• 5 Tips on how to Stop Gaining Weight in United States

    It is very common for people to weight gain as soon they reach in United States. We are discussing here 5 Tips on how to Stop gaining weight.  People usually gain more than a KG per month and few months after moving to United States everyone starts to... Read More

  • Where to buy best tawa in United States

    Where ever we go, chapati remain an essential part of our meal. Pakistani women struggles a lot making chapatis when settling in United States. The reason its different to make Chapati in United States is because of the hobs. Pakistani hobs are mostly... Read More

  • Review for Sandhi sudha oil for joint pain

    Sandhi Sudha oil from India is doing heavy promotions now a days and people are buying it without even knowing that different joint problems exists in our society that demands different type of solutions. My mother is an Osteoarthritis patient... Read More

  • Unlocked Mobile phones that will work in Pakistan

    If you want your phone to work in Pakistan or if you are planning to buy a phone for someone else in Pakistan, you have two options. First option is to buy a locked phone (Network locked), and then get it unlocked and take it to Pakistan and the second... Read More

  • Hijab head covers, abayas and scarfs available online

    Q: Where can I buy Hijab head covering online for reasonable price? Ans: Hijab, head coverings and all Muslim dresses are easily available online in many stores. Click here for complete collection of Abaya, Head Scarfs and Hijabs Abayas are available... Read More

  • How can I ship a Mobile / Cell Phone to Pakistan

    If you want to ship a phone or anything to Pakistan you should keep one thing in mind that its not going to be easy and cheap. Shipping costs to Pakistan are expensive and so is the duty you will need to pay in your country. You will be paying shipping... Read More

  • How can I ship camera to Pakistan

    Question: I am looking for a camera around $100 and want to ship it to Pakistan as a gift to someone. Can you please tell me how is it possible? Answer: Shipping to Pakistan wouldn’t be a wise option as its quite expensive. If you ship from USPS... Read More

  • Prayer timing Azan clock

    An excellent find for all those who want to keep up with their prayers on time and does not have a running PC all the time to remind about the time of prayer. Available in affordable prices these clock will tell accurate timings and will say Azan at... Read More

  • Which blood glucose monitor to buy from United States

    There are several blood glucose monitors available in much lower prices than in Pakistan. You can purchase it for yourself or it can be a perfect gift for any family member who has sugar and needs to check it on regular basis. The problem that can... Read More

  • How to buy a laptop online in Pakistan from USA stores

    Ans: Not recommended Why? If you are buying the laptop online from United States, you can get it via shipment which means you will never get it. The only possible way to get it shipped is through DHL or FedEx who can guarantee its shipment however once... Read More

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