Difference between Pakistani and American food?

American food is not spicy at all,  its very simple with simple recipes. Mostly its grilled, broiled, baked and cooked chicken, turkey, beef or pork with bread or bun. It is not like Pakistani food which is cooked with different and lengthy recipes and is much more fancier than the American food.

Mostly Americans can’t eat spicy food, some Americans love to eat spice however still the spices are very mild as compare to Pakistani food.

Italian food is also very common and easily available in United States like pizza, pastas, lasagna etc. Other famous American food includes garlic toasts (Texas toasts), mashed potatoes, fried chicken, burgers (beef, chicken, turkey, pork), sandwiches, chili beans, pork and beans etc. On breakfast mostly Americans love to have cereals, croissants, doughnuts, bagels, butter, jam, jelly, beans, ham, eggs, pancakes with syrups, waffles etc.

American food is very simple in taste so most Americans love to enjoy food from other countries like Mexican food is very common which is as spicy as Pakistani food. Italian, Indian and Arabic food is also very famous and most of the American living in bigger cities are familiar with the name of international food items like hummus, gyros, shwarmas, biryani etc.

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