Free calls from Pakistan to USA using Gmail


Google has started charging for calls made from Pakistan to United States, the charges are $0.01 USD or 1 cent per minute, its still the cheapest, because 1 cent is roughly 0.86PKR or 86 paisas which is lot cheaper than any service in Pakistan.

If you use Gmail then you can call free to USA anytime from anywhere. Complete process is mentioned on the image below.

  1. Login your gmail account and find the option of “call phone”
  2. Select the country where you want to call i.e. USA
  3. Type in the number without the country code (+1 or 001). Just type in the 10 digit USA number.
  4. Call the number and it will get through without any problem and cost
  5. While using the calling feature for the first time you might be asked to install the video calling feature software, install it and restart the browser to use the feature
Free calls to United States

12 thoughts on “Free calls from Pakistan to USA using Gmail

  1. Mariam Reply

    Cool … I thought we could only call from USA to USA free… I would tell all my family and friends that they can call me for free 🙂 Hurrayyy

  2. shaiba Reply

    calling from pakistan to usa through Gmail is not free now from 2nd of Aug 2011 why? when will it be free now?

  3. bina Reply

    i want it back really to call from pakistan to usa and canada free.when will it be free again?

  4. ali khan Reply

    When call from pakistan to usa / canada will be free now?I need it, so please start that service again

  5. admin Post authorReply

    It is not free and I have no idea weather it will be made available for free or not, however its still very cheap, 1 cent per minute means 86 paisa for one minute .. You can also try Magic Jack, its one time charge, but you can call unlimited for free later on

  6. nasir mahmood syed Reply


  7. Kitty.manooo Reply

    i cant make the call….. a message comes that Sorry! You do not have enough credit to make this call. Add credit. rather i am calling in us… tell me what is the problem, and how can i solve that?

    • admin Post authorReply

      @kitty.manoo – yes calls are now charged however its just 1 cent per minute, its like less then 1Rs per minute, still the cheapest.

  8. Sarmad Reply

    From wich app login through gmail I’d you not mention app name can you please mention app name

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