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I wanted to know about the career ops in the USA after graduation. Ive heard that the unemployment rate is quite high there and the govt wants the international students to leave as early as the end of their studies. My primary motivation to study at any American varsity would be to get a job in the USA. Ive also heard that prestigious universities such as Stanford are also finding it difficult to place their graduates in the job market! What is your take on that?


Dear brother, you are right that with the current market situation it is difficult to get job after graduation only. If you have technical subject then chances are brighter than other degrees. One of my friend was unable to get job (computer science) so he joined one of the recruitment companies but they are giving him very less salary (giving him $22 per hour and originally charging $50 from employers). The process of  getting green card with the graduation (Bachelors) can take 10 years as well because PhD’s and Masters are preferred for granting the green card first. If you have H1 (work visa) and has not get your green card then during the time of your job if you are fired from a company you have to leave United States within 24 hours unless you have other job offer.
Its worth trying if you can afford the education as if not in United States your degree will be highly valued in middle east and European countries because the standard of education is up-to the mark.

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  1. mustafa Reply

    May be I couldnt clarify my self before. Well I am an engineer with a MBA and I want to pursue PhD/ another specialized Masters from USA.
    After searching through the web/ student forums Ive found out that many students have been asked to return to their native countries after the completion of their degrees. The unemployment rate in the USA is currently around 8.5% and many Americans think that international students are “stealing” their jobs. The government is aware of this sentiment especially at a time there is alot of illegal immigration taking place through the southern borders of the USA.
    The economy isnt going to bounce back in a short time. So, should one devote time/ energy/ finances towards an endeavor that would yield little or no ROI in short/ medium term?
    I mean it sounds as a risk. Ive read that many Indian lawyers are facing difficulties getting a job even in NewYork even though they have graduated from Ivy League institutions.
    The only profession that seems to be paying right now is medicine. I wanted to do a doctrate in “Management Science and Engineering” from Columbia/ Stanford. However I couldnt find any resource that could outline job opportunities for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS after graduation.

    As far as job ops in Middle East/ EU are concerned , well I could get a job there after getting higher education from Europe/ Australia/ Hong Kong/ Singapore at a much lower cost than I would have to bear at an American varsity.

    I hope you have got the picture. I am just seeking your opinion as you are witnessing every thing with your own eyes over there.

    • admin Post authorReply

      First of all I would not qualify myself to answer this question as your future base on that, you can read the declaimer on the website as well. I would like to help you so answering your question with best of my knowledge. One thing I know is that the doctorate degrees pay whether in a form of a job in United States of in any other country, its the best education you can get. There are very few American’s who do PhD, mostly students are from China, India and other countries. I have not seen any PhD paying his own fee and expenses so if you get your expenses of PhD covered via stipend, RA/TA ship etc then this risk seems worth taking.

      Regarding sending back the graduates (Master’s and PhD’s) I haven’t heard about it, however if they are not able to acquire a job they have to leave the country within 12-29 months. Americans are well aware that their economy can’t run without the emigrants and if they are equally capable and educated, they are always preferred for a job. Sometimes people chose to go back themselves, I know many Indians making this decision. it also depend upon what field they are in, I don’t know anything about lawyers and law studies but know people from accounting and software engineering field working successfully.

      I don’t know anyone with the similar degree as you are planning to do however you can look online for potential jobs that you would get if you have this degree.

      • mustafa Reply

        Thanks for the reply. I understand that you aren’t a student advisor. I was only seeking a candid opinion/ suggestions based on your experience/ interaction with other Americans. Hope it clears any/ all doubts.

        Lots of prayers for you 🙂


        • admin Post authorReply

          no problem, thanks for the prayers. Hope the answer helped. Its your future that is why I was just being cautious 🙂

  2. Hasnain Reply

    Hi, m Hasnain, I graduated in electrical engineering from Air University Islamabad,Pakistan. I want to migrate to America. Will i get job in America with a degree obtained from Pakistani University??

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dea Husnain, usually in such fields jobs are available but very tough to get a job from Pakistan if you have done bachelors. My opinion is to take admission in Masters in a university in USA on funding (you will have to talk to some professors in the universities to fund you). After your masters it would be really easy to get a job on the basis of your United States degree. Pakistani degrees are acceptable in United States, you just have to clear GRE and TOEFL for language requirements.

      • Adnan Reply

        Dear Admin,

        One of my relative is trying to get a job for me in USA through recruiters. He has been in USA since 20 years.Is it possible to get a job this way as I have done my Bachelor of Electrical Engineer from a renowned Pakistani University and still in Pakistan. Is there any chance for me to get recruited…?

  3. Malik Reply

    Sir, i want to be a successful man, can you tell me any of suggestion for me? i am graduate and doing B.Ed from Allama Iqbal Open University and working in Government Hospital on daily basis as computer operator,

  4. saad Reply

    Hi brother..
    can a student manage his tuition fee by part time work?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Depends on the fee, also a student can’t work for more than 20 hours a week. If he is working as a TA in university, they might waive some of the fee, then it can get possible to afford your tuition fee with your work. Completely depends on the university, city, degree and circumstances but the student visa is only issued if you have sufficient funds in your account to cover all your expenses for at-least one year.

  5. JahanKhan Reply

    I Did my Bachelor From Sargodha University and have one year banking experience May I get a chance to do job in USA …. ?

  6. Ammar butt Reply

    Dear sir, i am master graduate in project managment and bacheolers in bacheolers in electrical engineering from pakistan with 2 years job experience.and i am going to migrate US with my family.will there b any worth of my graduation , post graduation and job experience for job in US???

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Ammar, you can check online jobs and their requirements to see if you fit in. Try indeed.com careerjet.com or jobs at linkedin

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