Difference Between USA Green Card and Citizenship

Green card is permanent residence and Citizenship is that you are a citizen of that country. So, what’s the difference between USA Green Card and Citizenship from a Pakistani point of view? The details are mentioned below.

A Green Card holder:

  • Will have a Pakistani passport but you will have a green colored card that will prove your permanent residence status in United States.
  • Can live and work in the U.S. permanently without any restrictions. Can work anywhere he want.
  • Does not need a visa to re-enter United States in case traveling anywhere.
  • Cannot remain outside United States for more than 6 months, he can’t stay outside the country for longer period of times, doing so, can result in refusal to enter the country or abandonment of the residency.
  • Can apply for green card for his immediate family members which includes wife and kids.
  • Family gets green cards too however it sometimes take years to issue one for them. If you are marrying someone with a green card, keep in mind that he might not be able to take you with him for few years and during that green card processing time you can’t even visit him on visit visa.
  • Cannot vote in U.S elections

A Citizen:

  • Will have a United States passport.
  • Can live, work, travel or go anything a citizen can do including casting a vote in U.S election.
  • Can apply for green cards for family immediately. If marrying someone in Pakistan, your wife can join you immediately, within few months, her visa will be issued so she can join you.

Difference Between USA Green Card and Citizenship:

Being a green card holder entitles you to do many things including visa free entry in United States however when it comes to applying for a visa for your family members, it can take a lot of time before your family can join you in United States. Its better to get married when you are either a citizen or close to of becoming a citizen so your wife/husband can join you easily.

Difference Between USA Green Card and Citizenship
Difference Between USA Green Card and Citizenship

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  1. Adil Reply

    Hello Sir ,
    i just have two questions..
    1- As i m in Pakistan and my wife going to sponsor me for immigrant visa which is indeed a Green card and it would take around 2 to 3 years but during this process I want to go to Saudia as my job has been confirmed there. So can i work there until embassy doesnt call me or i will come back whenever embassy calla me.
    2- My wife has a green card and she has been to USA from the last year so her green card is only 1 year old so can she sponsor me so early ?? plz reply

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