Work Freelance and Earn money online in Pakistan

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Online Application for Visit Visa form DS-160

Please find below the DS-160 form for visit visa that you would need to fill before you can apply for a tourist/family visit visa. You must have all this inforamtion handy before you fill this form so please gather all information and your photos in... Read More

Can I study in High School in USA after Matric?

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How to Apply for United States Student Visa

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Pakistani Besan Kari Pakora Easy Recipe

 Ingredients: For Kari: Full Fat Yoghurt – 500g Baisan (Gram Flour) – 4 serving spoon full (or 4 heaped table spoon) Onion – 1 medium chopped Cooking oil – 4 tbs Green chillies – 4 medium Garlic – 1 table spoon... Read More