Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States

Women often ask how convenient it is to marry a Pakistani man? Most men in Pakistan are always willing to and want to move to United States to get citizenship and live a comfortable life. They perceive it as the easiest way of living their lives and think that they might need to work less and still they will be happy and rich. There are two approaches for bringing a Pakistani husband to United States. Please review them closely to help you out in making a decision.

Negative Argument for Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States:

If you are a women and a born US national or you were born in Pakistan but you don’t have any memory of Pakistan then I will not recommend marrying a man from Pakistan

  1. Most Pakistani men are backward and they do not understand the concept of male/female equality. They think that men are superior then women even if women earn and take care of home and family at the same time which normally is true in United States.
  2. Most Pakistani men are not designed to help in household shores so if he is the only one earning hand then you can live happily with him however if at any part of your life you will have to earn, he will not ready to cooperate in household duties.
  3. Pakistani men who dream about United States lives and hunt for US citizen women are usually not that hardworking. They think that they can earn big with less hard work which is not true. They might not work hard and will not contribute to the household task which makes it very difficult for women.
  4. If a Pakistani men has excellent qualification like if he is a doctor or an engineer then there are very bright chances that he might get a good job in United States with effort however if he has done something non technical like MBA, Finance, Marketing, Customer services then arranging a job for him will be a very hard task. He might have to study in United States before actually joining any job which require lots of effort at women’s part because she will have to arrange everything including housing/utilities and all expenses + his education expense while he stays in USA studying which is too hard for a women to do.
  5. Pakistani men who have bright future in Pakistan hesitate to settle their life in United States with an entirely new lifestyle and entirely different women than of Pakistani’s. Searching an honest person who is brilliant is usually more difficult.

Positive Arguments for Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States:

  1. Pakistani husbands are more honest and faithful than of the one’s born and raised in United States.
  2. More family values / respect for parents and love for children.
  3. Pakistani husbands mostly are willing to take full financial responsibility of household instead of expecting women to be always working beside them.
  4. Pakistani husbands are close to Pakistan and travel to Pakistan more frequently than of the men born and raised in United States.
  5. They tend to take responsibility of all outside work duties like payment of bills, visiting government offices, giving pick drop to children, taking you to clinic or hospital etc.
  6. If you want your children to learn Pakistani values and you yourself does not have many then a Pakistani father can help you building those values in your children.
  7. If a person is working from home and earning good money from United States or other countries then it can be very easy for him to adjust as his earning will not end even after moving and he can immediately bear all expense of household + he can stay at home and can easily adjust to the environment even in longer period of time.

A Request

Everyone has different experience and opinion. If you would like to share either your opinion or experience we would be really thankful as this information can really help US born Pakistani family women in making any decision for their lives.

Pakistani couple in a wedding
Pakistani couple in a wedding

37 thoughts on “Bringing a Pakistani husband to United States

  1. Monalisa Reply

    I hope all the Pakistani men read this post. Pakistani men are careless, arrogant. I’m not a Pakistani national but got married with a Pakistani but I hope you Pakistani men should study Quran properly and don’t miss-interpret it for their own benefits? nothing can change them since they grow seeing their mothers weak and their father strong therefore they don’t respect women.

    • nawaz Reply

      miss Monalisa five fingers are not equal how u say that same all girls are not greedy same all Pakistani man

    • ahmad Reply

      i read ur post and to some extent i agree,
      i dont say iys ur fault but i shall tell u that all men are not like that.

  2. Sonia Reply

    @Monalisa – I understand, home environment plays an important role in personal grooming, its more of a cultural thing for the man to feel himself superior to woman and in United States culture is based on Equality. But again if there is a Pakistani family in USA, they will live the Pakistani way so their sons will have almost same mentality so its better to look for an educated family and observe the behavior of males towards female before finalizing any proposal in USA or Pakistan. My father is law is horrible towards his wife and treats her as a servant because he earns and she does not but my husband is totally opposite and treats me the way I deserve to be treated so its very difficult to judge someone in advance

  3. Issac Reply

    Well this seems right, I went to Pakistan for a while and this article seems to hit spot on with what Pakistani men are like. It’s not that Pakistani men are messed up( I’m Pakistani too I think lol) it’s that they’ve been brought up in a really messed up environment where they think women are n’t equal to men. Either way, you should live life with someone who understands you from a similar point of view.

  4. Sajid Reply

    There may be many misconceptions but I would appreciate if you try a right person. Those who cannot judge others should blame themselves instead of others. This is the only way to avoid your negative feeling and pinching experiences.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Its not easy to judge a person in 2 or 3 meetings specially when the person knows the girl is from American he always present himself in sugar coated way. I have heard cases where Pakistani men used women to get visa and later divorced them with kids however such cases are rare. Mostly such men settled with women however its a very long and lengthy process to get the man a worthy job if he doesn’t have skills set or higher education.

  5. Zafran Reply

    I wants go for America for job. My qualification is F.A. My age is 25 years old. I am a very poor boy. Please help me.

  6. Susan Reply

    I have met a man from Pakistan. 🙂 … Regardless of what a world would see, I see a conntection that is more complete that anything that I have found in American men. It’s not about where a man is from, where thye live or who they are. The relationship is or should be based on values, beliefs, interests, trust, love, and undertanding. The same as if it was a man from down the street. If a couple is willing to take on the challenges of a cross cultural marriage… .. then they Truelly believe in what they share. The Negative stories are based on results that could have happened in any culture, truthfully. … I look forward to the marriage, and of course the challenges we will face to complete what we have searched for. It’s easy to marry for money, to expect someone to clean… but when you find another person who completes all of what you need… money and cleaning are trivial things. … 🙂 .. thanks for letting me see… better what I have in front of me.

    • Shan Reply

      Highly appreciated Your Comment. I’m a Pakistani I’m 22 And im gonna marry US girl. I don’t need anything from her pocket I will spend own .Relationship doesn’t matter where you from where you live whats your colour whats your status. It all depends on Strength,purity,Understanding and depth of our relationship. Every country have Categories being a human. Don’t Judge someone with his nationality or cast.
      Stay blessed Everyone.

  7. Dr Imran Sarwar Reply

    I must say that five fingers are not equal. Again,I endorse that those husbands who are having less education might be conservative with regard to man and woman status in society. I am BA,B.Com,MA(Sociology) & MBBS. I believe in equal status of both the genders. I respect sentiments,emotions and tendencies of a woman. I venerate women who are working in different sectors. I cannot discriminate against woman if i find any proposal in USA/UK/Canada.

  8. Amy Reply

    I married a Pakistani last year, and I’m a white American woman. I would say the culture is very complicated and can be misjudged from the outside on my levels. First of all, family is the only organized institution they have. The government and bureaucratic institutions *suck*, so sometimes there appears to be gender inequality, because there are certain ‘roles’ that each person plays. However, for the typical middle class to upper middle class Pakistani female from a good family, there are a lot opportunities: usually the family sacrifices a lot for their education, and they are normally well-educated. They care a lot about family, so maybe she will stay home and take care of the children while they are small, but she can go back to the work place after a few years. They also have maids over there, so they have help with the housework (this might be another reason the people here say the men aren’t cooperative with housework: they’ve had a maid their entire lives)

    While there are cultural differences between myself and my in-laws, they are very interested in keeping family ties, so we work on getting along with each other (how many Americans can say they make sure and do that??)

    Anyhow, I really think that marrying someone is hard in any culture, and I dislike it it when people point the finger at particular cultures being gender-biased. It’s a man’s world, all cultures will be biased towards men in some way. . .look at the dating scene in America and tell me it’s all about women. Kind of hard, isn’t it??

    • Zeeshan Michael Reply

      Great points I Agree with you. hehe and I am planing to marry someone in USA. Plus to that person I don’t know yet I mean who will be my dream girl. Is that difficult to date with american Lady?

  9. Katina Reply

    I am a us citizen…My fiancé is in Saudi Arabia on a work visa from Pakistan…We met online, and have fallen in love. He has asked me to marry him. He is not particularly excited about coming to the USA. However I have an aging mother here I will not leave. Therefore he is willing to move here because I asked him to. At some point we may move back to his home country. My big question is not about how he will treat me, I know him as well as I could know any man I would meet face to face. The problem is where to get married and how to bring him here legally! Does anyone have any suggestions? The fiancé visa calls for us to have met face to face. and is hard to get. A visitors visa for him is okay but if we get married while he is here then we face fraud charges if the Gov. thinks we lied. This is exhausting! I would appreciate anyone’s suggestions! currently we are considering both going to Dubai and marrying there. is this a good idea? Please help! Thank you!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Seems like you have already done the homework. You are right, the only way you can be together is to gather and get married to get all the legal paperwork right and then you can go back to United States and apply for his immigrant visa. I think that’s a good idea since your intentions are right, I am sure nothing will come into your way. Best of luck.

  10. Katina Reply

    Thank you for your response and so quickly….So can you tell me…Will marriage for us hard in Dubai, you think? And will it be legal in both our home countries also? I read many laws fro different marriages there…Just would like an opinion if you know anything concerning marriage there as he is Pakistani and I am Us Citizen…Thank you so much again for you time! We greatly appreciate it! Katina…

    • admin Post authorReply

      I have no experience however what I know is that you when your husband will register his marriage in Pakistan on the basis of these papers (Nikah Nama in Dubai) and you will register your wedding in United States on the basis of these papers (from Dubai). Make sure to fill a wedding form in English to avoid the hassle of translating the wedding agreement in English later. Follow the link below for more info

    • Yasir Reply

      Hell mis katina and iftikhar i read all your comments and i am sufferd in same problem as you are.i want to marry with a American girl but i dnt know the procedure of this,if she come in pakistan and marry with me then it will legal? Please help.thanku katina and iftikhar.

      • katina Reply

        Yes, if she goes to Pakistan and you marry there it is legal. But then she must file papers asking the US Gov to allow her to bring you as her husband back to the US with her. This takes time and money! Good luck! Its fairly easy process, just takes time…

    • Lori L Johnson Reply

      Hi I see you are getting married to someone from Pakistan I am dating someone from there we are very serious..
      Have you found out if you marry here he will get citenzendhip here but can you have second citizenship in Pakistan so you can come and go there
      Any help would be great thanks Lori

    • mian Reply

      could you please let me know that did you got married i Dubai
      as i m living in Dubai nd pakistani national i want to marry a Muslim US citizen Girl

  11. Katina Reply

    I have another question for you…We are finding it very difficult to find a country my fiancé can get to easily for us to marry. Do you know anything about marriage in Saudi Arabia? If I were to go there to him and we married there…Would this be very difficult you think? It would save us on his traveling costs, and I know there are many laws with women there, I am fully aware but I am having trouble finding any laws on Saudi Arabia marriage for People from other countries. If you can tell me anything, we would appreciate it! thank you!
    Katina & Iftikhar

    • admin Post authorReply

      I don’t know anything about marriages in Saudia but I can see few difficulties.
      1. Woman traveling alone to Saudi Arabia
      2. Their laws are not straight forward
      3. Their law and paper work will be in Arabic so you would need to hire a lawyer for sure to complete the process and register a wedding etc.

      Best option I see is that you both go back to Pakistan as your fiancee passport is Pakistani and he must have to apply for immigrant visa from Pakistan as well. The marriage papers will easily be registered there and everything would be much easier except that you would need to apply for a visit visa before going to Pakistan?

  12. safdar Reply

    i am pakistani national my wife have usa nationality she came pakistan and marry me but her family is angry and her family leave her and they dont talk to my wife .we have one baby girl from this marriage she is living with m in pakistan. we want to go to usa but we dont have sponser in usa . how we can go to usa .please guide us thanks you

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Safdar, your wife can go back to USA with the baby if baby has the passport. She can then work there and sponsor you a spousal visa and your immigration can be done on the basis of that.

  13. Faizan Reply

    I’m a Pakistani a amarican woman wants marry with me she wants I come to there but I don’t know what I do for it can you tell me please what I do for going to USA for marry with her

  14. Katana Reply

    It seems that there are A lot of women willing to travel to Dubai to get married we should all go together that we were all safe I’m in the exact same situation I want to marry a man from Pakistan as well

  15. Ghulam Hussain Shaikh Reply

    Iam green card holder since last two years. Iam a retired Dentist aged 71 years. My life refused to live with me in Houston because she is arrogant has health problem and zero working relation with me. In this age I want companion to live peacefully in this last stage of my life. I will prefere a US citizen Lady who likes to become muslim.

    • Naomi Pielin Reply

      Are you still looking for a companion very interested and want to convert to Muslim love and respect the culture I’m american citizen this is no joke or scam I’m not fake I’m for real not into fake so please get back if still looking

  16. Malik ahsen Reply

    I am single and serious man I want marry Usa girl honest and faithful person

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