Can I get visit visa for United States?

One of the most frequent question I get is that if I apply for a visit visa what are the chances I will get it? or, can I get visit visa for United States? I would like to clear first that I am not an official authority to give you any verdict on if you will or will not get a visa. I just guide you so there are better chances for you to get a visit visa.

What US embassy will judge before granting you a visit visa?

Below are the things they look for while evaluating your application. They have to make sure that your case is genuine and you want to visit United States for the reason you’ve mentioned on your application.

You will come back to Pakistan:

First and most important thing they would judge or consider is the chances of you to come back to Pakistan. If they suspect in any way that you will not come back or will overstay, they will never grant you a visa. Its very important for them to make sure that you have a genuine interest in only “Visiting” the country, not settling in there illegally. How they make sure, we’ll discuss in section below.

You have enough money in your bank account to support your trip:

If they are satisfied that you will come back to Pakistan, they will see if you have enough money to support your trip to United States. If you want to visit United States and you don’t have enough money to even buy a ticket, its a clear sign that you are visiting United States either for overstaying or working there illegally. If you do not have enough savings why would you want to visit another country for tourism?

You have all required and genuine documents with you:

They will check if you have all genuine and legit documents with you at the time of your interview. If they require any document that is missing and important they would ask you to post it but its better to take all important documents with you at the time of interview because missing documents will delay the visa process.

 How US embassy decides on granting a visit visa?

How they will judge your coming back to Pakistan?

How US embassy decides whether you will come back to Pakistan or not completely depends upon the circumstances. If they make sure that you will come back to Pakistan, they will give you a visa considering you have sufficient funds and all relevant genuine documents.

If you are married and going alone: This situation is good for visit visa because if you’re going alone you will come back to your family. Parents and siblings doesn’t count much as a family for which you will come back. Wife and children counts so if you are going alone and you have your wife and children in Pakistan then you might satisfy the condition of coming back to Pakistan which is the most important one.

If you are married and going with family: This situation is bit suspicious because they could conclude that you want to settle in United States with your family. If you have a strong business or job in Pakistan, your children are studying in schools or colleges in Pakistan and you have a good bank statement then you might get a visit visa.

If you are unmarried:

If you are male or female, in your twenties or thirties, studying, or working with normal salary and you want to visit alone then there are very small chances of getting a visit visa unless there is a genuine reason to visit. Visit for pleasure/tourism or visiting a family member on visit visa will be very difficult for you however if you have a strong business for which you must come back to Pakistan to operate, then you might get a visa. If you have visited United States or Europe for business or pleasure in the past and always met the visa conditions then you have good chances. If you are working on a very good rank and drawing a good salary then you might get visa.

How they will judge your bank statement:

You must have enough money to support your trip: I usually get questions about what is the required minimum bank statement?. This question makes me thins that the person does not have enough money to support his trip or if he has enough money will he spend all money in one visit? Have you got my point? If you still want to see a rough amount you must have in your bank account please follow that below mentioned link however the more money you have the better it is.

having a big fat bank statement is not enough.  They will also see how much you are earning monthly. If you are earning very little monthly and you have large ending amount on your statement then they can suspect that you have temporary transferred the money to your account just to show a large bank statement. You should keep in mind that bank statement can easily filter out genuine or non-genuine cases. If you take loan from someone and submit it in your bank account just to show a large bank statement than its very easy to determine that you are not a genuine visitor. If you have a business or job which is paying you and you have monthly lodgement in your account then its easy to identify you as a genuine traveler.

How they will judge your documents:

US embassy knows how things works in Pakistan. They knows its easy to forge documents so they don’t really consider supporting documents unless it has an authentic source. If you are visiting United States for attending a conference or meeting then an invitation letter from US organization will be valuable. You want to visit to attend a convocation then an invitation letter will be valuable. The extra documents you should take with you to the embassy at the time of your interview are mentioned below.

If you a student: Get a letter from your college/university at their letter head. The letter should clearly state that you are full time/part time student at their college/university (name)? for which year, till what year? and that you have holidays for which duration? during that time you can go to United States. The letter should also confirm that you will be continuing your studies after holidays.

If you are doing job/working in an organization: Get a letter from your company/organization at their letterhead stating that you are working in their organization for how many years, on which designation, at what salary and that you are allowed to get x-number of holidays and after your holidays are over, you will be joining them back.

If you have a business: Take the documents to prove your business ownership, tax registrations, returns, business bank statements with business name on it. If you are working on a designation on your company then take a letter on company’s letterhead explaining your position in the company and monthly salary you are drawing. To know more about the documents please follow the below mentioned links.

7 thoughts on “Can I get visit visa for United States?

  1. Dr.HHA Reply

    Hello Sir.
    i am dentist 30 yr n a single mother of 6 yr old kid living with my parents.
    sir i got visit visa for 5 yrs in 2007 along with my parents.
    unfortunalety i couldnot travel and now my visa got expired.My parents did travelled on that visa.
    Now i want to apply for visit visa along with my y son and parents.
    I have a US citizen sister in US.she is a doctor, married and working thr.
    I want to know what are my chances of getting a visa.
    I am woeking in a hospital here and my son is school going we want to visit her in vacations.
    looking forward to your helpful reply.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Dr. HHA,
      You can apply for a new one and in case they asked about your previous visits in United States, you can tell them about the reason why you were not able to visit United States. You should apply for a visit visa as you have good chances since you have a full time job. You can get a letter from your employer and from your son’s school as well.

  2. Rahila Saleem Reply

    Hi Sir. I have been granted an eligibility letter for the Nursing Licensure exams which is called NCLEX. I have already paid for the exams and will schedule the date according to the visa status. I am working in one of the hospitals in Karachi and my husband lives in US. He has already filled spouse immigration for me and I have mentioned it in DS-160 form as well. I am only intending to travel for exam purpose and will return back in a month. Wanna know what are my chances to get visit visa? Looking forward hear from you. Thanks and Regards.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Rahila,
      Usually they are very critical towards such cases, no matter how genuine your reason it, they can refuse the visa. Its still better to apply and try to make sure

      • Rahila Saleem Reply

        Thank You sir for your kind and prompt response. My interview is next week and I have got confirmation letter too from the examination center. Hope this goes in my favor since I have no intentions to stay in US at this point in time.

        • Admin Post authorReply

          All my prayers are with you, Inshallah you will hear some positive news. Just Be confident and stay firm that you would like to stay in Pakistan until you get your immigrant visa.

          • Rahila Saleem Reply

            InshaAllah… Lets hope for the best. Allah knows the rest. I am positive. Will surely share with you whatever the news would be. 🙂 🙂

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