• Who can Get a United States Work visa H-1B & H-2B Visa

    Introduction to H1B visas: H visa is the non-immigrant work visa in the United States. This visa enables a US organization to hire an individual from another country for up to six years. Companies usually hire staff on H visa and after spending few... Read More

  • Get job work visa H1-B & Green card sponsorship

    Get job work visa H1-B & Green card sponsorship is not that easy however, the easiest way to get work sponsorship is to work with a job consultant firm. As soon you complete your studies, contact them. They will sponsor you work visa and you would... Read More

  • Employment opportunities after graduation in United States

    Question: What are the employment opportunities in United States after graduation? Answer: If you are doing bachelors, it depends upon which field of study you select. If you are gaining technical knowledge there are chances that you might get... Read More

  • Pakistanis earn more in UK or USA?

    Question: What are the salaries in UK and in USA? Pakistanis earn more in UK or USA? Answer: It depends what they are doing, overall if I see people in UK are earning lot less than people earning in United States whether in jobs or business.... Read More

  • US born Citizen raised in Pakistan wants to study in United States

    Question: I’m a US citizen who has never been to the US (in Pakistan right now). I have no relatives or friends in the US. I’m 22 and I want to give US a try. My question. How bad is the recession there in the US and which state is best for... Read More

  • Employment opportunities after Graduation

    Question: I wanted to know about the career ops in the USA after graduation. Ive heard that the unemployment rate is quite high there and the govt wants the international students to leave as early as the end of their studies. My primary motivation to... Read More

  • What is the average salary in United States

    According to the United State census in 2010, the average wage / salary / income estimates in United States in may 2010 was $44,410 annually. By Occupation Management occupation salary average was $105,440 Computer / Information system managers... Read More

  • I want to do job in United States

    We receive several requests for jobs and sponsoring visas. We can only provide information, we cannot sponsor a visa or a job for anyone so please do not send messages like “I am poor help me”, it is really embarrassing. Can I get a Work... Read More

  • Famous online job websites in United States

    If you are looking for a job while you are in Pakistan, you can use online resources however search engine returns so many results for job queries that it’s confusing sometimes. I am mentioning few websites that are mostly used to search jobs in... Read More

  • Searching for skilled jobs via career sites and negotiating with recruiters

    Question: Can you please describe a details of searching for skilled jobs via career sites and negotiating with recruiters and difficulties/areas to concern for Pakistanis face after immigrating?Thanks for the great website and effort. Answer: Hope you... Read More

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