Bank Statement Calculator for United States visit visa

Please find below the calculator for the estimated amount of bank statement for United States visit visa. One of the most commonly asked question is about the bank statement requirement. Some people ask “how much money should I have in my bank account while applying for visit visa”? or, “How strong my bank statement should be while applying for United States visit visa”? or, “What is the minimum bank statement requirement for USA visit visa”? I would try to answer it in best possible manner so you get clear idea why one needs to show the bank statement and what amount should be there in your bank account. If you want to estimate the amount of money you should have in your bank account before applying for a visit visa, please use the calculator below. This calculator will give you a rough idea on how much money you should have before you think or plan to apply for a US visit visa.


Note: Please use this information on your risk because these figures are for guideline purpose only and not official. These numbers are just the estimates based on my experience only. I have no link to the US embassy and they can still reject your visa even if you have minimum suggested amount in your bank account.

Is bank statement important?

Yes, bank statement is a very important part of your visit visa application.

How the information on my bank statement will be used?

A visa officer will check following things in your bank statement

  1. Monthly Deposits – How much money is getting deposited each month.
  2. Monthly Withdrawals – How much money you are withdrawing each month.
  3. What is the ending balance on your statement.
  4. The transactions are smooth e.g. If you’ve transferred a big amount of money just before applying for a visit visa, then,  it will clearly show that you have borrowed this money from someone else thus your case will get suspicious.
  5. If you do not have any deposits in your account e.g. monthly income on any deposits, then, it will show that as you don’t have any income source in Pakistan, you would work in United States illegally.

Asking for minimum bank statement?

When you are asking a question about minimum amount of money you should have in your account, it shows that you don’t have enough money in your account or you have less amount of money. IT also raises a question that if you don’t have enough money for tourism in United States, why you are applying for a tourism visa at the first place? It shows that you want to enter in United States to work illegally or involve in some type of illegal activity. You must satisfy the visa officer that your intention of visit is purely tourism and for which you would need to show funds in your account. If you want to visit a family member even then you must have enough money to bear all your expenses and traveling cost. If you have small amount of money in your bank, naturally, you would not want to go for tourism in any country or visit a relative abroad because this money would be used for your day to day expenses. People who travel abroad usually have enough money they can spend for their pleasure. Visa officer will also have this logic in his mind while reviewing your visa application.

55 thoughts on “Bank Statement Calculator for United States visit visa

  1. imran Reply

    Dear admin. My age is 38 year . I have a small garment bussinesd in pakistan but i have not ntn and not chamber membership. I want to get bussiness visa for usa . I am married. I have bank statement of 10 lac . I want to stay there only 10 days. Can i get bussiness visa easly untill i have fresh passport. Please help me . I will be thankfull to you.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Imran, is your business registered and do you pay tax? because you would need any type of proof to show that you have a legit business in Pakistan and also a company bank account usually helps too. Fresh passports doesn’t matter if your reason to visit is solid.

  2. Syed Muzzammil Hussain Reply

    Hi, I am going to Harvard Summer School. I have submitted housing fees which will be required for living in Harvard. I have to attend 2 weeks pre college program course. Please tell me how much balance will be required in my dad’s account? Another question, I lived in an English Environment in my childhood. My school and my condominium was full of English medium environment. Even though I have an American Accent. Can I take English as my native language?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Dear Muzammil, every university has their expenses mentioned on their website and they are drastically different so you need to contact Harvard for the total expenses that will occur during your stay in United States.
      Regarding native language, I think your native language will be the one spoken in your country and household as a first language. Some universities and colleges relax on the basis of the history so again you need to contact your college if you need to give any language tests etc.

  3. Rabia sohail Reply

    Aoa Merai mamo USA ma rahtau ha unk pass citizen card ha or usa ki newyork state ma rehtai ha or wo mujhai sponser kr rhai ha k ma vications ma unkai ghar jao i mean i want to meet my all relatives nd visit usa acctually marai nana har 6 months baid usa jatai ha or ma chahti ho k ma unk sath jao nd i em 18 years old plzx guide me k ma kon kon sa documents show krwao or meri bank statement bhi nahi ha plzx guids me k ma kyA kro .

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Since you are 18 app apnay parents ki bank statement show kar sakit hian. Apnay college se certificate le sakti hain k app us college main full time student hain. USA janay ki dates wohi mention kijye ga jab apka college off hai. Baki app k parents ka permission letter chahye ho ga k app unkay baghiar travel kar sakti hain.

  4. M.Waqas Reply

    Dear Admin …a fresh electrical enginee having opportunity for job in USA or not if have then how to apply for job in USA ..?

  5. M.Waqas Reply

    I want to know the procedure of visa for Engineering jobs .
    I’m very thankful to you sir if you guide me well.

  6. Masood ellahi Reply

    Aoa sir mein usa visit k leye jana chata hu or mery pas bank account mein money be ha or mera ak store be ha saudi arabia mn .mera ek dost america mn ha or mein us k pass jana chata hun sir agr wo mujy soposor krya gye tab ja saku ga ya is k bagir be ja skta hu . Please sir mujy is bary mn guide karye .thank you

  7. Yasir Reply

    AOA sir mj meri girlfriend ny invition latter send kia hai notray sy tessted for vist 30 days mj kia kia documents ki zarrot hai visa apply karny k lia plz tell me

  8. iba Reply

    AOA, i am a lecturer ,i have planned my physiotherapy liscene exam in usa ,i have to apply for Visitors VISA.
    one of my friend can sponser me ,is this a strongh point ?or ,for me Bank stement is required?

    kind regards

  9. adnan ahmad Reply

    I want to go to usa for six months how many bank balance are required for me?

  10. faisal Reply

    hello admin. i have a friend in USA, citizen of usa actualy, he wants me there for a visit of 1 month, he is ready for sponsorship, will you plz guide me what is the process, which things i need from him and at what time..? and do i still need strong bank statement..? looking forward for your kind reply

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Dear Admin,

    I am 32 years old. I have been in Dubai since 10 years but due to job issues i returned back in April 2016 and did not go back. I had to close my bank account in Dubai and I do not hold a bank account in Pakistan. Although my mother has a bank account which is active in Pakistan. Also I have recently appeared for my Master’s exams in Karachi University, and I am an active student as well.
    I am applying for a tourist visa and they require bank statement. Is there a way where my mother can state that she will be funding my expenses and show her bank statement as me being a student.

  12. abubakar Reply

    i am abubakar i live in pakistan i want to apply for visitor visa for usa can you tell me how much money should i have in my account

  13. Sara Reply

    Hi im applying for us visit visa along with my husband and son. My husband’s visit is all sponsored by gov.can i show my mother’s bank statement for me and my son as she issponsoring us

  14. David Reply

    Am going for an US interview, What date on my statement of account should be printed..or can i use the 6months of my bank statement which i used in the school application process .

  15. Faisal khan Reply

    Plz tell me someone 5 days ka visit to sakta hai America main like 5 days in U.S in different cities only 5 or 7 days?
    Agar aisa hai toh kitne paise show karne padenge aur few days ka budget kitna hona change???

  16. Hamza Reply

    Hi Hina here Sir ma jana cahti hon US apni mama ko bhai k sat apni khala k pass invitation letter pa visit visa pa .. tu Sir I want to ask about the Bank statement that How much i have to show for it ? I have 25 to 30 lacs .. is it fine or not ?

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