5 Tips on how to Stop Gaining Weight in United States

It is very common for people to weight gain as soon they reach in United States. We are discussing here 5 Tips on how to Stop gaining weight.  People usually gain more than a KG per month and few months after moving to United States everyone starts to point out the weight gain. Its not easy to shed that extra weight once you have put it on so you need to be very careful from day one. Our lifestyle in Pakistan is not very healthy but the food we consume in normal routine is not as fattening as you will find it in United States mainly because of the available quantity in market. Obesity is one of the major issues in United States and being obese has many consequences e.g.

  1. You will end up with health problems
  2. You will have to spend a lot on doctors bills.
  3. You will have to spend a lot on clothing as you will need to buy new clothes frequently due to size change.
  4. You will feel lethargic.
  5. You will feel depressed.
  6. You will feel bad about your self and will loose self esteem.

Most people think they know what they are eating. What they do is to eat less in general. Its good to eat less however it would be better if you’d eat it right because sometimes eating less is not the solution. There are many things you can do to remain in the healthy weight range these 5 tips would help you the most.

Do not buy Chocolates / Candies:

I am saying “DO NOT BUY” instead of “DO NOT EAT” because, if you don’t have a chocolate you can’t eat it. You will find it very tempting that all your favorite chocolates are now in your reach and budget. You will find it in big quantities in chocolate isles in the department stores like Walmart or local grocery stores. Larger quantities in lower prices always encourages you to buy more however its better not to touch these bags or boxes. If you are really craving for a chocolate then spend some extra (Per chocolate but less overall if compare to a whole pack) and buy it from near the checkout where chocolates are sold separately. spending more on one chocolate would encourage you not to spend money on it at all or after eating that one chocolate your would feel satisfied and relaxed.

What is wrong with buying a chocolate pack is that you will eat at-least two when you open a pack and will leave the rest either on your kitchen counter or somewhere in reach. When you see it, you will eat it even when you wouldn’t need it or crave for it. Just to give you an idea on how bad chocolates are for you, calories in one snicker bar (52.7g) is 250. To make you understand even more, 1 snicker chocolate is equal to 1 boiled egg + 1 slice of bread + 1 cup of tea with milk and sugar + 1 cup of salad. Its not only the calories, its the sugar in chocolates or candies that is is very damaging. A single bar of snicker contains 27g sugar (6.5 Tea spoons) and the daily recommended intake for an adult is 6 teaspoons a day which means that with just one bar you’ve already eaten more than what is required. Eating sugar more than the recommended dose means that you are contributing directly to your weight.

Try to avoid Sodas:

Oh WAO, 2 liter Pepsi bottle for sale for $1 only, I am gonna grab ten now. Sodas are the worst enemies of health. Its very common to consume Coca Cola or Pepsi in Pakistan however in Pakistan its always a smaller bottle or smaller quantities. What usually people do is to start buying soda Cans as they taste better. A can contains 335ml of soda. Soda is also cheaply added in a meal when you dine out. The more you buy, the less you pay rule applies here as well which would make you buy more soda. You know Soda is bad and you should not consume it but if you can’t avoid it, buy smaller cans which are more expensive than the larger cans. If you have a partner split one can between two or drink soda on occasions like once a week with a special dinner. 1 con contain 138 calories with 38.5g sugar. The sugar in one Coke can is more than 9 tea spoons. You just need 6 tea spoons sugar a day for your body.

Do not buy Crisps:

I know we all love crisps, specially Lays. It is so tempting to see lots of large sized Lays packs for so cheap. One 10 oz Lays crisp contains chips equal to 10 small crisp packs. Consuming the whole packet means you are  eating 1600 calories at once. We usually open the pack and eat it slowly during the whole day. Sometimes 2 or more people share one crisp pack however even if you eat half of it you will still consume 800 calories. Its not just the 800 calories, its from where you are getting it. Half Lays chips packet contains 50g of Fats which is 80% of the total fats need within a day. If you don’t have crisps at home, you won’t feel a need to eat it but if you have it at home, you will eat it a lot. Get popcorn instead (Just salted not the buttery nutty etc).

Start Walking:

Do not loose a chance to walk. You are very lucky to have a weather where you can always do outdoor activities including a long walk. Decided a time in your schedule where you will go out. Do not decide on the time, decide on when you want to go out, like, I will go out after an hour of my lunch time or I will go out before dinner. Even if you feel bad about it or you are feeling lazy or tired still dress up and step out. Once you are outside with you pajamas and sneakers you will automatically try to spend this time the best way you can. You would feel that all your tiredness has gone away and by breathing the fresh air you would feel fresh and active. Just a small walk of 30 minutes would make you feel fresh and you would loose calories and your muscles will work out for the best.

Do not drink milk – Drink low fat milk:

You will feel the milk is pure in United States when you will consume it for the first time. According to 2012 survey, Pakistan is the 11th in milk production in the entire world but I I feel so ashamed to say that we still don’t get pure milk in Pakistan. The milk in United States is not only pure, its tasteful too. Your sweet dishes will taste better and good. The full fat milk / Vitamin D milk is good for the consumption of growing kids but if you consume it as an adult you will get extra fat content you don’t need. Extra fat will make you fat so avoid it while you can, use 1% reduced fat milk in your tea. For sweet dish you can use full fat milk but for milk consumption or for tea or coffee use low fat milk.


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