Documents for United State visit visa to visit a friend

If you are planning to visit a friend in the United States, then you would need the documents mentioned below. Documents from 1 to 6 must be presented when you go for interview appointment at American Express or Speedex however documents from 7 to 13 are recommended for interview day. Please take all these documents when you appear for the interview, they are not mandatory but its good to have these, just in case.

I almost receive a question daily on how to visit my girlfriend, the process mentioned below is for friends and girlfriends or boyfriends. If you are planning to get engaged then fiance visa is different. For all other scenario, consult the documents list below.

List of Documents for United State visit visa to visit a friend

  1. The one-page confirmation form (with legible bar code) from the DS-160;
  2. A current photo (within the last 6 months) measuring 2″ x 2″ with white background;
  3. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned date of entry to the U.S.
  4. Photocopies of the bio-pages of all previous passports for the last 15 years.
  5. A complete travel history for last 10 years, mention the name of country, entry or exit date.
  6. A list of applicant’s siblings and children names.
  7. A cover letter to the embassy stating the reason of your visit, duration of your planned visit including the exact entry and exit dates.
  8. Bank statements showing enough money to support your trip. If you are staying at your friend’s place you will still need to have enough money in your bank account that should be sufficient for your tickets and stay in the United States.
  9. An invitation letter from your friend stating that they are inviting you to United States and if they are providing you the place to stay then mention that as well along with the complete address of the friend. You must also need to mention the same address on your DS-160 form as your address in United States.
  10. If you are employed, get a letter from your employer on a letterhead stating that you are working with them, your designation, duration of your employment and duration of the holidays for a month or so (Time you want to stay in the United States) and that you will join them back after the holidays.
  11. If you are doing business then your business papers, i.e. your company registration letter, tax number letter, etc and asset papers etc. if you have any.
  12. If you are a student, get a university letter on a university letterhead stating that you are a full time student there, studying which subjects, since when and that you have vacations for how much time and when your classes are starting again. Make sure to plan your visit during the vacations in the college or university otherwise it will be a strong point against you and your visa might get rejected because they will think that you are leaving your education and will never come back from United States.
  13. If you have your own home or property or anything worth showing that can give assurance that you will come back to Pakistan, take it with you but they hardly see it because they know that getting a fake documents in Pakistan is not difficult and they can’t take the pain to check its authenticity, but still you should take it with you.

Do not assume that if have a friend in United States it will make a difference to their decision, if they will feel that you will not come back they will immediately refuse your visa.Your friend can do anything to get you the visa, he/she can just invite you and provide an invitation letter and a place to stay. The decision it completely at the the discretion of the visa officer.

8 thoughts on “Documents for United State visit visa to visit a friend

  1. usman Reply

    dear admin aslam o alikum i hope u are fine n shine
    plz i want to know that how i show my house value n worth
    its on stamp paper? or simple fard for patwari
    plz guide me ALLAH HAFIZ

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Usman, App house ki value kion karwana chahtay hain. Behtar hai k sirf house k papers sath le jayen. Ye valuation waghira ki zarorat nahi ho gi shayad.

  2. attaullah Reply

    Dear admin I want to help me I wanna want to visit of USA one of my friend agree to send me invitation letter …then what is the further procedure if I got a visit visa then I can stay for a long time to search job or had start own business please help me regard this

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Salam Attaullah, It is illegal to work or search job on visit visa, you can stay for up-to total 6 months there, if there is someone who is willing to give you another type of visa on which you can work, you would still need to come back to Pakistan within 6 months and apply for another visa if you like.

  3. Waleed Reply

    Can you give me a link where we can submit the forms online ?
    Or can You kindly contact me on this number 03155167687 or.can you email me ( I have an interview this tuesday?
    And i really need help on this

    • Admin Post authorReply

      The interview can’t be scheduled without submitting the online visa application. What forms you are talking about?

  4. Saeed Reply

    hello admin I AM Saeed from pesahwar age 20 year Education Doing 3rd year vist visa k liye apply karna chhata ho mera koi b apna USA main nhe hian kiy amujhy vist visa mil skta hain ? agar yes tu kitni bank statmnet chaiye thank you

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