An individual who work for the benefits of Pakistani Muslim Community.

This website was design to answer the questions and concerns of Pakistani’s while moving to USA as well as after moving. There are always confusions about living in a new place and we have to face new challenges daily so here I am, trying to find ways to resolve any confusion you have.

Coming and living in USA was a whole new experience for me and each day I had a new question in mind so I gathered all questions I had in mind and explained them in here. Whenever someone reaches in USA, he / she is blank, knows very few things about USA. He / She only has a vague picture in mind due to many Hollywood movies and stories from friends however I will explain what USA actually is.

The idea of making a website came to my mind when I observed many Pakistani’s seeking same information again and again. I thought why not gathering the information on one platform that is useful for anyone coming to USA especially for families. In short you can say that this website can provide useful information especially for a woman who is planning to reach USA soon and curious about the changes that will take place in her life after reaching there.

In this website I have tried to explain anything that can be useful for you including tips to manage your home economically because without having proper information you can be a part of a scams and frauds and can lose your money easily. I have used simple English while writing to reach more people from all classes.

Dedicated to all Pakistani brothers and sisters who are either moving to United States of America or already moved and striving to adjust in a different country where you will face different cultures, different languages, different religions, different standards of life, different weathers, different laws and in short there are only few similarities while it comes to the living style.

I have gathered most important information that a Pakistani will need to plan his trip to USA or he wants to adjust easily in a new place. I have also compared Pakistani life with United States of America to make my point clear to help you dealing with each situation at your best.

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