Employment opportunities after graduation in United States


What are the employment opportunities in United States after graduation?

If you are doing bachelors, it depends upon which field of study you select. If you are gaining technical knowledge there are chances that you might get job however many Americans are able to finish their graduation so competition is very tough and you have to work really hard to take part in this competition. Its better to do Masters as you will be preferred for many jobs after that.
One of my buddy has completed his accounting degree from “University of West Virginia” and got a job in bank, few months later he switched and got a better job. On the other hand one of my friend who has done bachelors in computer sciences has just got affiliated with a recruitment company as he was unable to find a job for more than six months. Now he is working on a project giving most of his earnings to recruitment company. It also depends upon your personality, skills and how you present yourself however overall market for undergraduate as mentioned by admin is not that good now a days.

I know its a concern when you spend millions of Rs to studies, one thing I know is if you are unable to get desirable job in United States you can still get a good reputed job in any other country or even a better job in Pakistan. United States Degree has worth more than Pakistani degree in all scenarios.

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