How can I ship camera to Pakistan


I am looking for a camera around $100 and want to ship it to Pakistan as a gift to someone. Can you please tell me how is it possible?


Shipping to Pakistan wouldn’t be a wise option as its quite expensive. If you ship from USPS it will cost you around $35 (cheaper) however they will hand this package over to Pakistan’s post and they would steal it for sure 🙂 .. even if they don’t they will charge a good amount of duty on it, in my knowledge it can be around $50 so total will be around $85.

If you want confirmed delivery then FedEx or DHL would be great but they will charge around $80 for 1KG for delivery in Pakistan + other party will still have to pay the duty.

Follow this link for further details on shipping stuff to Pakistan>

Its better to buy camera from Pakistan however if you still want to ship it to someone then its better to buy it online from a Pakistani website, it would still be cheaper. There is a famous Pakistani website that sells electronics, they accept payment via western union. I have not tested it myself however their rates are very reasonable in Pakistani market.

I have purchased cameras for my family but have taken it with me on flight, that is the cheapest, if someone you know is going to Pakistan, you can ask him to take camera with them.

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    hey budddy give me your adress and your amount.i buy a camera and sebd your adress …what you say ???

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