Pakistani Besan Kari Pakora Easy Recipe

 Ingredients: For Kari: Full Fat Yoghurt Р500g Baisan (Gram Flour) Р4 serving spoon full (or 4 heaped table spoon) Onion Р1 medium chopped Cooking oil Р4 tbs Green chillies Р4 medium Garlic Р1 table spoon... Read More

Zarda Sweet Rice – Easy Pakistani recipe

Zarda is one of the easiest sweet dish one can make, that doesn’t take time. Mostly women avoid making it as they fear their zarda wouldn’t turn out good or their rice will end up being hard however this Zarda Sweet Rice – Easy... Read More

Channa Daal easy desi Pakistani Recipe

Channay ki daal is one of the famous Daal made and consumed in Pakistan with plain boiled rice and Achaar. I am mentioning below an easy recipe of Daal Channa that is normally used in households. Ingredients: 1 Cup Channa Daal (soaked for 2-3 hours in... Read More

Pakistani spicy chicken patties recipe

Stuffed chicken patties are very famous in Pakistan but in western world, you hardly get it anywhere. Puff pastry is mostly used to make sweets like apple turnovers etc. Pakistani spicy chicken patties recipe would help you achieve a taste you used to... Read More