Can I get Canadian Visa on Border if I have B1/B2 US visit visa?

Can I travel to Canada if I have United States B1/B2 visa?

Answer: NO

Can I get Canadian Visa on Canadian border if I am on United States B1/B2 visit visa?

No, not on border, you have to apply for the visa in advance. If you have a Pakistani Passport, then you have to get Canadian Visa before you depart the country (Pakistan). E.g. If I have a 5 years multiple entry United States visa and while I am in United States I make a plan to visit Canada then I will not be able to get instant visa on Canadian border and they will not give me permission to enter in Canada.

You will have to apply in advance for a Canadian visa before leaving Pakistan for United States or any other country. There are certain requirements and papers that you need to present in Canadian embassy before they even approve your visa and it usually take time to issue a visa to a Pakistani national.

You can find complete details on Canadian Embassy of Pakistan website.

Can I apply for Canadian Visit visa while I am in United States on B1/B2 Visa?


You must provide proof of lawful temporary status in the United States. If you are in the United States with temporary status, please provide:

  1. Your US Non-Immigrant Visa, (whether it is in your current passport or an expired passport)
  2. The original I-94 card issued by US authorities at the time of your entry into the US
  3. If you are in the United States with B1/B2 status, please provide:
  4. Proof of ties to your country of usual residence.
  5. Proof of intention to return to that country (e.g.: airline tickets, travel itineraries),
  6. Proof of employment (e.g.: letter from employer, recent pay stubs, tax returns),
  7. Proof of studies (transcripts, letter from school) and
  8. Proof of funds (e.g.: bank records, property ownership documents).
  9. (If you are visiting a family member in the US, you should also provide proof of that family member’s lawful status in the US)

If you are in the United States with F-1 or M-1 status, please provide:

  1. Your original SEVIS I-20 form endorsed within the past 12 months by your student advisor for re-entry to the US and
  2. Proof of registration for the current term.
  3. (If you are now in the practical training phase, you should also submit your employment authorization document and a letter from your employer or other proof of current employment.)

If you are in the United States with H-1 status, please provide:

  1. Your original I-797 approval notice form and
  2. A letter from your employer or other proof of current employment.

If you are in the United States with J-1 status, please provide:

  1. Your original DS-2019

If you are in the United States with L-1 status, please provide:

  1. Your I-797 approval notice form and
  2. A letter from your employer or other proof of current employment.

If you are in the United States and the holder of a blue-covered US Refugee Travel Document, please provide:

  1. A letter from your employer or other proof of current employment or,
  2. If you are a student, originals of your most recent transcript and proof of current enrollment


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  1. Kim /

    Hi, My Parents are in USA on B1/B2 Visa and they want to visit Canada. So Can they apply for Canadian Visit Visa in Detroit in person. If yes, how many days it takes to get visa and return the passport.


    1. admin / Post Author

      They can apply for the visa while they are in United States, its better to apply 3 months in advance however visa process can take shorter or longer as well.

  2. Usman /

    I am here in USA on J-1 visa and want to visit Canada before going back. what I have to do for that and how much time might they take for that?

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can see the Canadian embassy website if they provide any estimated time because most of the time no one mention the exact time to issue visa, they just ask to apply 3 months in advance. Please visit below mentioned link for more details

  3. KHAN /

    i have multiple entry usa visa for two years (being Pakistani) ,Can i can get visit visa for Canada ,please let me know the complete procedure ,thanks

  4. KHAN /

    i have multiple entry (status F1) usa visa for two years (being Pakistani) ,Can i can get visit visa for Canada ,please let me know the complete procedure ,thanks

    1. admin / Post Author

      The process is mentioned on the same page above, read for details under F1 visa.

  5. Kashif /

    i have 5 years Visitor Visa can i work on this Visa and how can i get PR in Usa or green card through this visa

    1. admin / Post Author

      You can’t permanently settle on the basis of the visit visa.

  6. rubi /

    my friend is living in NY… me and my husband wants to visit there for a short she can invite us? for sponsering what documents she will need to provide ? or if she can only invite us as we will live on our own…..please guide me whats the suitible way?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Dear Rubi, are you applying for Pakistan? if you are going to stay at her place, you will only need her address and phone number to be mentioned on your visa form only. You don’t need anything else from her.

  7. rubi /

    Yes we are in Pakistan. And my friend is not Pakistani. She is NY and she was student together in UK. The problem is she is living on rent and can’t show huge business.what is the method for us

    1. admin / Post Author

      I don’t think her renting the place or having a weak bank statement matters that much if you have a strong bank statement which you should if want to travel to United States. You would just need her consent and address and she can write a letter on your name inviting you to stay at her place. For list of document please visit

  8. Ody /

    I have a us b1, b2 visa on my Nigerian passport, I also have my tax is issues to me by the USA but want to visit my cousin in Canada, will I be able to cross to canada?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Don’t know anything about Nigerian passport. You should consult embassy of Canada in United States.

  9. javed /

    I have visa b1 b2 I get Canadian visa how apply

  10. Qamar /

    Dear Admin
    In family information what does “Immediate relaltives” mean? To me it should include brothers, sisters and applicant own children, Is it correct? Please clarify. Do the children of sister-in-law fall in this?
    In case they are more than one, then how to fill in their details because the form contains windows for just one person.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Sister in law will be the sister of your partner (Immediate relative), Giving one address and details is sufficient in the form, which visa you are talking about?

  11. Nauman Hafeez /

    My son is a Pakistan national studying in US on F1 multiple visa for 5 years. He wants to visit Canada during Christmas holidays to meet my sister. Can he get a Canadian visa while residing in US by sending his passport / documents etc. through postal / courier service and without actually going to the Canadian embassy in US in person?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Yes he can apply for a visa there, unless there is a change in regulation, please visit Canadian embassy website for details

  12. madeeha asif /

    I have b1 b2 visa in my pakistani passport so tell me how can i get astudy visa of llm .bcauseci m advocate

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Madeeha, you will need to get study visa to study in United states

  13. Imran /

    My sister who is currently visiting the US had applied for the Canadian visa before she left Pakistan and now the application has been approved. Can she get the visa stamped in the USA based based on the approval of her application by the Canadian Embassy in Pakistan?

    1. Admin / Post Author

      Dear Imran, Don’t know anything it, please contact the embassy.

  14. Muhammad nawaz /

    Dear admin
    I have usa multiple visit visa for five years
    But I want to go with my family my wife and two children so please could you tell me the procedure for family visa

    1. Admin / Post Author

      You can apply for your wife and kids, all separate applications. They would need to go alone for the interview and they can mention that you already have the visa and they want to accompany you to United States for a visit.

  15. Muhammad khurshid /

    I have a b1 b2 visit visa of us for 5 years i have also multiple visit visa of canada on my pakistani pasport i am planing to go usa end of this year my canadian visa is expire in oct shall i apply visit visa from usa for canada

  16. Khan /

    If I want apply for viste visa to Us how mouch I need to have in my account.

  17. Khan /

    If I want applay for viste visa so
    How mouch I need to have in my account

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