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  1. admin / Post Author

    Q – Where to find Pakistani in USA?
    A – Visit & join our page in Facebook to be the part of Pakistani in USA community.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Q – Does the u.s. accept a Pakistani license?
    A – Not for driving, you need to get International Driving License. To get a USA drivers License Islamabad (ISB) Driving License may exempt you from the driving test. Check details at

  3. admin / Post Author

    Q – Where can I buy Karahi (Wok) in usa?
    A – Desi Store or from international stores with name wok details at

  4. admin / Post Author

    Q – What is the alternative of Banaspati Ghee?
    A – Crisco – Close to Ghee – for Banaspati Ghee you can make it at home with the butter.

  5. admin / Post Author

    Q – Can we buy Falsa (Phalsa) fruit in USA?
    A – No, research going on for introducing Falsa in USA however its not yet available.

  6. admin / Post Author

    Q – Can i do marriage in USA for relocate
    A – yes you can do but the time for getting your visa depends on your spouse visa. If he/she is USA National then it will be easy. In case of green card people have to wait for 3 years sometimes and for other temporary visas its really easy Like H1 work visa, J1 visa, F1 visa.

  7. admin / Post Author

    Q – can my husband get a work permit if i get a fulbright scholarship?
    A – Yes, Spouse can get work permit with the total validly of your travel document DS-2019. After you renew your travel document, your spouse work permit needs to be renewed as well.

  8. admin / Post Author

    Q – can you bring your spouse with you on a fulbright scholarship?
    A – Yes both can come at the same time and can leave at the same time however if one’s study program finishes early he/she has to leave and can not come back for (2-4years) for specified time in contract.

  9. admin / Post Author

    Q – Can I get a cheap jadoo tv box less than $150
    A – Unfortunately Jadoo box is available from their website only at this time. You can get all information from there.

  10. admin / Post Author

    Q – How to dial 0300 Pakistani number from USA
    A – dial 011-92-300-xxxxxxx

  11. admin / Post Author

    Q – feedback and reviews on UBL click and remitt
    A – UBL click and remit works perfectly fine. They do not charge any fee and send the money in specified time as well. The only thing is that they do not give good exchange rate however this method is least expensive right now.

  12. admin / Post Author

    Can fulbright spouse get any course allowance ?
    A – Yes, its limits depends and can be $1000 for one year each year. You need to get approval in advance of taking admission in course.

  13. admin / Post Author

    Q – how do pakistanis greet each other?
    A – Pakistani people usually say “Asalam-O-Alaikum” (Peace be on you) and give a light hug or warm shake hand to each other. The other person in response says “Wa-laikum-Slaam” (peace be on you too)

  14. admin / Post Author

    Q – How many mosques are there in USA
    A – Countless, almost in each city and many mosques in cities where more Muslims live. You can write your city name + Mosque to search it on Google.

  15. admin / Post Author

    Q – How much money do u need to study in USA
    A – If you are an international student then $25,000 USD per year approximately however it depends upon where you live.

  16. admin / Post Author

    Q – if a Pakistani baby born in usa/ canada what will be his nationality?
    A – If the kid is born in USA then he will be a USA citizen, for Canada he will be Canadian. Even if you are on visit visa, the baby born will be USA / Canadian National.

  17. admin / Post Author

    Q – I will be moving to the states as a student in a couple of months, and your website by the way is really awesome…i found a lot of useful info here..!!
    So anyways if you could tell me how to get a work permit that would be really nice….you see I will working part time to cover my day to day expenses..
    Really looking forward for your reply!

    Thank you for contacting us and appreciating our website. If you are coming on F Visa you can not obtain a work permit. Work Permit is for H or L visa holders. I have mentioned complete details in the post that you will not be able to work for more than 20 hour a week and that 20 hours will be on campus only (like in any campus lab, cafe or library etc) you will not be able to work outside like in Macdonalds, Wal-mart or any other place which is not affiliated with campus.

    Only in summers you can do internship or work for full 40 hours per week outside university. There are however some exceptions, please follow the below mentioned link for complete information

    Additional Info:
    The OPT (optional Practical Training) starts after completion of education which can last for 29 months and during that period you will need to look for a job that can provide you H visa to work afterward.

  18. admin / Post Author

    are there any stores which sell pakistani wedding clothes in new york or new jersey
    There are few stores however they are expensive, I have used an online service on facebook and got high quality dresses on low cost. Follow the below mentioned link
    Rage Attire

  19. admin / Post Author

    Q: i got multipul entry usa visit visa ,
    now i am thinking to move use therefore, i am seeking you advice regarding this move .
    my question is that can i work there by having this visa?
    how i can settle my self there in USA?
    i am mechanical engineer by profession , can i get job there??

    Thank you for contacting our website. On Visit Visa (b1/b2) one can not work. Engineering is in demand so there is a possibility that you might be able to get job in USA. You will need to look for all the available opportunities and apply for it, the companies provide H visa if they will hire you however some companies resist when they know that they will need to file your paperwork as its time consuming as well as costly for them so they give preference to those who are already eligible to work in USA.

    Mostly Pakistani’s in this situation do is to look for the recruiting companies, sign a contract with them and they look for the job on your behalf and meanwhile process your H1 visa for work however when you start working they deduct some amount (In some cases more than half salary) for an year or long (depends upon the contract). The contract has some strict rules but if nothing seems to work they atleast make sure that you stay. I personally cannot refer you to any of such company however you can do some online research.

  20. Haider Khan /

    I’m looking for some most cheapest universities, where I can study and do the rest of arrangements of the fee through any job, can you please guide me in that , I’m really need to have the low fee university where I can do my graduate program – MBA as I have in total 15 years of education and 9 years of working experience, in Dubai and Pakistan

  21. Azeem /

    Can i easily marry with US girl, if i move to US, which is expected in coming months. Will it be healpful for me to stay longer?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Salam, Its not easy to search for a proposal in United States. People already settled in USA find great difficulty in finding a suitable proposal for their children. You can find the proposals on Thanks

  22. faheem /

    Was wondering if there was anything legal that one could bring from Pakistan that could be sold for a profit besides ladies shalwar suits if one was visiting the US and who would be the potential buyers i.e Desis or Non-desis?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Faheem, everything is easily available in United States including the salwar suits however the salwar suits are expensive that is why people tend to buy from Pakistan. Thanks

  23. Lucky Ahmed /

    My Chachu (uncle? Went to Los Angeles California 20 years ago,His name is Aamir Fawad but since last 7 years he has not contacted with us so me n my family is worried so can u guyz help me to find him out or plz
    tell me how can i find him ???

  24. Haris /

    Salam although this is not a question I really want to thank you for providing all of this information on the website. Its really helpful and you deserve a lot of credit for putting this all together and helping those seeking information.
    Thank you very much!

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you so much, you really made my day, your comment really motivated me to do more. Thanks once again for taking time to comment. Jazak Allah

  25. ume nur /

    Jazak Allah for such a great site . May Allah bless you, Ameen.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you very much 🙂

  26. Hasan /

    i’m an alevels student, who has been accepted to nyu, boston, ucla and ohio state university. I’ll be double majoring in computer science and accounting. My plan is to appear in the cpa exams after i graduate.
    So here’s my question: Can i work in the usa after my cpa? (not on the opt visa, the h-1b visa?) my uncle’s living in newyork for the past 20 years, and owns a medium sized accounting firm. Can i work in his firm? Can he sponsor me for the h-1b visa?
    My plan is to go for MBA from a top uni there after some years of experience in accounting.

    P.s: my grandparents are usa citizens, and i have 2 more uncles in usa.

    Btw, will having so many relatives be a problem for me in convincing the visa guy that i’ll come back? Lol 🙂

    i’d really appreciate some help guys.

    1. admin / Post Author

      You are talking about working after graduation right? Yes you can, you need to apply for the OPT and it allows you the time in which you can search for the job that can vary from 24 to 29 months depending upon your field. It really doesn’t matter how many family members you have in United States unless they are your immediate family (Parents, children or siblings).

      Your uncle can only sponsor you H1 if his company is eligible of sponsoring such visa, you can google the requirements of the company who can sponsor H1 and then see if his business fits into that criteria.

      If you are applying for a study visa and you have valid documents, university invitation, funds to prove that you can pay your fee then there should not be a problem.

  27. Shujaat /

    AoA . Hi How are you , Just a Question ,
    My Cousins are in USA and had a busns over thr , so can thy Sponcer me or Help me on H.Visa . If yes Then How ? Last time i Apply on my cousins Wedding card Thy rejct me , No one sponcer me tht time , i just hav a wedding card and detl , now can thy Sponcer or Help me to get a H.Visa ?

  28. saleem /

    i am comming to usa for further studies, i take homeopathic medicines for my allergies. i need to know if i can bring a stock of the medicines in my luggage?

    1. admin / Post Author

      You should get a prescription from a doctor on his letterhead, don’t keep the medicine in your hand luggage. If you have to take it during travel make sure its in a bottle of 100ml or less and the bottle is places in a clear bag with all other liquids or creams (all less than 100ml) otherwise they wouldn’t allow you to take it whether you have a prescription or not.

  29. Kamran /

    Dear Admin
    I want to ask from you that What are the required documents for Visa Job in USA
    And how much cost currently Visa & Ticket
    Kindly reply

    1. admin / Post Author

      First you would need a sponsorship from a company to get a work visa, without a work sponsorship you cannot go to USA to work. Visa cost is around 13000 Rs and one way ticket might cost you around 60,000 Rs.

      1. Kamran /

        Yes I am going through the company.
        Now they said that send to us $200 for Visa and other documents posting fee by Western Union.
        now should I do

        1. admin / Post Author

          Dear Kamran, Its a fraud, don’t send money. Never send money via western union to unknown companies ..

          1. Kamran /

            Thanks a lot.
            Now I want to know the Visa Full Process.

  30. Fahad /


    I am moving to the USA this month -Inshallah on H1-b visa, I must admit and pleased that after many searches found this website much more helpful particularly for Pakistanis.
    Just to add a point here, kindly make the facebook page more interactive as well.

    Cost of Living: I have read your post about it, but want to know what is the cost of living there these days for a single person. If possible could you update the same post with recent expenses. Thanks

    1. Fahad /

      Hello admin, could you please respond to my query. Thanks

    2. admin / Post Author

      Dear Fahad, Thanks for appreciation, I do it to help others so whenever someone appreciates my efforts it really means a lot. Thanks for the suggestion about the page, if you like I can also make you one of the admin so you can post on the page on my behalf. Have you consulted this page? It has thorough details of cot of living. If you have decided in which city or state you will reside then I can guide you more specifically.

      1. Fahad /

        Dear Admin,
        Many thanks for the offer to make me admin of fb page but I could refer to one who lives there and probably better one to manage, you’ve my email id so drop me an email and I’ll connect both of you for the purpose.
        I’m moving to Atlanta,yes I have visited the page you mentioned but more interested in getting to know the recent costs as it will help me to come there with the sufficient budget to settle in there easily.
        Also, could you please refer me some sites for car purchasing, I saw your post relevant to it but I hope you must be more knowledgeable in that area now.
        Thanks again for helping fellow countrymen.

  31. Ali /

    I really appreciate for the service u are providing to our nation …. may God bless you always for all that …keep it up ….all the best inshallah
    One of my friend is going on J visa at Penn State University and he wants his (expecting) wife and son accompany him ….
    I just want to know how much does it cost, on average, for a pregnant woman (J2 Visa holder) whose pregnancy is not insured being a pre or existing condition?
    Is there any other way to minimize the cost ????
    Is there any charitable organization etc. to provide partial financial help in this connection ??

    1. admin / Post Author

      Thank you for appreciation and kind words. On average a normal pregnancy case can cost you around $3,000 – $5,000 however in case of C-section or any sort of complication, cost can easily rise up-to $10,000.
      Her pregnancy will not be insured by any insurance company due to pre-existing condition however I am not sure how ObamaCare would help her in this scenario, you can check their website for complete details on pre-existing condition.
      To minimize the cost, she can have her exams at free clinics or cheap clinics as a single check-up at any hospital can cost her around $200-$250. A single ultrasound cost more that $1000+ so it’s better to get the ultrasound from Pakistan before coming.
      According to the visa conditions, J2 visa holder cannot avail any sort of charity or money from govt due to their agreement. They are granted the visa on the condition that they will bear all their expenses on their own including the insurance etc and without insurance they can even get deported.
      People still apply for charity in organizations and get approved and paid as well however I don’t personally know anyone going through that route as people usually have insurance.

  32. Jane /

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    My wife hold an Australian student visa which is valid up till 2015 but now with me since June 2013 and now we just sold our property and an interested to visit USA and after return will go back to study in Australia.

    Can we still apply for visit to the USA as we don’t have any relative, family members, sponsor or business related purpose to apply for a visit to the USA

    1. admin / Post Author

      Oh I thought you have USA student visa. Australian visa is fine and will remain. You can visit USA and can let them know that your wife has student visa and after visiting USA you will go to Australia on study visa.

  33. Waheed Younas /

    Hi ,
    I just want to know if you have b1 visa and have good travel history
    Can get canada business visa from usa
    If from chicago?

    1. admin / Post Author

      no idea. visit Canadian embassy website for information.

  34. Naveed /

    Hi i was using Q mobile A8 in Pakistan, now i brought it in USA. but it is not working on T mobile network. kindly help

    1. admin / Post Author

      Can u check its frequency band on the box or booklet? US operators are on 850 and 1900MHz frequencies and if your mobile doesn’t support that, it wont work

  35. tufail /

    Sir my education is graduation and i sittle in amercia why do for get work visa

  36. umersaleem /

    Salam ,men yeh Janna chahta hun k mere uncle America me settled hen & I also wanna go there on visit visa but problem is that men yah se apply krungs to bohat late hoga so is there any way k uncle wahan se koshish kren k men jaldi wahan ja sakun actually it’s argent!!

  37. Alia /

    Salam,my friend has a problem that her husband wants to go USA b/c of his brother should her wife go with him.with the same ds-160 form accompaning her husband or apply individually independently.please reply she is in great trouble. Which way of applying is having more chances.

    1. Admin / Post Author

      I am sorry for responding late. Every persin has a seperate form but family can appear on an interview together

  38. Adam /

    Hi i am female transgender and i want to settle my life in usa as its very hard for me to live in pakistan being Female transgender.. I want to get visa and green card.. I also have online girlfriend who is ready to sponser me to usa and get married to get green card.. But after 2017 alot of things has been changed and people cant get visa for usa.. I am on relationship with my girlfriend since 2016 its been long time.. So is there any way for transgender like me to get visa easily and get settled? There is no life in pakistan for people like me as all know that.. Please reply with detailed answered..
    Thank you…

    1. Admin / Post Author

      I am sorry, I am not an expert on this. You can always take processional advice by an immigration lawyer.

  39. Jatinder /

    hello. i have boyfriend who is female and is transgender. He lives in Pakistan. For a person like him there is no life or nor society can accept people like that. Religiously that is not accepted. We been dating online for a while now and love each other and want to marry each other. I am USA citizen. How can I sponsor him to come to USA? or how can he apply for Visa for the USa.. in Pakistan I cant marry him because he is really a female in reality and same sex marriage is prohibited still. Can you provide good information how can we bring my boyfriend to the USA? I would greatly appreciate if you give me advice on this..
    Thank you

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