• How can I ship a Mobile / Cell Phone to Pakistan

    If you want to ship a phone or anything to Pakistan you should keep one thing in mind that its not going to be easy and cheap. Shipping costs to Pakistan are expensive and so is the duty you will need to pay in your country. You will be paying shipping... Read More

  • What is the cost of Pakistani Shalwar Kameez in United States

    Question: I want prepare some shalwar kameez suits from Pakistan and want to sell it to Pakistanis in United States. I have seen pries on Facebook pages however wanted to know what prices customer pays in United States if they can see and try the... Read More

  • How can I ship camera to Pakistan

    Question: I am looking for a camera around $100 and want to ship it to Pakistan as a gift to someone. Can you please tell me how is it possible? Answer: Shipping to Pakistan wouldn’t be a wise option as its quite expensive. If you ship from USPS... Read More

  • Cost of living for student in United States

    Can I bear all expenses with a 20 hour on campus student job while my fee’s is already taken care of? This question is asked by many prospective students. The simple answer is yes however you might need share the place to live and cut back on... Read More

  • Prescription glasses frame and glass prices in Pakistan

    Frame Prices: Those who have spent sometime in Pakistan must know that a frames are very cheap in Pakistan. They are either china made that can cost around 500 PKR and can be a good copy of famous brands like Nautica, Rayban, Gucci, D&G, Georigio... Read More

  • Beauty Parlour Saloon costs in United States

    Beauty parlour are called beauty saloons in United States. Beauty services are one the most expensive services you can have so its not like in Pakistan where you enter in a beauty parlour in the morning and get out in evening with you hair cutting,... Read More

  • Average Grocery Prices in United States

    Prices are increasing but not dramatically, may be in cents over the period of a year. I am mentioning the average price of basic grocery items to give an idea about grocery cost in United States. Prices as of July 2011. Depending upon in which state... Read More

  • Cost of Living and life in New Jersey

    If you  are moving in New Jersey from Pakistan, India or any other country then you might not feel it that way however if you are planning to relocate from another state you need to know certain things before you make decision. We have moved from... Read More

  • Can a middle class resident afford car in United States

    Yes! affording a car in United States is very easy for anyone. Cars are cheap, if you can’t afford a new one then you can buy a used one easily. American brand used cars like Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac etc are cheap as used and you can get one in... Read More

  • Shipping cost from United States to Pakistan

    Shipping cost from United States to Pakistan depends on two things, where the package is shipped and the weight and size of the product. Every package has different cost to ship so I can’t tell the exact amount of money you need to spend to ship... Read More

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