Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States

Women often ask how convenient it is to marry a Pakistani man? Most men in Pakistan are always willing to and want to move to United States to get citizenship and live a comfortable life. They perceive it as the easiest way of living their lives and think that they might need to work less and still they will be happy and rich. There are two approaches for bringing a Pakistani husband to United States. Please review them closely to help you out in making a decision.

Negative Argument for Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States:

If you are a women and a born US national or you were born in Pakistan but you don’t have any memory of Pakistan then I will not recommend marrying a man from Pakistan

  1. Most Pakistani men are backward and they do not understand the concept of male/female equality. They think that men are superior then women even if women earn and take care of home and family at the same time which normally is true in United States.
  2. Most Pakistani men are not designed to help in household shores so if he is the only one earning hand then you can live happily with him however if at any part of your life you will have to earn, he will not ready to cooperate in household duties.
  3. Pakistani men who dream about United States lives and hunt for US citizen women are usually not that hardworking. They think that they can earn big with less hard work which is not true. They might not work hard and will not contribute to the household task which makes it very difficult for women.
  4. If a Pakistani men has excellent qualification like if he is a doctor or an engineer then there are very bright chances that he might get a good job in United States with effort however if he has done something non technical like MBA, Finance, Marketing, Customer services then arranging a job for him will be a very hard task. He might have to study in United States before actually joining any job which require lots of effort at women’s part because she will have to arrange everything including housing/utilities and all expenses + his education expense while he stays in USA studying which is too hard for a women to do.
  5. Pakistani men who have bright future in Pakistan hesitate to settle their life in United States with an entirely new lifestyle and entirely different women than of Pakistani’s. Searching an honest person who is brilliant is usually more difficult.

Positive Arguments for Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States:

  1. Pakistani husbands are more honest and faithful than of the one’s born and raised in United States.
  2. More family values / respect for parents and love for children.
  3. Pakistani husbands mostly are willing to take full financial responsibility of household instead of expecting women to be always working beside them.
  4. Pakistani husbands are close to Pakistan and travel to Pakistan more frequently than of the men born and raised in United States.
  5. They tend to take responsibility of all outside work duties like payment of bills, visiting government offices, giving pick drop to children, taking you to clinic or hospital etc.
  6. If you want your children to learn Pakistani values and you yourself does not have many then a Pakistani father can help you building those values in your children.
  7. If a person is working from home and earning good money from United States or other countries then it can be very easy for him to adjust as his earning will not end even after moving and he can immediately bear all expense of household + he can stay at home and can easily adjust to the environment even in longer period of time.

A Request

Everyone has different experience and opinion. If you would like to share either your opinion or experience we would be really thankful as this information can really help US born Pakistani family women in making any decision for their lives.

Pakistani couple in a wedding
Pakistani couple in a wedding

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  1. Afnan Reply

    I am Pakistani national boy. I am an Engineer and working in a key position in a Multinational firm in Pakistan. I was graduated 3 years back. I got proposals from my close relatives who are settled in US/CA & UK. They said we will take you with us. My parents were agreed to them but I refused as I am their only son. Also they wanted to marry me in relatives and most of our relatives left for west before 90,s. I said why I will go? If they want me to marry their daughter then she should stay with me and occasionally she can visit to her parents.
    may be Selfishness will became part of life in west.

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