Can me relatives in United States sponsor me a visit visa?

Sponsoring a visa mean that your relative or friend will be sponsoring you financially for the trip. You can find more information about this topic here

If my family member or relative is a USA citizen:

It doesn’t make any difference if your relative is a citizen of the United States or not, even if he is a student or work there you will still have to follow the same procedure.

If I have an immediate family member i.e. Parents, siblings, spouse, children in United States who is a citizen:

If you want to visit your immediate family member like your son/daughter and he/she is the citizen of the United States then there are options to get their permanent visa (immigrant visa) however if they are only planning to visit you for a short period and you want to apply for visit visa only then again the process will be the same. Same process will be followed for spouse and parents.

For siblings brothers/sisters who are citizens, they can apply for immigrant visa’s (immigration to United States) for their brothers/sisters on their behalf but there is no specified time when they will get it, it may take 6 year or 10 years, no one can tell so if they want to visit you for a short period then they can apply for a visit visa however the process will remain the same for all B2 visas.

How will I mention that I am visiting my family member / friend / cousin etc in United States:

While filling the form you will need to mention the purpose of your visit which you will mention “I want to visit my uncle”. You will have to provide their contact details on the form including their name, address and contact number. This detail cannot make any difference in granting you a visit visa because if the visa consular will determine that you will not come back he/she will not grant you a visa.

39 thoughts on “Can me relatives in United States sponsor me a visit visa?

  1. rooj Reply

    i have a question. In the past 2 times, my sister was denied visa based on no strong ties to Pakistan (she didn’t show her job status in Pakistan). However we are applying again. Here’s a bit of background on me and my family. I am a US citizen and I have sponsored for my mother. My brother married another US Citizen and his process was just approved so they are in the process of migrating. My mother’s case is still ongoing. Now my youngest sister lives with my mother in Pakistan currently, however I want her to come visit since sponsoring for sibling visas are hard and takes time. my sister is unmarried, over 21 but have a good job. My sister-in-law is preparing with her for her interview, however how can we improve my sister’s chances of getting a visitor visa? She will be coming here on her vacation to visit me and my kids. Is it possible she can get visa even with this unique circumstance?
    Thank you

  2. qazzafi Reply

    i can apply f24 immigreant visa it will be refused under 221(g).
    my mother sister brother all my family live in usa my two sisters is citizen can she sponser me as vist visa for usa.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Details are mentioned in the same post on how your family can sponsor a visit visa

  3. M Qazzafi khan Reply

    My mother apply my f24 visa my mother is green card holder in the time of interview counselor demand DNA with my mother we provide in time after few monthes embassy send me waiver Eligibility letter why I don’t no and my visa states is Administrative processing is same today.
    What I can do plz .

    • Admin Post authorReply

      When the visa is in administrative processing. All you can do is to wait.

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