioned in application before apply) in first year, then u should have to come back and you will not eligible to enter in US within that specific year, however you can go next year and so on.
      Kindly guide us about this.
      Ans – If you have 5 years multiple entry visa. You can enter United States anytime during that time however your stay cannot last more than 6 months. After that you have to leave however you can again come back after one month or so till your visa is valid you can enter in United States.

      6 – a person doing privatr job that hasn’t NTN and salary account can apply with personal normal bank account? Does this person need to show his/her employer’s details such as bank account details or NTN details, company registered or unregistered details? If company unregistered or vice-versa then will it affects on case?
      Ans – I am not sure about its affects on personal application. You should get a letter on a company’s letter head explaining his position in the company and monthly salary. The embassy usually don’t require NTN details of the company he is working in however if the person himself own the company then he needs complete documentation of the company.

      7 – suppose u r on visit trip in US and you get a chance to marry with US citizen then marriage will be legal or not? If legal then can a partner stay there legally whether visit visa time limit end? or he/she must be comeback to his/her home country before end the visit visa time limit?
      Ans – You must come back before the 6 months time and the partner will apply for the immigrant visa from there.

      8 – fiance visa (US male citizen wana marry Pakistani girl vice-versa) :
      perhaps this post would help

      Both don’t meet ever, does embassy required any proof or engagement? how we will explain or give a proof to embassy that we r engaged?
      Will embassy reject it that you both never meet then how could u engaged?
      Ans – I don’t know about that, it completely depends on the visa officer judgment but this reason alone should not be very strong to reject a visa.

      What evidence/documentation and financial details need to prepare by US citizen in this scenario to show embassy ?
      Ans – If a US citizen is sponsoring the trip financialy for a relative then he/she should fill an Affidavits of Support (I-134) form. Find it here

      9 – what is the minimum and maximum stay time duration in visit visa that can we mention in application? ( 3 month, 6 month, 9 month etc)
      Ans – You cannot stay for more than 6 months, whatever time less than that is suitable, you can mention however your bank statement should support that.

      And what time limit is best to select to increase visa success chances?
      Ans – Completely depends on the reason for visit, there is no right and wrong for this. But, again, longer the stay, stronger the bank statement should be.

  278. Saad /

    Thanks for your detailed reply.
    We still need your assistance

    if we mention in application that we wana stay there for 2 weeks then we must b come back in 2 weeks in home country, if we won’t then our stay in US consider will be illegal, Right ?

    suppose a person come back to home country before expire US trip date and later a month if he need to go back US on visit then that time will he go through the same process as he went through first time ( like interview, bank statement verification, business/job activity verification..etc ?
    please explain the procedure about second time .

    what i understand about 6 month stay is:
    before expire trip date if a person comeback to home country then he will wait for a month then he can apply again for next 6 (or whatever) months in same year, Right ?

    as u replied its not a good idea to transfer lump sum sufficient amount, but suppose someone getting 30,000/monthly salary then it will take many months (approx 6 to 8 months) to reach sufficient amount according to his US visit plan for 2 or 4 weeks and it is not a good idea for a person who have a plan to go US in near future.

    So if we switch option to own small business, then how much will affect the case if transfer the lump sum (or in 2 or 3 parts) sufficient amount in personal bank account within a month before interview date?

    4- kindly give me an idea of expenses, it will help me to findout about required minimum bank statement..

    1 month stay in hotel =
    1 month stay in friend’s home =

    Should our bank statement is only be sufficient to meet our US visit expenses whether whatever our business worth or job salary?
    Or we need to prepare bank statement according to our Business Worth / Job Salary and Us trip expenses?

    Can a US friend (not a relative) sponsor the visit trip financially?
    If yes then is applicant need to show his own bank statement according to trip expenses Or sponsor financial details would be enough?
    And Visa getting chances in this scenario?

    7 –
    if a person going to US for some business reasons by his company, in that case is applicant need to show its own bank statement/financial details ?
    Or company bank statement would be sufficient?
    Or both should be needed?
    Company should be registered or not ?
    And what details from the company are required to show in embassy?

    8 –
    if a person doing a job in a company and he wana go US for a pleasure trip,
    can applicant justify to embassy officer that my employer or company bearing my US visit expenses?
    So in that case, can applicant use his employer or company bank statement in this scenario?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Saad,
      1 – Staying more than the intended limit is not illegal but If you stay for more than 6 months than your stay will be illegal. Also, sometimes, while entering in United States, immigration officer asks for the reason of visit and the duration of visit. You must have a return ticket and you should mention the date to the immigration officer. Immigration officer will also ask how much money you are carrying or any credit card etc to see if you can support your self during the visit however he won’t question the reason that why you said you would stay for 10 days and now you want to stay for 12 days etc.
      2 – If he has a 5 year multiple entry visa then he won’t need to re-apply for a visa. He can return to the country and then travel again whenever he likes. However while entering United States, he must satisfy the immigration officer on why he is visiting.
      3 – You can open an account with a lump sum amount, then deposit 30,000 salary in it, you would need last 6 month statement of your account so the total should be sufficient.
      4 – Read the post –
      5 – Follow the link above
      6 – Sponsor can sign an affidavit of support to sponsor a visitor in United States – you can find more about it here
      7 – If his company is sponsoring his visit (bearing financial expenses), he should have a letter explaining the same with him on company’s letterhead. I think company should be registered but I cannot guide you any further in this regard.
      8 – Why a company would send an employee for a pleasure trip? You must have an answer to that as well which must be a solid reason or else you would be suspected to involve in any type of business activity while you are on visit visa. Yes company can sponsor the trips financially.

  279. M.Mubashir Khan /

    I need to ask regarding our family immigrant visa case.
    My grandmother applied for a family immigration for her children (my mom, aunts and uncles) in 1997, now, in 2015, 2 of my aunts and 1 uncle is scheduled for an interview, the rest of us are expecting an interview call soon,
    I’m aged 22 and unmarried, and my sisters are around 21 and unmarried too, I need to ask whether we will be issued a visa along with our mother? I’ve read about CSPA and hope to travel with my mother without having to wait for another time period, what is the procedure if they do not issue us the visa and issue it to our mother only? will she be able to apply for us when she reaches US, and how much time can that take?
    kind regards

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Mubashir, Sorry I can’t guide you in this regard, I don’t want to misguide since I have very little knowledge of this procedure. Thanks

  280. Muhammad Shahid /

    Can I visit a US friend? I am a banker by profession. I have a passion for traveling. I have been to London in 2012. Now I intend to see US.

  281. ali baba /

    hello sir ,
    with kindly respect i ant to ask that i love the girl live sin usa and she also loves me so much and she says me to come there with her so what should i do sir and what should she do for me
    i will be waiting for you answer sir
    please guide line me correctly

    1. Admin / Post Author

      If you have any plan to get married in future then you should apply for a fiance visa.

  282. SAJID /

    Dear Sir.
    Good Day,
    i have a good travel history and I also have 5 year B1/B2 Visa since March-2014 and i travelled to USA in Dec-14 for business purpose, stayed only for 12 days. now i want to apply B2 visa for my family (Wife and 4 Children having 5 , 4 , 2 and 1 year old age respectively) to spend some summer vacations as my elder two kids are school going two are innocent, Please advise should i apply for all family members or should i skipped younger babies for visa purpose? ? how many chances of approval. Can a visa officer think why we whole family going to USA inclusive innocent babies.. ? plz suggest. regards SAJID

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Sajid,
      If you are going as family then you should apply for visas including babies. All children will need separate applications and visa fees.

  283. Abbas /

    Salam, can I live in US for 6 months on visit visa while doing freelancing to afford my livings? I have friends there who can help me share their room. What reason should I put infront of interviewing guy? To be honest I just want to be there for meeting friends, spending vacation, etc but wont they think why am I going to live there for 6 months period? Thank you!

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Abaas, earning money on visit visa is illegal, for receiving payments you would need a bank account and social security. All income is reported via social security to Govt. Sorry can’t help you in this regard.

  284. yasir ahmed /

    I am already having us B1/B2 Visa, my brother is us citizen, if my brother apply petition for me in us, can I get green card while I am in usa or can I get change my visa status on the petion

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Yasir,
      No, you can’t get green card this way. For siblings petition takes longest time to approve, years sometimes more than 10. You would need to be in Pakistan to apply for an immigrant visa.

  285. Asfar /

    sir can you suggest me my parents visa is in process it may need 2 month to get usa visa and i m under 21 year child after 3 month i will turn into 21 so what can i do ?may be my age is over(aging out) when my parents got visa.There is any solution for apply for visa ?what can i do i want to go immediatelly with parents.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asfar, you haven’t mentioned the type of visa? is it visit visa? have you applied with them ?

  286. Khurram Shehzad /

    Good morning

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Khurram,
      If you are in Dubai for visit visa only then you would need to apply for a United States visa from Pakistan. If you wife is a citizen then she can apply for a immigrant visa for you (Permanent residence). There is no point in applying for a visit visa in this situation because since your wife is citizen they would suspect that you wont come back if you go on visit visa so its better to process your immigrant visa.

  287. saeed /

    sire i am from pakistan plz anwer me sire i not get jobs visa what is the price in american jobs visa?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Saeed, American work visa cannot be purchased.

  288. Misbah /

    Found your page very informative. I am a dentist by profession and doing my house job currently in Karachi Pakistan. Got married in August last year however due to my education and work we couldn’t go for honeymoon. My husband has a permanent job in Dubai and is currently working there only. We intend to go for honeymoon now in USA in July. I have my sister in law in chicago who is a permanent resident there whom we would like to meet as well during our trip
    I have the following queries
    My husband would be the one filling the case as he would be sponsoring the entire trip. What are the chances in regards with our visa? We have ties here and in Dubai in regards with my husband permanent job, property, family ties, my own professional ties to show that we would return back. Despite my sister in law in USA we are getting separate hotel bookings and all details since our basic purpose is for visit and honeymoon. could you kindly shed some light as per our case

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Misbah, I think you should try however if your husband is applying from United Arab Emirates and you from Pakistan then you would need to appear for interviews in different places. Can’t say anything about chances because its at the discretion of the visa officer however since your husband is working in UAE and you have a house job that you would need to complete after coming back to Pakistan you can convince visa officer that you must have to come back to Pakistan. Regarding your sister in law, it doesn’t matter where you live however you need to mention the address of the hotel if it is where you are staying during your trip to USA.

  289. Asif /

    hi sir i would like to know about visit visa for usa i am in dubai working in tourist company as a tour guide can i apply from dubai thanx

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asif, If you are working in Dubai (have a permanent visa there) then yes you can apply from there.

  290. faiza /

    Dear Sir,
    i want to know if i am going to apply usa visit visa in first time and still im single,I have a passion for traveling. I have been to dubai in 2013. Now I intend to see US. sir can you suggest me

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Faiza, I couldn’t understand your question? If you want to apply then process is mentioned above? If there is a specific question let me know.

  291. faiza /

    sir i am waiting

  292. umar farooq /

    hi sir my name is umar and i wNt to go USA for visit i m married my sister in law also lived in USA Last 8 years whole family is US national passport holders.sir i visit uk for study purpose in 2010 to 2012 but a mishappened in september 2012 accoured the uk boarder aygency arrested me on the date 26/9/2012 but i my visa expire date was 30 /11/2012 i asked the officer i ve a valid visa y u arrest me they said ur visa was cutained so thays y i arrest u is any objection to apply for USA VISIT VISA ? i also visit a schengen country and come back before the time.After arrest the UKBA i buy my ticket byself and not depend the uk govt plz tell me what can i do .plz reply me in my mail address

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Umar,
      In visa form you will be asked to give all the details about any of your arrest or deportation etc. You should mention all details correctly and pray for the best.

  293. Shahid /

    Sir, i have 2years old baby and my wife have green card,unfortunately she had an accident and her leg was broked so my daughter born in Pakistan now she wants to go back to America,we applied for her but they refuse what should I do.kindly answer me.thanks

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Shahid, I am not sure what to do in this situation, its better to consult a lawyer.

  294. ASIF /


  295. ASIF /


    1. ASIF /

      sir my id was that i need help send me on this very thankfull

    2. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Asif, you can apply for visit visa as mentioned on the page to see a friend (b1/b2). If you have any specific question do let me know.

  296. syed ali haroon /


  297. Zubair /

    Hello Admin,
    I have some requirement about visiting in USA. recently i visited in Europe for a business trip, please guide me here what is the minimum time to apply for USA, and secondly is it better to apply for a business trip and purchase a conference pass OR i will acquire a invitation letter form my cousins they are citizens there.

    Please help me which option is better to get a visitor visa of USA.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Zubair, if you have an upcoming conference regarding your business then its better to go through that however it should be related to your business etc so they know its important for you to attend it. You can apply to visit your cousins too however chances are less that way.

  298. Raja Rajan /

    Hello Admin,
    I’m working in Dubai and I want to apply for B2 Visa. Is the process is same in Dubai?
    But I don’t have any spouse in US. So kindly help me out in this matter.

    I’m Waiting for your kind reply..!!

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Raja,
      Yes, if you have Pakistani passport, process is same however you would need to check how you can pay for the fee there, its better to visit United States Embassy in UAE website for fee, location etc details.

  299. Shaharyar Khan /

    Assalam-O-Alaikum Mr Admin(sir)
    My name is Shaharyar Khan
    and i am 16 years old with no visa. My sister is in USA and her husband works at Microsoft Company, now a days my Mom is traveling to USA. Its like my dream is to travel USA and continue my remaining study there. can i travel USA for my remaining study? and am i able to get a USA Visa? please reply me because my Mom is traveling in 1 week i guess. so please reply me really quick.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Shaharyar,
      16 years means you have done your Matriculation from Pakistan? You can apply for a visit visa to visit your family with your mother as a minor. During your stay in United States on visit visa you can study as a visitor in any nearest school however you cannot be enrolled as a full time student. To do that you must be either a resident of United States or you must obtain a student visa before you travel to United States. You would get admission in High School however you would need to pay the fee as international student.

      1. Shaharyar Khan /

        Dear Admin
        Thanks for your kind words.
        May i know how can i get a Student Visa.

  300. M.ismail /

    Dear admin

    My father live in usa since 1987 and he is not reponce n my family just call me weekly just one time i want to usa i have my fathers all docoments green card copy and my mother marraige ceritificate but give me one favour we are very poor so how can i apply reply me please

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Ismail, this is not emergency form, I reply, when I can. What do you mean by he is not reponce? He can apply for your applications, he would need to fill paperwork and also his bank statements would be needed as well as his earnings. They would see if he is able to support you both financially when you join him in United States.

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