11 thoughts on “Can I open a bank account in USA while living in Pakistan?

  1. mohammad junaid Reply

    thats worng answer most of banks in usa offer online opening with out ssn

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Junaid, can you please elaborate which bank offer this service to help readers out. In my knowledge and online available info no one can open a bank account without SSN and a valid US address. If he is a businessman he might open one with Federal Tax ID.

  2. nadeem tariq Reply

    muhammad junaid is right i have also a Payoneer account and 5000$ in my account and it will give you a ATM Master card card those work in all around world in there own currency in Pakistan TOO in MCB banks and others those accept MASTER CARDS . you can buy any thing online with this or you can cash your money via any ATM those accept MASTER card in Pakistan you can get free 25$ on every signup and A Free yes FREE Master card too .if you want go USA most you can carry only 5000$ but if you will open a account on Payoneer you can carry more then this you can buy payoneer money from emoney.pk in US dollers for Payoneer account

  3. nadeem tariq Reply

    every single thing is free for a signup 25$ also free get your own US bank account just give them your real address for post your free master card with your free 25$ they will give you every information on your Email address just fill your real name and address and other information required

  4. Muhammad Khan Reply

    I think Payoneer is not US bank account its payment gateway we can not use payoneer as proper usa bank account …..

  5. Raheel Reply

    Paypal is not accepting payoneer account for verification because paypal only accepts USA bank accounts and payoneer is not the USA bank.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Raheel, Paypal services are not yet available in Pakistan. You can have a paypal account in other non-US countries but not in Pakistan yet.

  6. Zia ur Rehman Reply

    First, Payoneer is not a US bank account; it’s just a US payment gateway. PayPal is no longer accepting Payoneer. Only old Payoneer accounts are still working with PayPal, but not new ones.

    We help Pakistani companies/individuals register their companies in the US and want to import/export products or services to or from the US.

    We can register your company in any of the 50 states.

    We can provide you a US mailing address.

    We can provide you a US phone number.

    After registration, a company needs a bank account to send/receive payments. To open a US bank, you need to visit a US bank. If you are unable to go the US to open a bank account, you need our US billing and banking services. There are two ways to do banking in the US:

    Option 1: Find a US business partner (A US citizen)

    Register a partnership or an LLC company and add an American citizen with 51% ownership; the American business partner will visit the bank and open an account for the company. The American business partner will have 100% access to the funds; the Pakistani business partner will have no control over the bank accounts. The Pakistani business partner will be able to access the bank account online and can withdraw their money using a debit card.

    The company will use the American business partner’s home or office address; and a phone line for the company will be installed at the same address.

    If you are going to use this option, be careful and find a trustworthy person for this purpose.

    Option 2: Use “Excellent Digitizing LLC” as your business American partner

    Excellent Digitizing LLC is registered in Texas as an LLC company. We provide these services:

    The US billing system – To receive payments from the US and international buyers online. This feature is ideal for small I.T companies, logo design companies, and small online stores.

    The US banking facility – To receive bank cheques, wires, T/Ts, US domestic payments. This is a great option if you need to receive or issue bank cheques and wire payments.

    Texas sales tax and franchise tax, Texas retailer license, and other Texas business licenses. If you are planning to do a business that needs a local retail license and sale tax number (in the US), we can get it for you at an additional cost.

    Import and Export services – We can help you doing import or export to or from the US. If your plan is to import/export to/from the US or any other country, we can help you doing this by providing a concrete foundation in the US.

    Please answer these questions if you are interested in option 2

    What are your products/services? Give as much details as possible with images.

    Since when are you in the business?

    Do you have your NTN?

    Where do you sell your products/services?

    Are you currently exporting your products/services to the US?

    What is your expected sales volume in the first 12 months?

    What is your expected sales volume in the first 3 months?

    What is your (estimated) highest amount for an order/invoice?

    Is your business a sole proprietorship or a partnership?

    If your business is a partnership, did you register this partnership?

    Documents required for option 2

    CNIC/NTN for sole proprietors, NTN for AOP with legal partnership agreement

    Electricity or Gas bill with your name or any of your family member’s name. In case of rental property, the rental agreement. We need this documents to verify your address.

    Your bank statement with the account ownership letter from your bank.

    Your income tax returns for the last 2 years.

    Two references, friends, coworkers, neighbours, or any acquaintances who can verify your name, address, and other details.

    Your cell phone number and office landline number

    You will be using our American platform as a business partner; so, we need all the above mentioned documents. We will review all the documents and decide whether we are accepting your business partnership or not.

    Thank you,


    • Aves A Khan Reply

      Hello, How to contact you ?
      Please provide Whatsapp for communication.
      Aves A Khan

  7. Zia ur Rehman Reply

    My cell phone no is +1 903 426 0016 (This is an American cell no)

    The best way to communicate is email; my email is info@excellentdigitizing.info

    Before you send me an email, read my first post again. Contact me if you qualify.


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