F.sc student moving to USA for further studies


I m a student of F.sc(med)part 2 and planing to move to Usa for further studies i want to know how much i have to pay there and in which class i can get admission over there?
i want to get info. about NEwyork city, virginia and north carolaena side!
i also want to know how much my matric marks matter or is it that my admission totally depends upon these marks ?
plz answer me as soon as possible thanku!


Cost of studies:
Depending upon in which college you take admission, for undergraduate studies the cost of university fee and your expenses can cost from 15 lacs per year to 20 lacs per year. Community colleges are cheaper and cost lot lesser than the regular universities but their degree value is also lesser.

Class to get admission in: Its better to do MBBS from Pakistan and then come to USA and do USMLE as its a small road otherwise in USA after F.sc you will have to study for 4 years in college, then 4 more years in medical school before you finally complete medical studies.

Marks to matter or not:
Marks doesn’t matter as long as you are passed, Americans do not rely on marks given by Pakistani institution so they have tests like GRE/GMAT to judge your intelligence and TOEFL to judge your English before they accept you as student in United States.

13 thoughts on “F.sc student moving to USA for further studies

  1. sheraz Reply

    Sir how is it possible that we work and study together in United states. In college

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Yes, you can work for 20 hours a week only however you cannot show that money to cover you cost of fee etc. You must show a bank statement that must have enough money to cover your tuition fee and residence etc.

  2. hassan Reply

    Sir is college study is cheaper than undergraduate. Please tell me fee comparison between them

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Study is overall very expensive whether its college or university. Its extremely hard to get scholarships for college study but for Masters or PhD people tend to get funding and scholarships so most of the people usually go to study after finishing their college.

  3. ahmed Reply

    First of all i want to appreciate your work to guide for u.s visa. I have a question. Can i go to u.s study visa after F.A ? End what kind of study offer in u.s after F.A

    • Admin Post authorReply

      You can’t earn enough to support your education expense since you are only allowed to work 20 hours a week as student however if your fee is exempt fully or partially by a professor then the money you earn should be sufficient.

  4. Adeel balouch Reply

    hello sir,
    tell me can i get admission after F.A in usa and how is its requirement

  5. Awais Hayat Reply

    Sir, its my last year of Fs.c pre-medical so i want to study in America after fs.c, in which field will i get admission and whats the process please guide me.

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