Can my cousin sponsor me a work visa?


AoA . Hi How are you , Just a Question ,
My Cousins are in USA and had a busns over thr , so can thy Sponcer me or Help me on H.Visa . If yes Then How ? Last time i Apply on my cousins Wedding card Thy rejct me , No one sponcer me tht time , i just hav a wedding card and detl , now can thy Sponcer or Help me to get a H.Visa ?

Please read below mentioned points for clarification.
  1. Your cousin or anyone can only sponsor you H visa if their business meet the requirement of govt. Its not easy to just sponsor visa to whomever they want and its very expensive to sponsor one so the company to first see if they are allowed to sponsor a visa then they have to create a job in market, after that they have to search for a person locally who can do that job. If they are unable to find one in USA they can sponsor from outside however they have to justify it to the Govt that why they need to sponsor a visa for an outsider.
  2. You were rejected a visit visa, there is no concept of sponsoring a visit visa in United States. You can mention that you have cousins or family there, you will need to mention their addresses and contact details however embassy doesn’t need any letter from your family unless they are paying for your expenses in United States, then they will have to provide a letter mentioning that they will pay for your trip expenses + their bank statement however its better for you to provide your own statement with your name in bank account.

I am jahanzeb form pakistan my frend who in USA and she want to sponsor mr from pakistan to USA how to do and what type of dacoments requaird

Dear Jahanzeb,

That actually depends how is he planning to sponsor you? Is it a work visa because for work visa documents and forms will be different and if its visit visa then everything will be different. Normally visit visa can’t be sponsored you have to apply yourself and visit the embassy for interview

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  1. Muhammad Boota Reply

    hello sir,
    i am a simple villager from wazirabad punjab pakistan and my english language is not very well but i want a visit for USA . I am only person in my family i have too my sister but she is married . my parents was late and i have no child . i have much property and i was traveled in past for quiet so i want a visit visa for USA what can i do for visit visa .

  2. salman Reply

    Sir can USA girl sponser a spouse visa to pakistani case of just angagment

  3. Hamza khan Reply

    I’m an government employee in Pakistan I wanna go on visit visa to USA my sister is an USA citizen and married and my sister husband has send me sponsor letter to come to USA can I get the USA visit visa and how much bank statements is required I wanna go for one month

  4. khuram Reply

    hello sir
    my cousin have a small shop and he wants me to work with him in his shop and he give me sponsor letter for work visa so wht documents required only sponsor ship letter or else pls tell

  5. Naeem Shah Reply

    Dear Sir;

    My uncle and his son and daughters are in USA and they are citizens of usa how can i get there to sponsor me of there reference.

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