How can I ship a Mobile / Cell Phone to Pakistan

If you want to ship a phone or anything to Pakistan you should keep one thing in mind that its not going to be easy and cheap. Shipping costs to Pakistan are expensive and so is the duty you will need to pay in your country.

You will be paying shipping cost + custom duty when you ship a phone from United States to Pakistan.

  • Phone Cost:  = $200
  • Customer Duty (at the rate of 53%) = $106
  • Shipping Cost for 1KG box (DHL/FedEx) = $120
  • Total Cost = $426

So you will be paying $426 for a $200 phone, which is not worth sending a phone from United States, you can buy a phone for lot less than that in Pakistan. Please note that the amounts mentioned above were estimates and can be changed, you should make sure before proceeding, follow below mentioned links to determine the exact costs according to the package size/weight and price.

Shipping a Phone directly from Ebay / stores via USPS:

They will ship it via USPS (United States Postal service), USPS will deliver it to Pakistan Postal services in Pakistan and from there it will be their duty to ship the phone to your home address. In normal process they will call you on your contact number and will ask you to come to post office to clear the item from customer by paying the duty. It doesn’t matter whether its a $10 item or $100, you will have to pay the duty so you will go to the post office and get your package after paying the duty.

The process mention above will work if you are lucky, sadly your package will be long stolen before you will get it. If you’re package contains a mobile phone or electronics then there are more chances that you will not get your mobile phone, it will be lost or stolen so do not think about shipping a cell phone via USPS or any Ebay seller who will use USPS as shipping service. Its the cheapest shipping method from USA but not reliable.

Shipping a phone via a relative/friend procedure and cost:


Its cheap but as mentioned above, not recommended so do not waste your time and money on sending an electronic item via USPS. However still if you want to check the rates and shipping time follow below mentioned link


DHL is very reliable but extremely expensive shipping service. They only use express international courier services which can cost you around $100 for a Kilogram package or maybe more. You can check the exact rates by following the below mentioned link. If you want to receive the package in Lahore you can write 54000 as postal code of Lahore.


Same as DHL, FedEx is also extremely expensive and doesn’t worth when you want to ship an item from USA to save some money. Please follow the below mentioned link for the exact shipping cost from United States to Pakistan. Usually their and DHL rates are almost same so you are looking for around $100 for 1st KG you send to Pakistan.

Pakistani Post codes:

There is not a proper post codes in Pakistan, normally the name of the city is used to ship an item however you can get a postal code from the below mentioned link for major cities and towns.

Pakistani Duty costs:

You will pay the shipping cost and the import duty before getting your package. DHL or FedEx will call you confirm the delivery of the package and will complete the import duty documentation and will receive this duty from you before giving you the package. If you are getting a cellphone from United States for $100 the duty will be approximately 53% of the total value of the phone so you will be paying $153 for phone (Total Phone price + duty cost).

Cell phones are dutiable good so you will be paying a duty. Packages must include an original invoice and packing list otherwise clearance of cell phone might be delayed.

United States Post Codes:

If you are not sure about the post code of the location in United States then you can follow below mentioned link for complete details. Just enter the state and the city

23 thoughts on “How can I ship a Mobile / Cell Phone to Pakistan

  1. aqsa Reply

    Hii.. can you tell me how much overall shipping cost is for delivering cosmetics from us to pakistan? Also do we have to pay duty for it too?? If we order small amount of cosmetic?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Aqsa, It depends on from where the package is coming from and where it is getting delivered. Yes, you would need to pay duty costs as well. The shipping cost can be around $50 according to USPS website for a small package of 220grams.

  2. qadeer Reply

    dear . my parcel was booked on 15-Nov-2014 from Anchorage , AK , USA by USPS service .. but I did no receive it at yet. I was by first class mail. if I track it on usps website the results is that tracking service is not available on this product for Pakistan . whats happened.. can anyone tell me about this reason. when I will receive it

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Qadeer,
      The packages without tracking codes are tend to lost. Its been 2 months and its highly likely your package is lost unless you live in a remote area where post is very slow. You can check with your closet post office to see if they can guide you any further.

  3. Qadeer Reply

    Dear Sir,
    It have a tracking number but the replay is tracking is.not available on this product for Pakistan.
    And my house is a good location . General post office is only 2 mile far..
    I go there but they replay that they did not have any information about this package at yet.
    I also send a mail to drictor international mail of Pakistan. They also give me same replay that they dis not have any information about that .
    Kindly sir inform me what I need to do for it .

    • Admin Post authorReply

      So Sad to hear about that, I am afraid you can’t do anything but to wait. Pakistan Post is not at all reliable, they tend to steal your packages. If it has not reached you, it might be stolen. If there is a tracking code, it should at-least say something about delivery in Pakistan. Can you please share your tracking code with me and I can check.

  4. kais Reply

    sir i posted a card 1 day ago to usa and i got receipt and i have track i tried to check the mail location but i got message no result showing. what does that mean? how many days they will take to send my card to usa? and why it is not showing the location?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Kais, you have posted it from Pakistan? Also, which company and where you are checking it? How much postage you have paid?

      • kais Reply

        sir i posted from pakistan through pakistan post office and i paid 380 rupees..i told them i was sending mail to usa and he gave me a receipt ….i am checking it from website of pakistan post office

  5. zain Reply

    I want to import a phone locked icloud worth 50$ wat wil be da procedure! Plz reply its from ebay usa.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Zain,
      Same conditions apply as mentioned on the page. It depends upon the postage service the seller use to shop the phone.

  6. hamza Reply

    Hey! I am purchasing an iphone from USA price is $320 they can deliver me at my home .. when i said to him that what about custom paid so they are saying me that they are paying by themselve and they can send me through DHL or FEDEX and they have a contract with dhl or fedex and dhl can send me safely my cell phone please reply and i can pay them a payment through westorn union or paypal

    • Admin Post authorReply

      It might be a fraud brother, always share link to such services etc. You are the only one who will be responsible for custom duty and if they are saying that they will pay it means they are fraud. Please avoid them and do not pay. Also the shipping via DHL and FedEx itself is very expensive that alone might cost more than $100 just to ship the phone to Pakistan.

  7. Muhammad Yasin Reply

    Dear Admin.
    i am send the mobile phone from Pakistan to USA so please tell about the terms and the service who delivered my phone to the other person in USA safely.

  8. Ahsan Reply

    Its very helpful page. I was planning to send my x box to Pakistan. It may be 10lbs in wait. I don’t know will i b able to send that or not. Need help ???

    • Admin Post authorReply

      I would not recommend sending it. Sending cost and import duty would be too much. It would be easy to buy one in Pakistan.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      You can try DHL, FedEx or Pakistan post to see how much they charge.

  9. Mehmood Reply

    Dear Admin,


    I would like to ship via DHL Express a NEW iPhone 6 Plus $500 to my cousin in Lahore. Would like to know what the total cost of duty & sales tax would be. It says that customs duty is 1500 Pakistani rupees. But where are you getting 53% duty rate from?

    I understand there is a customs duty & also a sales tax. How can I find where sales tax is?

    Finally – can the phone ship with a sim card?

  10. Tanveer Ahmed Reply

    Dear Sir,

    i want to send use mobiles to Pakistan for resale

    Please advise me ( how much custom i need to pay )

  11. ali hamza Reply

    I shipped a cell phone through usps first class mail on May 8. It’s more than 3 weeks but I haven’t received any further information about my product. I have contacted usps and they are not guiding me in a a right direction. Can you please help me out with this issue.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      You can track your package. If it has left usa and on route to Pakistan usps cannot tell you anything about it. You can contact Pakistan post in that scenario but international packages usually takes time when posted via local mail.

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